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Haunted 1980's Theatre !


Drive through Fort Worth, Texas late 90's

Starts near 3700 Crestline, up Camp bowie/W7th into downtown, stop at the main library, then back west on the Lancaster St bridge
Who cares right? Someone might one day. So here it is. No making fun of my crappie sounding car


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11 Things NOT to do in Israel - MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!

Israel is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The food, the culture, the history... it's an amazing place. That being said there are a few things to watch out for while you're there. Here are 11 things not to do in Israel.

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My Baby - Jordyn Edmonds
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Babylon surround - Metastaz

additional footage thanks to The Israel Project

a movie by Cal McKinley

The Burning Man They DON'T Want YOU To See! (RARE FOOTAGE)

Burning Man is an annual festival held in the Black Rock Desert on the barren playa in Nevada, claiming to be the world's largest Leave No Trace event. For one week, 80,000 people gather to camp out and create an experimental city known as Black Rock City. Today, we travel to the location of Burning Man 2019 to conduct an investigation into what they leave behind. What we found was SHOCKING...

In this documentary, we cover the aftermath of the Burning Man festival: from around the area of Reno, Nevada to the environment around the Black Rock Desert, this is the impact of 80,000 people camping at Burning Man in the Nevada desert.


#788 The SECRET Rock 'n' Roll Mysteries of TOPANGA CANYON - Daily Travel Vlog (10/3/18)

#788 The SECRET Rock and Roll History of TOPANGA CANYON - Daily Travel Vlog (10/3/18)



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Intro cartoon by: Jeff Block (youtube- Cre80s)

Top 10 WORST towns in New York State. No need for sunscreen most the year.

Top 10 WORST towns in New York State.

Let's face it, New York gets a bad rep for New York City. Well, there are many small towns in New York State that help out with that bad rep. This video list 10 of the bad ones. Like I said in the title no need for sunscreen most of the year.

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Lost and Found Tours Ghosts in the Villages Preview

The East, West, and Greenwich Villages have been the favored neighborhoods for counter-culturalists, artists, delinquents, and partiers for centuries, and many of them have never left. Now considered the most haunted area of New York City, the Villages host ghosts as famous as Dylan Thomas and Harry Houdini, to history bigwigs like peg-legged Peter Stuyvesent and Aaron Burr, to everyone in between who met their deaths in gruesome murders, suicides, or out of loneliness. Touching on New York's history from the 1600s to the 1980s, these spooky stories will make you never look at these places the same way again, especially Washington Square Park.

Top 10 worst small towns in Georgia, USA. A couple Walking Dead towns.

Top 10 worst small towns in Georgia, USA. A couple Walking Dead towns.
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Lincoln Mall | Matteson, IL

The abandoned Lincoln Mall. All of it.
We are back.

-0:00 Introduction
-3:55 Mall lower level
-12:12 MW wing ruins (lower: Foot Locker, Kaybee Toys, ruins of Aladdin's Castle)
-19:20 Sears
-31:27 Mall upper level
-33:53 MW wing ruins (upper; Payless, Merry-Go-Round)
-42:05 Carson's forgotten display boneyard
-48:00 Departure (spooked by unknown van)
-51:19 Drivearound

Built in 1973, Lincoln Mall was the average four-anchor, two level regional suburban shopping mall of the Chicago Southland, located in Matteson, Illinois. Although it dropped an anchor store to bankruptcy for a while (eventually filling it, again), the mall fared quite well for the first 25 or so years of its life - being, in fact, a nail in the coffin for nearby Dixie Square Mall. The turn of the millennium saw the loss of two anchor stores back-to-back, beginning its slow and tragic descent into chaos and malaise following a botched revitalization effort that fell victim to the Great Recession. The mall finally shuttered due to obvious safety hazards in January 2015, and was demolished two years, later.

Presented raw, with minimal editing. This is a complete walkthrough of the mall which includes some of the cool stuff left behind in the stores. Unfortunately this was shot several months after it got blown-up to WGN, when literally everyone and their mom started coming here. The vandalism was so bad at this point that the village hired a sleazy private security company to patrol the place until demolition began... who never showed up until the afternoon. Here's a protip... never leave your daily logbook and stuff in a spot where I can get to them. Thanks for the flashlights.

