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Livingston Guatemala via drone


Livingston Guatemala via drone

Livingston, department Izabal, is located at the Carribean coast of Guatemala. Founded 1831 it has a poblation of 61,000 people. Livingston is located at the end of the river Rio Dulce (Sweet River) with a wonderful view towards the coast and the river. It is part of the Mayan world, actually called Corazon del Mundo Maya - heart of the mayan world. The video was taken in 4K Ultra HD with a drone - DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

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Cruise Ship MS Regatta via Drone in Guatemala Santo Tomas

The video (via drone) is about the cruise ship MS Regatta visiting the port Santo Tomas de Castilla in Guatemala. The ship is owned and operated by Oceania Cruises and was built in 1998. Between 2002 and 2003 she sailed as Insignia before receiving her current name.
Santo Tomas is part of Guatemala and located on the Carribean Site in Guatemala. Very famous locations there are for example Livingston or Rio Dulce.
Thanks to the Guatemalan portagency Transoceanicas, S.A., I got the permission to capture the video.
I took the video in 4k (Ultra HD), please enjoy it and take a look to my other videos or to my Instagram account:

Guatelinda - Amazing places in Guatemala via drone

You will see different places in Guatemala via drone:
Antigua, the capital, the volcan Pacaya, the pacific coast, Monterrico, Semuc Champey, Livingston and much more.

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Antigua Guatemala via drone

Antigua Guatemala is a city to close to Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture. It also has many ruins of colonial churches. It served as the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala till 1776. Since 1979 it´s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Volcan Pacaya Guatemala con drone

The volcano Pacaya in Guatemala is a very active volcano as you can see on the video. It's park of a national park in Guatemala and you easily can climb it. That is mainly the reason that the volcano is famous for tourists.

Rio Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomas Guatemala Tour - DJI Spark Drone and iPhone X / Smooth-Q Gimbal

Rio Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomas de Castilla Guatemala Tour - DJI Spark Drone and iPhone X / Zhiyan Smooth-Q Gimbal

Livingston Guatemala

On arrival in Livingston Guatemala and after getting checked into our hotel the Villa Caribe we decided to take a walk around the town of Livingston.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala via drone

This video is showing some of the small towns around the famous lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The beauty of this video is that all sequences were taken with a drone in 4k resolution. Besides the three volvanoes (San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlan) you can get an overview about the small villages: Panajachel, Santa Cruz La Laguna, San Marcos La Laguna, San Juan La Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna, Santa Catarina Palopo and Santiago Atitlan.

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Panajachel Lake Atitlan Guatemala via drone

The video is showing the small town Panajachel at the lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The video was taken in 4k with a drone, DJI Phantom 3 pro.

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Caribbean Playa Blanca Beach Livingston Guatemala

Caribbean Playa Blanca Beach Livingston Guatemala. A tropical paradise in Playa Blanca, Izabal. White sand, clear waters, sun and palm trees...a perfect combination por a perfect relax. Playa Blanca is a white sand beach, something different from the rest of places with black sand due to the volcanic nature of Guatemala. Guatemala is full of beauties, trust me, Playa Blanca is the place to be and is very diferent because of it's white sand.
“get a calendar and make time por traveling to Playa Blanca”. Thanks God I have met many places from Guatemala and it is imposible to create a list of the top ten or top 20, I´ve seen incomparable and wonderful landscapes, since I am not a beach and sand guy, Playa Blanca has made me think deeply about it. If you are reading this in your office, the internet café or you place, I can asure you, once you visit Playa Blanca in Izabal, you’ll experience a feeling of guiltness por those days you have spent watching tv at home, there many marvelous places in our country, nothing to envy from places around the world.
Is it located in Izabal and watching the white sand with the clear water it is amazing. If you are a beach boy or girl, and you like the sun and palm trees and you haven´t been here….you ´re missing it.

To get there you have to take the atlantic road, passing for “el rancho” keep straight until Puerto Barrios Izabal, estimated traveling time to his point from the city 3 hours and half. Once you´re there you have to take a boat, if you travel by bus, you have to walk like ten blocks from the bus station or you can take a cab, if you travel by car, there are places near the dock where you can leave the car, the rates are reasonable.

