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Is this Mars?! Exploring Hormuz Island | Iran ???????? 2019


Is this Mars?! Exploring Hormuz Island | Iran ???????? 2019

ATTENTION! Would you have any interest in joining me on an all inclusive tour to some of Iran's most beautiful destinations? Let me show you the Iran that I absolutely love! This is just an idea right now but if enough people show interest then I will make it happen! Register your interest here:

Hormuz is a small island situated in the Strait of Hormuz. The island experiences little to no rainfall and as a result is very dry! Not so dry in this video though :P



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Hormuz Island, Persian Gulf Hidden Gem

Located in the Persian Gulf, Hormuz is the island of colorful beaches and many people refer to it as the Rainbow Island. The island is a center of geological studies.
Best Seasons to Visit Hormuz Island: January, February, March
Video and Edit: @amirabroodi
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Hormuz Island - جزیره هرمز

جزیره هرمز را جزیره کوچک خلیج فارس می‌نامند. این جزیره مکانی است پر از رنگ‌های مختلف همراه با آب با یک فرهنگ کاملا متفاوت به گونه‌ای که هنگام ورود به آن انگار وارد یک سیاره‌ ی دیگر شده‌اید. به جرات می‌توان گفت جزیره هرمز جزیره رنگ‌ها و شگفتی‌ها می‌باشد که از دل دریا بیرون زده است. این جزیره دیدنی‌های زیادی از خاک‌های رنگی تا معماری عجیب را دارا می‌باشد که هر گوشه آن یک داستانی شگفت انگیز برای شنیدن و طرحی برای دیدن را دارد.
جالب است بدانید که خاک هرمز را می‌توان در هفتاد رنگ دید. خاک خوراکی جزیره هرمز یکی از شگفتی های این جزیره می باشد. این منطقه فقط یک جزیره نیست می‌توان گفت سرزمین شگفتی‌ها است.
در سال ۹۰۹ دریانورد پرتغالی آلفونسو د آلبوکرک که به مستعمرات پرتغال در آسیا سفر کرده بود بر حسب اتفاق گذرش به خلیج فارس افتاد و با آن نواحی آشنایی پیدا نمود و بلافاصله با حضور در دربار مانوئل پادشاه پرتغال طرح خود برای اشغال جزایر خلیج فارس را ارائه نمود و به تصویب رساند. او در سال ۹۱۲ به خلیج فارس بازگشت و پس از کشتار و وحشیگری فراوان موفق به فتح هرمز در سال ۹۱۳ گردید و قلعه‌ای در جزیره هرمز ساخت.
مردم هرمز در طول سالهای اشغال مکرراً سر به شورش برداشتند که مهم‌ترین این شورش‌ها مربوط به سال‌های ۹۱۹ خورشیدی، ۹۲۵ شمسی، ۹۲۸ شمسی و ۹۵۷ شمسی بوده‌اند. جزیره در سال ۱۰۳۱ توسط یکی از امرای شاه عباس به نام امام قلی خان از اشغال خارج و آزاد گردید. هم‌اکنون آثار و خرابه‌های ابنیه و قلعه پرتغالی‌ها و توپهای آن در شمال جزیره در نزدیکی آبادی‌های فعلی دیده می‌شود.


Hormuz Island, also spelled Hormoz, is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. Located in the Strait of Hormuz, 8 kilometers (5 mi) off the Iranian coast, the island is part of Hormozgan Province.
Hormuz Island has an area of 42 km2 (16 sq mi). It is covered by sedimentary rock and layers of volcanic material on its surface. The highest point of the island is about 186 meters (610 ft) above sea level. Due to a lack of precipitation, the soil and water are salty. Specialists have helped cultivar white mangrove or Hara trees to grow in the climate. Due to the lack of freshwater, Iranian engineers have constructed a water pipeline from the mainland. There are many virgin beaches that go all around the Hormuz island.
With a few hundred meters walk to the beach, in a way that silver sands attract attention, rocks can be seen in many different forms, each is likened to an animal, a sheep's head, poultry, and many different Dragons.
The rocks show that, over thousands of years that the island of Hormuz gradually comes out of the water, the wear and tear on it make many beautiful shapes. According to researches, the geological age of the Hormuz island is about 600 million years ago and its life when coming out of the water is about 50 thousand years.

