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Indonesia The Ultimate Travel Guide Best Places to Visit | Explore The Emerald of the Equator


Indonesia The Ultimate Travel Guide Best Places to Visit | Explore The Emerald of the Equator

Indonesia's numbers astound: more than 17,000 islands, of which 8000 are inhabited, and over 300 languages spoken across them. It's a beguiling country offering myriad adventures.

Indonesia The Ultimate Travel Guide Best Places to Visit

Bromo Tengger National Park
Lake Toba
Raja Ampat Island


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10 Must Visit Places in Indonesia | Travel to Indonesia!

These are the top best tourist destinations to visit in Indonesia.
This island nation has some of the largest remaining tracts of tropical forest anywhere in the world, and is home to several beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling spots as well. Aside from the obvious like Bali and Lombok, there are many other wonderful beaches in off-the-beaten-track locations.
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5 Best Places to Visit in INDONESIA ! - Travel Guide

5 Best Places to Visit in INDONESIA : Bromo National Park - Lombok Island - Komodo National Park - Yogyakarta - Bali Island

With 18,330 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is home to 167 active volcanoes, far more than any other country.

Hardly surprisingly in the world’s largest archipelago, beaches are also a major draw. Aside from the obvious like Bali and Lombok, there are many other wonderful beaches in off-the-beaten-track locations.

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Indonesia Timelapse | Drone Video | Emerald Of The Equator

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This beguiling nation of over 17,000 islands has massive potential for adventures. It's hard to beat Indonesia for the sheer range of experiences on offer. Watch our Timelapse Drone videos of Indonesia. Subscribe to MISK Travel Guide for more travel videos.


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INDONESIAN ISLANDS | [Watch This Before You Book A Vacation!] ????

✅ Indonesian Islands, The best places to visit Indonesia. Take a look at this Travel video and see how beautiful Indonesia really is!

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Best of Indonesia

Why Indonesia Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

For some of the most impressive islands on earth, head to this corner of the Pacific. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 8 reasons why Indonesia should be your next vacation destination.
For this list, we’re looking at a variety of cool reasons you should check out this fascinating and heavily-populated Asian nation.

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7 Best Islands To Visit In Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagos in the world and is made up of at least 17,000 islands, so if you are looking for an island adventure then you have certainly come to the right place.

Some of the islands make up the main provinces of Indonesia such as Sumatra, Java, Lombok, and Bali, and many of the smaller islands are uninhabited, but if you are looking for something in the middle then you will find a huge variety of islands that are perfect for a relaxed beach holiday and are ideal if you want to go diving and explore some of Indonesia’s underwater delights.

Depending on your budget and how far you want to travel, you can still get away from the crowds while staying fairly close to the main hubs, or make the journey to some of Indonesia’s less visited enclaves if you truly want to fall off the grid for a while.


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10 Best Places To Visit In Indonesia - Where To Travel In Indonesia?

10 Best Places To Visit In Indonesia - Where To Travel In Indonesia?

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Do you want to travel to a southeast Asian nation, Indonesia? Then, watch the video, it might help you to find the best places in Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the best places to travel. It’s very famous tourism for beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans and tigers.

Let's have a look at the list of the 10 best places to visit in Indonesia:
1. Bali
2. Borobudur Temple
3. Yogyakarta
4. Bukit Lawang
5. Tanah Lot
6. Uluwatu Temple
7. Lombok
8. Raja Ampat
9. Prambanan Temple
10. Flores

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In this video we did some island hopping in the Southwest of Lombok, probably the most beautiful tropical beaches and ocean that we saw during our time in Indonesia and definitely the best snorkeling.



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Things To Do in Jakarta Indonesia - Jakarta Travel Guide

Are you are flying to Java Indonesia and looking for things to do in 1 day in Jakarta? Jakarta is a gateway to the many islands of Indonesia and many tourists and travellers will find themselves with a day in Jakarta. In this video I explore some of Jakarta's main sights, such as the National Monument, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral and Pasar Baru.

