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Huge Mangoes!! FARMER’S MARKET FOOD! ???? | Jing Jai Market (ตลาดจริงใจ), Chiang Mai, Thailand!


Walking around Farmer's Market Jing Jai : Chiang mai, Thailand 4K

JJマーケット : Farmer's Market Jing Jai
Soi Pa Tan, Thesaban Nakhon Chiang Mai, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300
Open every Sat & Sun 6AM - 1PM

Filmed on the GH5 4K 60P with Zhiyun crane V2


Muang Mai Market in Chiang Mai Thailand. ตลาดเมืองใหม่

A little tour of the largest local market in Chiang Mai
The sights and sounds of the market might be a nice way for those of you who can’t travel now to get out and explore. Walk with me.
P.S. The cute little dog on the scooter at the end is my favorite part :)
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Jing Jai Market | Chiang Mai | Thailand | Desi Abroad

Jing Jai market! a place where you can pretty much find whatever you are looking for, such as, souvenirs, clothes, food, coffee and hand-made products. On top of all that, it is a very chill and relaxing place to visit with live music to give you an awesome start of your Sunday.

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Jing Jai market:

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[4K] 2020 Chiang Mai Gate Market thai food and fresh market in the morning

[4K] 2020 Chiang Mai Gate Market thai food and fresh market in the morning

Chiang Mai Gate Market is opens daily from 4.00AM to 11.00PM


Filmed in UltraHD 4K
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Camera : DJI Osmo pocket
Memory card : SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB

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Dedicated to those whom are too busy or lazy to travel the journey.

Thanks so much for watching.

When is mango season in Thailand and variety of mangoes

It's about to end of mangoes season however during the quarantine is difficult for me, I will improve and show more variety next year also will make some taste and texture on each mango.

Leave the comment which one is your favorite!

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Chiang Mai - Jing Jai Farmers Market (Plastic-free)

????Follow our journey up to date:

Located in the North-East corner of Chiang Mai, Jing Jai market or Rustic Market is a farmers market with organic fruit and vegetables.

When we heard that it was a No plastic market we were excited to see how this worked in Thailand.

An approximately 30-minute walk from the East gate or 10 min tuk-tuk ride it's a recommended market if you're in Chiang Mai on a weekend.

Jing Jai market on the map:

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Thai Farmers Market In BANGKOK Thailand

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Let´s visit one of some Thai farmers markets in Bangkok, which will bring a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables direct from farms and orchards
This is a rare opportunity to shop for fresh farm produce including vegetables, fruits, and herbs; learn how to select seasonal fruits in Bangkok.
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VLOG#2: Jingjai Farmers Market Chiang Mai.

Jingjai Farmers Market website

Video editing:Inshot and Yt Studio


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[4K] Cheap Thai Street Food Market Under the Expressway in Bangkok

[4K] Cheap Thai Street Food Market Under the Expressway in Bangkok

I went to Bangson Market, is located next to Bangson MRT (subway) station, exit 4. There are many street food stalls and shops are along the street under the expressway. This market is offer low prices and has a variety of raw meat, vegetables, fruits, pre-cooked food, thai snack, clothes, etc. Bangson Market is one of an amazing and delicious street food market in Bangkok.

#thaifood #bangkok #thailand

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[4K] Chinese Food Market in Chinatown Bangkok, Thailand

I walked around Chinese food market in Chinatown on Yaowarat Road, Bangkok is located near Wat Mangkorn MRT station. This market is a famous market. There are many shops and stalls are sellings local products and import products such as chinese products, chinese herbs, chinese spices, fresh seafoods, pre-cooked chinese food and every type of chinese food.