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Hormuz Island, Iran - solo trip and hiking

Just a short preview of amazing Hormuz Island.
If you are in Bandar-e Abbas you should visit Hormuz Island. It's just about an hour trip on a ferry from main port.

It's great place for hiking and sleeping under the sky or a poncho-tarp like I did.

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421adventure - Discovering Hormuz Island - IRAN

If cycling in paradise is possible, then it is certainly similar to cycling on Hormuz island! There you can find the perfect conditions for bike touring : nice temperatures day and night, beautiful and unique landscapes that you have never seen before in your life, friendly people and wild camping spots by the sea. Just watch our video and enjoy !

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Hiking on Hormuz island (Iran) / Поход по острову Ормуз (Хормуз, Иран)

Iran - a wonderful country. A year ago, we fell in love with the south of Iran. One tidbit of the south of Iran - Hormuz island. About this place, we decided to make a short video.

Иран - удивительная страна. Год назад мы влюбились в его юга. Один из лакомых кусочков - остров Ормуз (Хормуз). Об этом месте мы решили сделать короткое видео.

Travel to Iran - Scuba diving in Iran - Hormuz Island

Join our team on the H2O Rush Expedition, a Diving program to explore Iran's underwater world, with a team that is leads by diving experts who spent years to explore below the surface in Persian Gulf and are ready to team up with you in 2019 for once in a life time kind of journey to Iran's underwater beauty, A diving journey that NOT many Scuba diver experienced in the world.
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Hormuz Island, Iran TRAVEL VLOG #7 ????????

The Hormuz Island in southern Iran is widely known for its red and edible soil but in addition to the dominant red colour of the island, a splendid white colour catches the eyes of every visitor: The whiteness of the Goddess of Salt.

The jewel of geology of the Persian Gulf is located on a salt dome. The crystals of salt stone are scattered in most parts of the island.


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Hiking in Hormuz Island

Hiking through the harsh salt formation in Hormuz Island.
Persian Gulf, South Iran, January 2013.
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Iran Hormoz Island, Persian Gulf جزيره هرمز خليج فارس ايران

October 8, 2017 (Persian calendar 1396/7/16)

Hormozgan province (استان هرمزگان)

Hormoz Island (جزيره هرمز)

Hormoz Island (جزيره هرمز) Geo coordinate
27°04′N, 56°28′E

Hormuz Island جزیره هرمز‎‎, also spelled Hormoz, is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf خليج فارس.

Located in the Strait of Hormuz, 8 kilometres (5 mi) off the Iranian coast, the island is part of Hormozgān Province استان هرمزگان.

Iran Hormoz Island, Persian Gulf
جزيره هرمز خليج فارس ايران

Mars in IRAN کوه های مریخی چابهار

About 2 to 4 kilometers to the port side, there are mountains on the left side of the road known as the Miniature or Martian Mountains and locally known as Kalani or Aria. Describing this dream road, it should be noted that the mountains on the left are like the mountains of space films and the right-hand side of the sea ... What will the imagination of the drivers on this road be? They are culturally registered and well known among domestic and foreign tourists. Among these mountains are marine fossils, and the area is already underwater. Martian mountains offer a spectacular view of the lunar mountains and the views that lead to it create the impression that a painter Their hands are shattered. The colors of these unusual white mountains and the Tuscany and the nights have incredible views. This dream road between two colors of greenery and white and red sands of the mountain is one of the miracles of Iranian magic and nature. In the middle of the road are ponds that turn pink to the sea and to the gray and near the white.
حدود ۴۰ تا ۵۰ کیلومترازچابهاربه سمت بندرگواتر،کوه هایی درسمت چپ جاده دیده میشه که به کوه های مینیاتوری یا مریخی و در زبان محلی به کالانی یا آریا معروفن . در توصیف این جاده رویایی باید گفت سمت چپ کوه هایی شبیه به کوه های فیلم های فضایی قرارگرفته وسمت راست نمایی ازدریا ...تصورکنین رانندگی دراین جاده چه حال وهوایی خواهد داشت؟این کوه هاکه ازمنحصربه فردترین کوه های ایران هستن، درلیست مراکزدیدنی سازمان میراث فرهنگی ثبت شدن و در بین گردشگران داخلی و خارجی شناخته شده هستن . در بین این کوه ها انواع فسیل های حیوانات دریایی قابل دیدنه و این نکته رو نشون میده این منطقه قبلا زیر آب بوده .کوه های مریخی مناظری ازکوههای کره ماه روبرای بیننده تداعی میکنن وشیارهایی که روی اون ادیده میشه این تصور رو ایجاد میکنن که یه نقاش بادست اونها روتراشیده . رنگ این کوههای غیرمعمولی سفید وطوسیه وشبها منظرهای باورنکردنی دارن . این جاده رویایی بین دو رنگ سبزدریا وماسه هایی سرخرنگ وسفیدی کوه یکی ازتابلوهای معجزه وارطبیعت ایرانه . درمیانه جاده آبگیرهایی تشکیل میشن که به سمت دریا صورتی رنگ وبه سمت کوه خاکستری ونزدیک به سفیدن.