The estimated time of boat travel is 30 minutes to Livingston where you can find hotels according to your needs, there are places to eat, there is a Bar at the end of the street where you can see the locals dancing “punta” a traditional dance of the place, but there are all kind of music .
To get to playa blanca you have to take another boat, the cost per person is Q90, there is no schedule for this, there must be at least 8 people to go to Playa Blanca or if there are less persons you can arreange the price with the pilot of the boat. Usually this trips last 4-6 hours, in Playa Blanca there are not hotels, but they have one nice local restouran, and you can try delicious food!
Many people could think that this is not Guatemala, but get real, it is... The first reaction from local people when they see the pictures is “where is that?” and when they hear the answer the second one is : “for real???” and the third reaction is: “i want to go there” and of course, we advice you to do it.
If you think that the place is kinda far away... if you depart in the morning, without getting up to early , you’ll be there for lunch and there are cheap places to eat... to expensive? If you take a bus, the cost of the ticket is Q40 and the buses are comfortable, I have traveled in one of them. If you bring your car, it will depend on the performance of your car, in our case is was quite good…so instead of thinking for excuses for not going, think how to get there, and if you still don´t know how, see the pictures, something will come, it is worth it.

Bring a friend, or your future girlfriend if she still making her mind up, you will make a good impression. If it is a family trip it is more expensive the it is something the will remember, and course don´t forget your camera.

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Livingston Town Guatemala

Livingston is the Carribean side of Guatemala. It is one of the most unique places in entire Mexico and Central America. It is Garifuna colony and gives an awesome feel of African vibe. It is very laid back. You can reach through a 2-hour boat ride from Rio Dulce.

Guatemala-City Snapshot via drone

Just a short snapshot of Guatemala-City. The video is showing zone 5, zone 9, zone 10 and zone 15. I took the video with a DJI Phantom 3 professional.
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Livingston - Izabal - Guatemala - desde el aire


Hola hola mundo, les traemos un nuevo vídeo mostrando un poco de Guatemala, en este caso nos ubicamos en la Livingston - Izabal - Guatemala haciendo tomas solo con un Drone DJI Spark



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Hotel Amatique Bay Guatemala via drone

The Resort and Marina Amatique Bay is located at the Caribbean Sea in Guatemala. The city is called Puerto Barrios, department Izabal. The hotel has around 80 rooms and I took the video while I was staying there. The video was taken with a DJI Phantom 3 in Ultra HD (4K).

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Breathtaking Rio Dulce & Livingston - ADVENTURE Time In Guatemala

Kayaking beautiful Rio Dulce and we LOSE THE PADDLE! The easy kayaking experience got a bit hairy and we weren't sure if we were going to make it.

We were staying in an amazing riverside jungle lodge in Rio Dulce, Guatemala called Casa Perico, run by a Swiss guy so you know everything will be well organized.

We spent 5 days here, lounging around, swimming, kayaking and relaxing. This place felt really tranquil and got us relaxed in no time.

We really enjoyed the kayaking in the mangroves on the side rivers of the Rio Dulce and seeing the wildlife there. If you visit Guatemala, you should definetely come to Rio Dulce.

After a wild boat ride, we also went to Livingston, home to the Garifuna people. Their ancestry goes back to Africa. It is a super relaxed beachside town right on the Carribean coast.

It was a really cool experience seeing the local culture and customs there. They really know how to party and the disco on the beach had the fiesta going!

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Livingston Guatemala Vlog

Had an amazing time in Livingston Guatemala
Went to see the amazing spots in and around Livingston like
Los Siete Altares and Playa Blanca
Also had to try the most talked about Tapado
Highly Recommend coming to Livingston in Guatemala and see the Guatemalan/Chapin Culture
An experience you won't forget

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Lumix G9
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Livingston Guatemala

Livingston Guatemala

Going to Guatemala? Don't overlook this Caribbean hideaway. Livingston is where I was on Christmas Day not intending to stay more than one night, but liked it so much I didn't want to leave so stayed for 4 more days - who knew?

Livingston is on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala and is a tropical lush place to visit. You have to see this city/village to really get it. There is a nice vibe of friendly people who would love to have you buy them beer but mostly just want to talk with you.

Great place to have a few days of rest between Belize and Guatemala, its in Guatemala but feels like a different country all together.

Check it out. And tell me if this was your favorite place to be a tourist in Guatemala, if you want to have a few days rest from boating between Belize and Guatemala I recommend it. Some people visit Livingston and never leave.

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San Juan de Arana Guatemala via drone

San Juan de Arana is a small town in Guatemala and also the center of America.

Travel with us to Rio Dulce, Livingston, Guatemala

In this video we explore Castillo de San Felipe de Lara and take a boat ride to the island of Livingston.
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Livingston Guatemala



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