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How to make a HAMMOCK


How to sleep and rest in a hammock!

An inhabitant of the Mayan village of Santa Elena in Yucatan Mexico showing how to sleep and rest in a hammock.

My Monster DIY Tensahedron Hammock Stand - Part 1

I wanted a hammock stand which could fit in my car for camping. I followed instructions from various people on and improved a bit with my neighbor's help.

Watch Part Two:

How to setup a Hammock on a Slackline | Hammockline Tutorial

This tutorial is dedicated to the 16 highliners that spent the entire night together on hammock highlines on the 22nd to 23rd of 2017 during the 1st (official) edition of The Stay High Highline Festival in Uruguay establishing a new hammockline world record.

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Prusik Cords ►
My Slack Hammock ►
Hammock Attachment Kit ►

Beginner Slackline kit ►
Basic Slackline setup guide ►

How to make a DIY Hammock-Slackline attachment device (Safer method) ►

Additional imagery and inspiration provided by the Hammock Caravan and Sunshine Rainbow projects made by Ticket To The Moon during the Monte Piana Highline Meeting at 2015 and Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival 2016.

Checkout the beautiful records from these amazing events:

Hammock Highlines World Record @ Stay High 2017 ►
Hammock Caravan @ Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival 2016 ►
Sunshine Rainbow @ Monte Piana 2015 ►

Big thanks and lots of love to Vladimir Momberger (Dharma Slack) and Igor Scotland (Ticket To The Moon) for the inspiration and to everyone in the Slackline community that contributed to the making this video.

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HAMMOCKS - The three big mistakes people often make - Hammock camping

Hammock camping is what I believe is the best way to camp. If you have a hammock that fits you and and the right tarp and you know how to set it. No matter what the weather conditions are. You will be able to experience the great outdoors with an incredible enjoyment.
But if you are not prepared. And the weather condition changes. You may end up with a terrible experience. Or worst. It could lead to a disaster.
In this video. We are going to look at the three three big mistake that people might make while hammock camping. Knowing how to overcome and not to make these mistakes will take your hammock camping trip from unpleasant. To epic.

DIY Gear: Hammock Tarp

Check out some of my favorite backpacking gear here:

This is my DIY hammock tarp. It is made from silnylon with tech line guy lines.

Tarp: 15.6 oz in stuff sack

Materials for this build were purchased from: which I would recommend for any DIY project you have. Their prices were the best and the shipping was fast.

Jungle Bamboo hammock

How to make a jungle survival bamboo hammock from one piece of bamboo by PaddleAsia, Phuket, Thailand. Shot in Khao Sok National Park

How Greg Builds a Hammock

I bought some new material to make myself yet another hammock. This time I filmed the process to share with all of you. Due to camera issues I couldn't add in the sections on how to build the locked brummel loop at the end of the amsteel ridge line so search youtube for Locked Brummel Amsteel and you'll find some great instructions on how to do that.

I had similar camera problems when I made my whoopie slings. So search youtube for Whoopie Sling and you'll find some great videos on how to do that.

If I subtract out the time to set up the camera, refill the bobbin, and answer phone calls that I got during filming the entire sewing, ridge line, and end gathering process took just about an hour. The materials from DIY Gear were about $35 because the 1.9 ripstop nylon was on sale. With some other materials I bought to make some stuff sacks plus shipping the total cost came to exactly $50.

I hope this inspires you to try making a hammock yourself.

Bora: making a hammock

Video drawing field research on Andrey Matusovskiy, russian anthropologist, conducted in 2007 (Peru, Loreto, rio Ampiyacu).

HAMMOCKS - The three big mistakes people often make

When a hammock is purchased, they usually do not come with any instructions. When I first purchased a hammock, I thought like most people. Find two trees, attach it, and then lay in it. Through trial and error, I finally found the best way to hang a hammock and to lay in a hammock.This video is how to hang a hammock and how to properly lay in a hammock.

Book: The Ultimate Hang

Cheap DIY Hammock underquilt - less than 10 dollars and works like a charm

Even nights in Thailand can get cold, and an underquilt be needed. But to carry a full size underquilt is not really needed, so I made my own. I give you a quick information on my take on a DIY underquilt that work really fine.

Hammock ridgeline

Ridgelines are a nice option to have when hammock camping. In this video we are going to cover everything that you will need to know about the hammock ridgeline.
1. The structural and non-structural ridge line.
2. The two types of a structural ridgeline.
3. The three purposes for a structural ridgeline.
And how to use them in a camping situation and more.


GO Outfitters: Amsteel / 11ft. hammock only ( )

Hammockgear:/ fixed / Spectra (Amsteel) /or Zing-it / 11ft. hammock only ( )

Dutchware Gear: fixed and adjustable / Lash-it / 10 or 11ft. hammocks ( )

Arrowhead Equipment: Fixed / Dynaglide / 10 and 11ft. hammocks ( )

Dream Hammock: Fixed / amsteel / any size ( )


KA-BAR ( )

Headlamp: Black Diamond ( )

Hangtime Hook: ( )

A Sweet Cloth Hammock An Expat Philippine Lifestyles Video

Marife tries out a new cloth hammock. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

Sewing A Gathered End Hammock

A continuation of the gathered end hammock build I am making for my daughter. I am using 1oz HyperD from In this episode I am just hemming the 4 yards of fabric and discussing whatever anyone wants to discuss.

DIY Hammock Knots Made Simple With Cord And A Sheet

a very secure hammock knot plus diy hammocks

5 big mistakes people make hammock camping

We all start somewhere and we all make mistakes for sure. I'm no exception to this rule. Hammock camping is one of those things that can take a while to get really dialed in since they don't come with instructions. Watch as I go over how to hang a hammock and how to properly lay in a hammock.

Some of my gear:
Backpacking Sleeping pad:
Backpacking stove:

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Hammock Comfort: Top 7 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably in a Hammock

In this video, Jason, founder of GO! Outfitters, reveals his top seven tips for sleeping comfortably in a gathered end hammock. Learning these tips can make a huge difference in comfort when you're hammock camping, sleeping or napping in a hammock.

In this video I am using the GO! Camping Hammock 2.0 but these tips will work with any gathered end hammock.

You can learn more about the Go Camping Hammock 2.0 here:

If you have any tips for getting comfortable in a hammock, please share them in the comments section.

#GoOutfitters #Hammock Camping #GoCampingHammock #HammockComfort

DIY Hammock Stand

I wanted a backyard hammock but didn't have usable trees. So I built a hammock stand that is fairly portable.

How to make a Marpat Hammock

Making a hammock out of 1.7oz. Marpat Camo for my friend in Germany, Marc I do a ton of rambling about my theories on hammock construction. I also make continuous loops, soft shackles, whoopie slings and an adjustable ridgeline out of Amsteel.

All the materials came from

Achaidh Cheide - Celtic by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Open Road by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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DIY Gear: Hammock & Bugnet

Check out some of my favorite backpacking gear here:

This is an overview of some of my DIY (Do It Yourself) homemade gear. In this video I focus on my DIY hammock and it's bugnet.

Hammock: 15.1 oz, Ripstop Nylon, Amsteel 7/64th Whoopie Slings, Tree Straps, Soft Shackles

Bugnet: 2.3 oz, Tulle Fabric

For more hammock camping resources, my favorite site is:

$35 Homemade Hammock Stand, easy and CHEAP!

My walkthrough of making a hammock stand out of 2x4s.

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