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Exploring RIYADH, Capital City of SAUDI ARABIA الرياض ????????


Exploring RIYADH, Capital City of SAUDI ARABIA الرياض ????????

I spend a few days exploring Riyadh الرياض, the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Hiking (Edge of the World Tour):

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Walt Adams - Parallel Places

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Riyadh City Tour | 4K | Fardin Travel Vlogs |

Riyadh is the most beautiful Capital City of Saudi Arabia, as well as in Middle East. I have been their for 21 days, and this video is about this City I see from my eyes. Enjoy this Video and don't forget to subscribe.

Device: iphone 11 Pro Max

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Saudi Arabia Travel - One Day in Riyadh ???????? المملكة العربية السعودية مدينة الرياض السفر سياحة أجنبي

Saudi Arabia has long been off limits to foreign tourists and travelers. Since a few months, however, it’s possible to visit the country on a tourist visa. I made use of this opportunity and traveled to Saudi Arabia for 2 weeks, including Riyadh, the Edge of the World, Jeddah, Medina, Al Ula, Umluj, and the Red Sea coast.

In this video I travel to Riyadh, the capital city in the center of the country. After visiting a mosque for Friday prayer and eating lunch with the locals, I tour to modern shopping malls, museums, traditional bazaars, a construction site with migrant workers, the famous Sky Bridge Kingdom Tower, and finally the Riyadh Season Festival, designed to promote tourism and culture. While I spent almost 3 days in Riyadh, I comprised the video to make it into one single day.

This is the first episode of a 6 part vlog style series about my journey through Saudi Arabia. For other episodes, please click here:

Episode 2 - Journey to the Edge of the World:

Episode 3 - Medina as Non Muslim:

Episode 4 - Umluj Islands in the Red Sea:

Episode 5 - Camel Racing in Saudi Arabia:

Episode 6 - Jeddah City Tour:

Saudi Arabia is mostly known in the ‘Western world’ for its petroleum export, the birthplace of Islam, and unfortunately also poor human rights record. But as I discover there is much more to this massive country than first meets the eye. In these series I hope to give a glimpse into what was once an almost ‘forbidden place’ for independent travelers, and is now open for visitors from around the world.


Note: I travel independently and take no money from sponsors. This journey through Saudi Arabia was paid for and organized entirely by myself.

Copyright of all footage: Hoffer Media

Exploring RIYADH, the Capital City of SAUDI ARABIA مدينة الرياض ????????原油大国サウジアラビアの首都リヤド現地で物価を徹底調査してみた!

Hi. I'm Kaz from JAPAN!! ????????
I've been to Saudi Arabia to meet my best friend Alsaeedi.
After a reunion with him, we had been to the clothes store to get an awsome traditional costume in RIYADH.
After that, we explored inside RIYADH, capital city to know the oil price and commodity prices.


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????????前回までの動画 [Previous movie]????????



#3 WE INTERVIEWED RECOMMENDED SIGHTSEEING SPOTS in SAUDI ARABIA!【観光ビザ解禁!】サウジアラビアのリヤド現地でおすすめの観光地を聞いてみた!


????????次の動画 [Next Video] ????????

#6 Traveling Inside SAUDI ARABIA, RIYADH, KINGDOM CENTER【絶景】サウジアラビアの首都リヤドで最も高い建物キングダムセンタータワーに登ってみた!

#7 【超豪華】サウジアラビアのおもてなしがヤバすぎた!????????كبسة‎ THE LUXURY LIFE OF SAUDI ARABIA, Japanese اليابانية in SAUDI#7

#8 Non-Muslim Japanese First visit the beautiful MOSQUE! Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA????????サウジアラビア イスラム教の礼拝堂モスクへ!

#9 Eating Amazing SAUDI ARABIAN Food in Riyadh, City Tour مدينة الرياض????????サウジアラビアの絶品朝ごはんが美味すぎた!

#10 サウジアラビアの室内アスレチックが楽しすぎた!Fantastic amusement park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! مدينة ملاهي رائعة بالرياض

#11 サウジアラビア人とSASUKE勝負してみた!???????? サウジアラビアの室内アスレチック リヤドパーク Ninja warrior at SAUDI ARABIA مدينة الرياض

#12 砂漠の遊園地【SAHARA CITY】Amazing activity in the desert SAUDI ARABIA RIYADH サウジアラビア旅行???????? رحلة الى الرياض

#13 サウジアラビアの砂漠を時速100km/h超バギーで爆走したら大変なことに! RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA vlog, جولة الرياض ????????