#chinesefood #chinatown #yaowarat

▶Google Maps:


24 Toppings Buffet - EPIC CURRY NOODLES - Amazing Street Food in Asia!

???? Thai Street Food - Surat Thani:
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Khanom Jeen (ขนมจีน) - Southern Thailand is known for its Khanom Jeen (ขนมจีน), a type of rice noodles eaten with a variety of different Thai curry on top, and with a host of different toppings and vegetables that you can eat on the side and top of your bowl of curry noodles. It’s extremely popular as a fast and easy Thai street food. Today, we’re in the Phang Nga (พังงา) province of southern Thailand, known for their curry, and I can’t wait to share this epic curry noodles with you. #Thailand #ThaiFood #streetfood

Khanom Jeen Baan Bang Kan (ขนมจีนบ้านบางกัน) - - The first curry noodles restaurant we went to was a little outside of the city of Phang Nga, in a nice relaxing lush area. I had two bowls of curry noodles to get me started khanom jeen gaeng tai pla (ขนมจีนแกงไตปลา) - a curry of fermented fish viscera, and khanom jeen nam ya (ขนมจีนน้ำยา) - a coconut milk based curry. Both were outstanding. The best part of this restaurant was the finely sliced torch ginger that they gave to us as we were eating - that really bumped up the flavor of every bite. Price - 30 THB ($0.92) per bowl

Khanom Jeen Na San Jao (ขนมจีนหน้าศาลเจ้า) - - This is the most legendary, most well known khanom jeen restaurant in Phang Nga, and located right in the town. Since it’s so famous I was a little worried it would be over hyped. But I was wrong, it held up to its name, I was truly impressed by the outstanding flavor and spices of their curries, and their insane 24 toppings selection to choose from - all spread out like a buffet across communal tables. Again, I ordered a bowl of Khanom Jeen Nam Ya (ขนมจีนน้ำยา) - a coconut milk based Thai curry, and next a bowl of Khanom Jeen Gaeng Ba (ขนมจีนแกงป่า) - a jungle herbal spicy curry. Again for were exceptional.

If there’s one Thai street food meal to eat when you’re in Phang Nga (พังงา), Thailand, it’s got to be khanom jeen. It’s a favorite meal for many, and these two restaurants will thrill your taste buds.

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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Street food chiangmai : Mango snack

#ChiangMai // Affordable 3 Baht Noodle | Best Weekend Market Jing Jai Farmer Market

Had a really relaxing and chilly short trip to Chiang Mai and I have to say...I love it !

Cheap accommodation, lower living cost, and massage!!


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Rustic Market Chiang Mai, Every Sunday at Jing Jai Market

Rustic Market Chiang Mai, Every Sunday at Jing Jai Market

치앙마이 한달살기 러스틱마켓 선데이마켓 Chiang Mai JING JAI MARKET

치앙마이 Chiang Mai 한달살기 필수코스인 선데이마켓에 다녀왔어요.
오전에는 썬데이마켓중 러스틱마켓 (JING JAI MARKET)에 다녀오고 오후에는 올드시티 썬데이 나이트 마켓에 다녀왔어요

러스틱 마켓 : 오전7시 ~ 오후 13시
선데이 나이트 마켓 오후 16시~

Mango in Phuket - Thailand

Freash Mango Slicing - Phuket - Thailand

Siriwattana Market Chiang Mai, Thailand

The FIRST post ever on the Don't Squander Wander page.

I bought a new GoPro so the day I received it, of course, I had to test it out.

This was a quick trip to the Siriwattana Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand just to show you guys the market and to get some lunch.

This is the first video and the first time editing. I am learning and the videos will get better. Hang with me. Watch along as I learn the process.

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Market and Temple at Ban Buak Khang, San Khampaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Went to this outdoor market next to Wat Buak Khang and checked out a little festival going on there in February 2020. Interesting local culture, food, music, and dance.

Here is the location:

There's also a neat penis shrine across the street. Check out my video of that:

Local Market Tour : Rice and Sticky Rice | Thai Cooking Class Chiang Mai

Visiting local market is a part of our cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand : Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School.

How Different between normal rice and sticky rice.
How to cook sticky rice.


Whatapp: (+66)882613428

at farm :
in town :

#localmarket #rice #AsiaScenicThaiCookingSchool

Beautiful fruit market in Pattaya Thailand - makemoneyrelax

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