Couple notes, here... this was the last video shot using our old Dixie Square-era rig (now nine years old). The lighting also sucks. We've since upgraded both camera and lighting to something a little more presentable, but figured this footage should still be put out there. We filmed another round during demolition, using the DSLR, and will be releasing that video soon.

@jonrev everywhere but Twitter

Holiday camp in the 1950's film 8124

North Wales in 1958. Promotional film for Prestatyn Holiday Camp, Seemingly aimed at the more middle class holiday maker (posh voiceover etc.). Opens with shots of couple pouring over holiday brochures and visiting travel agents. They can't make their minds up and he thoughtfully rests his head on his hands, as he rests his elbows on a table. Man outside travel agents. Form filling in a travel agents. Train moving through Prestatyn railway station as holiday makers walk along platform, restaurant car passes. Couple are welcomed onto single decker bus by girl. He carries two suitcases.
On arrival at camp they marvel at the pristine white modernist buildings - so continental. Reception are at camp where wife encourages husband (who looks as if he might not enjoy his holiday) to take booking forms from his jacket pocket. She wears a headscarf. Couple walk to their chalet, still in their formal travel clothes. The door is brown their luggage is brown and inside the curtains are brown. Chalet has a built-in wardrobe (ooooo), and a chest of drawers which she inspects. Is he going to? - Yes he does - he bounces up and down on the mattress of one of the twin beds to check how comfy it is. Man has a shower. General shots of camp, girl sitting on edge of fountain, chalets, bars being greeted by Blue Coats, dining hall with no queuing etc. Introduces blue coats: and what good fellas they were ... they didn't mind in the least if you didn't join in. Ballroom with ballroom dancing. Morning drinks trolley pauses outside chalet for man in his brown shirt, and who is smoking, to take to cups of tea. Breakfast at long trestle tables. Man with cravat assists wife to sit. Table has half grapefruits with glace cherries on top on it. Shots of games around the pool (fairly discrete). Beauty contest with women in summer dresses filing past. Man covered in foam and pushed into the pool for entertainment. Deck games on boards. The fake 'clipper' anchored to the land, the ladies playing football (I must admit they played it jolly well!). Variety night, with stilt walkers, song and dance acts and men dressed as sailors. Good shot of audience applauding. 1950's variety act type entertainment.
Women play tug of war. Woman wearing normal day clothes on a tennis court runs around to play a forehand and misses. Cricketers in their whites. Close up of bowls. A netball hoop is scored. Teenagers and young children play in pool.
Four people playing cards. A picnic hamper sits on road next to car rear wheel - close up. A drive through Snowdonia. Man asleep in deckchair with book on his lap. Rambling over nearby hills, the walkers wave to camera from a long way off, picnic trip to Snowdon, people in open topped car wave offscreen. Horse riding on beach. Young men take part in outdoor horse vaulting. Children slide down water slide into pool and nearly crash into swimmer. Not quite a crèche facility at the camp, but a baby sitting service with nurse in white uniform patrolling the chalets as couple go out for the evening. Final evening is carnival night in fancy dress. Dancing. Prize for best fancy dress. People dressed up file past a stage including two who have blacked up.

(NEW) Secret Life Of Pets Full Ride POV [ Universal Studios Hollywood ] 4K

The brand new Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood has opened for technical rehearsals. Enjoy this full ride POV and queue at the brand new Universal Studios Attraction.

Secret Life of Pets officially opened for softs today! This means that the ride may or may not be open on your next trip to the theme park!

The only way to guarantee riding this new attraction is coming to the park on April 16th 2021 when the ride officially opens! Please keep this in mind.

Let us know your thoughts on the ride In the comments below!

#UniversalStudios #FullRide #SecretLifeOfPets


The site of the former Ridgewood Grove Arena in Queens is our NYC History tour today. We detail the story of the arena from the 1920s when it was a boxing and wrestling hall, which then became a supermarket, before returning to its origin of boxing and wrestling from 1982 to around 1985.

Many of the wrestling stars of the 1980s appeared at this arena, and along with the ones mentioned in the video such as Andre The Giant, other stars who appeared here included Ivan Putski, Greg Valentine, The Wild Samoans, Big John Studd along with many other famous WWE wrestlers from the 1980s, far too many to mention in this short video.

At the end of the video I also give you a quick run down of the elevated railway that you see me walking under. It is over 130 years old!!