#14 【絶叫】サウジアラビアのお化け屋敷が怖すぎた!The Scary Haunted House In Saudi Arabia, Riyadh ????????

#15 サウジアラビア人とダンスバトルしてみた!首都リヤド???????? Dance battle with Saudis! In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Trip Vlog!!

#16 サウジアラビア旅行????????絶対食べたい超人気ファストフードとオススメ観光地! Travel Vlog KSA, Arabic popular fast food, activity!! Riyadh????


I went to Saudi Arabia to meet my best friend!
In recent years, the entry in Saudi Arabia had been restricted due to no a tourist VISA for sightseeing, but in October 2019 a tourist visa was lifted and it allows us going to trip to Saudi Arabia.
Through this channel,
We will introduce Saudi culture, religion, sightseeing spots, customs, etc.
Please subscribe if you are good!

Exploring RIYADH, Capital of SAUDI ARABIA الرياض ???????? | طریق ملک فہد

Day and nightlife in riyadh. Capital city of saudi arabia.

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RKZaman Riyadh


SAUDI ARABIA was nothing like I expected! Part 1 of many videos about the mysterious Kingdom. The long journey starts in Riyadh.

If this message resonates with you and you want to support my work, you can do so here:

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#saudiarabia #riyadh #peoplenotpolitics

Riyadh city tour || Riyadh nightlife || India travel

Riyadh city tour

Riyadh (in Arabic الرياض‎ Ar-Riyāḍ) is the capital of Saudi Arabia, located slightly east of the center of the country in the heart of the Tuwaiq escarpment.

Riyadh is considered the most straight-laced of the Kingdom's big three cities. With most forms of entertainment banned, few sights of interest and a brutal climate, Riyadh is mostly a business destination. Although everyone adheres to the dress code thawb for men and abaya for women, you might come across many Saudis in Westernized clothing. English is spoken by most Saudis (most in Riyadh speak it well) as well as most foreigners.

Welcome to one of the wealthiest cities in the world, home to Saudi Arabia's best museum, a World Heritage Site that relates the Kingdom's genesis story, and some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the country.

Once a walled, mud-brick way station along desert trading routes, Riyadh (meaning 'garden') from afar is a picture of soaring modern towers rising up above the surrounding desert. Up close, it can appear cautious and sober and feels more conservative than other Saudi cities like Jeddah. But the winds of change sweeping the nation are also affecting the capital. A long overdue metro system is on its way, as is a public bus service, and the atmosphere is far more liberal than it has ever felt before. Riyadh recently hosted the country's very first music festival, where a female singer performed live for the first time in Saudi history.

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Best of Riyadh Saudi Arabia Travel Vlog ???????? What to go see in Saudi Arabia

Top Ten Travel Tips of Things to do in Riyadh Saudi Arabia - What to go see in Saudi Arabia travel vlog

In this Saudi Arabia travel vlog episode I am going through my list of top ten things to do when coming to Riyadh. Whether you are coming for a weekend trip or traveling in Saudi Arabia for longer, there is much to see in Saudi Arabia's capital city as a great tourist destination. Check out the modern buildings and daring architecture which is unique in the Middle East, try the amazing food, visit the traditional markets for souvenir shopping or check out the super modern malls, visit museums and historic sites or take a tour to the Edge of the World. It is difficult to get bored in Riyadh!

➔ Watch this video if you want to get answers on the following:
What to do in Saudi Arabia and specifically what to do in Riyadh? Which places to visit form a weekend in Riyadh? Where to go for shopping in Riyadh and which cultural sites to see in Riyadh?
What tours to take when in Riyadh and what food to try in Riyadh? What to do in the Middle East and what to visit in the Middle East? What to go see in Saudi Arabia?

➔ This travel vlog will cover the above questions and more. My travels take me to amazing places around the world and I use this travel vlog to document my experiences and inspire other travelers to explore new destinations and hidden gems in the Middle East, Africa and other travel destinations. I am posting new travel videos every week so please do subscribe to my channel and activate the notifications bell to get the latest updates.

➔ My travel videos related to the Top-10 list of things to do in Riyadh
► Souvenir Shopping in a traditional Saudi Market Souq al-Zal

► Learning about Saudi History and Culture at the National Museum in Riyadh

► Trip to Heet Cave - Amazing Hidden Cave Lake in Riyadh!

► Exploring the Best Scenic Views of Riyadh - Olaya from above!

