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Greece Islands


Top 10 Must-See Greek Islands

Top 10 Must-See Greek Islands


Pristine beaches, ancient ruins, or cool parties? How about all three? Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Must-See Greek Islands. For this list, we're looking at the Greek islands that have something a little extra to offer visitors - or a bit of everything at the same time.

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#10: Hydra
#9: Kefalonia
#8: Paros
#7: Zakynthos
#6: Milos
#5: Corfu
#4: Naxos
#3, #2 & #1???

Greek Islands: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes

Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on We'll island-hop through the Aegean, sampling three classic Greek getaways — Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes — and basking in their dramatic beauty. We'll tour ancient ruins, trace the vestiges of the Crusaders, sample rustic cuisine, savor classic Greek-island views, and compare beaches — from the ultimate party beach to idyllic quiet hideaways. And we'll see how a cruise ship can be an efficient way to link up great island stopovers.

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Greece : Athens And The Islands - Travel Documentary

To the Rhythm of Bouzoukis
In addition to quite exceptional archaeological wealth, Athens is also a modern city. Proud of their beauty and a lifestyle protected, amongst other factors, by distance, the Greek islands each have their own personality. Crossing the Aegean sea, the film takes the viewer deep inside a lifestyle of exceptional quality. Brushing aside the clichés, Pierre Brouwers and his superb camerawork give a wonderful insight into eternal Greece, a fascinating backdrop to the country’s evolution into the modern era.
Geography of the islands. Economy. Population. Traditions. Everyday Life. Tourism.
ATHENS: the Ancient and Modern city. the Acropolis and major landmarks. Museum. Nightlife. Piraeus.
ISLANDS: Hydra. Poros. Aegina. Euboea. Mykonos. Ios. Santorini. Feast of Pentecost.

Director : Pierre Brouwers
Editor : MEDIA 9

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

I'm happy to introduce the top 10 most beautiful beaches in greece! Hope you enjoy!

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Lindos Beach

Balos Lagoon

Paradise Beach

Porto Beach


Simos Beach

Navagio Beach

Base jumping on Navagio:

Myrtos Beach:


How to book your ferry, how much your ferry will cost, how to travel between islands, how to get around a greek island and even WHERE TO STAY. In this video, we cover it all. Please write in the description if y’all would like to see other videos like this!
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Golden Star Ferries (Ios to Santorini)
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Mykonos Greece, The BEST party Island! What to do

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Mykonos is one of the best greek islands to visit. It's filled with beautiful landscapes, idillic beaches, and a devilish nightlife.

When visiting Mykonos you have to visit the great Mykonos beach clubs. During our most recent visit, we went to Nammos and Scorpios which are the 2 hottest clubs on the island. Also, you have to visit Mykonos City Center or Mykonos old town. This is where all the famous white Mykonos Instagram photos are taken. The city has beauty like no other in the world. When deciding what to do in Mykonos, you have to plan for a slower day of travel than usual. Getting around the island can be a bit slower than other locations.

In our mykonos travel guide, we show you the best beach clubs, where to eat in mykonos, and how to have a great mykonos party during your vacation.

During our time, we stayed at the Utopia hotel which is part of the Mykonian collection. A group of 5-6 hotels that are ~30 mins from Mykonos town. It's great because you have access to so many pools and a private beach club, but the 30 min drive to the city can be annoying at times.

Thanks for watching! You guys rock :) - Scott & Collette

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Hey my loves! Join me on an incredible two week trip with Topdeck & Flight Centre in the Greek Islands :)

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Amazing Greek Islands - The ones you might not know about!

The bluest water we have ever seen is in Greece! We continued on our Greek adventure making our way from Sifnos to Milos.

In this vlog we talk about how we take our photos and videos underwater along with some tips on how you can improve your underwater game.

We also announce the winner of our camera from last weeks competition! Congratulations to the winner and thankyou to all who commented and supported our video. We love you all!

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Greece is sexy! (Travel to #Lefkada Island)

Greece is a sexy travel destination!

