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How To Optimally Use a Hammock


Hammock Comfort: Top 7 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably in a Hammock

In this video, Jason, founder of GO! Outfitters, reveals his top seven tips for sleeping comfortably in a gathered end hammock. Learning these tips can make a huge difference in comfort when you're hammock camping, sleeping or napping in a hammock.

In this video I am using the GO! Camping Hammock 2.0 but these tips will work with any gathered end hammock.

You can learn more about the Go Camping Hammock 2.0 here:

If you have any tips for getting comfortable in a hammock, please share them in the comments section.

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HAMMOCKS - The three big mistakes people often make

When a hammock is purchased, they usually do not come with any instructions. When I first purchased a hammock, I thought like most people. Find two trees, attach it, and then lay in it. Through trial and error, I finally found the best way to hang a hammock and to lay in a hammock.This video is how to hang a hammock and how to properly lay in a hammock.

Book: The Ultimate Hang

HAMMOCKS - Beginners Guide - ( Episode 2 ) - Suspensions and how to use them

You just purchased a hammock or you are thinking about buying one. The next thing that you will need is a suspension to hang your hammock. In this second episode of a series of videos called The Beginners Guide to Hammocks and Hammock Camping. We are going to look at the three most popular suspensions. How to attach them to an anchor point ( tree ). And how to attach them to the hammock. And how to adjust the

Tree strap, Tree huggers, Dutch Clip, Climbing Carabiners, Whoopie Sling with a Whoopie hook,Woven Daisy Chain Webbing. From Dutchware Gear ( ).

Cinch- Buckle From Warbonnet Outdoors ( )

Cinch-Buckle. From Superior Hammock ( ).

EZSlings. From Sierra Madre ( ).

Atlas Suspension Straps \. From Eagle Nest Outfitters ( ).

How (and why!) to use a sleeping pad in a hammock

Yes, it's time to throw away your expensive underquilt for hammock camping. Just kidding! That being said I pretty much use a sleeping or camping pad almost exclusively in a hammock. Two big reasons why you might want to consider it are for cost savings and for flexibility in case you have to go to the ground. In this video I show you how to maneuver with the camping pad in the single layer hammock and how to adjust so that you get an optimal lay.

THING I FORGOT: Of course, all this is slightly easier with a double layer hammock. You can just put a sleeping pad in between the layers. Some people even put velcro or rubberized sticky tabs on their hammock/sleeping pad to stop it from moving around as much.

Thermarest Z seat that I mentioned:

Some of my gear:
Backpacking Sleeping pad:
Bear canister:
Backpacking stove:

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I am a Mountain House Ambassador (#MHAMBSDR)

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How to setup a Hammock on a Slackline | Hammockline Tutorial

This tutorial is dedicated to the 16 highliners that spent the entire night together on hammock highlines on the 22nd to 23rd of 2017 during the 1st (official) edition of The Stay High Highline Festival in Uruguay establishing a new hammockline world record.

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Prusik Cords ►
My Slack Hammock ►
Hammock Attachment Kit ►

Beginner Slackline kit ►
Basic Slackline setup guide ►

How to make a DIY Hammock-Slackline attachment device (Safer method) ►

Additional imagery and inspiration provided by the Hammock Caravan and Sunshine Rainbow projects made by Ticket To The Moon during the Monte Piana Highline Meeting at 2015 and Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival 2016.

Checkout the beautiful records from these amazing events:

Hammock Highlines World Record @ Stay High 2017 ►
Hammock Caravan @ Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival 2016 ►
Sunshine Rainbow @ Monte Piana 2015 ►

Big thanks and lots of love to Vladimir Momberger (Dharma Slack) and Igor Scotland (Ticket To The Moon) for the inspiration and to everyone in the Slackline community that contributed to the making this video.

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Hammock Tip: Hammock Setup Safety

Here is a tip to help you safely hang your hammock.

Hammock Camping with Wise Owl Outfitters Outdoors Hammocks to take on your Next Hammocking Adventure

This video will give you an overview of Wise Owl Outfitters as well as the SIngleOwl and DoubleOwl hammock.

Where can you use your Hammock?

This Amazing video was done by one of our customers that has specialty in Marketing Videos.
Get your Traveler Fantasy Hammock Now and go Nature

Video Commercials by:

I know how to sit on hammock!

