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How I retired at 39 | Financial Independence/Retire Early

How I retired at 39 | Financial Independence/Retire Early

My journey to early retirement didn't look like most people's journey. I was traveling the world for about 6 months, before I realized that I didn't want to go back to work, and decided to retire. But years of debt freedom and financial independence allowed me to retire early.

To book an Ask Me Anything session with me to talk about insurance, early retirement, moving to Mexico, or anything I talk about on this channel hit this link:

My signature career break planning course, From Burnout To Bliss is open for enrollment. This is for you if you are taking a break to travel the world is a dream, but you've been too stressed or overwhelmed to make it a reality. Get it here:

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HOW WE RETIRED AT 39 | Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) - Our Rich Journey -

How We Save 70% of Our Income - Financial Independence Journey - Our Rich Journey -








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How to Use Cachetur - Basic Course (recorded 16 May 2020)

Workbook -

Scroll down for clickable table of contents.

Recorded session of How to Use Cachetur - Basic Course from 16 May 2020. If you are watching this to improve you Cachetur skills, download the workbook for note taking as you watch. If you are trying to answer a particular question, the following table of contents should help you locate the right place in the video to watch. To the right of the topic is the page number where the topic is covered in the workbook.

2:45 Creating an account
3:30 Installing Tampermonkey p. 3
4:25 Where is the Dashboard?
4:38 Installing Cachetur Assistant p.4
5:31 Testing Cachetur Assistant Install
6:25 Creating a new trip p.5
10:33 Adding individual waypoint to a trip
11:10 Cachetur Assistant to add caches from cache page p.6
12:24 Cachetur Assistant to add caches from map p.6
14:20 Caches not showing in trip
15:04 Deleting cache from trip
15:40 Adding other waypoints p. 7
16:28 Frequently used waypoints
17:57 Geocoder p. 8
22:01 Rearranging waypoints p. 9
22:45 Insertion point p.9
24:41 Add caches from a list p.10
26:33 No duplication on import
27:01 Cautions importing from list p.10
29:14 Searching for templates p. 11
32:07 Creating trip from template
32:30 Copy waypoints from template to existing trip p.11-12
34:35 Searching for templates and favorites (by state) along trip route
37:58 Template update timestamp
39:20 Adding corrected coordinates for one cache p. 13
41:24 Waypoint icon meaning
41:40 Bulk corrected coordinates p. 14
45:38 (& 49:33) Add additional cache waypoints to trip p. 15
46:35 Route optimization p.16-17
51:30 Order new route calculation vs automatic route calculation
52:20 Route optimization big picture and cautions
58:05 “Route too complicated” error
1:03:18 ETA override p. 18
(1:04:25 Waypoint edit menu vs dropdown menu)
1:06:14 Stop times p. 18
1:12:54 Priorities p.19
1:14:50 Time adjustments based on priorities p. 20
1:16:25 Admin time setting p. 20
1:17:39 Mention of other settings
1:20:09 Parking Coordinates p.21
1:23:28 Street view from waypoint dropdown
1:24:46 Clone (copy)waypoint within trip p. 21
1:25:48 Change routing mode p. 22
1:28:16 Adding extra info to waypoints via comments p. 23
1:29:35 Comment box expansion
1:30:16 Adding extra info via Description in print p.23-24
1:31:55 Blue info button at end of waypoint line
1:34:00 Loading trip on to GPSr (Create Trip package) p.25
1:36:17 Printing trip p. 26
1:39:10 Route colors on map p.22
1:40:10 Links to jump within trip page
1:43:55 Cachetur Trip Assistant App p.27-28
1:48:30 App advanced features (notes button)
1:50:49 Showing caches on map within Cachetur
1:51:30 Routing difference Cachetur vs other apps
1:52:50 Updated ETAs (Arrived/Departed buttons in app)
1:54:41 Refreshing & deleting trips from app
1:58:00 Using checkpoints
2:02:17 Uploading files to trip
2:03:30 Hamburger menu in app/Events
2:04:44 Sunrise/Sunset
2:05:30 RV Sites (in app & on site)
2:07:38 Post-Trip Assistant
2:08:38 Saving log as draft in caching apps
2:09:58 Uploading geocache_visits file from GPSr to drafts
2:11:00 & 2:26:40 Uploading geocache_visits file from GPSr directly to Cachetur
2:11:14 Importing drafts from P.29-30
2:11:50 Unhiding log section
2:12:11 Bulk picture upload P. 31-32
2:17:02 Using tags in photo description (and logs)
2:19:11 Returning to log screen
2:19:53 Writing logs p. 33
2:20:18 Logging trackables
2:20:21 Uploading individual pictures
2:22:48 Publishing logs p. 34
2:23:53 Any issues with log time via are resolved
2:27:55 Getting help
2:32:30 Submitting Trip Templates to Cachetur & What makes a good template
2:37:55 Quick overview of multi-day trips/subtrips
2:39:36 Using Draft mode/preventing locked trips
2:41:57 Logging caches not in trip (Bonus caches)
2:47:05 Sending caches from a geocaching list to Cachetur
2:55:22 Easter eggs on Cachetur site