عجایب جزیره هرمز در یک ۱ دقیقه

شاید بتوان جزیره هرمز را عجیب ترین جزیره خلیج همیشه فارس دانست.

Irans INCREDIBLE Islands in the Persian Gulf ???????? Qeshm, Hormuz & Hengam | VLOG 8

When we arrived in Iran we never had the intention to check out the islands in the South of Iran ????????. But we constantly got feedback from fellow travellers that it is a must to see the South islands. So we changed our itinerary and headed South and wow was it worth going there. Located in the Persian Gulf there is loads to do and see. Check out the video to get a taste of the beauty the islands have to offer. We visited Qeshm Island, Hormuz and Hengam.
#irantravel #southislandsofiran #qeshmisland

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Hope you enjoy our vlog about the South islands ????????! ????


A invasão de Hormuz :)

Hormuz Island Guide: What to See & How to Travel راهنمای سفر به هرمز

جزیره هرمز یکی از زیباترین مکان های دیدنی ایران هستش که همه باید حتما آن را ببیند .
اگر دوست دارید به جزیره هرمز سفر کنید حتما قبل از سفرتون این کلیپ رو ببینید .
مهمتری عجایب این جزیره میشه به ساحل سرخ هرمز اشاره کرد

A popular destination, Hormuz Island was a welcome rest on our Iran itinerary. The salty air and the warm temperatures of the Persian Gulf were a different experience after the dry and cold landscapes of Northern Iran and Central Asia.
The life on Hormuz is still very much traditional; all centered around the main and only village of Hormuz. While a few of the attractions are in the village proper, as the Portuguese Fort, most of the things to see in Hormuz are scattered across the island.
How to get to Hormuz Island

in this video you will see :
How to get to Hormuz Island
Transport on Hormuz Island

The red beach
Rainbow mountains

Iran Hormoz Island, Rainbow mountains, Tourism attraction خاك هاي رنگي جاذبه گردشگري جزيره هرمز

December 16, 2018 (Persian calendar 1397/9/25)

Hormozgan province (استان هرمزگان)

Hormoz Island (جزيره هرمز) Geo coordinate
27°04′N, 56°28′E

Iran Hormoz Island, Rainbow mountains, Tourism attraction
خاك هاي رنگي جاذبه گردشگري جزيره هرمز ايران

Isolated Russian Island - Olkhon Island! (Beautiful) Lake Baikal ????????

This island is a must visit if you ever make it to Irkutsk! 7 hour bus away and feels like the edge of civilisation, it is incredible!


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red soil island ( Hormoz & Qeshm in iran )

there is a island in south of iran which is famous for their beautiful nature.hormoz island is famous for its red soil ! and qeshm island is famous for a mountain which is so much look like grand canyon in usa.

music by : Kaleo - Way Down We Go

Iran People & Ecotourism, Spring 1398, Hormoz Island مردم و زيست بوم و گردشگري جزيره هرمز ايران

June 12, 2019 (Persian calendar 1398/3/22)

Hormozgan province (استان هرمزگان)

Hormoz Island (جزيره هرمز)

Hormoz Island (جزيره هرمز) Geo coordinate
27°04′N, 56°28′E

Iran People & Eco-Tourism, Spring 1398, Hormoz Island
مردم و زيست بوم و گردشگري جزيره هرمز ايران

Hormuz Trip رحله مضيق هرمز

Hormuz Trip رحله مضيق هرمز
رحله بحريه مسندم خصب خورفكان



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