Today, Ridgewood's land area lies within Queens County. However, its political boundary with Brooklyn causes confusion and debate about where the western boundary of Ridgewood truly lies and whether part of Ridgewood is considered to be actually part of Brooklyn. The political dispute dates to the 17th century, when Newtown was under English rule and Boswijck was under Dutch rule. Disputes over the boundary between the two settlements continued until 1769, when a boundary line was drawn through what later became known as the Arbitration Rock. The street grid plan in Ridgewood and Bushwick was laid out in the late 19th century. Because the Arbitration Rock lay along a diagonal with this grid plan, numerous houses were built on the Brooklyn-Queens boundary, their owners sometimes subject to taxes from both counties. During the 19th century, this resulted in situations where some houses received water and fire protection from what was then the city of Brooklyn, while their neighbors in Queens had to rely on volunteer firefighting squads and paid exorbitant water bills to private utilities in Elmhurst.

In 1925, the political boundary was adapted to the street grid, resulting in a zig-zag pattern. The change resulted in 2,543 persons' addresses being reassigned from Queens to Brooklyn, and 135 persons' addresses reassigned from Brooklyn to Queens. Modern addresses in the two boroughs can be distinguished by the presence or absence of a hyphen in the house number. Queens's house numbering system uses a hyphen between the closest cross-street (which comes before the hyphen) and the actual address (which comes after the hyphen). While buildings fronting on streets that are west of Forest Avenue and the Bay Ridge Branch follow the Queens address numbering system, the avenues which run parallel to the county line—bounded by Metropolitan Avenue to the north, Forest Avenue to the east, and the Brooklyn border to the south—do not follow this address numbering system. Streets in this area that run perpendicular to the county line are demarcated by a jump in numbering sequence between the two boroughs.

The New York City Subway's BMT Myrtle Avenue Line (M train) runs through the heart of Ridgewood with stops at Seneca Avenue, Forest Avenue, and Fresh Pond Road. Additionally, the Myrtle–Wyckoff Avenues station, in the southern portion of Ridgewood, is a transportation hub serving the Myrtle Avenue Line, the BMT Canarsie Line (L train), and several buses. At the end of the Myrtle Avenue Line is the Fresh Pond Yard, a storage yard for the M train. Halsey Street (L train) has entrances in both Ridgewood and Bushwick.

The Ridgewood Terminal at the Myrtle–Wyckoff Avenues station serves New York City Bus' B13, B26, B52, B54, Q55 and Q58 lines. The B20, B38, Q38, Q39, Q54 and Q67 bus lines also serve Ridgewood. In addition, the neighborhood is home to the large Fresh Pond Bus Depot, which services many of the buses that run throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

The Ridgewood Park baseball ground, built on land owned by William Wallace, was part of a larger entertainment area bounded by Wyckoff Avenue, Covert Street, Halsey Street, and Irving Avenue. From 1886 to 1889, it was home to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms (later the Brooklyn Dodgers and now the Los Angeles Dodgers) for their Sunday games. The property continued to operate until 1959. Another similarly named site, called Grauer's Ridgewood Park, was located between Myrtle Avenue, Cypress Avenue, Seneca Avenue, and Decatur Street, and was used mainly as a picnic site.

Mafera Park, named after former Queens borough president Joseph F. Mafera, is located south of the Fresh Pond Junction, between the Myrtle Avenue elevated line to the west and the Bay Ridge Branch to the east.

11 Things You Didn't Know About THE BRONX

11 Things You Didn't Know About THE BRONX


Music: - Royalty Free

Thumbnail: ”149th. Street and 3rd. Avenue, The Bronx, New York, 12 Feb. 2008” by Phillip Capper CC0 2.0 - Flickr

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5. “William E Dodge House, Bronx NY” by Dmadeo - CC0 3.0 - Wikimedia Commons
6. “Lou Gehrig Home Delafield Avenue” by Anthony22 - CC0 3.0 - Wikimedia Commons
7. “JFK House Independence Avenue” by Anthony22 - CC0 3.0 - Wikimedia Commons
8. “Arthur Avenue Retail Market” by Leonard J. DeFrancisci - CC0 3.0 - Wikimedia Commons
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16. “Herc on the Wheels of Steel” by Bigtimepeace - no conditions - Wikimedia Commons
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18. “Bronx River, Muskrat Cove, Bronx Park” by Kristine Paulus - CC0 2.0 - Flickr
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37. “View of the High Bridge, NY 1861” by NYC Department of Records & Information Services - no copyright - Wikimedia Commons
38. “HighbridgeNewYork” by Assavedra32 - CC0 3.0 - Wikimedia Commons
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40. “High Bridge 20160917-jag9889” by jag9889 - CC0 4.0 - Wikimedia Commons