Lima, Peru! The city I was accidentally born in! ║BIT 17║In Love or Trippin'

NEW VIDEO!!! Our new look is thanks to the wonderful artist and graphic designer, Camille Bourrier!

This time we head to the MASSIVE capital of Peru- LIMA! Also, fun fact, the place that I was accidentally, prematurely born in.

This is only Part 1.
The places mentioned in this video include:
Huaca Pucllana- Ruins, and restaurant
Barranco- District if Lima we stayed in.
Bajada de los Baños y Puente de los Suspiros.
Punta Callao- Where the Naval Academy is and chill beach.
Playa Hermosa- Beach outside of Lima

Recommended spots to eat:
Isolina- Barranco yumminess- huge plates, get there early or make reservations.
Naed Enrollados- Best wraps EVER, good food after a night out and open late.
La Panka- To eat anticuchos, or beef heart.
Camerino Caffe- I like chocolate but not usually so much, and I can assure you this is the best chocolate cake you will ever have.

Music used in this video:
Wyclef Jean: Kiss the Sky - (Theme song)
Olaya Sound System: Adios Amor
Daniela Darcourt: Invierno Limeño


Hog Rock Wildest Adult party in America campground tour

Fender Bunny at HogRock the Wildest party in America Cave in Rock IL. This was started as “River Rally” not a “Motorcycle Rally”. Motorcycle riders do attend this party and they do have biker games. This is a get to together for everyone that wants to have a good time and let their hair down. This event takes place in June and October.

Be Careful Of An Arab's Home

If you liked this video, you will love reading my book: Around the World in 60 Seconds and my podcast:

Step By Step Guide to Get ANY Home Sold!

This isn't what you are expecting. Not the same obvious stuff that you watch or read everywhere. I would recommend taking notes while you are watching this and pausing multiple times to make sure you don't miss anything. There will be no guessing about IF you will get home sold OR if you are MAXIMIZING what you get when you sell it.

This video is probably worth at least six figures in what you net when you sell your place. So pay attention ????