Greek islands are the best in the world whether you're looking for sandy beaches, unspoiled island life or history and culture. Greece has an extremely large number of islands, somewhere around 1,200 to 6,000... #Lefkada is one of them. #placesworthtraveling

The spectacular beaches, the green turquoise waters, the small Greek villages make Lefkada an unforgettable island and a special place for your holidays. #travelguide

Kefalonia Island - The Best Beaches In Greece

In our opinion, Kefalonia island has the best beaches in Greece! From Myrtos to Assos to Platias, this island is truly blessed with beaches. But that's not all that there is to offer here! In this week's episode, we rent another car on Kefalonia and explore for a few days. We drive all the way around the island (except for the Southeast) and see many beautiful places including the Paliki Peninsula, Assos Town, Myrtos Beach, Fiskardo, Argostoli, Sklavos Winery and much more! We eat delicious greek food, swim in some of the most beautiful water we've ever seen, meet new friends and try new wines!

This island is famous for having some of the best beaches in Greece, and while we agree that there are some spectacular stretches of sand, it's really the raw nature and laid back vibe of Kefalonia that we loved.

This is definitely one of the best islands in Greece and we will return one day to explore some more! For now, check out what we've seen so far!


We're at our second island here in Greece this is Kefalonia. We just picked up this little ride from ETAM KCG Travel here on the island, we're going to be ripping around, checking out this place. It's famous for it's rocky coastline, pristine beaches and tasty wine. It's one of the largest islands in the Ionian Island chain and also one of the largest islands in Greece, so we definitely need a car.

So in this episode we're exploring Kefalonia. Let's do it guys!

We just checked into our hotel, this is White Rocks on Kefalonia Island. Which we're so happy about because check out our view from our amazing room. This hotel is set on two breathtaking blue flag beaches and we have a view of them right from our room here. It's incredible so we're so happy to be here for four nights and wake up to this view every morning. So we're just going to drop off our bags and go explore Kefalonia.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the beaches near our hotel, and then we came out to this place, this is Sto Psito Restaurant. We've been told that they serve up traditional food using local ingredients and we're excited to try Kefalonian wine and the specialties as well. Plus there are supposed to be amazing views from the sunset terrace. I can tell already that it's going to be gorgeous so let's get in there.

We're now in Argostoli which is the capital of Kefalonia. This city like many places in the south end of the island was rocked by an earth quake in the 1950s so it's been rebuilt, but there are still nice buildings like this church here behind us and there's a beautiful seafront promenade that runs for probably a couple of kilometers so we're going to go hit that up right now.

So it wasn't until 1864 that these Ionian Islands became a part of Greece, before that they were occupied by the French, The Russians, The Italians, The Turks, so they've basically had a really different history from the rest of Greece. So they have their own traditions which we're getting to witness here today because their wearing traditional clothing and they're dancing and having a parade to celebrate 1864 when they officially reunited with Greece.

We just drove about an hour from the capital to come all the way over here on the other side of the peninsula to this little place, this is called Petani Beach and it's gorgeous but it's super windy and super wavy right now so we won't be swimming, but we're going to chill out in this little tavern for now and have some lunch.

So we just finished up a tasty lunch on the beach and then we drove for another twennty minutes and now we're in the little town of Lixoury. We're on the Paliki Peninsula and there is hardly anybody here. The drive took us through a lot of undeveloped areas and now we're in this town and I don't see anyone around there's just a bunch of fishing boats and it's pretty cool. So now we're just going to walk around, explore the plaza, have a coffee and explore this little town a little bit.

another short little drive from Lixoury town brought us here, this is Xi Beach. The sand here is unique in that it's really rust color and kind of reddish and there's mud here that you're supposed to rub all over your body and it's like a spa treatment for your skin.

So we're going to walk along this sand for a little bit and then this afternoon we're supposed to go for a wine tasting, so we don't have very much time to hangout on Xi Beach here but we'll do a little stroll on the sand here and then hop back in the car.

Last night when we ate at that Tavern we had that Sklavos wine that I said we just loved and today we're going to meet Mr.Sklavos, we're at the Sklavos Vineyard and I think we're going to walk around the vineyard and maybe try some more of this delicious wine!

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Islands for sale in Greece.

The private islands is on sale in the Aegean and Ionian Sea.

How to Travel the GREEK ISLANDS | The Journey to Santorini

In this video I take a ferry to the Greek island of Santorini and show how to travel in Greece, including prices.
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How to Travel the GREEK ISLANDS | The Journey to Santorini

25 - Greek Islands: Cyclades Pt. I

The dream of all dreams, beginning a month voyage island hopping across the Aegean sea, starting with Andros, Tinos, & Syros islands.