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, lies on the northwest coast of Java which is the most populous island in the world. Jakarta city is well known for having lots of traffic, but head to Merdeka Square and then there are a number of places within easy walking distance. On my walking tour of central Jakarta I visit the following places:

1. Monas Monument (National Monument) in Merdeka Square
2. Istiqlal Mosque - the largest Mosque in Southeast Asia
3. Jakarta Cathedral - St Mary of the Assumption
4. Shopping at Pasar Baru - street market
5. Jakarta Shopping Malls
6. Street Food

There is a lot more to see in Jakarta, but this was all I could squeeze into my first day sightseeing in this amazing city of Indonesia. Don't forget to subscribe and click on the notification bell if you want to see more things to do in Jakarta Indonesia.

I hope you enjoy watching this video, please leave a comment to let me know what else I should see in Jakarta.

21 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

Southeast Asia is a group of diverse countries between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, featuring indigenous cultures influenced by Indian, Chinese and Western culture. It has long been a favorite corner of the world for globe-tramping backpackers, known for its perfect beaches, tasty cuisine and low prices. The region represents a totally different culture for Western travelers. Instead of cathedrals, they’ll find temples. Instead of cold temperatures in the winter, they’ll be bathed in a tropical climate. They may find simple accommodations in remote fishing villages but also luxurious hotels in the cities and on the islands. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Southeast Asia:

15 TOP RATED - Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

15 TOP RATED - Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

1. Beaches of Bali - For many people, Bali is beaches (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, etc..). Arguably Indonesia's most popular vacation spot, Bali has a number of cultural landmarks and traditions that make a visit here worthwhile.

2. Borobudur - This ancient temple is one of the most famous and culturally significant landmarks in Indonesia. Borobudur was built in the 8th century and constructed in the shape of a traditional Buddhist mandala.

3. Orang Utans of Borneo Kalimantan - No trip to Indonesia would be complete without seeing some orangutans, and Borneo is a great place to visit these beautiful and endangered creatures.

4. Gili Islands - The Gili Islands are a major draw in Lombok, which has risen in popularity among backpackers and tourists in recent years. The Gili Islands provide a more relaxed, though still stimulating, alternative to popular Bali.

5. Komodo National Park - Who hasn't dreamed of seeing a dragon at least once in their life? The komodos of Indonesia are no mythical creatures, however they are fierce and deadly animals.

6. Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud - Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali, and it's here you'll find the Sacred Monkey Forest, a serene space where you can feel the ancient majesty of the island.

7. Mount Bromo - Indonesia sits on the Ring of Fire, an area with some of the most active volcanoes in the world. Many of the country's volcanoes, such as Mount Merapi, are famous for their violent eruptions and their stunning, but dangerous beauty.

8. Tana Toraja - A visit to Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi Province will not only feel like you've stepped far back in time, but also offers a look at the richness and diversity of Indonesia's long-standing cultures. The architectural style of Tongkonan, boat-shaped houses and other buildings, are immediate standouts, but the people are what make this piece of natural paradise so special.

9. Kalimantan, Borneo - Few places suggest wild, untamed adventure like Borneo. One of the most ecologically diverse places on earth, Borneo is home to orangutans, exotic birds, Sumatran rhinos, pygmy elephants, and an array of other creatures. In Kalimantan, in Indonesian Borneo, you can travel down the Kapuas River, the longest in Indonesia; visit villages of the indigenous Dayak people; and observe foreign influences from China, Malaysia, and even Europe in the ports and cities along the way.

10. Lake Toba - Another of Indonesia's natural wonders, Lake Toba is both a body of water and super volcano. Lake Toba is a study in beauty and the powerful forces at work on the planet. Here, you can go swimming, water skiing, canoeing, or fishing, or stick to wandering the surrounding area on foot or bike.

11 Mount Krakatau - This young and volatile volcano continues to rise higher out of the sea and have significant eruptions. Anak Krakatau still belches smoke and fire, and tourists can visit Krakatau's child for a reminder of the awesome, unseen power just beneath the surface at every turn in Indonesia.

