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Ministry of Tourism - Don't go to Lebanon!

Regardless of the regional turmoil and all tension points, one truth is just hard to ignore; to the reasons of the heart, all reasons fade. (HD version)


reacting to travel guide of Lebanon | wild frontiers (reaction)!!!


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10 Things NOT To Do in Lebanon!

For a nation on the border of Syria and Israel, you might expect some possibility of danger when visiting Lebanon. You'd be right. If you want to maximize your chances of having a pleasant vacation, here are some things not to do on a Lebanese holiday.

1. Don’t Be Afraid!
The people in Lebanon are perfectly friendly and the country is filled with gorgeous landmarks and fascinating history. Just relax and enjoy yourselves.

2. Make Sure to Dress Appropriately
Lebanon is a pretty conservative Arab country. Men and women are expected to avoid wearing anything more revealing than short-sleeves and shorts. Make sure your clothing is loose-fitting; women should consider covering their heads as well.

3. Don’t Just Stay in Beirut
Lebanon has some really gorgeous locations outside its most popular tourist spot. The people are generally hospitable and warm, and you can’t really say you’ve experienced true Lebanese culture until you’ve experienced something beyond Beirut.

4. Don’t Get Into a Taxi Without Agreeing on a Price
Some tourists have complained that they were “taken” by cab drivers when they couldn’t agree on a final price. Avoid this by telling the cabbie where you’re going and agreeing on a price before you get in the car.

5. Don’t Forget that ‘Traveler’s Diarrhea’ Is a Real Thing
If you’ve never traveled to a developing nation, you should be aware that your first-world immune system might take a small hit … like, right when you land. Sometimes the jolt to your bowels hits quickly but it’ll pass quickly, don’t worry.

6. Don’t Take Pics of the Military
You can look at their installations, but your best bet is to simply keep your eyes on the beautiful scenery, not on the men trying to defend it.

7. Stay Away from Dahiyeh
The world famous suburb in southern Beirut has attracted lots of attention. Don’t go see it for yourself. The residents of Dahiyeh are just suburbanites who don’t appreciate being gawked at by some leering tourist.

8. Don’t Skip the Street Food
Lebanon is known for its scrumptious street food. There are several excellent meals served on a street corner, so if you’re just sticking to the glitzy restaurants, then you’re missing out on an integral part of Lebanese culture.

9. Don’t Take Pictures of the Locals Without Permission
There’s not some old world spooky superstition attached to this one, it’s just rude. How would you feel if you were walking down the street and a group of people wearing traditional Arab garb started taking pictures of you?

10. The State Department’s Opinion
Earlier in the year, the Department of State issued a clear warning to avoid travel to Lebanon thanks to political upheaval, skirmishes and other threats. In fact, the State Department has said that it cannot guarantee its ability to transport US citizens out of the country should the situation worsen.

Did you disagree with any of these?
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Lebanon is NOT What You Think!!


10 Things NOT to do in LEBANON

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My Life in SYRIA vs LEBANON: 10 Major Differences

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How far can $10 in LEBANON get you?? (SO MUCH)

Today I'm going to try spending $10 USD, in Lebanese currency, with my local friend from Lebanon, to try to better understand Lebanon's Economic Crisis in 2021.

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Americans In Beirut During Revolution in Lebanon (Our Experience)

Americans In Beirut During Revolution in Lebanon (Our Experience)

November 2019 | When we first landed in Beirut and experienced the Revolution first hand, I think what surprised us most was talking to the younger generations. Many of the stories that had been passed on to them were ones based on fear.

But leading with fear means that you often act out of desperation, and desperation leads you to resentment, not just of oneself but also towards one's own country. And if you harbor those feelings of resentment for too long people eventually become cynical and lose hope.

BUT that’s not what we saw here on the ground. Walking around, hearing stories, asking questions, engaging with the people - only showed us more of their resilience and optimism. ????????

And most importantly, we saw the forging of Lebanon’s new identity. The Lebanese love their country and are willing to fight for it (without violence)! As Americans in Beirut arriving during the revolution in Lebanon, we left with the hopes of planning to return. Until next time Lebanon, and thank you again for welcoming us with such open arms. ????????


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RV Newbie Series Playlist -

This video is divided into two parts -
1. Our introduction to the revolution
2. Exploring the city of Beirut (vlogging some of our favorite experiences) 5:30



Mosque Al-Amin
Pigeon Rock


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Hey! We're Olivia and Nathan ???????? A couple from California.

We met back in 2014 in Monterey, California. I (Olivia) was a senior in college & Nathan had recently moved back to the area after living in Italy.

After a few “deep life talks” (ones that were so foreign to me) and hearing about the lifestyle Nathan had been creating for himself for the last 6 years, I wanted to spend more time with him.

We started dating and I learned how he’d moved to Cambodia when he was 17, Germany when he was 18, Italy when he was 20, and was itching to travel again.


