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How Video Games Changed My Life!



We had an emotional day, starting with us sharing how the Philippines changed us and the impact Filipino People have had on our lives. Later on in the day, we received a heartfelt letter from one of our viewers that made both Nelly & Mike cry. Please support this cause - find all info right here:

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We are Mike and Nelly, two passionate travellers who love to immerse themselves into new cultures and experiences all around the globe. We are always up for travels that involve amazing people, good food, great coffee and the next adventure. We love capturing these moments on our Travel Vlogs.

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Everest - The Summit Climb

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Raw and Unfiltered. The final climb on Mt. Everest. Experience what climbers endure on their final push to the top of the world. Shot by yours truly on a Canon 5D with a 16-35mm lens.

Behind the scenes blog #1:

Behind the scenes blog #2:

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Alone in an Empty North Korean Airport

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I had to fly out of the Pyongyang airport and needed two North Korean guides to take me there. Then when I arrived, the airport was completely empty and I was the only one inside. Bizarre experience with Air Koryo flying me back to Beijing.

I was on a guided tour to North Korea with a company called Young Pioneer Tours. You can book here -
(use code JordDPRK for a free T-Shirt).

This video series is NOT a political commentary. It is only meant to document what it’s like to travel to North Korea (DPRK) in 2019.

I can only show you what I am shown myself.

#NorthKorea #Pyongyang


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Travel has changed my life and I have no plans on stopping any time soon. That's why I am now running this video blog showing you how I travel the world continuously.

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Made a Change in My Life & It's Completely Changed My Life

888poker qualifier Dean Marrone opens about the choices and changes that have led him the most exciting day of his life! Like many poker players (and basically everyone) he explains how you don't have to stay in a dark spot and it doesn't take anything but the first change.

He qualified for the World Series of Poker Main Event for $100 on 888poker and now he is at the top of the chip counts! He talks about the experience and how play and players change the deeper you get.

You can follow his action in the main event right here:

How To Break Into Games Journalism

What does it take to get a job for a site like GameSpot, IGN, or to be a successful freelancer? A lot of people have been asking me to make this video, so here you have it; some personal advice and insight into what you can do to help you break into professional games coverage.

If you have any questions for my follow up video, please put them in the comments below...

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Everything Has Changed.

Well here's a video that most of you never would have thought would come. My entire life is changing and I had to let you guys know. I can't thank you guys enough for watching my videos and supporting me these last couple years. I definitely have a lot more responsibility but I'm never leaving the video game, I promise. You'll always see ridiculousness, skating, and randomness on my channel. I'm not going anywhere guys.

I'm about to have to work a whole lot harder at everything, but I'll certainly do what it takes. I'm scared and stressed of whats to come of course, but I'm excited and can't wait for the adventure. Thank you all once again! Love you guys!

Finding Workarounds: Bosnian Video Games & Development

Despite many setbacks, Bosnian development studio Prime Time has learned to thrive in the aftermath of war.

Prime Time website:

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A Rough Day in my Van

Well guys, here's some of the rough realities of when I live in my van; not everything goes according to plan. But hey, you make it through it with a little good humor, and look forward to the next day. Stick around, cause the next days got better ♡♡

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*What kind of van do you have/how much did it cost/how many miles did it have on it when you bought it?*

My van is a 2001 Ford Econoline E250 that I found via Craigslis., I bought it with 67k miles on it - it was listed for $3000, but I got them down to $2400.
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Hyperplasia training relies on creating permanent muscular STRENGHT through damaging fibers repair remodel & increase molecule STRENGHT ~ powerlifters rely solely on increasing molecules for STRENGHT to create a force production

~ill explain it again you must be able to complete 5x10 with every workout using a variance of 65 75% of yourrrrrrr max lift not mine not your friends!!!! Your 65 75% max lift Whatever that is to complete the 5x10 if you can't complete 5x10 your either going to heavy or going above or your going to light... example if your exceeding 12 reps that's way below 55% you must increase the weight to 65% and if your getting below 8 reps your above 75% to heavy lower the weight to 70% to complete each set of 10 reps.. you have to experiment and learn what % that is for you to get there!!!! ????????

There will be a reduction in active and passive tension because of the amount of damage already caused to the fibers... it may seem you've moved on to shoulders and arms and its now strenuous and reduction in weight because of the reduction in active tension just keep going 5x10 the muscle will still recognize that weight as being 65 75% of your max lift... it may look lighter its not....

A max lift isn't a 1pr this ain't powerlifting !!!????????

If the muscle adapts to the injury from eccentric exercise with an increase in sarcomere numbers in muscle fibres, what implications does this have for muscle-tendon relations? We have tried to model this situation (Fig. 5).