12 Gunung Rinjani - Another of Indonesia's famed volcanoes, Gunung Rinjani is a top attraction on Lombok. Rinjani itself does not see the eruptions and activity that some of the others have, but its caldera-forming eruption in the late 13th century is believed to have been one of the most powerful in human history.

13 Pura Tanah Lot - This is one of Bali's most popular temples, built on a rock formation in the sea.

14 Banda Islands - Bali and Lombok are tried and true vacation spots for a reason, but the lesser-known Banda Islands have their own appeal as an off-the-beaten path getaway.

15. Jatiluwih Rice Fields, Bali - The beaches may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bali, but the verdant rice fields are a close second. So lush and life-giving are the terraces of the Jatiluwih Rice Fields that they were designated a UNESCO Cultural Landscape as part of Bali's Subak System.

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The Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

The Best Places to Visit in Indonesia
Situated between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean,Indonesia is the world's largest island country, with more than seventeen thousand islands.
10.Raja Ampat
9.Tanjung Puting National Park
8.Gili Trawangan
7.Komodo Island
6. Torajaland
5.Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
3. Yogyakarta
2.Flores Island
1. Bali

Where to go in indonesia - 5 Incredible Places Beyond Bali

Wondering where to go in Indonesia? Here are 5 incredible places to visit in Indonesia beyond Bail. Now, Bali is so well known around the world that some people actually think that it is its own country, but in fact it just happens to be the most popular place to visit in Indonesia. While Bali is a beautiful place, there there is so much more of this wonderful country to explore. In this video I share my 5 favorite places beyond Bali that you have to see to believe.

Special thanks to Allianz Travel Insurance for making this video possible.

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JAKARTA Top 45 Tourist Places | Jakarta Tourism | INDONESIA

Jakarta (Things to do - Places to Visit) - JAKARTA Top Tourist Places
Capital of Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia's massive capital, sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java. A historic mix of cultures – Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European – has influenced its architecture, language, and cuisine.

The old town, Kota Tua, is home to Dutch colonial buildings, Glodok (Jakarta’s Chinatown) and the old port of Sunda Kelapa, where traditional wooden schooners dock.

JAKARTA Top 45 Tourist Places | Jakarta Tourism

Things to do in JAKARTA - Places to Visit in Jakarta

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JAKARTA Top 45 Tourist Places - Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia

Sulawesi, Top places to visit | Indonesia

We travel to Sulawesi from South to North showing you some of the top places to visit. For full details about itinerary, cost and tips

For more travel destinations please visit:

Places featured on this video:
-Tana Toraja Region
-Tomohon town and Minahasa
-Hiking mount Klabat
-Bunaken Island or Palau Bunaken

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???????? Indonesia Travel Experience | Explore Indonesia | World Express

Indonesia Travel Experience | Explore Indonesia | World Express

Indonesia, a Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. It’s known for beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans and tigers. On the island of Java lies Indonesia's vibrant, sprawling capital, Jakarta, and the city of Yogyakarta, known for gamelan music and traditional puppetry.

Throughout the country are destinations for surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as trekking. There are temple ruins at Borobudur (Buddhist) and Prambanan (Hindu). Indonesia’s main religion is Islam, but the island of Bali has a predominantly Hindu tradition and a reputation for dance and performing arts, especially around the historic town of Ubud. Neighboring Lombok, with the active Gunung Rinjani volcano, is a gateway to the laid-back, traffic-free Gili Islands, renowned for scuba diving. Orangutans inhabit the rainforests of Sumatra, while Indonesia’s Komodo dragons live in Komodo National Park.

Top Destinations:







Gili Islands


Penida Island


Nusa Lembongan




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Travel Guide: Indonesia's Top Natural Attractions

Island Hopping In Indonesia

Explore the Indonesian Archipelago by visiting these 30+ best islands

What's New Indonesia - Copyright 2019

Indonesia- Indonesian Islands to Visit!! (Part 4)

Tour Indonesia – Part 4

Indonesia- Indonesian Islands to Visit!! (Part 4)


1. Bandung

Bandung is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a side trip near Jakarta. Located high in the mountains, this city is literally cool. Bandung enjoys comfy cool year-round temperatures, verdant pine forests & scenic highland views. It is also the country’s outlet shopping capital. This city is a must-visit for art & nature lovers, foodies, and shopaholics looking for cheap bargains.

