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Harald Invades: Sri Lanka Fishing Boat ????????


$1.50 Cold Ant Rice Curry Sri Lanka ????????

■ SRI LANKA, THALPE: There are times when your food options are bountiful and there are times when you have no options at all. After over 90 minutes on the road, cruising along the Southern coastline of Sri Lanka, I finally spotted a tiny restaurant. It was the first one I'd seen open since I left Hikkaduwa.

I ventured inside and the owner had already put down a rice curry dish on the table for me. But this was no ordinary Sri Lankan rice curry. For it contained a secret ingredient....

$2 Haircut Sri Lanka ????????

■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: Not really in need of a haircut, but eager to see what the barber experience in Sri Lanka is like as I have never had a haircut in this country before, I decided to go for one anyway.

My choice fell on a tiny little hole in the wall style hairdresser with no more than two chairs in a colorful locale. After a shaky start it turned out to be quite a pleasant experience. And for a bargain price of $2, how demanding can you really be when it comes to getting your fro trimmed?

The guy who cut my hair has been a barber for 18 years and although he didn't speak too much English, luckily a couple of customers came in who helped with translation.

$30 Airbnb House - Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: Fibre optic internet, the fastest I've had on my travels. 106 Mbps download, 48Mbps upload as measured by myself right now. But on to the house itself. If you've been following my videos you'll be familiar with Freeman's family and their property. If not I suggest you check out some of the videos linked beneath.

So on to the house. It was completed in. December 2019 and I was the fourth guest here. The other tenants were from Russia, Ukraine and Germany. All stayed between few weeks to a month. If you're going to stay here there are Tuk-Tuks that will come to pick you up and take you to the beach but I recommend you rent their motorbike which is a Yamaha less than a year old.

Location wise, this house is for those who want something different. You'll hear the monks from a nearby temple chant into the sunset as huge bats start flying (at a safe distant) above your rooftop to a destination unbeknownst to me. There are black monkeys swinging around in the trees which you can also observe from your porch.

This is modern village lifestyle as you have all the amenities you're used to from back home in a more rural serene setting without other tourists around.

■ Book your stay through Airbnb:

■ More form this property:
Freeman's Backyard:
Freeman's Forest:
Bachelorette Neighbor:

Sri Lanka Curfew 3: Food Shopping ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: With only half a day to to your weekly shopping, the Sri Lankans of the Southern district called Galle had their work cut out for them today. There are only so many supermarkets, corner stores and fish markets to chose from. And everyone had only today to replenish their fridge and freezers. Some people don't even have that and thus have an even harder stocking up on supplies for the long haul.

So how long were the queues? what did we manage to buy? And how are people holding up? And can you buy Kassipu at a banana market?

Plus what did the diver from my Lobster diving video think about his newfound fame? This and more are I go shopping with two local Sri Lankans.

■ Yesterday's epic home workout video where I talk about travel and fitness didn't show up in people's feeds. It's not a conspiracy. It just happens sometimes. Here's the vid in case you missed it:

Sri Lanka Village Food: Pancakes ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: Before leaving my luxurious hotel, where the food was nothing short of superb, I expected my new life in a tiny Sri Lankan village in Hikkaduwa would be somewhat difficult when it comes to food. I couldn't have been more wrong. My neighbors, who own the house I'm staying in, have cooked up one delicious meal after another for the entire duration of my stay.

So what's my favorite dish thus far? It's hard to pick just one but Sri Lankan pancakes are easily in the top 3. So how are they made and what do these delicious pancakes look like?

Sri Lanka Sea Turtle Savior ????????

■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: Looking for things to do on the outskirts of town in Google Maps, I came across a Sea Turtle sanctuary operation. A family, with the help of volunteers and donations, have set up Sea turtle shelter on the beach where they nurse injured sea turtles back to health as well as rescue newly laid eggs from the dangers that lurch on the beach.

They dig-up and collect thousands of eggs and re-bury them within a fenced area, nursing them until they hatch. Then they set them free back in the ocean. They also help sea turtles damaged by fishing nets and propellers heal from their injuries (when possible).

Join me as I tour their facilities north of Galle city on Sri Lanka's southern coastline and get a fascinating look into this incredible operation.

harald baldr # He pay 100 $ for 500 rupees haircut in Sri Lanka.

Dear Harald Baldr your are my number 1 best travel YouTuber i make this video to give appreciated. we alway love you and i always follow you. thanks a lot to helping poor peoples.

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Full Video $2 Haircut Sri Lanka :

Unloading Huge Tuna From Boat | Fishing Life Sri Lanka

Our main Goal is to show the world how beautiful Sri Lanka is, we will target Sri Lankan culture, village life of Sri Lanka, things made in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan foods and all the interesting things in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka's tropical climate, sandy beaches and incredible cuisine are just among the many reasons to include this beautiful South Asian country on your travel bucket list

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Sri Lanka's Coconut Man ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: There are physically demanding jobs then there are exhausting jobs! The profession I witnessed today falls into the latter category. A day laborer ventured into the village and went from house to house asking if people had any coconut trees he could climb. Despite him not speaking a word of English I decided to tag along on his hunt for trees to climb.

So why does he climb these coconut trees? What does he get paid? How many trees does he climb per day and more importantly, does he like Kasippu? ????

Luxury Sri Lanka ????????


■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: The country I enjoyed touring the most in 2019 was Sri Lanka. The distances between tourist attractions are short and the country is full of incredible characters who make you feel welcome at not only your local Daru shop but upscale hotels as well.