4 Uses for Bivvy Hammock

In which we demonstrate four different ways to use the Bivvy Hammock... 1) double layer hammock; 2) bugnet hammock; 3) ground bivvy bag for use with tarp; and 4) emergency outer garment.


Hang your hammock in a space of ​​your home where you feel most pleasant;

Lie down, look for a comfortable position and start swinging;

Close your eyes. Release the tension of your body and let the soft threads of the hammock embrace you;


Imagine a place where you feel calm, protected and free, where your qualities and wisdom are remembered;

A space full of pleasure and peace that lives inside you and that you can visit as many times as you want.

Look around you, what do you see?

What colors attract your attention? What do you smell?

What do you feel?

Enjoy the swinging while the breeze refreshes you;

Realize that little by little you feel calmer, happier;

You feel strong and conscious. You feel alive.

This is Your Safe Place.

📍Ikal Chit 🌴 Sustainable designed Bungalows in Tulum.

How to sleep and rest in a hammock!

An inhabitant of the Mayan village of Santa Elena in Yucatan Mexico showing how to sleep and rest in a hammock.

Ninox FlatLay Hammock in 60 seconds

Just a quick look at the Ninox FlatLay Hammock, look if you've tried a hammock and you still felt like you could only sleep on your back give this a look, we build comfort and protection for the wild.

Pre-Order the Ninox Flat Lay Hammock here 👉🏼

Any questions just shoot us a message (
Or give us a call (908) 444 6767

#letshammock for National Hammock Day!

It's National Hammock Day! Grab your pals and go hang out! You deserve it!

Looking for a hammock, check out our Flash Sale here ( the deals end soon!

If you've got a cool hammock story, hop over to our Facebook page (here: and tell us! For every comment, we're donating $1 worth of clean drinking water via our (one) campaign!

Want to know more? Check out our (one) campaign here:

Ticket To The Moon - Hammock Set Up with Nautical Ropes

Originally created by Ticket To The Moon, tested in all climates around the world since 1996, the hammock camping was made by travellers for travellers.

A comfortable sleep and ideal protection from rocky, wet, or sloping terrain as well as from insects and small reptiles, it can replace your tent: lightweight, strong, foldable, the hammock sets up in less than a minute!

Made of high grade parachute nylon fabric, the elasticity adjusts perfectly to your body. The signature range of TTTM hammocks is also durable, breathable, anti-mildew, skin-friendly (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100), rot-resistant and quick to dry (machine washable 30°C).

TTTM hammocks are ideal for every occasion, whether you are traveling, spending a day in the park, or just staying home...Play, relax, take your everyday nap or sleep in your hammock!


TTTM camping hammock is available in sizes Mini, Single, Double, King Size, or as the extra large TTTM Mammock. Please note that length sizes are hook to hook.

There are 1000's color combinations available.

There are two side pouch types: TTTM Original (square) or Moon (hammock-like). Also discover the new optional Express Setting Bag, where already existing features were improved with the possibility of setting up the hammock even faster than before. This hammock-like patented bag can also be removed and used as a pillow for more comfort, whereas an additional pouch (standard Original or Moon) is attached on the hammock side for user’s convenience (storage, packing...).

Stainless Steel Hooks (standard) or High Grade Carabiners.

All our hammock range carries 10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

The Nautical Ropes and Tree-Friendly Straps are sold separately, and remain the easiest and safest setup systems available on the market.

Remember that hammocking is usually allowed where camping is forbidden.

Customize yours on

Also have a look at the factory here

Superior Hammock Diagonal Lay

Travelling with a COLIBRI hammock: Lisa’s SLOW TRAVEL videobook

This young journalist travels the world. LA SIESTA and LISA share (at least) two passions: hammocks and the SLOW TRAVEL philosophy.
Part of Lisa’s travel luggage for South East Asia has been a LA SIESTA Colibri.

lying on a hammock in hawaii

lying on a hammock in beautiful kauai, hawaii, with palm trees swaying overhead.

Byer of Maine Traveller Double Hammock Review

This is just a review of the Byer of Maine Double Hammock

Slow motion lawyer girl sitting on hammock enjoying sun.

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