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I think I Should Buy This ? - Only 4 Porsche In India


Jan Morris, Legendary Travel Writer, Interviewed by Don George

Jan Morris, legendary travel writer, met in conversation with Recce editor Don George on May 8, 2013, at the New York Times Center in Manhattan. It was an exhilarating evening, hosted by Geographic Expeditions, with the talk ranging from the slopes of Mount Everest to the streets of Trieste, Italy.

Relax and enjoy the conversation between these intelligent, well-traveled, and captivating individuals. Then, see what literary adventure GeoEx can take you on here:

Best Roads to Drive on Around The World!

What are the best roads to drive on around the world? Is it simply just the autobahn? Or is it something like a scenic route, like Route 1 in California, aka the Pacific Coast Highway? Find out about all the best and most interesting roads to drive on around the world in this video!

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Here's a list of the best road to drive on around the world!

12 - Stelvio Pass, Italy

Its popularity as one of the highest roads to pass through the European Alps has certainly impressed many people. After a very popular 2008 Top Gear article that named the Stelvio Pass the best driving road in the world, the road has pretty much become a star. Unfortunately, given its increasing popularity, the road has become congested, with hundreds of tourists and cars going through it all day long.
Experts recommend driving in a north to west direction, which allows you to see its famous wall of switchbacks, and getting a first hand look at Stelvio National Park, with its beautiful alpine forests, and fun driving roads. At the foot of the pass, a valley lets you get some great pictures, and a little up north you’ll find the connecting Swiss Pass.

11 - Pacific Coast Highway, California
Considered one of the most scenic rides any driver can have, the Pacific Coast Highway, is a 123 mile long California Road that extends from the very popular Big Sur Coast Highway up to San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway. With a combination of mountains and great ocean views, this particular road starts at the popular little town of Monterey and allows any driver to experience some very scenic landscapes that include Hearst Castle and California's multiple oak forests.
Because of its steep curves and high inclinations, it's no wonder the road is extremely popular by motorcyclists, so anyone that’s into riding, should really think about the option. Because the highway is designated as an All-American Road, In addition to serving as a route to the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas, certainly makes this a road a very popular scenic road!

10 - Combe Laval, France
Constructed between 1861 and 1898, this widely popular route has been recognized as the most beautiful road in the French Alps. Considering its challenging climbs, nowadays it’s better known as a path for cyclists looking to experience an extreme adventure. Parts of the road are filled with narrow tunnels and cut straight into a cliff, which sounds like it certainly provides some amazing views!
The architectural concept used to created the road is very rare: they carved the whole path straight into the walls of the Vercors mountain, connecting it with a road to the Royan mountains. The way they managed to cut two mountains and create a whole new access through still impresses many people to this day, including myself!

9 - Conor Pass, Ireland
The Irish mountains are known for its never-ending green scenery, cloudy but beautiful ambience, and legends of leprechauns with 4-leaved clovers. Well, maybe they’ve figured out leprechauns with 4 leaf clovers.
But, with this road, there’s still the proverbial pot of gold. Conor Pass is known as the highest mountain road in all of Ireland, and has managed a reputation as one of the only ways to experience the Celtic nation's true essence. Reaching 1,495 feet in height, the pass connects the southernmost part of south western Ireland, in Dingle, all the way up to Castlegregory in the north east.

As with many other roads, weather conditions are super important to take into consideration before doing any spirited driving. During rain, visibility can be minimal, which of course heightens risk for accidents. There’s also the story of a man who lost his life at the highest part of the pass, and is said to haunt visitors who don’t comply to the safety measures. Hmmm maybe he’s a leprechaun too!

8 - Milford Road, New Zealand
This hidden gem in the region of Fiordland New Zealand seems to certify the country's popularity. Extending through Fiordland National Park and even a World Heritage Area such as Te Wahipounamu, Milford Road is a tourist destination that provides some of the best views of raw, untouched nature. The 4-hour drive has great photo opportunities of landmarks such as Eagleton Valley and the pristine Mirror Lakes.

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Greece Visa For Pakistani Citizens

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|Alexander Jacob 17|Charithram Enniloode|Safari TV

മുന്‍ ഡി ജി പി ഡോ. അലക്‌സാണ്ടർ ജേക്കബിന്റെ സര്‍വീസ് സ്റ്റോറി. | Former DGP Dr.Alexander Jacob about his service life..

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Charithram Enniloode | Alexander Jacob Episode 17 |

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China beyond 2020: the future of the largest marketplace in the world

With 30 per cent of Australian food export currently going to China and Australia one of the most aspirational origins for food and beverage, the opportunity to grow in this market is unrivalled globally. Yet, the alluring prospects also come with significant competition and dynamism in the market. In this session, understand key trends in the market identifying how shifting preferences, retail technology and data are shaping food consumption behaviour and why localisation, segmentation and the personalising of products for an increasingly discerning consumer will maximise the opportunity in China in 2020 and beyond.

Speaker: Mark Tanner, Managing Director, China Skinny

| Aa Yathrayil 329 | Safari TV | Dr. Unnikrishnan Pulikkal Part 3

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Dr. Unnikrishnan Pulikkal Part 3 | Aa Yathrayil EPI 329

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Project: Planet Clean-Up - Italian Creators of our Time Series

This conversation, part of the Italian Creators of our Time series, is with Luca Rossettini and Mauro Nardocci, the founders of two companies specializing, respectively, in cleaning the sky, D-Orbit, and the oceans, Seads (Sea Defence Solutions).