Some Myoblasts Persist as Quiescent Stem Cells in the Adult

Even though humans do not normally generate new skeletal muscle fibers in adult life, the capacity for doing so is not completely lost. Cells capable of serving as myoblasts are retained as small, flattened, and inactive cells lying in close contact with the mature muscle cell and contained within its sheath of basal lamina (Figure 22-44). If the muscle is damaged, these satellite cells are activated to proliferate, and their progeny can fuse to repair the damaged muscle. Satellite cells are thus the stem cells of adult skeletal muscle, normally held in reserve in a quiescent state but available when needed as a self-renewing source of terminally differentiated cells.
????????Athletes who specialize in muscular strength often damage their muscle fibers and are thought to depend on this mechanism for muscle repair, resulting in regenerated fibers that are often highly branched
When you lift a heavy weight, what you're really doing is creating micro-tears in your muscle fibers. The muscles then have to repair themselves and when they do, they get [ stronger ], which results in muscle growth only if your damaging them and your not adapted from doing so ...

Chronic Adaptations to Eccentric Training | Bodybuilding

(i.e. the addition of sarcomeres in series). There appears to be a preferential increase in the size of type II muscle fibres and the potential to exert a unique effect upon fibre type transitions.

CONCLUSIONS: Eccentric training is a potent stimulus for enhancements in muscle mechanical function, and muscle-tendon unit (MTU) morphological and architectural adaptations. The inclusion of eccentric loads not constrained by concentric strength appears to be superior to traditional resistance training in improving variables associated with strength, power and speed performance.

Myocytic Androgen Receptor Controls the Strength but Not the Mass of Limb Muscles

Importantly, we also show that AR deficiency in limb myocytes impairs myofibrillar organization of sarcomeres and decreases muscle strength, thus demonstrating that myocytic AR controls key pathways required for maximum force production.

What Determines Myonuclear Domain Size?

MND size has a ceiling limit during hypertrophic process beyond which extra myonuclei are donated by satellite cell to support further muscle growth.

Satellite Cells and the Muscle Stem Cell Niche

Experiments by [3H]thymidine labeling have clearly demonstrated that the proliferation of satellite cells and their progeny provide a sufficient source of new myonuclei for muscle repair (498, 499, 554; reviewed in Ref. 79 and discussed in sect. IIB). It is commonly agreed that following proliferation, myogenic cells differentiate and fuse to existing damaged fibers or fuse with one another to form myofibers de novo.

Satellite cell activation is not only restricted to the site of muscle damage. In fact, localized damage at one end of a muscle fiber leads to the activation of all satellite cells along the same myofiber and migration of these satellite cells to the regeneration sit

How a company changed his life.

A personal testimony on how EcoQuest International has changed the live of Josh Dodson and his family.

WHY Philippines CHANGED US!

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Tresher Sharks in Malapascua

Best Christmas in the Philippines

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We are Mike and Nelly, two passionate travellers who love to immerse themselves into new cultures and experiences all around the globe. We are always up for travels that involve amazing people, good food, great coffee and the next adventure. We love capturing these moments on our Travel Vlogs.

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Algerian Youth Voices - #109 The Effect of gaming

In the last years video games gained more and more fame especially among young people, which led to raising the question: How safe are video games?

We interviewed two gamers who shared with us their thoughts about the matter, and their story with video games.

We hope you enjoy!

Team Members:

Belarbi Mouhammed
Benoualha Amine
Baba kheirddine

Supervised by : Selma Mouloudj,Mourad Yazli and Aness Benkhelil.

Facebook :
Instagram :
Website :

This e-mail changed my life

An excerpt from a speech on Adventure as a Rite of Passage by Adventurist and Filmmaker Pat Daley

I was creating on YouTube and I was filming every day, hitchhiking, and then I went out to Asia, then the canoe trip and all that. I started slowly growing a fan base. I grew a majority male fan base, 88% men, 12% women. I started receiving hundreds of emails which was surprising for me. I didn't think I'd get that. Hundreds of emails from young men aged 18 to 24, and that's when I really saw an impact with what I was doing, was very exciting.

They would ask me questions like life-making questions, stuff that I would ask my dad or something, or someone I really look up to. It was mind blowing to me, and it gave me a glimpse into the psyche of these men, all throughout the world. This is a guy, he's 20, from Nairobi, Africa. Let's see. He's like, Hey man, I'm 20, live in Nairobi, I'm a subscriber of yours. I saw your vlog on how you quit a job in Hollywood. It inspired me. It basically goes on to say that he'd been working a job where they were treating him poorly and he watched one of my videos and he decided to quit and move onto something better.

That was just crazy to me, like a 20 year old dude in Nairobi. I can't even imagine how his life is in that he would be inspired by one of my videos. That was just so cool, and that's what keeps me going with this stuff, is the impact that it makes. This is an uplifting one. This was pretty eyeopening, and I get something like this a lot. This is Evan's email. Evan hit me up. He said, I saw your channel on YouTube and it was very inspiring. I watched all the videos of hitching across the US and then I saw the video called Your Life is Your Life. One of my videos was titled that.

