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Gambia in 5 day`s (english Subs)


Gambia in 5 day`s (english Subs)

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Bijilo beach, Senegambia the Strip, Bijilo monkey forrest, Walk from Bijilo to Serrekunda market, Banjul Albert market and ferry to Barra, Walk from Bijilo to Tanji fishing village,

MOVIE: The Gambia in 4K UHD, October 2017

Here's the main video! For the first time in 4K ultra high definition for those lucky enough to have a UHD TV. I was in Gambia from 25th October to 8th November. Don't forget to join 'The Gambia Tourism Forum on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who appeared in the video!

MOVIE: The Gambia, January 2016

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The camera I used picked up the slightest bit of wind. It was nowhere near as windy as it sounds in the video. Around 30 minutes into the video, things get more interesting, as I go away from the coast and visit a couple of compounds and see how urban Gambians live. I say some stupid things, but this is largely to put some people who are a little shy at ease and take the pressure off them, when they are on camera. I try and 'dig myself out of a hole' around 42 minutes into the video, I felt bad, and MarieAnne teasingly slapped me haha. Visit Tijan's Tours: My Facebook Gambia group is here:

The Gambia, also known as the Smiling Coast of West Africa, is my favourite holiday destination. As usual, and as predicted, I had a nice time, the weather was hot and between averaged between 35 and 38 degrees during the mid afternoon in the two weeks I spent there. The lowest temperature I recorded was 22.6 degrees at 5am, and the hottest was 41 degrees very briefly at 1.38pm. Humidity during the day is less than 20% so heat doesn't feel any worse than a hot UK summers day. I stayed between the 27th of January to the 10th of February. Two weeks should be a bare minimum, there's so much to see and experience, and you never get bored of all the activity going on. When you arrive back in the UK, everything seems so dull, grey and cold. I went with four other friends, two of which stayed in Lemon Creek Hotel, hence my few visits there in the video. I stayed at Palm Beach Hotel in Kotu, around £300 for two weeks through The Gambia is a former British Colony, and as a result, English is the official language, although locals may speak to eachother in local languages such as Wolof, Mandinka, Fula and Jola. The people of The Gambia are friendly and laid back, Muslims and Christians live in harmony, and violent crime is low. This may come as a surprise to many, as Africa has unfairly been stereotyped as a violent continent, but this isn't the case for the majority of it, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, which The Gambia is part of. I feel safer walking around The Gambia day and night than I do in the UK. The biggest hazards are Malaria and road traffic accidents. As you will see in the video, driving in The Gambia is not the same as the UK. Sunscreen, insect repellent with DEET and antimalarials are important, especially if you went during the rainy season.

The Gambia is a developing country, and more than 20% of it's economy is based on tourism. It's main export are peanuts. This season has massively recovered from last year, when the fear of Ebola put many off going, despite there not being a single case in the country. The beaches were busy, without being overcrowded like the ones in Spain etc. They also don't have huge Skyscraper hotels ruining the coast line like most European holiday destinations. Hotels in The Gambia can only be maximum of three stories high, and all the coast is palm tree lined, and the majority of the hotels are located there. The main tourist areas are Cape Point in Bakau, Fajara, Kotu, Kololi, Bijilo and Brufut. These areas come under the Tourism Development Area. In the tourist areas, you will see red and green monkeys, crocodiles, parrots, lizards, and further inland, Chimpanzees, Baboons, Hippos and the odd Hyena.

There are many different restaurants and hotels that can cater for varying tastes. Upmarket restaurants like Calypso and Scala are popular, and the posh hotels like Ngala Lodge, Mandina lodges, Leo's Boutique and Coco Ocean are very swanky indeed. I prefer rough and ready so I stay at Palm Beach Hotel, which is only a 2 star hotel, but I don't care, as I have stayed in worse places in the UK. If you are thinking of visiting this colourful, friendly, English speaking country and need to ask some questions, just pop over to the Gambia Forum on Trip Advisor (Google it) and someone will be along to help. Many expats live in The Gambia and there are many people who return over and over again who can help you. Hope you enjoy the video. I've never been one for making videos, but I try my best when I am in Gambia, so people in the UK can see it and hopefully want to visit it, its so much more exciting and enjoyable than anywhere else people go in Europe.

MOVIE: The Gambia, February 2019

Here's the main video of my fortnight in the Smiling Coast of West Africa that is The Gambia. I had a nice time as I always do, but I was pretty busy this time. Roll on September 2019 when we will be doing a green season group holiday at the Kunta Kinteh Bungalows in Kotu. I can't wait! I tried to cover more different things in this video that I haven't done in the past. I have also tried to focus on the more inland parts of the country where you could spend a couple of days of your holiday away from the coastal areas.

MOVIE: The Gambia, November 2018

A short one week trip to The Gambia staying at Avalon Lodge! Their website is here: ( Don’t forget to join The Gambia Tourism Forum on Facebook if you are looking for help and suggestions for your perfect West African holiday in The Gambia. Many of us in the Facebook forum have been many times and there are also many expats. Also look out for the group holidays that we sometimes do by joining the Facebook forum. Our next group holiday is September 2019 at Kunta Kinteh Bungalows for 2 weeks. The group holidays are an ideal introduction to The Gambia for someone who’s never been before.