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STEPHEN KINGS IT Filming Locations (1990)

We celebrated the spooky season by exploring Stephen Kings It Filming Locations!
IT was a 1990 American ABC two-part psychological horror miniseries adapted from Stephen King's 1986 novel of the same name. The story revolves around a predatory monster which has the ability to transform itself into its prey's worst fears, allowing it to exploit the phobias of its victims. It mostly takes the humanoid form of a darkly comedic clown called Pennywise. The protagonists are The Lucky Seven, or The Losers Club, a group of outcast kids who discover Pennywise and vow to kill him by any means necessary. The series takes place over two different time periods, the first when the Losers first confront Pennywise as children in 1960, and the second when they return as adults in 1990 to defeat him a second time after he resurfaces .

#thruthegiftshop #filmlocations

All the videos, songs, images, and graphics used in the video belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right over them.

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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Interactive Map:

0:00 IT Filming locations
0:22 Sewer Building
1:22 Ravine
2:02 Laurie Anne's House
2:35 Beverly Marsh's House
3:35 Bill and Georgie's House
4:00 Pennywise's Sewer Grate
4:45 Historic Photograph comes to life
5:15 Ben's House
5:40 Paramount Theatre
6:25 Mike's House as an Adult
6:50 Derry Inn
7:32 Mike and Bill Ride Silver
8:05 Bill Revives Audra


Join me in exploring roadside attractions, museums, oddities, points of interest and other diversions before finally...exiting thru the gift shop.

Military Circle - Norfolk, VA | a dead mall, malodorous with clandestine mold | ExLog 48

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In this episode of the Expedition Log Series, we travel to Norfolk, Virginia - the city with the largest Naval Station in the world! The USS Wisconsin looms over the city, and it also has a dead mall. The Military Circle Mall has fallen over the years, and sits with no current retail anchors, losing quality merchants each day. There is mold throughout, but it goes unseen. Come take a walk with me!

#exlog #salguido #dmodfam

Greenspoint (Gunspoint) Mall - Houston, TX | a dangerous dead mall | ExLog #38

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In episode 38 of the Expedition Log Series, we take a walk through the incredibly dangerous Greenspoint Mall, which the locals have renamed Gunspoint Mall after decades of crime. Every courtyard at the end of each concourse is dead, but the center of the mall still has it going some degree. Come take a walk with me through this shrine to commerce and crime! Ft. the Wolfman as sponsor!
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Chicago by 'L' with Geoffrey Baer

Geoffrey Baer hops on the CTA's famous Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Purple Lines to bring you a fascinating exploration of the colorful and diverse neighborhoods that Chicagoans access via the city's storied elevated train system.

Get more of Chicago by 'L' on the interactive website at

Documentary Chapters:
00:00 Intro

02:11 Purple Line: Wilmette
Baha’i House of Worship, the North Shore Channel, and more

05:21 Purple Line: Evanston
Northwestern University, the Frances Willard House, and more

08:02 Yellow Line: Skokie
Skokie Swift and more

11:09 Red Line: Rogers Park
Glenwood Avenue Arts District, the Madonna della Strada chapel, and more

13:18 Red Line: Andersonville
Swedish American Museum

14:07 Red Line: Asia on Argyle
Geoffrey Baer visits the Argyle Night Market, a weekly pan-Asian street food market. He talks to Hac Tran to learn about the community’s Asian roots and culture.

17:05 Red Line: Uptown

20:14 Red Line: Wrigleyville
Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs: learn about the history of the surrounding neighborhood and take a peek at the game from the nearby rooftop bleachers.

23:44 Red Line: Chinatown
Ping Tom Park and more

26:31 Red Line: Guaranteed Rate Field (Sox Park)
Geoffrey Baer throws the first pitch at a White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field. Learn about the history of the team and meet the groundskeeper, “the Sodfather.”

29:12 Red Line: Vegan Soul Food
Geoffrey Baer talks to Arel Israel and Lori Seay, who run Original Soul Vegetarian on 75th Street. The vegan soul food restaurant was founded by their parents in 1982.

