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Iquique, Chile. Beautiful City. Fatih Aksoy 2014-2015


Iquique, Chile. Beautiful City. Fatih Aksoy 2014-2015

As I was bicycling South America, after Peru I entered into Chile. And then following the route 5 to route 1 to Atacama Desert and Pacific Ocean. I was on top of the mountains as I was descending, I couldn't believe my eyes from a distance, a beautiful city which was built in the desert and by the Pacific Ocean

Iquique, Chile. Fantastic view down to the city. Fatih Aksoy

As I climbed up to the top of the mountains and hills with my bicycle, I finally looked down and couldn't believe my eyes as I was staring at a beautiful city Iquique, Chile, Watch me come down the hill speeding with my bicycle as I watch this beautiful city from above.

Iquique, Chile. Following to South. Fatih Aksoy

The morning I began leaving Iquique and heading south to city of Tocopilla and then to Antofagasta. I had the greatest time in this city and really loved every moment of it. Good people, Great food, lots of restaurants, cafes and awesome atmosphere.

Arica, Chile. Border city with Peru. Cycling. Fatih Aksoy. 2014-2015

After cycling 1400 kilometer in Peru, finally got into Chile. And Arica is the first city in Chile when you enter from Peru. I filmed this early morning hours right before I got on the road again. Of course this time Atacama Desert was in front of me. I was getting ready to bicycle one of the hardest stretch ever.

Tocopilla, Chile. Port city. Between Iquique and Antofagasta. Fatih Aksoy

This is a small port city between the cities of Iquique and Antofagasta. It's by the Atacama Desert and located next to the Pacific Ocean. I filmed this from a distance before entering into this city. Hot steamy day was awaiting for me.

Peru-Chile Border. Passport Control. Fatih Aksoy. 2014-2015

Very crowded day at the Peru and Chile border. It took so many days to get here from Lima, Peru. Of course I had to wait at least for 2 hours just for the passport control and the customs. But once it was over, I was on my way to city of Arica in Chile and later beginning of Atacama Desert.

Antofagasta, Chile. Port city in Atacama desert. Fatih Aksoy

Cycling South America. This is the city of Antofagasta. It's a port city by the Pacific Ocean, yet it's situated at the desert as well. Right after this city I switched back to the Route 5 again. Deep down in a heartland of Atacama Desert. Great city.

Santiago, Chile. Magnificent City.Cycling South America. Fatih Aksoy

I really have to admit one of the most striking cities I've seen lately. And I've been around the world. I'm not really sure what really got me about this city, but it has class. This city's people are friendly, helpful, energetic, talkative and extremely intelligent.

Cities of Chile: Iquique - Open Nature

Iquique will steal your heart. A welcoming, entertaining and interesting city, with incredible beaches and a historic tradition that dates back thousands of years. Located in the north of Chile, where it is summer year-round, Iquique is a must-see on your trip to Chile.


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3 Best Day Trip Ideas from IQUIQUE, CHILE | Beach, Hotsprings, Geysers | South America Travel Vlog

Iquique is a coastal city in Chile famous for its beautiful beaches. But did you know that natural hot springs, geysers and a UNESCO Heritage Site are just a ride away?

On our first visit to Iquique, our friend Manish took us on 3 amazing day trips. Hope this video inspires you to check these places out!

Day Trip #1: Enquelga Hotsprings & Puchuldiza Geysers
Day Trip #2: Humberstone
Day Trip #3: Pica

Our rental car in Iquique: (Econorent)

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iquique propiedades / LBT-B

Espectacular departamento en el mejor sector de Iquique. Reserva aquí:

Iquique, tierra de campeones... 4K - GoCarlos

Gracias por leer esta descripción!!

Salitrera Humberstone, Museo Esmeralda y más... imperdibles de la hermosa ciudad de Iquique. :)

**Más información de Iquique y alrededores en

**Encuentra hospedajes acá

nota: Cada ciudad o país a los que voy tienen cientos de lugares por visitar y conocer, a pesar que me gustaría poder recorrerlos y grabarlos todos, en cada video les dejo una selección de algunos lugares y actividades que me interesaron y que se los recomiendo.
De todas formas, siempre los lugares y actividades que quedan pendientes, es una invitación para volver a visitar ese destino. ¡A viajar!

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Atacama Desert Chile.It's hot! Cycling South America. Fatih Aksoy

It feels like cycling this desert will never end. But it's on the way to Santiago as I'm traveling there then to Patagonia, Argentina. It has been an exciting trip so far which began in Lima, Peru and now in Chile then into Argentina. So far I cycled 2500 kilometer until to this point. But I still have thousands to go.

Playa Brava Iquique

Una gran playa en Iquique, donde efectuar deporte, tomar sol y disfrutar junto a la familia y los amigos - cuidemos Playa Brava

Iquique - Chile 2015

Recorrido por la ciudad de Iquique, en el norte de Chile. Enero 2015

iquique city tour

bicicleta en iquique turismo aventura

Iquique Chile

Iquique Chile ciudad de la cultura el deporte los eventos y el turismo, con múltiples lugares turísticos

Solsplash Iquique 2015 desde los aires con drone []

3er festival de reggae Iquique Solsplash 2015.

Click en botón HD para visualizar en alta definición.

Artista principal: Quique Neira

Imagenes aereas vía glassdrone por

iquique Chile drone 2019

Iquique desde el aire.

Iquique Summer Trip 2017

The best moments of our Trip to the north of Chile (Iquique). Footage with Drone in 4K. A great Adventure with Paragliding, Canoeing and discovering the city.

This amazing trip was organized by the Chile District 4320 Rotex Team of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program!

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Filmed in 4K & 2,7K with GoPro and Drone



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