The pollution of our planet is one of the most pressing and difficult problems our society is facing. About 8 million tons of plastic enter the sea every year, and at this rate we foresee a future were, in the oceans, there will be more plastic than fish, by 2050. In the skies above us there are at least 7,500 tons of space junk from old satellites; this represent a serious threat because of the risk of colliding with active satellites and/or space stations.

Italians are pioneers in creating and implementing devices and technologies geared toward environmental clean-up, greatly contributing much needed solutions to this difficult and problematic issue.

Luca Rossettini is the founder and ceo of D-Orbit. He has a master in Aerospace Engineering, a master in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability, and a Ph.D. in Advanced Space Propulsion. He has always loved working in the space sector, so much so that he even applied for the European Astronauts Corp, positioning himself among the first two hundred candidates out of 10,000. But the call to be a serial entrepreneur was stronger, and in 2011 he founded D-Orbit, a company that offers solutions to eliminate the Space Debris.

Mauro Nardocci is a partner of SEADS and its Communication director. He has a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and a master degree in Management Engineering. He has worked in Luxembourg, Singapore, Germany, and of course Italy. He is also an executive coaching, and leadership expert.

Dr Amit Dravid's Covid Talk For Doctors at Chopda

Dr Amit Dravid, Infectious disease specialist from Noble Hospital Pune delivered a talk on Covid 19 disease for Doctors at Chopda via a video conference organised on 10/06/2020. It was a motivating talk which gave crisp and clear guidelines for managing Covid 19 disease.

Five Years of Social Media ROI Analysis

Five Years of Social Media ROI Analysis
In this one-on-one interview, Rex Briggs will discuss how to assess how much to spend on social media. Where should budget be reallocated from to fund social media? What impact will it have on brand image and sales?
Rex Briggs -- CEO, Marketing Evolution
Sheila Murphy Seles -- Director, Digital & Social Media, ARF

The Wild Animal Sanctuary / Pat Craig (2013)

The dictionary defines sanctuary as a place of refuge and protection, and that is exactly what The Wild Animal Sanctuary founder, Pat Craig, has built in southern Weld County.

T4S Technology for Safety

STC Workshop 2018 - day 2 - 05/06/2018

More information

The Simple Future Tense. For the 1st Year Baccalaureate. الاولى باكالوريا

This grammar lesson is part of the grammar lessons that the students of the 1st year Baccalaureate in Al Im Ali high school should fulfill during this year. Prepared by Mr. Jaouad BENAICHA

Management CONtracts - THINC Indonesia 2015

Tony Ryan, Principal, Ryan Lawyers

Ivan Widarmana, Director of Acquisitions and Development - Asia Pacific, Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Jens O Reichert, Vice President Development - Asia Pacific, Moevenpick Hotels
Kavin C Bloomer, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Capital KK
Simon Allison, Chairman, HOFTEL
Stephane J Regnault, Co-Founder and Managing Director, CASAM Hospitality

Back to Nature: Using Nature's Technology to Make a Cleaner Planet

View more videos here:

This talk discusses the extraordinary possibilities of applying biotechnology to the way we make things. Taking some examples of every day consumer products, we will show how advances in enzymes and microorganisms are changing how manufacturing works for the better, by making our industrial processes more like biological ones. As we begin to tap renewable sources of carbon and then close the loop on consumer products, biotechnology could provide a revolution in the way create a better, cleaner life for an ever-growing population.

WTM Travel Perspective Keynote: #TravelMoments @ #WTM14 | Wed 5 Nov

This event took place at #WTM14, ExCeL London on Wednesday 5 November.

Twitter has changed how we communicate and consume information. It's live, public, and conversational, capturing the world's events in real-time. People turn to Twitter to help them in every aspect in their lives, including planning their travel. They research, book and share their travel experiences on Twitter. Our speaker from Twitter will outline how travel brands can set themselves up to respond effectively to these travel moments and reach the right audience, with the right message at exactly the right moment. She will help brands discover how Twitter can help your company become part of travel conversations happening right now and in doing so, raise top of mind awareness and influence travelers’ decision-making process.

The Supply Chain Conference 2017: Session 6: Aftersales and service parts

Making parts inventories available at the right time, in the right volumes and in the right place to meet demanding levels of after-sales services at the right cost is a difficult and complex proposition already. So what will it be like as the supply chain continues to reinvent itself? This session will examine:

The complexities involved in meeting current service levels while preparing for the future
The new requirements of tomorrow’s ‘e-world’
The future technologies shaping tomorrow’s aftermarket logistics
What the shift to electric vehicles means for the parts supply sector
The opportunities for production and service parts sectors to work together more closely
Come and see if your company’s current aftermarket model will stand the test of time.

Neil Swartz Vice President & General Manager Toyota Motors NA
Anu Goel Executive Vice-President, Group After Sales & Services Volkswagen Group of America
John Goione Department Head - Parts Logistics BMW Group
Randy Creel General Manager, Operations Nissan

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi Publisher Automotive Logistics Group

Two Chefs,One Cuisine

Chef Johann Lafer & Chef Wai have influenced each other cooking styles and have adapted to each other's cultures.

| Binoy Viswam 12 | Charithram Enniloode | Safari TV

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Charithram Enniloode | Binoy Viswam 12 |

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20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes To Avoid

20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes To Avoid presentation from Affiliate Summit West 2010, which took place January 17-19, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.


- Geno Prussakov, Founder, AM Navigator

We will cover 20 mistakes that affiliate managers routinely commit. Real life examples will be provided. You will take away practical knowledge, and a checklist to compare against your own style.

Slides from 20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes To Avoid are available at

More details on Affiliate Summit at

Note: the company(ies) and position(s) listed above were current as of the time of the conference. Some of this information may have changed since then.



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