Nathan would work in California for 2 years, save every dollar he could, move abroad, find a job in that country, live there for 1-2 years and then do it all over again. Each time, he’d learn the language of that country, acquire new skills & make lifelong friends.

I was deeply inspired & wanted to travel with him. After 1 year of working our butts off and saving every dollar we could, we moved to Australia. We lived + worked there for 3 years (learned to speak perfect Australian lol) & created online jobs so we could continue traveling full-time.

CURRENTLY: When covid hit, we flew home and bought an RV to travel the US. That’s what we’re currently doing now, and boy is it a LEARNING CURVE but also thrilling!

Down to earth, entertaining, and informative is our goal — we want you to feel like you’re experiencing the day with us.

Welcome to ON World Travel ????????


The world has been sleeping on LEBANON

Something to look forward to after all of this is over. I am launching a travel guide for Lebanon. More than 30 destinations, from villages to hidden beaches & waterfalls, hiking trails... You name it.

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Why I Left The Mormon Church

I grew up Mormon. This is the story of why I left.
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I've decided to move to Lebanon! I quit my full-time job to work part-time instead and do what I've been wanting to do since I graduated college last year---travel, meet and learn from people in other countries, learn Arabic and practice other languages, learn new skills, push my limits and get out of my comfort zone so I can GROW!

It obviously was a process getting to this point:
1. Saving money (being very frugal for months)
2. Breaking through mental blocks I've had for a while; realizing I can make my life dreams a reality and not keep wishing for them to happen without taking any actions towards realizing them.
3. Figuring out the logistics of everything--moving, travel, accommodations, budget, work, etc.
4. TAKING THE ACTUAL STEPS--buying the flight, coordinating my accommodations, packing up everything I own, etc.

The future is very unstable for me at the moment, but I feel good about these next steps and we will see what the future and God have planned for me in the future and what my next steps will be!

The way I plan my life out is as follows:
1. I make plans for what I want to do with my life
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3. If I feel good about it, I take the steps needed to progress my plan.
4. If I do everything I need and it's just not working out or feels forced, I wait until God hits me with new ideas or plans.
5. If I do everything I need and it IS working out, I move forward with it all until I feel prompted to do something different!

I'm all about going with the flow of life and seeking constant communication with and guidance from God in regards to what I should be doing with my life. So as of right now, these are my plans. I have my flight and I am set on going. A revolution might break out soon--who knows--but I will assess the situation--whatever it may be--once I am at that point.

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10 Things To Know Before Coming To Beirut, Lebanon! | Is Lebanon Safe in 2021? #lebanon

Here I share with you 10 things to know before coming to beirut, Lebanon. And is it safe?

Lebanon is a small country in the middle east that stretches across the shore of the Mediterranean sea, it used to be called Switzerland of the East
Times are abit hard but we will get back on track!
Help us get back there! Come see Lebanon!

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Timestamps :
00:00 intro
00:06 Is Lebanon Safe?
00:32 Know where to exchange money
01:22 Connectivity and Internet
01:45 Transportation, how to move around
02:30 Lebanon's geography
03:03 Lebanese Food
03:31 Don't get offended by smokers
04:02 Don't get into politics
04:39 Best time to visit Lebanon
05:09 The Lebanese People

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Lockdown in Lebanon | Strictest in the World? (Beirut 2021) ????????

Many have said that Lebanon's coronavirus lockdown was one of the strictest in the world. With such scary headlines, we waited to leave our Beirut apartment until we absolutely had to. Join us on our first trip outside after spending 3 weeks locked in, and decide for yourself if Lebanon's lockdown was really as strict as they say it was.

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Thanks for watching! I'm looking forward to showing you more of Lebanon in the videos to come!

Is Lebanon's war-torn Tripoli safe to visit?

What’s Tripoli like nowadays?

Guide to Lebanon Japanese v

A unique documentary featuring the beauty of the country and it's variety in geography,history,ruins,weather and way of life.

The TRUTH About Lebanon

For many countries we only hear the negative things, the wars and destruction and poverty. One country that has a negative international reputation is Lebanon- whereas many see it as dangerous and backward, it's really one of the party centers of the Middle East and full of some of the most hospitable people on Earth. Here I discuss the current events in Lebanon as well as sharing @frankie.atallah's beautiful post about the Lebanese people.

What’s Lebanon Really Like? A Day in Beirut 2020

Lebanon is currently experiencing its share of problems. But what's it like to visit?


A quick trip to Lebanon in June.
i went there to see my family and meet my best friends .
i also want to apologize that some of my clips went missing while trying to move the videos to my PC.
i'm actually not a big fan of moving data from apple to non apple device.

i hope you enjoy it:)

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قضيه لبنانيه | انا لبنانيه | i'm lebanese |pray for lebanon | #savelebanon



The Lebanon Protests after the Lebanon's Independence Day Celebration and the birth of a Phoenix Statue after the Fist of Revolution burned down and a new replacement was being put up.

#SummerRainChannel #LebanonProtests #LebanonRevolution

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Pray for Lebanon!



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