Amit Bhuta
Licensed Real Estate Agent

(305) 439-3031 Mobile

-----------------------Contents of the Video------------------------

0:00 - Intro
0:43 - A Common Problem
1:03 - Selling Steaks to Vegetarians
1:42 - Breaking Down the Process
2:29 - The First Thing to Do
2:41 - Guessing
2:54 - Researching Who the EXACT Buyers Are
4:10 - Creating The Buyer Persona
6:16 - Some Minor Limitations
6:51 - An Example
13:39 - Professional Writers (Ghost Writers)
17:38 - Reading an Example from a Ghost Writer
19:19 - Emulating Tiffany's
20:06 - Creating the Short Film (Videographer)
21:34 - My Cat Oggie Makes an Appearance
21:37 - Sharing a Short Film Example (Videographer)
23:12 - Sharing the Property Website
23:17 - The Floor Plan
23:55 - Images of the Home
24:08 - Neighborhood Details
25:14 - The 3D Virtual Tour (Matterport)
26:01 - Area Video Example
26:47 - Knowing EXACTLY Where People are Moving From
29:48 - Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Negotiate the Best Price
33:34 - What We Spend When We List a Home
33:52 - YouTube Pre-Roll Ads
34:33 - Retargeting/Remarketing
35:09 - Creating a HUGE Audience that Pays Attention to Our Listings
35:45 - Our Show
37:01 - Agent Referrals
38:11 - Seller's Journey (The Whelans)
41:29 - Don't Guess
41:58 - Never Forgetting What It's All About
42:20 - An Emotional Journey
44:07 - The Research
44:13 - The Impact of Your Decision
45:57 - Keeping it Real
46:37 - Outro

$400 Indian Street Haircut in Ahmedabad

■ INDIA, AHMEDABAD: In this new series called Harald Spreads the Wealth or Harald Shares the Rupee (jury still out on the title) I take one month's money donated by my Patreons and give to a deserving self-employed individual or entrepreneur. This month the lucky recipient was a hard working Indian street barber / hairdresser. As I walked by his shop he had a big smile on his face and welcomed me to sit down.

So what's his story and the nature of is one man business? What hairstyle did I go for? And was he better than the Delhi hairdresser? Watch me get a hair-cut in the streets of India for the answer :-)


Shout out to @Street Cruise go subscribe and watch him on the daily

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Nebraska - #SUMMER2019 Episode 34

Visiting Nebraska for the first time. We see the Carhenge art installation near Alliance, Scott's Bluff and the Chimney Rock, Spike Tower overlooking the largest rail yard in the world, and then Lincoln and Omaha. We also make a quick trip into Kansas to see the Geographical Center of the Contiguous United States.

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TPMS: TST Tire Pressure monitoring system available at
Towing Mirrors: Fit System 3891
Fantastic Vent:
Solar system: Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit
Extra Solar Panels:

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill, Black
Coleman Outdoor Compact Table:
Portable Folding Rocking Chair:
Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers, (Pack of 10) by Tri-Lynx
Camco 39755 RhinoFLEX 6-in-1 Sewer Cleanout Plug Wrench
Cartman 14 Cross Wrench, Lug Wrench
Trailer Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp
Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

Main camera: Sony FDR AX53
Action camera: Sony FDR X3000
TrailerCam, GoPro Hero 7 Black:
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod
GoPro Shorty:
Digital Recorder: Zoom H1
Rode Video Micro:
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

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The Least Used Railway Station in France

Today's mission is simple: try and get to the least used railway station in the whole of France...

Sign the Save the Aubrac Line petition:
All The Stations on YouTube:
Geoff's Least Used Stations playlist:



Estimates of Station Usage pdf by the UK Office of Road and Rail:
Fréquentation en gares by SNCF:
Top 10 des gares les moins fréquentées en France by Topito:


All The Stations theme music originally by Steven Francis:
Cover version by Abandoned Rugs:


Aubrac Line footage by Antoine Levesque / Urgence Aubrac:
Photo on Les Cabrils wikipedia page by Kelaïerz :
Garabit viaduct:
Millau viaduct:
Roquefort cheese:

Crabbing!! HOW TO Catch, Clean, Cook Pacific Crab?? - Walde Sailing ep.34 (Sail British Columbia)

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Our second attempt at catching crab goes A LOT better! But, are we cut out for this lifestyle?

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10 Seriously Useful Car Camping Tips for Beginners

Today I'm sharing my best camping tips for beginners that are actually useful! These are some things that will hopefully make your car camping trips easier and less intimidating. Read on below for more car camping tips and resources...