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Living the ultimate dream of island hopping the Aegean Sea. Since childhood I've always wished to be in Greece. But discovering the treasures of each island is the dream of all dreams. After spending two weeks in the mainland including two Ionian island, I set off from Rafina port and set off for my first island, andros.

Without doing too much research , I left my first island for surprise. I based myself in a cheap hotel in the beautiful sea town of Batsi. Here I enjoyed nice walked in blue and white, a nice swim at a nearby beach as well as a nice sunset swim in town. Although hitchhiking was a failed attempt in the mainland, the Greek island was the exact opposite as I was picked up by a friendly group of Greeks who brought me down to Ormous Korthiou. Here I walked over to a beach I booked marked called OLD WOMAN JUMP, a beautiful beach with an iconic pilar.

Directly south is my next island, Tinos. Tinos is an interesting island as its church, our lady of Tinos has an annual pilgrimage where people crawl from the sea up to the church. But aside from that as well as the beautiful villages I discovered above Tinos, my iconic memory in Tinos was the cheap Airbnb in the village of Arnados. For 60 dollars and two nights, I had an incredible view over half of the island and other Greek islands. With a home cooked meal and local wine, I had the view of a lifetime.

Onward to my next island and the final one in this video, I made my way over to Syros, an island I remember as having the most incredible port city, Ermoupoli. It's a Venetian city with beautiful colored buildings, a maze of walkways that hugs two steep hills overlooking the harbor and beyond. Here I also managed to hitchhike to the other end of the island to have lunch with newly made friends and enjoy a swim at a local beach. Here I took a nice quiet walk to the edge of the island, and realized, I made it.

Concluding this video, I set off for Serifos to continue my Aegean Sea voyage. :) cheers

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ATMOS314_10 Creatures Of Grace Main Track

Lose yourself in Greece islands Kythira (Cythera)

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Lose yourself in Greece islands Kythira (Cythera)
Kythira (Cythera) is an island in Greece situated
opposite the south-eastern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula. It is one of the seven main Ionian Islands, although it is distant from the main group.
The island is located between the Greek mainland and Crete, and from ancient times until the mid 19th century was a crossroads of merchants, sailors, and conquerors. As such, it has had a long and varied history and has been influenced by many civilisations and cultures. This is reflected in its architecture (a blend of traditional, Aegean and Venetian elements), as well as the traditions and customs, influenced by centuries of coexistence of the Greek, Venetian, and Ottoman cultures.
Must see on Kythira ( famous tourist spots) :Church of Agios Georgios, the castle of Kythira, cave in islet Hytra, Melidoni beach, Kaladi beach, Paleopoli Beach, monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, gold Icon of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, Church of Agia Despoina, winery in Martesakia (Pitsinianika), Fonisa waterfall at Mylopotamos Cythera, Katouni bridge (19th century)...

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Best beaches ⚫ Greek islands

The best islands for beach holidays in Greece by opinion of Conde Nast Traveller magazine.
0:11 Naxos
0:07 Koufonissi
1:10 Mykonos
1:33 Milos
1:59 Crete
2:29 Corfu
3:01 Lefkada
3:36 Zakythnos
4:10 Skiathos

Greek Islands FOOD TOUR in Crete - Seafood and MOUTHWATERING Gyros in Chania!

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Athens Food Tour►

Chania, Crete is an amazing old town, that’s rich with culture, and has some seriously delicious Greek island food to discover. In this video, you’ll find some of the must-eat restaurants and street food stalls to try, if you love to eat, when you’re in Chania, Crete!

Here are all the places featured in this Cretan food tour of Chania:

Μπουγάτσα Χανίων - For breakfast there’s no better place in Chania to get started than this local spot that specializes in bougatsa, and amazing cheese filled pastry. You can eat it with or without sugar, both was delicious, but I liked it without sugar.
Total price - 5.40 EUR for 2

Oasis - For street food, this is about as good as Greek food gets. Oasis is a local gem that serves Cretan Greek gyro pita, a spit of pork that revolves and slow cooks. When you order, you get pita, filled with gyro meat, seasoning and tzatziki to top it off. It’s outstanding.
Gyro pita - 2 EUR each

Old Chania Market (Agora Market) - One of the many best things to do in Chania, Crete, is walk around the Old Chania Market, especially if you love to eat. I chose to eat at a restaurant called Αγαπήνης Οινομαγειρείο, that serves traditional Cretan food. It’s a market atmosphere, and the food is outstanding.
Total price - 21 EUR for everything

Attractions in Chania - Agios Nikolaos, Chania Promenade, Lighthouse - In the afternoon I did some sightseeing in Chania, which is a very charming town. I would highly recommend taking the walk out to the end of the lighthouse. The views are spectacular.

