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He Is The Youngest Mayor!


He Is The Youngest Mayor!

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Passion for Otsu 滋賀県大津市 - Youngest Woman Mayor in Japan : Naomi Koshi

Naomi Koshi
- World Economic Forum

- 市長の部屋 Otsu City mayor page

- こし直美 Facebook page

Visit Otsu city (大津市) and Lake Biwa (琵琶湖)! Both are near Kyoto.

Upon election to the position of Mayor of the City of Otsu in 2012, a prefectural capital with over 340,000 residents, Ms. Naomi Koshi became the youngest woman ever to be elected mayor of a Japanese City. Since taking office, she has focused her energies on issues related to gender equality and childcare. Prior to entering politics, she practiced law at Nishiura & Asahi in Tokyo and Debevoise & Plimpton in NYC. Hokkaido University, LL. B., Hokkaido University, LL.M., Harvard Law School, LL.M., Columbia Business School Visiting Fellow.

Filmed with
- Panasonic GH4
- Glidecam HD4000
- Glidetrack SD
- Shoulder Rig and Cage

- Azden SGM 250
- Shure VP83F

- Adobe Audition CC 2015
- Adobe Lightroom CC 2015
- Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

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2019 State of the City Tour: On campus with MHCC's youngest student-body president

Mayor Shane Bemis: At 16, he's the youngest student-body president in Mt. Hood Community College's history. It was a pleasure to meet this talented young man – tag along with us as he gives me a tour of the college. Did you know more than 140,000 people use their pool every year?

What I Learned From A Mine Field

If you liked this video, you will love reading my book: Around the World in 60 Seconds

Real Talk with Ces Drilon and son Andre

What most don’t realize is that motherhood is a calling. It entails non-stop work, a flurry of activity that requires organizational thinking and endless labor. It is an experience that is both polarizing and equalizing, of feeling one with the countless other mothers across the world while still retaining the notion that your experience is singularly your own. In this video, seasoned and award-winning journalist Ces Drilon sits down with her youngest son Andre in a tender yet comical repartee that illustrates how much the experience of motherhood changes both parent and child.

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Cory Aquino Funeral - Kris Aquino's Message (2/2)

Kris Aquino, Cory's youngest child, delivers a message at her mother's funeral. (Part 2 of 2)

The Playground of the North: Hudson Bay Mountain #SkiNorthBC

Hudson Bay Mountain Resort, perched over the town of Smithers, home to Canada’s youngest mayor. It's a bustling winter adventure scene with the ski resort, its epicentre.