Then I searched the poem and read it a few times. Right then and there I decided not to kill myself and to quit drinking, and to hitchhike from coast to coast. I was allowing fear to control me. He goes on to say he had a great time and everything. But that was so mind blowing to me. I never knew that people were having these issues and it just became real to me. I would get emails like that a lot. They would say, Oh, I watched your video, it inspired me. I was very down in the dumps. It gave me a special look into specifically young men, young men were hitting me up and showing me a glimpse into their psyche which was really interesting.

He said, I was allowing fear to control me and that really hit home to me, because we can get in this funk where we're making decisions based off fear, instead of love or excitement or what could go right, instead of what could go wrong. That was amazing to see him actually choose the other path and that was just amazing to me.

What I learned from all these, I got a glimpse into these young men reaching out to me, and what I learned and what I think about all the time is young men in Western culture, they don't have a right of passage. Who knows what a right of passage is? I'll expand on that a bit, but we're missing, especially in America, it's a conglomeration of cultures, and it's a melting pot, right? And it's amazing because of that, but a lot gets lost in that, traditions, customs, that other cultures would have.

We lose out on that. I think it's important. We don't think about it. The consequences of this, young men are increasingly committing suicide and this is an important issue for me, especially getting these emails. I got these emails, I started reading up on it. Young men are committing suicide, 75% increase since 1981. Like, what is changing since 1981 that young men are doing this? Specifically young men, they're doing it more than anyone else.

What is a right of passage? A right of passage is somewhat of a ceremonial experience or a testing experience, where it symbolizes moving from a child to an adult or a boy to a man, a young girl to a woman. Back in the old days, we would have rights of passage, we would have elders who would bring us in at a certain age and share their knowledge, their culture. We'd have tribes passing down knowledge from hundreds of years, and it's something we've lost.

A right of passage is designed to strip individuals of old roles, and prepare them for new ones. I'll snag some water here. So, I'll give you some examples of rights of passage. This one's pretty intense. This is pretty intense. This is a bullet ant initiation. It's the Sateré Mawé tribe in the Amazon jungle. What I find is that a culture's right of passage is directly related to how harsh their environment is.

They're in the Amazon jungle, I can't imagine what it would be like to grow up in the Amazon jungle, but I can imagine it's a lot harder than growing up with air conditioning, and maybe they have air conditioning, I don't know. I should go there and check it out....

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The Festival That Changed My Life #SanJuanToSeoul EP. 22 #VLOG South Korea Vlog OFF ROUTE FEST 2018

Sometimes you're at the right place, at the right time.

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San Juan to Seoul Episodes Playlist

San Juan to Seoul is a video series I created to share the experience of the year I spent in South Korea as an exchange student. The goal is to motivate others to study abroad and apply for the U.S. Department of State's Gilman Scholarship.

Consciousness Explained as Never Before! | What is Consciousness? | Sadhguru | Mahabharat TV

What is Consciousness? - a million-dollar question isn't it? In this video Sadhguru clears it out for us, looking at it from Mystic point of view, which puts in a different dimension which we have never heard from anyone. Please watch the video and share your thoughts with us in comments.

#Sadhguru #Consciousness #Spritual

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Sadhguru's videos are a great support for individual growth in spirituality and to handle life. View Sadhguru's amazing talks by subscribing to our channel:


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Made in Brazil: A Game Development Snapshot

Brazil's 200 million people love video games, so why haven’t we heard more about games FROM Brazil?

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【VAX 2016】 Touhou Panel - How Danmaku Changed My Life

Touhou Panel at VAX 2016: How Danmaku Changed My Life
- Jiande / Kairyu, CEO of Malaysian Touhou Brigade (MTB)
- Utsukimi Jerry, Panel Organizer, MTB Staff, and leader of the Scroll of Phantasm Project
- Afiq Cheh, Nameless Fairy (as he puts it)

In this Touhou VAX Panel, the committee of MTB shares their experiences of Touhou and how it has affected their life as a whole. MTB in general is not just about gaming and events, but it is also about bringing Touhou fans closer together through various hosted activities throughout the year.

Touhou Malaysian Community. Join us at:
Malaysian Touhou Brigade -

Mackenzie turns 13

Well ladies and gentlemen I am now officially a father to a teenager. Unbelievable how quick that came. Many years of fun, amusement parks, toys, lunches, dinners, Pokémon, video games, driving, skateboarding, pictures, school stuff, Halloween, etc. Certainly the best times of my life so far. When this little creature was born, it changed my life forever. And even though you’ll always be my little girl, welcome to your teenage years. BTW, these videos never get made without shedding a tear during the process. True story.

How To: Retro Gaming & NEW TV

I got a new 24” DC TV. I also want to share how I play retro games on the road. This is mostly a tutorial video and I will include links via amazon below for all products seen in this video.

Naxa TV:

Open EMU download:

Game Roms:

NES USB Controller:

SNES USB Controller:

N64 USB Controller:

VGA Cord:

HDMI to A/V Cable:

“Tennessee Hayride” by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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