32:04 Red Line: 95th/Dan Ryan Dance Party
At the redesigned 95th Red Line Station, which is home to AESOP, a DJ booth that stands for “An Extended Song of Our People.”

33:42 CTA's Train Body Shops
The Skokie Maintenance Facility, the city’s largest body shop where ‘L’ trains go for tune-ups and overhauls.

34:54 Pink Line: Near West Side
Union Park, the United Center, Cook County Hospital and the Illinois Medical District

38:06 Pink Line: Pilsen
Learn about the community’s Mexican heritage and burgeoning arts scene.

41:54 Pink Line: North Lawndale
Douglas Park, the industrial history of the community, and historic K-Town

45:46 Pink Line: Cicero
History of the community including the old Western Electric factory

47:14 Blue Line: Forest Park
Community cemeteries, 16-inch softball, and the Ferrara Candy Company

52:56 Blue Line: Little Italy

53:57 Blue Line: 'L' Tunnel Performers

56:08 Blue Line: Wicker Park
Old Polonia, Margie’s Candies, and shuffleboard at The Royal Palms

59:58 Blue Line: Logan Square

1:01:15 Blue Line: Jefferson Park

1:02:30 Blue Line: Rosemont

1:04:43 Blue Line: O'Hare
History of O'Hare International Airport

1:06:42 Green Line: Woodlawn
World’s Fair and Lorraine Hansberry’s connection to the community

1:08:54 1920s-Era 'L' Train

1:12:37 Green Line: Englewood
Organizations working to bring hope to the community

1:15:55 Green Line: Bronzeville

1:21:01 Green Line: Illinois Institute of Technology

1:23:15 Green Line: Motor Row

1:23:50 Green Line: Clarke House

1:25:09 Green Line: South Loop
The community’s historic homes and colorful murals

1:26:49 The Voice of the CTA
Lee Crooks, the voice of the CTA’s announcements; Crooks has been recording the voiceovers, like “doors closing” or “next stop,” since 1998.

1:29:05 Haymarket Square

1:30:44 Green Line: Garfield Park
Garfield Park Conservatory

1:32:55 Green Line: Austin

1:35:37 Green Line: Oak Park

1:38:29 Orange Line: Midway

1:41:21 Orange Line: Back of the Yards
Union Stockyards

1:42:53 Orange Line: McKinley Park

1:43:37 Orange Line: Bridgeport
The community’s arts scene and Palmisano Park

1:45:27 CTA Control Center

1:47:49 Brown Line: Albany Park

1:50:56 Brown Line: Lincoln Square/Ravenswood

1:51:55 Brown Line: Malt Row

1:53:27 Brown Line: Lakeview/Boystown
LGBTQ community in the neighborhood

1:54:38 Brown Line: Lincoln Park

1:55:43 Living Next to the 'L'

1:57:08 Brown Line: Old Town
St. Michael’s and more

1:59:32 Brown Line: River North

2:01:20 Brown Line: The Loop
The Loop’s towering skyscrapers and other landmarks

2:07:16 Riverwalk

kings hall theatre southall London urbex

(Urban explore urbex

Abandoned DC Ranch Ballroom & Houses +Update

Help me with a donation: At this busy location in Perrysburg, Ohio, the Abandoned DC Ranch Ballroom which also housed several other businesses, closed almost 4 and half years ago. The building seems to be currently for sale, but the structure is quickly falling apart and with an open door in the front, is bound to catch the eyes of any vandals. Obviously the location is patrolled frequently by city police which also didn't make me feel like I wanted to stick around too long in the area. To the rear of the property there are two long vacated residences which are nothing short of complete losses. They should be torn down immediately and remove the eye-sore from the area. They really were some of the most far gone homes I have seen in a residential neighborhood in some time, but then again, I don't hang around near downtown Toledo or Detroit. Thanks for watching guys.


If you are planning to be in Gallup, New Mexico, or just driving through, plan to stop and spend some time either overnight or just looking around at this Hollywood in Gallup, historic hotel in which Hollywood legends all stayed back in the late 30's and early 40's. It's restaurant has platters and dishes named for the famous stars who spent time here, for instance, John Wayne, Alan Ladd, Rita Moreno, and many many more. It is as interesting as a look around Groman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood with its wall of stars autographed. They have a native American gift store as well with a large selection of turquoise and lots of other souvenirs or collectibles.



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