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Jensen Ackles KICKED A Hotel Door DOWN Because His Key Did Not Work


2019 VWFC Jensen

SDCC: Jensen's Introduction

Jensen kicks off Supernatural's SDCC panel in Hall H.

Bisbee Glow Hunt for Blue Leprechauns

Although the tourists who attended Cynthia Conroy’s GLOW event were innocent participants, this is a video of people at their worst. Bisbee Vogue GLOW event was originally proposed as a night stair race, then a walk, then a social gathering, then a tour, and lastly a “Hunt for Bisbee Blue Leprechauns.” Although Bisbee police, firefighters, city attorney, city council, and many citizens did not sanction the event, Bisbee Vogue’s Cynthia Conroy was able to obtain a permit, which she gleefully waved in my face the day of the GLOW. When I set out to document Cynthia’s attempt to turn the GLOW into a sort of quasi-ghost tour, the 30 or so tourists who showed up on this windy March night were initially friendly, then doggedly determined to get their money’s worth, then openly hostile. By the end of the night I had invectives and glow sticks hurled at me. I don’t know if anyone else had a good time, but I sure didn’t.



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