Thalassino Ageri Restaurant - For dinner in Chania, we walked over to a restaurant called Thalassino Ageri Restaurant a legendary Greek seafood restaurant, along the coast, in an area of town with abandoned buildings. The setting is superb, and they offer a variety of seafood, including fresh fish catch of the day. We ordered a bunch of seafood, and enjoyed the gorgeous environment.
Total price - 74.90 EUR

Thank you for joining me on this Greek food tour of Chania, Crete. Hope it gives you some delicious food ideas, and thank you for watching!
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Andros island, Greece

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Andros has breathtaking scenery and offers many experiences to its visitors. We stayed here for only 3 days and in this video you can see the places we visited in.

17. The Bluest water EVER | Sailing to Paxos and Corfu | Sailing the Greek Islands

This week we continue our adventures in the Ionian Islands as we head for Paxos and Corfu. We leave Meganisi and need to navigate the Lefkas Canal, this is the second canal we have conquered in weeks (after the Corinth Canal) and we enjoy the challenge. The canal is well signed and the bridge opens on the hour and we are lucky to make it.

The wind is light during our sail towards Paxos, 7 knots and we reach a constant 4 knots boat speed. We are fortunate we are in no rush and are happy to just be sailing. As we approach Paxos, a small bird joins the crew and is happy with the location. Paxos is beautiful, we see the bluest water we have ever seen and we spend days mesmerised and feel fortunate to have the bay to ourselves.

We move further north to Corfu and enjoy the 'city' life. Corfu is a vibrant metropolitan city and it's really nice as a contrast to the Cyclades during winter. The weather continually changes during the week and we spend the days finding different peaceful anchorages. We spend time in Ipsos, Stefanos and Kassiopi on Corfu Island and they are all pleasant anchorages for Kawai. This is the last stop in Greece, as we next head to Croatia. Follow our Journey

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About us:

Our names are Jason and Tracey and we traded our house, cars, business, job and security for freedom, adventure, travel and living simply amongst nature and the seas on our 45 foot Hanse 445 sailing boat, Kawai.

We don't know exactly where the winds will take us at this stage but over the next year we hope to sail to Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Canary Islands and then across the Atlantic Ocean.

Jase loves making travel videos and we decided to upload to youtube to share our adventure. We really hope you enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment any time to chat or subscribe to follow along :)


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Jason and Tracey
Sailing Kawai

22 - Greek Islands: Corfu & Paxos

Enjoying my first days across Greece. Cliff jumping Corfu, time slowed down in Paxos, & beautiful beaches in Antipaxos.

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The beginning of a long and amazing voyage across Greece, a dream come true. From Sarande, Albania, I caught a mid day ferry to the port town of Corfu of the island of the same name, Corfu, my first island. The first few hours of my arrival was spent walking around the former Venetian town and old fortress. Due to budget reasons and the fact that high season just started, cheap accommodation was only found in the north of the island near the town of Sidari.

After hitchhiking much of the Balkans, I figured why not try hitchhiking the island. I found myself catching rides over to Palaiokastritsa, a beautiful beach area with a small fortress. After a nice swim, I made it over to a local cliffside bar to jump from before making it back to Sidari's Canal d'amor to catch the sunset and take in the fact that I made it. :)

After a successful acceptance to stay with a couchsurfing host on Paxos island, I made my way down to my next island. Paxos is one of my favorite islands as it's the perfect place to slow down time and simply relax. I spent most of my time in the port Gaios, Loggos, and the sea town in the north Lakka. I also managed to take the short boat ride down to Voutoumi beach on Antipaxos, one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever swam in, cave hopping and soaking under the Ionian sun.

These island are the most perfect start to an amazinf two months in my dream country. From here, continues my voyage across north east Greece. :) Cheers

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A TOUR OF PATMOS | One of the Best Greek Islands

Exploring the beautiful island of Patmos in the Dodecanese islands of Greece.
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Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel, Following My Thumb and several other books available on and elsewhere.

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A TOUR OF PATMOS | One of the Best Greek Islands



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