Wassu Stone Circles (Beta/Pilot) Episode 2

Journey from Kartong to Georgetown via Soma to visit the Wassu Stone Circles in The Gambia.

Departed from Sandele Eco Lodge Kartong
Stop over at Sibata Lodge Georgetown

On the ground in The Gambia, West Africa Contact me at:

Your Gambia holiday of a lifetime

Discover the stunning beauty of the Smiling Coast, bathed in white sands & golden sunshine. This is The Gambia

Postcard from Banjul, The Gambia (watch to the end of the video or your comment will be deleted)

Two days in Banjul, The Gambia.

MOVIE: The Gambia, February 2017

My February 2017 trip to The Smiling Coast of Africa! My sister Cathy came along for the first week. Facebook:

MOVIE: Rainy Season Group Holiday, September 2018, The Gambia

Here's the video of our two week stay in The Gambia from the 1st to 15th September! All of the members of The Gambia Tourism Forum agreed we'd do it again and go again during the rainy season! UPDATE: The hotel I speak about at 38:30 is the African Princess Hotel being built, not Sunprime Tamala which is the one being built next to Kunta Kinteh Bungalows. A lot of people are getting mixed up for some reason, probably because two new hotels are being built close together, and most people are less likely to see Sunprime near Kunta Kinteh Bungalows than they are the African Princess at the bottom of Palma Rima Road. We have another green season group holiday planned for September 2019 at the Kunta Kinteh Bungalows in Kotu so watch this space for the videos on that when the time comes. You can join us if you wish on the group holiday by joining The Gambia Tourism Forum on Facebook by clicking this link and posting a message regarding your interest in it:

Kololi to Cape Point (Gambia Dashcam) 13th September 2018

Palm Beach Hotel, Kotu, The Gambia

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Baboon Island boat trip with chimpanzee & hippopotamus sightings, The Gambia

I decided to re-upload this video of when we went to see the hippos and chimps, as the video I posted few weeks ago was in 1080p rather than 4K UHD. I’ve also included a bit more footage of the surrounding area as we did the trip, where we also managed to see some red colobus monkeys.

Day Trip to Gunjur Gambia

10th December 2018

Kotu Market - Duplex Road - Senegambia Strip - Palm Beach Hotel (26/01/2018) (Dashcam)

A dashcam drive around the central resort area for most tourists to The Gambia

Tour of some of the main tourist areas, The Gambia (February 2019)

We start off at Lemon Creek Hotel in Bijilo, then drive towards Senegambia Strip and then go down there after visiting the Kololi Police Station. After coming back up the strip, we take a left turn at Yasmina Restaurant and then drive down Duplex Road. After turning round at the bottom of Duplex Road where Poco Loco is, we then drive back to the main Bertil Harding Highway and take a left turn and head towards Badala Park Road in Kotu. After driving to the end where Koto Craft Market is, we finish off with a little sunset shot near Kotu Creek Bridge.

A day in a Gambian Village - Part 1 The Journey

29th November 2018 The journey from Senegambia to the village, picking up supplies on the way and the greeting . . .

MOVIE: The Gambia, November 2016

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More Gambia videos in my channel! Join 'The Gambia Tourist Corner' on Facebook! Here is the video of my little break to The Gambia for the third time this year. I only took my iPhone this time so all of this video was filmed with that. I stayed at Kunta Kinteh Apartments for the first time. I have been coming since 2011 and still enjoy visiting this warm and friendly country. This season looks promising for the locals, only a few days in and most of the restaurants were full on a night time. 20% of The Gambia's GDP is from tourism so more people coming is good for the local economy, providing you get out and about and don't stay glued to your hotel. The country is perfectly safe from a crime perspective and violence against tourists is very low to non-existent. It was hot and humid while I was there. Day time reached 36 Celsius and night time only dropped as low as 26 Celsius. From December onwards the humidity levels drop and the night time temperatures become more bearable. It was very warm on a night, still being 27 degrees Celsius even at 3am most nights. The rainy season is just fizzling out during the beginning of November. Give the country a shot for your winter sun break this year. I think of Gambia as an eco-tourism destination. The locals all speak English as this is the official language of the country although locals have their own tribal languages such as Wollof, Mandinka, Fula and Jolla. Thomas Cook and Gambia Experience are your best bet for first time visits. After that, if you decide to return just book a flight only with Thomas Cook and book your own accommodation yourself. Another option is fly EasyJet or RyanAir to Amsterdam, Brussels or Barcelona and get a direct flight with Vueling or Brussels Airlines, or fly from the Canary Islands with Binter Airlines. I stayed at the Kunta Kinteh apartments this time, which is locally owned by Solomon. Please like and share with friends. Also check out my other Gambian videos. If you have any questions about Destination Gambia please ask in the comments. Thanks for watching!

Rendezvous Cafe, Kololi, The Gambia


A day at Lamin Lodge in Gambia, The smiling coast Africa

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