► Visit to the Edge of the World in Riyadh

► Visit to Taibah Markets in Olaya, Riyadh (Gold market)

► Finding the best Dates in Saudi Arabia

► Testing one of the best Shawarma restaurants in Riyadh

➔ Other popular videos on my trip to Saudi Arabia
► Saudi Arabia Travel Video Trailer

► Is Saudi Arabia Safe? A travel introduction to KSA

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► Umrah 2020 - From Mecca to Medina on the Haramain Train

► The Battle Site of Mount Uhud and Historic Mosques in Medina

► A Day at the Prophet's Mosque - Masjid An Nabawi in Medina

► Shopping at the Night Market in Medina

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Unbelievable journey in the heart of Riyadh, the stunning capital of Saudi Arabia (Part I)

#SaudiArabia #Riyadh #KSA #Arabia

In this episode, we focus on our visit to the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The name of the capital comes from the word Rawdhah, which means gardens. At the end of the 18th century, Riyadh was part of the first Saudi state born of the alliance between Abdelwahhab and Ibn Saud, the Emir of Dariya.

Today, its population is now estimated at 7.7 million and includes nearly 15 municipalities and a diplomatic quarter. It must be said that Riyadh has experienced very rapid growth since the 1980s due to the oil rent, which has led to an equally significant demographic development. Between 1974 and 1992, the population of the capital grew, on average, by 8.2% per year. Before the discovery of oil, the city had only 30,000 inhabitants in 1935!

The visit of the city starts with a light lunch at Starbuck's. Afterwards, we head to Riyadh's University Museum. This visit is in continuity with our visit of the Al Fao site. We then went to the College of Tourism and Archaeology of King Saud University where Dr. Mohammed al-Thibi generously welcomed us. It is even the latter who introduced us to the exhibition. It is worth noting that the exhibition can be visited by invitation.

The museum houses one of the most important collections of ancient Saudi artifacts, a treasure unearthed on the main archaeological sites of the kingdom and a direct link with the country's past.
Among the objects on display are bronze keys, door handles, door knockers and wooden chests. There are also magnificent statuettes of humans, horses and dolphins that bear witness to a flourishing and rich artistic community. Highlights of the collection are the magnificent small Hellenic and Roman statues of Apollo and Hercules.

We also went to admire the city of Riyadh by climbing to the top of the Al Faisaliah Tower. The advantage of the site is that you can take pictures and admire the Kingdom Tower, a new icon of the Saudi capital. The 267-meter high tower stands on King Faisaliah Avenue, the heart of the city and in the center of the business district. For the record, work on the building began in 1998 and it was inaugurated on May 14, 2000. It is the first skyscraper built in Saudi Arabia. The building has a very special pyramidal shape with a glass globe at the top in which there is a restaurant with a panoramic view of the city.

We also visited the Diriyah, an area on the outskirts of the city center of the capital, which is mostly reputed to be the cradle of the royal family of Saud. In 1727, Mohammed Ibn Saud took control of it and made it the capital of the first Saudi state from 1744 until 1818, when the Ottomans took it over, causing the collapse of the Saudi kingdom.
Today, the district of at-Touraïf is inscribed on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity.

In addition, the city is positioning itself as a venue for international events, notably with the presentation of Formula E, a tennis tournament and a music festival.
A visit to this area is sure to be added to your list of places to see in Saudi Arabia.

We end the day with a soccer match of Al Hilal Football Club at King Saud Stadium, the new home since 2017 of the mythical club founded in 1957 and the main power of the Saudi championship.

Our visit in this place was amazing since we couldn't get there with Hélène, the only woman of the group. Since 2018, women have been allowed to attend soccer games, but they are not allowed there other than in the so-called family sections. As these sections were full, Hélène could not see with her own eyes the inside of this modern stadium. We went inside for about ten minutes to soak up the local atmosphere.

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Réalisation : Nicolas Asselin
Montage : Nicolas Asselin
Production : Nicolas Asselin

RIYADH Top 40 Tourist Places | Riyadh Tourism | SAUDI ARABIA

Riyadh (Things to do - Places to Visit) - RIYADH Top Tourist Places
Capital of Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital and main financial hub, is on a desert plateau in the country’s center.

Business district landmarks include the 302m-high Kingdom Centre, with a sky bridge connecting 2 towers, and 267m-high Al Faisaliah Centre, with a glass-globe summit. In the historical Deira district, Masmak Fort marks the site of the 1902 raid that gave the Al Sauds control of Riyadh.

