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Living on ST THOMAS in the US Virgin Islands | Stefanie Hurtado


Living on St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

After graduating college in the summer of 2012, my best friend Amber and I decided to move to the US Virgin Islands for a little while!
We had never been before, so we flew down for two weeks, to see how we'd like it. Then we went home to prepare. I sold my car and almost all of my belongings to afford the move.
We flew down again in late October, without a job, and with only two friends we had met that first trip, who agreed to let us sleep on their floor for a week.
Within one week, Amber and I found a studio apartment on the beach for $1400 a month ($700 each). We both got jobs working on sail boats and leading snorkel tours for cruise ship tourists. For a couple of girls who had never been on sail boats or snorkeled in the deep blue before, we were in for quite an adventure.
What commenced was one of the craziest, most magical times of my life. Thank you, St Thomas!

Shot and edited in November and December of 2012 on a gopro hero 2. For those asking, I lived in the Virgin Islands on and off for two years. The last time I lived on St Thomas was in 2014.

Check out my blog's archives for an idea what life was like for me in the Virgin Islands:

The song is Welcome Home by Radical Face

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Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands


The US Virgin Islands

Beautiful beaches, beautiful girl cavorting on same, rinse and repeat. Great Caribbean eye candy courtesty of the the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Video courtesy of the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism:

Sailing the British Virgin Islands

While I was working as a snorkel instructor in the US Virgin Islands, a good friend of mine invited me on a 10 day charter around the British Virgin Islands! This is what it was like :)

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Daydreamer catamaran trip from sugar bay st Thomas

This was,an awesome full day trip with unlimited drinks great crew and new people! I had so much fun. The snorkeling was cool too.



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