Video: Chris Wheeler Media
Produced by: SnowSeekers

All about the Island of Hydra - Greece HD Travel Channel

Arriving on the island of Hydra, we were invited into the office of the mayor of the island Dr. George Koukoudakis. He has been mayor since 1st of September 2014 and, the youngest mayor of Hydra since 180 years. After a warm welcome he told us everything worth knowing about the island. Dr. Koukoudakis gave us a historical overview and told us about the seafarers and sponge divers.
Hydra’s glorious history starts in the 18th century. 140 warships were built here, thats why, at the time the island had the nickname Small Britain.
A famous son of the island was Admiral Andreas Miaoulis, commander of the naval forces during the Greek War of Independence. His heart and the bones are buried in the Museum of Hydra. The museum is located in the Church of the Assumption. The building from the 17th century is at the same time cathedral of Hydra.
In 1749, the first Merchant Marine Academy in the world, still operating today, was founded. The tiny island is the birthplace of five Greek Prime ministers and of the first President of the Hellenic Republic.
In the past, Hydra has been declared by UNESCO as the best preserved Mediterranean island. This is why Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Atlantic received no planning permission for his hotel resort.
The island of Hydra is has a lot of popular festivals. Dr. Koukoudakis just mentioned some of them.
Easter is of great popularity with tourists not least because of the island’s unusual local customs. E.g. Good Friday, the Epitaph is submerged in the sea to bless the waters and bring luck to divers and seafarers.
The most famous resident of Hydra of our time is Leonard Cohen. He started his career on the island of Hydra. In the summer of 2015, his sons intend to organize a concert in his honor, here.
End of June is the Miaoulis Festival to honor the most important man of the Greek Revolution of 1821, Admiral Andreas Miaoulis. The three-day festival ends with fireworks and the symbolic burning of a Turkish flagship.
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Bei unserem Besuch auf Hydra empfing uns der Bürgermeister der Insel, Dr. George E. Koukoudakis. Er ist seit 1. September 2014 im Amt und seit 180 Jahren der jüngste Bürgermeister der Stadt. Nach einer freundlichen Begrüßung erzählte er uns alles Wissenswerte über die Region. Er gab uns zuerst einen historischen Überblick über die Entwicklung, erzählte uns von Seefahrern und Schwammtauchern.
Die glorreiche Geschichte Hydra beginnt im 18. Jahrhundert. Hier wurde 140 Kriegsschiffe gebaut, deshalb hatte die Insel zur damaligen Zeit den Spitznamen Klein-Britannien.
Ein berühmter Sohn der Insel war Admiral Andreas Miaoulis, späterer Vizebefehlshaber der griechischen Flotte. Sein Herz und die Gebeine sind im Museum von Hydra beigesetzt.
Das Museum befindet sich in der Kirche Mariä Himmelfahrt. Das Gebäude aus dem 17.Jahrhundert ist gleichzeitig die Kathedrale von Hydra.
1749 wurde die Handelsmarine Akademie der Welt auf Hydra gegründet. Hier wird heute noch gelehrt. Die kleine Insel ist der Geburtsort von fünf griechischen Ministerpräsidenten und des ersten Präsidenten der Republik Griechenland.
Hydra wurde in der Vergangenheit von der UNESCO zur besterhaltenen mediterranen Insel erklärt. Deshalb erhielt auch Richard Branson, Inhaber von Virgin Atlantic, keine Baugenehmigung für sein Hotelressort.
Auf der Insel Hydra gibt es viele bekannte Feste. Dr. Koukoudakis erwähnte einige von ihnen.
Ostern ist vor allem wegen der lokalen Bräuche auch bei Touristen sehr beliebt. So wird z.B. am Karfreitag das Epitaph dem Meer übergeben. Es soll das Wasser segnen und den Tauchern und Seefahrern Glück zu bringen.
Berühmtester Bewohner Hydras unserer Zeit, Leonard Cohen, begann hier seine Karriere. Im Sommer 2015 wollen seine Söhne hier ein Konzert zu seinen Ehren veranstalten.
Ende Juni wird das Miaoulis Festival, zu Ehren des bedeutendsten Mannes der griechischen Revolution von 1821, gefeiert. Das drei Tage dauernde Festival endet mit einem Feuerwerk und der symbolischen Verbrennung eines türkischen Flaggschiffes.
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Bagac, Bataan 2019


Nike Off-White Collection Revealed (5-9) | Mayor Mondays

Welcome to Mayor Mondays, where every week Mayor shows us something rare and exclusive from his closet. This week, Mayor shows us the rest of his collection from the recent release of the Nike Off-White Collection by Virgil Abloh.

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Dr. Ramkumar Nair, Sweden in 14th Garshom International Awards at Oslo Norway

Garshom Young Talent Award 2019 winner Dr. Ramkumar B Nair is the youngest start-up entrepreneur of Indian descent in Sweden. He has invested his expertise in the field of biotechnology and molecular biology research from Swedish and other international research institutes over the past 8 years to make Mycorena one of the fast-growing biotechnology companies in the world. 
Garshom International Awards, the most prestigious awards for Non Resident Indians and was initiated in the year 2002. 14th Garshom International Awards were presented in a function held at Hotel Scandic Solli, Oslo in Norway on August 24, 2019. Norway Notodden City Mayor Gry Fuglestveit Bløchlinger and Norway Parliament member Mr. Himanshu Gulati distributed the awards to the winners in the presence of Mr. Amar Jeet, director, Indian Embassy in Norway, Mr. Ivan Nigli, Mr. P K Abdulla Koya, Dr. Bindu Sara Varghese, Mr. Jostein Meen, Mr. Jaijo Joseph and Mr. Jins Paul, President, Garshom Foundation.
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Garshom was the first to realise the value of the contribution of the Non Resident Keralite and pioneered the concept of Garshom Awards to honour them.  Garshom Awards have been instituted to honour those Malayalees who have contributed their might for the upliftment of Malayalees in their place of residence and have achieved success in life through their ingenuity and hard work. 