► 10 Tips for Beginner Car Campers (blog post):

My green flannel: (I wear size M)
Water Filter:
My camp stove:
Cast Iron Pan: (I use an antique pan, but this is great too!)
Yeti Cooler:
Water Jug: (20L)
My bowls for camping:
My sleeping pad (SO comfy!!): (I have a size single MW)
My headlamp:

◦ Car Camping Basic Gear You Need:
◦ How I Stay Organized While Camping:
◦ Car Camping Kitchen Essentials:
◦ 6 Things Every Car Camper Should Own:
◦ 7 Brilliant Car Camping Hacks:
◦ Camping Food Ideas:

My main camera:
Micro SD card for GoPro:
Anker Power Charger:
My drone:
My travel tripod:
My other camera for photos and video:
SD Card:
Main camera lens:
My microphone:
Editing: Final Cut Pro



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Amanda Outside: Sharing backpacking, camping, and hiking tips so you can get outside more... and eat great food while you're at it!

Flock 2021: A Virtual Affair - BirdLife South Africa's 92nd Annual General Meeting (AGM)

BirdLife South Africa held a virtual Flock in 2021. At this AGM, some of BirdLife South Africa’s staff presented short talks about their important work. The prestigious Gill Memorial Medal was awarded to one of Africa’s foremost ornithologists - David Allan.

10 Festival Season Safety Tips And Harm Reduction Reminders

Today I am talking about 10 harm reduction safety tips to help you stay safe this festival season! I cover health tips for you and your body, psychedelic drug use resources, and venue safety tips relating to you, your valuables and surroundings at a festival!

Harm Reduction Resources:

Drug Policy Alliance:
Dance Safe:
The Bunk Police:
Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies:
Zendo Project, Psychedelic Peer Counseling:
Know Your Rights | The Festival Lawyer:
Life Is A Festival Podcast with Eamon Armstrong:

#HarmReduction #MusicFestivals #LivingByTheFWord
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Download the checklist here:
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0:00 Be Safe Festival Season 2021!
0:52 Health and Body Harm Reduction
6:56 Psychedelic Drug Use Harm Reduction
12:39 Venue and Valuables Harm Reduction
▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴

What Food To Bring To A Camping Festival➡
Camping Music Festival Checklist➡
Electric Forest Officially Postponed➡
10 Underrated Items To Prepare You For Camping Music Festivals➡
How To Prepare For Envision Festival➡
International Dance Music Festivals on My Bucket List➡
My Thoughts on EDM Influencers and Festival Media➡
How Raving and Solo Travel Changed My Life➡
Types of Festivals Explained➡
My Ultimate Festival Schedule➡
Ranking EVERY Festival I've Attended ➡
My Top 10 EDM Sets OF ALL TIME!!!➡
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Music Festival Tips➡
Festival Videos Playlist➡
Burning Man Videos Playlist ➡
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Ravemas 2020 Collaboration➡
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Gentile Bellini's painting, Procession in St Mark's, 1496 – a fireside chat with Robert Veel

Centuries of Venetian painting have left us with an idea of the lagoon city as a glorious stage for pomp and ceremony. But artists working in Venice – from Carpaccio and the Bellini family, down to Canaletto and Turner – have long manipulated ideal views in order to reveal the history, government, spiritual power and material wealth that drove the expansion of the Most Serene Republic. Robert Veel takes a look at Gentile Bellini’s Procession in St Mark’s, to explain how.

As experts in their fields, our tour leaders are well practised in the art of deep reading an object, and enjoy the challenge of doing so spontaneously. Robert and Kathleen are part of the Academy Travel team. Take a look at the blogs and other content on our website or SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel.

New Promaster Van Conversion | How to Buy a Van Sight Unseen Across the Country for a Van Conversion

Hello. We are Greg and Jess from Drifter Journey and today we're going to show you how we purchased a new van across the country, Greg flew out to get it, and drove it halfway back to Colorado where Jess met up with him in the old van to start the new build.

Thanks for checking out our videos! We have been living full time in our 2017 Promaster since May of 2018 and recently decided to build a new van.

We are not video editing experts, social media professionals, etc........we're just 2 normal folks trying to show you what it's really like to convert a van in real time. We will be uploading videos as we create them (or as quickly after) in order to set a realistic expectation of what goes into a van conversion and the time it takes to get things done.
If you have any questions about our van, our lifestyle, or anything at all, please leave them in the comments below! Please like and subscribe - your support means a lot to us ????