RIYADH Top 40 Tourist Places | Riyadh Tourism

Things to do in RIYADH - Places to Visit in Riyadh

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RIYADH Top 40 Tourist Places - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

【4K】???????? VIRTUAL WALKING TOUR: ???? «Riyadh - Saudi Arabia 2021» ???? ORIGINAL SOUNDS ???? NO COMMENT ???? ASMR

???????? 4K UltraHD World Trip Virtual Walking Tour travel footage of Riyadh (Capital City of Saudi Arabia), showing Street Scenes of this mystical city. Walk, discover, explore and see the city life, its various attraction, the historical Deira district, business district landmarks and much more; project finished & uploaded on 2021-10-08 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #travel #riyadh #saudiarabia

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???? Media data: This video (Internal ID 1077, shots taken in 2019 and video published in 2021) is an extraction of our self-captured Riyadh 4K Video Footage & Riyadh Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, please contact us via E-Mail or our Blog.
???? One Man Wolf Pack Contact:

About Riyadh: Riyadh, Saudi Arabias capital and main financial hub, is on a desert plateau in the countrys center. Business district landmarks include the 302m-high Kingdom Centre, with a sky bridge connecting 2 towers, and 267m-high Al Faisaliah Centre, with a glass-globe summit. In the historical Deira district, Masmak Fort marks the site of the 1902 raid that gave the Al Sauds control of Riyadh. // Riyadh (Arabic: الرياض‎, romanized: ar-Riyāḍ, lit.: The Gardens ar.riˈjaːdˤ) is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula. Located in the center of the an-Nafud desert, on the eastern part of the Najd plateau, the city sits at an average of 600 meters (2,000 ft) above sea level, and receives around 5 million tourists each year, making it the forty-ninth most visited city in the world and the 6th in the Middle East. Riyadh had a population of 7.6 million people in 2019, making it the most-populous city in Saudi Arabia, 3rd most populous in the Middle East, and 38th most populous in Asia. The first mentioning of the city by the name Riyadh was in 1590, by an early Arab chronicler. In 1737, Deham Ibn Dawwas, who was from the neighboring Manfuha, settled in and took control of the city. Deham built a wall around the city, and the best-known source of the name Riyadh is from this period, thought to be referring to the earlier oasis towns that predated the wall built by Ibn Dawwas. In 1744, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab formed an alliance with the Emir of Diriyah, Muhammad bin Saud, and in 1774, they took Riyadh from Deham. However their state, now known as the First Saudi State, came to a collapse in 1818. [Source: wikipedia // Google]

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Riyadh is full of shinny buildings and nice cars, but like most cities, there's another side to the story. Many more videos about Saudi in the playlist here ⬇️

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Exploring RIYADH, Capital City of SAUDI ARABIA الرياض SA

#riyadh #saudiarabia #الرياض

Exploring RIYADH with a SAUDI CELEBRITY استكشاف الرياض مع مرعي American in Saudi Arabia Travel Vlog

I spent my second day in Saudi Arabia exploring the capital city of Riyadh with none other than your favorite Saudi celeb, Sultan! We went to the top of the tallest building in the city, saw a movie (theaters were banned in Saudi until recently), visited a beautiful mosque, and explored a fancy new part of the city called Boulevard. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

Traveling to Riyadh? Check out my full itinerary! Places to stay, where to eat, and cool things to do:

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Thank you for watching!

**All views expressed in this video are 100% my own. I was not paid by the Saudi government or anyone else to visit KSA or to make these videos.**

Check out all of my adventures as an American tourist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia here!

Keep up with my travels!

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Exploring RIYADH Roads & Bridges, Capital of SAUDI ARABIA الرياض ????????

Exploring Riyadh الرياض, the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

Music used NCS
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Riyadh Capital Center View 2021 | Riyadh City Tour

#Riyadh #KSA #SaudiArabia

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Saudia Arabia Riyadh City.2021 Tour. KSA visit Video 4k hd shoot

Exploring RIYADH, Capital City of SAUDI ARABIA الرياض ????????Riyadh city tour 2021#Beautiful Towers Amazing Locations अदभुत इमारते दिलकश नजारा #RIYADH_TOUR​

Saudia Arabia Riyadh City Road Explore 2021.Ksa Road Visit. By Bus city Riyadh Capital OF KSA

Riyadh city.riyadh city riyadh Capital city of Saudia arabi visit.2021 City riyadh tour. riyadh ksa city.Capital city saudi arabia.2021 visit tour explore riyadh

Exploring Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Spent my first day exploring some of riyadh's landmarks.


Riyadh Explore 2021 | Jeeya vlog | الرياض [4K]

Explore riyadh




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