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[4K] Gay Alleys Night Walk: Outbreak Corona at Itaewon Clubs 이태원 Seoul, Korea

The neighborhoods where dancing clubs are gathered in Seoul are Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon. Hongdae customers are the youngest in their early 20s, followed by Gangnam and Itaewon.
Itaewon is a neighborhood where people of various nationalities gather and many sexual minorities visit, so there are many unconventional and unique clubs. The age group is also broad in their 20s to 40s.

Recently, Itaewon clubs have been appearing on the news every day. This is because there was a group infection of Covid-19. Many clubs included in the confirmed patients' movements are gay customers.

Korea is not yet lenient with sexual minorities. That's why people who visited gay clubs are hiding the fact and avoiding diagnostic tests. South Korea, which had been relieved of the near disappearance of Covid-19 patients, is in crisis again due to the Itaewon clubs.

I walked through the night streets of Itaewon, where all bars and clubs were closed at the order of the Seoul mayor. The current appearance of gay alleys, where clubs at the center of the issue, such as King Club, Queen Club, Soho and H.I.M. are gathered, is completely different from usual.

#coronavirus #itaewon119 #itaewon_club #gay_hill



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⭐️If you wanted to see the 60's and the 21st century harmoniously coexist in one place, where would you go? You could visit a movie set or a museum, but for a real-life experience, try going to Usadan-gil in Itaewon where young and hip artists are starting to settle in between the cracks of the old buildings. Because of their presence, Usadan-gil is slowly transforming and the more you look around, the more you'll get a taste of how things are really starting to properly develop .

⭐️The name Usadan comes from King Taejeon's era, where sacrifices were lifted up in order to usher in the rain.  After the liberation, this street was a cluster of shanty towns, but with the formation of legalized businesses in the 1960's, it started to become a village with real brick houses. The area started gaining momentum to become redeveloped, but these plans were cancelled after some time.
⭐️The most charming characteristic of Usadan-gil is the beautiful and balanced harmony of the old and the new.  Like something that would appear in the drama Rustic Period, there are old-fashioned barber shops but then right next to it there are brand new coffee shops. Old ladies pass by loudly groaning about the toils of life, but then there are young men walking around with two block hair cuts.

⭐️Usadan-gil first started to evolve this way because young artists were attracted to the low rent that came with the shabby looking buildings; the natural vintage feel of the place helped win their hearts as well.
⭐️These young people are working hard to change Usadan-gil into a place that is new and unconventional. Whether it be writing or drawing a piece of art here and there, they are taking the steps to transform this area and have also invited other artists to join in the process. More studios and cafes are starting to appear with business owners who have an artistic eye. One example of how Usadan-gil has transformed is the stair market right next to the Seoul Central Mosque.

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CHISINAU, MOLDOVA: Visiting the least visited country in Europe

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In this vlog: It's currently day 3 of my eastern european solo adventure and after an incredibly hot ride i have arrived to Moldova. Such an underrated country! It is the cheapest and least visited country in Europe and i can attest to that! After having visited most of the major countries in Europe there is a special feeling when visiting a still untouched destination.

Hello All,

My name is Chara and I'm a travel enthusiast from Greece.

Back in April i decided to start vlogging my travels and by June i uploaded them to Youtube.
Solely with the purpose to help and inspire other people to travel and to show them the beauties that the world has to offer.

English is not my native language so please excuse my funny accent -which i will not get rid of- and countless grammatical errors.

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BIYB: Brentwood Remembrance Day Parade 2016

The Brentwood Imperial Youth Band once again le ad the procession from Brentwood School to the War Memorial for the annual service of remembrance. The Band consisted of 84 musicians with the youngest just 10 years old. This was the first parade with the Band for two members and the first Remembrance Parade for 12 others. This year, 2016, sees the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and Jutland. After the service the procession marched into the town for the Service of Remembrance at St Thomas’s Church. The service took place on the 13th November 2016 and Lord Lieutenant John Petre took the salute with Mayor Cllr. Noelle Hones and Eric Pickles MP. Drum Major Jonny Wyndham, Conductor John Seabrook.