How to go — Bandung is 3 hours southeast of Jakarta by bus or train. The Jakartato Bandung train route is scenic. So, be sure not to miss it. You can also fly direct to Bandung-Husein Sastranegara Airport from Singapore (2 hours), Kuala Lumpur (2 hours), and Johor Bahru (2 hours). And domestic, from Bali (1.5 hours), Medan (2.5 hours), Yogyakarta (1 hour), Surabaya (2 hours). And smaller airports, including Padang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Bandar Lampung, Pontianak, Semarang, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Batam, or Solo.

Must-visit places + top attractions

• Go aboard the scenic Jakarta-Bandung Train.
• Find inspiration at Nuart Sculpture Park.
• Take a tour of Dusun Bambu.
• Learn how to play an Angklung (Indonesian bamboo instrument).
• Shop ’til you drop at outlet stores.
• See Bandung’s colonial architecture.
• Relax at trendy cafes & coffee shops in Bandung.
• Enjoy Kawa Putih and nearby highlands.

2. Yogyakarta

Don’t miss Yogyakarta if you love wandering around ancient temples & ruined cities. Here, you can find the temples of Borobodur and Prambanan. Both are UNESCO World Heritage sites & among Asia’s most beautiful landmarks. While you’re in the city, explore the 18th-century royal complex, the Water Castle (Taman Sari), and beautiful Dutch-era colonial buildings.

How to go — Found in central Java, Yogyakarta is just hour east of Jakarta & 1.5 hours west of Bali by plane. Yogyakarta-Adisutjipto International Airport is the primary gateway to the city. It’s located in the city center while the temples are within an easy drive away.
You can fly directly from Singapore (2.5 hours) on AirAsia as well as major airports in the country including Jakarta (1 hour), Bali (1.5 hours), Medan (3 hours), Bandung(1 hour), Surabaya (Surabaya). And, even from Lombok (2 hours), Balikpapan (2 hours), or Makassar (2 hours). All major domestic airlines operate flights to Yogyakarta including Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, Wings Air, Silk Air, and Batik Air.

Destinations + tourist spots

• Go on a sunrise tour to Borobudur Temple.
• Explore Prambanan Temple and see the sunset at Ratu Boko.
• Wander around the Water Castle and old city of Yogyakarta.
• Shop at Malioboro Street (Jalan Malioboro).
• Fort Vredeburg Museum and other Dutch colonial heritage sites.
• Enjoy a countryside tour at Wanurejo Village.
• Eat local food in Yogyakarta. Don’t miss the Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) at Ayam Goreng Suharti.

3. Mount Bromo

Take the ultimate selfie, at the top of an active volcano’s crater rim. Mount Bromo is an easy place to do it. A lot easier than Mount Rinjani since the actual trek to Mount Bromo’s crater rim only takes less than an hour.

How to go — Mount Bromo can be found in Central Java. The most popular way is to travel to Probolinggo by land from Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta, Jakarta or other cities on the island. Then, ride a bus or shuttle to Cemoro Lawang village, the main tourist area in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. A jeep or motorcycle taxi (ojek) ride to the base of the summit takes less than 30 minutes. And, a 30-minute to 1-hour ascent on steep stairs, takes you to the crater rim. You can also reach Cemoro Lawang via Malang, located west of Mount Bromo. Although public transport is quite limited, this can be a good option if you’re headed from Yogyakarta. The way to Cemoro Lawang passes through the scenic village of Ngadas, Mount Bromo’s savannah, and the sea of sand.

Places to go + things to do

• Hike to Mount Bromo crater rim & see the sunrise from the viewpoint at nearby Mount Penanjakan.
• Visit Madakaripura Waterfall near Cemoro Lawang.
• Go on a homestay & see the slope farms in Ngadas Village.
• Enjoy the cool views at Mount Bromo savannah.

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