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I Got Drunk With Lithuania's Most Notorious Gangster ????????


Visaginas: Lithuania's Nuclear Town ????????

???????? Since Lithuania gained it's independence in 1991 it has removed as much of its Soviet past as it possibly could unlike in other post-Soviet republics where there are constant reminders of the USSR around every corner. However in the north of the country lies the town of Visaginas where I was told I could find the last remaining Soviet mosaic ( kind of ). Join me as I head north to see how life is in Visaginas which was built to house the workers from the nearby atomic power station and maybe meet some babushkas on the way.

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Live Cruise Ship News: Carnival's Seabourn Cruise Line To Enter Expedition Cruise Market

Live Cruise Ship News: Carnival's Seabourn Cruise Line To Enter Expedition Cruise Market Pullmantur announced that it will offer electric bike tours on select Mediterranean cruises due to favourable reviews. Electric bikes along with helmets, water, and energy bars will be provided with guides.

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I Share My Husband with 2 Other Wives (Maasai Marriage Story)

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Yayai is part of the Maasai tribe, one of the largest and best-known African tribes. One of the Maasai traditions that continues to live to this day is the custom of polygamy (or, more specifically, polygyny). As someone with a European upbringing, I've always been taught that a successful relationship can only exist between two people... But that's not how everyone around the world lives and thrives.

I've decided to ask Yayai about what marriage is like in her Maasai culture, and she really opened my eyes to the fact that there is no single recipe for a good relationship (except, maybe, to respect your partner!). I'm hoping you've also come here with an open mind and without judgment - because even if you may not agree with someone's way of life, you should always find a way to respect it (if they're not doing anything to harm you).

I also know that there's a lot that I will never find out about, and of course many other socio-political issues at stake here. But it is not the purpose of this video to discuss them at length: this video is merely a small dip into the idea of polygamy in Maasai marriage, and that's the scope of it.

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Stalin's Soviet Theme Park!

???????? Want to visit all the former Soviet republics on a scooter and without leaving Moscow? Well I will show you how....Welcome to Stalin's Soviet theme park in the heart of Moscow, the incredibly beautiful VDNKh.

The Corn Life Network | Tube Life S01 * E02 on Puša Studios

We thought we were brave working together at growing on social media till Rick & Brooke upped the ante by not just creating one, but 2 channels under one roof! Tonight will discuss working together & living together, their generous involvement on the platform towards other creators and much more! Its gonna be a great night!
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About Puša Studios: We are a husband-wife team based out of Montreal Canada specializing in affordable, high-quality photography/videography + post-production and coloring for all social occasions, cooperate and B-roll.
Plus, We have Introduced our new live streams, a great way to meet youtubers just like you, learn about them, meet lots of great supportive people in the chat and gain some great tips and tricks on shooting, editing and post and how to grow on the platform. Cheers and Keep creating!

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Lufthansa A350 Business - Los Angeles to Munich

This time we're flying the German Flag Carrier, Lufthansa from Los Angeles to Munich on the A350. Named the Extra Wide Body, the Airbus A350 is the pride of European aeronautical manufacturing, incorporating state of the art technologies and production techniques to create a super-efficient aircraft while elevating the passenger experience. Let's see how Europe's largest airline fares with its business class on this game-changer.

Swiss Business Class:
British Airways Club Suites:

Filmed November 18th, 2020

ExpressVPN (What I use):


00:00 - Intro
02:41 - Airport
05:49 - United Club Lounge
08:12 - Boarding
09:36 - Cabin Tour
11:22 - Seat Tour
13:56 - Taxi & Takeoff
16:07 - Dinner
18:52 - Bathroom
19:53 - In-Flight Entertainment
21:25 - Bedding & Bed
23:22 - Amenity Kit
24:43 - Breakfast
27:50 - Economy Class
29:50 - Thoughts & Landing

Songs Used:

Late Nights - Daxten
Duck in a Box - Jobii
Manhattanite - Frook
Out of My Bed (Instrumental) - Deanz
Gelatin Nature - Ooyy
Redial - Ballpoint
Too Dark (Instrumental) - CLNGR
Over the Rooftops - Many Moons Ago
Lullabye - Phury
Faded Silhouette - Helmut Schenker
Million Years (Instrumental) - Sture Zettterberg
Homeless Soul (Instrumental) - Fleurs Douces
Breathe - Daxten
Outro: Something Crazy (Instrumental) - Particle House

My Gear:

Camera: US: CA:
Main Lens: US: CA:
Second Lens: US:
Gorilla-Pod: US: CA:
Microphone: US: CA:
Gimbal: US: CA:
Drone: US: CA:
Backpack: US: CA:


Тунис | Жизнь других |ENG| Tunisia | The Life of Others | 24.02.2020

Авторское travel-шоу Жанны Бадоевой «Жизнь других»!
Серия №4 (3 сезон) – о жизни в Тунисе!

Authorial Zhanna Badoeva Travel Show The Life of Others!
Episode 4 Season 3: Life in Tunisia!

#ЖизньДругих #Тунис #Tunisia #Travelshow #тревел #жаннабадоева

Захотелось увидеть Тунис своими глазами? Купить тур и отправиться в страну белоснежных пляжей (или куда угодно) можно быстро и удобно — с помощью Level.Travel!
Выбор тура, сравнение цен, оплата и документы — всё онлайн: на сайте: или в приложении:


Таймкод выпуска про Тунис:

02:23 Роды в Тунисе
03:55 Дошкольное образование
07:28 Школьное образование
09:28 Особенности автомобильного движения в Тунисе
10:10 Общение с инструктором по вождению
15:40 Почему школьники отказываются от получения высшего образования?
16:24 Заработные платы
16:47 Какие специальности востребованы в Тунисе?
19:27 Предпочтения тунисцев в еде
20:20 Общение с хозяйкой фермы
24:00 Религия в Тунисе
25:11 Общение с женой из религиозной семьи
29:39 Как живут разведенные женщины в Тунисе
35:37 Общение с телеведущим
38:40 Жизнь пенсионеров

Timecode of Tunisia Episode:

02:23 Childbirth in Tunisia
03:55 Preschool education
07:28 Schooling
09:28 Car traffic peculiarities in Tunisia
10:10 Conversation with a car driving instructor
15:40 Why do students refuse to graduate?
16:24 Salaries
16:47 What occupations are in demand in Tunisia?
19:27 Tunisian preferences in food
20:20 Talk with the hostess of the farm
24:00 Religion in Tunisia
25:11 Communication with a wife from a religious family
29:39 How do divorced women live in Tunisia
35:37 Communication with the TV host
38:40 Life of seniors


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