Bonneville Salt Flats & Mike Crawford

We sat down with Mike Crawford, Mayor of Wendover, Utah, the home of the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Bonneville Speedway. He owns the only auto parts store in town and has been ingrained in the racing culture for several decades. He is also the proprietor of the Bonneville Speed Museum, an institute that seeks to cement the cultural influence of the races and the Wendover's relationship. Help support his venture at

2019 State of the City Tour: Community Spirit with Alix Bemis and Mr. Gresham Todd Kirnan

Mayor Shane Bemis: I've had such a great time touring the city for this year's State of the City. It's only fitting that we close out with music trivia with Mr. Gresham himself — Todd Kirnan. Follow along as I grab Todd and we head over to help Alix deliver several boxes of books for our Gresham Reads program. If you missed any of the 10 videos in this State of the City series, you can watch them all at

4K City Walks - Idaho State University Pocatello - Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk and Travel

4K City Walks - Idaho State University Pocatello - Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk and Travel takes you around the Idaho State University Campus on a cold winter morning. We walk past the Natural History Museum, several different halls, the theater, Bengal theater, Red Hill trail, and the library. We walk through the Student Union. If you are stuck at home, this might be a great way to get some home exercise or to travel vicariously.

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Virtual treadmill walk video - #virtualtreadmill #virtualwalk #citywalks
These videos are great for treadmill walking scenery. Getting good health at the gym while traveling to different and special virtual locations.
We provide Treadmill scenery youtube.

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Idaho State University (ISU) is a public research university in Pocatello, Idaho. Founded 119 years ago in 1901 as the Academy of Idaho, ISU offers more than 280 programs at its main campus and at locations in Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls. It is the state's designated lead institution in health professions and medical education.

There are 48 U.S. states and 59 countries represented at ISU and 285 programs, including Master's and Doctorate programs. The student-teacher ratio is 17:1, gender of students is 44 percent male, 56 percent female, and ISU has more than 160 clubs and organizations. Enrollment for the fall semester in 2012 stood at 14,209, including 12,143 undergraduate students and 2,066 graduate students.

On March 11, 1901, Governor Frank W. Hunt signed Senate Bill 53, to establish the Academy of Idaho, contingent upon private land donations being made for its site. Theodore F. Turner, mayor of Pocatello, settled the issue (Battle of the Blocks) of the placement of the academy. The Academy of Idaho was officially opened in Pocatello on May 1, 19012. Theodore Swanson, a member of the board of trustees, secured the services of John W. Faris as the first administrator, with the title of principal. Classes officially began in September 1902. By 1910, enrollment had reached nearly 300 students, and the academy had purchased four additional city blocks in Pocatello to help meet its growing needs.

The Academy of Idaho was renamed Idaho Technical Institute in 1915. The end of World War I brought an influx of students to the school, and enrollment surged to over 1,000. The early 1920s saw the beginning of competition in intercollegiate athletics. At this time the institute adopted the Bengal as the school mascot; head football coach Ralph Hutchinson (1920–27) was an alumnus of Princeton, a school with orange and black theme colors and a tiger mascot.

It was renamed again in 1927, this time as the University of Idaho—Southern Branch, and continued as a two-year school, overseen by an executive dean, John R. Nichols. During World War II, Idaho was one of 131 colleges and universities nationally that took part in the V-12 Navy College Training Program, which offered students a path to a Navy commission.

Nichols decided to leave the college, and named Carl McIntosh, an associate professor of speech, as acting executive dean in January 1947. That March, the school was elevated to four-year status and became Idaho State College. Nichols was so impressed with McIntosh's public speaking skills that he successfully persuaded the Board of Regents to appoint McIntosh the first president of ISC. At 32 years of age, he was one of the youngest college presidents in the United States. The college was accredited as a four-year degree granting institution in December 1948. Enrollment reached 2,000 in 1949. McIntosh left ISC in 1959 to become president of Long Beach State College, and was succeeded by Donald E. Walker.

In 1963, ISC was renamed for the fifth and final time to Idaho State University, reflecting its new status as a full four-year public university. In the ensuing years, ISU continuously expanded both its enrollment and the programs it offered. The presidency of Richard Bowen, from 1985–2005, is particularly regarded as an era of growth: as of 2006, ISU had colleges in arts and sciences, business, education, engineering, health, pharmacy, and technology. However, Bowen resigned after a vote of no confidence from the faculty, who were angered by generous pay raises for administration members in the midst of calls for fiscal austerity.

CHICAGO PRIDE | Wegan Travels Chicago, Illinois | VLOG | PART 2 | Lesbian Couple

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Join us as we travel to Chicago, Illinois to attend Chicago Pride in Part 2!

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[ 大津市南部:居酒屋 ]肉とチーズの古民家バル ISHIYAMA MEAT MARCHE(イシヤマミートマルシェ)




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