I therefore decided to kick-off the 2020 travel season by checking in to a luxury 5 star hotel in the old Dutch fort city of Galle.

After an absolutely horrendous flight where I was squeezed in next to two mega amazonian babushkas from Poland, I needed a serious deep sleep to recover. I therefore decided to splurge on the most luxurious hotel I could find.

My choice fell on Le Grand Galle, roughly 3 hours by car from the airport north of Colombo. With a private swimming pool accessible from my bedroom window, my own beachfront backyard and a24/7 gym i figured this was exactly what I deserved.

So did this Sri Lankan boutique hotel live up to the high expectations set by those I stayed at in 2019?

Sri Lankan Master Chef's Day ????????


■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: Before the steamed vegetables and fried fish arrives at your dinner table at Galle's five star hotel restaurant, Le Grand, they were sourced locally two different fresh markets nearby. These places can be highly entertaining and chaotic when you go alone. So I decided to take Le Grand Galle's master chef up on his offer to join him on his morning round to them both.

After procuring the ingredients it was back to the kitchen to see how it all comes together before sitting down on the edge of the Indian ocean for a most unique five star dining experience.

Harald Invades: Sri Lanka Fishing Boat ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: As I wandered down from Hikkaduwa market to investigate the sandy beaches I thought lay behind, I spotted hundreds of fishing boats. Turns out Hikkaduwa harbor feeds right into the fish market. Makes sense!

Having never seen one of these boats up close I went to take a look. After some chit chat with a local fisherman crew I was allowed to invade their tuna boat for a Harald Investigaes!

Releasing Baby Sea Turtles Sri lanka ????????

■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: Fresh from being crowned Sri Lanka's worst fisherman, I rushed back to the room to get changed before going back to see the man who runs the Sea Turtle Hatchery. On my visit the day before, he invited me back to release some newly hatched baby sea turtles back into the Indian ocean. Naturally this was something I wasn't gonna miss.

After meeting his whole family who'd just arrived back from a village visit we ventured over to the holding tanks and picked out 10 lucky turtles. Then we walked down to the beach for the main event: seeing which of these sea turtles were natural born swimmers and which was not!

On the beach we also ran into a mega iguana, the main threat to these sea turtles before they hatch, as well as a fresh track made by a mother turtle who had just buried her eggs on the beach the night before.

For a finale I got to hand feed some of the grown sea turtles.

■ If you wish to follow Nilanga and his family’s work at the Sea Turtle Centre or volunteer with them, they need more help;
*Phone Number: 075 540 2553 (within Sri Lanka)
*Instagram: @nilangaturtlesavior
*Facebook: Sea Turtle Hatchery Mahamodara
*Tripadvisor: Sea Turtle Hatchery Mahamodara

my daily life while stuck in Sri Lanka #1

Hey, guys!
Thanks so much for clicking on this video, I hope you enjoyed it! It's fully filmed and edited on my phone, so I'm sorry for the quality! Also, I promise to make longer videos and tine lapses and don't forget to subscribe to this channel! xx

Fish catching and fish cooking- srilanka | Out door cooking | traditional Sea fish hunting - jaffna

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Fish catching and fish Fry - srilanka | Out door cooking | traditional Sea fish hunting
This place located in jaffna peninsula,srilanka.
its very silent place to do outdoor camping or cooking as your wish without disturbing the nature.
if any one need to outing for this sea (island)contact us.
Ph :+94770334736
country :srilanka
village :jaffna

Jaffna is a city on the northern tip of Sri Lanka. Nallur Kandaswamy is a huge Hindu temple with golden arches and an ornate gopuram tower. By the coast, star-shaped Jaffna Fort was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century and later occupied by the Dutch and British. Jaffna Public Library is asymbol of the city’s post-war regeneration. Jaffna Archaeological Museum has Dutch cannons and pre-colonial artifacts.

Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal and to the southeast of the Arabian Sea.

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8000KG Tuna Fishing Boat | Weligama Beach | Sri Lanka ???????? |

Tuna ???? fisherman are early morning going for fishing. Between 8 or 10 peoples are going for fishing in this boat. They will carry what they need everything’s. ( water ???? , food ???? , tea ☕️ , extra fuel ⛽️ , extra motor engine, GPS or Mobile phone ????) they’ll ride the boat 2 to 3 hours deep sea ???? until they finding the fish. If they are catch the fish they will ride the boat back to the beach. After arrival they will sell all the fish. So this is the best fresh fish I ever seen.

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One Day trip to Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa beach, fishing habour and Hikkaduwa Turtle Sanctuary

Cooking Halapa - Village Date Sri Lanka ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: Although this curfew has been a culinary blessing due to the master chefs living next doors, it has been strange spending so much time locked up inside my house. I therefore decided to spice up my life and start scouring the village for available bachelorettes.

Luckily for me, the first woman I decided to court also makes Sri Lanka's best Halapa, the greatest homemade village dish known to man!

Sri Lanka Village Food: Mango Curry ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: The only positive externality of the current curfew imposed on us all here in Sri Lanka for me personally has been that my taste buds have experienced a world of flavors from the local cuisine I didn't know existed before. A new local favorite of mine is the Sri Lankan rice Mango curry.

But in the village, before you can cook and devour a delicious mango curry, you must first pick the mangos. That can be quite the adventure in and of itself....

Sri Lanka 10v10 -- Ambalangoda - Hikkaduwa

Winter 2003



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