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✨Miscellaneous Favorites
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Products for our ????️DIY VAN BUILD:
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Sink/Cooktop Combo:
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Bed Lift Linear Actuators:
Heavy Duty Slide Rails:
Counter Top:

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Niagara Falls US

The views, the stories, a bit of my nostalgia and all of it in one of the most amazing destinations - Niagara Falls ????
Watch it till the end and share your answers in comments, I can't wait to read them!

Time Codes:

00:00 - Intro
02:05 The three waterfalls within Niagara
02:35 Best times to visit
03:35 Movies and Performances that made Niagara famous
04:35 Source of electricity
05:32 Attractions
06:20 Winter Time. Frozen Falls
07:15 Question

Equipment I use????????
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Song: Atch - Journey
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
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Video Link:

Practical Minimalist: How to make too- big shoes fit!

Hey There My Pretty and Handsome Little Cobras!

Today's video is “How to make too- big shoes fit! I'm a practical minimalist. I don't wanna throw away new good shoes just cuz they are too big. What to do?! Click in! The answer is soooooo simple!

For a insole recommendation, please use my amazon affiliate link. I do make a small commission, so please feel free to use it if you were going to buy an insole anyway. If not, thank you anyway!:

Mignon Cobra

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My name is Mignon Cobra and I make minimalist videos. I used to be a really big hoarder and waste ALL my money on just buying more and more things, because I wasn't living a fulfilling life. I had a void in myself, and I thought if I bought more things, I'd be happier.

Once I discovered financial education, I started taking care of my money and stopping buying stuff. And once I stopped buying stuff, I discovered minimalism. And I discovered to embrace all the things that made me happy, such as learning languages, traveling the world, educating myself, making videos, taking care of my health and giving more than I took.

So if you wanna come along for the ride, let's get it, let's go!

If you wish to help out my channel and are going to buy something off amazon anyway, it would help me make a very small commission:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Do Less: A Minimalist Guide to a Simplified, Organized, and Happy Life
Rachel Jonat

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
Marie Kondo

The Magic Of Thinking Big
David Schwartz

Think and Grow Rich: This Book Could Be Worth a Million Dollars to You
Napoleon Hill

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life
Jen Sincero

ONE WAY We Make Money, On Our Liveaboard Sailboat - Walde Sailing Ep. 38 (Sail British Columbia)

WALDE SAILING SHIRTS ARE HERE!!! These are only available for LIMITED RELEASE until May 8th so pick one up while you can! A great way to support our channel and rock some new threads for the summer! Check 'em out at at this link:

**Like Our Geometric Animal Heads? Check Them Out Here **

This week, we sail back from Vancouver and this time we actually get to sail!!! Then it's off to Kelowna to visit family and we show you one of the ways we make a little money while we are living at the marina.

Thanks so much to our awesome Patrons! Your support goes along way to helping us get off the dock and travelling full time.

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Hall of Horrors Hike | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 1

We found this hike through the Hall of Horrors accidentally on a bathroom break while doing stuff in Joshua Tree National Park. The hall itself is not within the large rock formation you see from the trailhead and parking lot, but the smaller one behind it. You will see many rock climbers traversing or bouldering the large rock formation. You can also boulder within the Hall of Horrors itself. There were no signs when we went. The hall leads to a smaller series of caves and tunnels. Also, yes, there was a bathroom there in the parking lot.

UPDATE - We made a new video explaining how to find the Hall of Horrors. See links below.

Hall of Horrors Hike | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 1 -
Barker Dam Hike | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 2 -
Fat Tire Bike Ride | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 3 -
Arch Rock Hike | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 4 -
49 Palms Oasis Hike | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 5 -
Keys View | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 6 -
Cholla Cactus Garden | JOSHUA TREE, Ep. 7 -
Hall of Horrors in Joshua Tree - How to Find It! -
Joshua Tree National Park - 7 Things to Do -

Song is September Pass by Asher Fulero.



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