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Ever Seen Steve Jobs MEGAYACHT Venus? Here it is in St Maarten, CARIBBEAN!


Steve Jobs MEGAYACHT Venus in St Maarten $$ Super Yacht Sunset ~

Billion dollars worth of super-yachts, including the late Steve Jobs' $120m super-yacht VENUS, “Victoria’s Secret” Super-Yacht Limitless, Yacht Baton Rouge, Super-Yacht Utopia, the 536ft $500 million Super-Yacht Eclipse, Le Grand Bleu, Expedition yacht Arctic P, and so many more.
Stay tuned as we had the chance to shoot close up footage of Super-Yachts Eclipse, Le Grand Bleu & Expedition yacht Arctic P. We will be uploading the videos shortly!!

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* Filmed by Annie & Captain Eric Bergeron
Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac
After Effects, was used for the intro.
SOOCOO C30 & the 360° Cube
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* Dive Lights DF70F by Jaunt Outdoor Products (See above)
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Drone captures Steve Jobs' yacht in the Caribbean

This massive yacht named Venus (The Apple Yacht) has a tight squeeze while going through Simpson Bay Bridge in St. Martin. This bridge is used by hundreds of yachts every season to enter the calm protected waters of the lagoon.

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Venus El increíble yate de Steve Jobs 4K


Steve Jobs's Mega Yacht VENUS

It’s an absolutely different World !
This gorgeous mega yacht Venus designed by Philippe Starck's design company Ubik and built by Feadship for Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, he never had a chance to own her or enjoy cruising on her ???? He died in 2011 and she was finished in 2012. The cost of this beauty is about $150M
We were amazed to meet her here, in Grenada ???????? It just crossed the Atlantic Ocean . According to AIS data it’s took 7 days and 5 hours with cruising speed about 16,5 knots. We can only imagine how much fuel it burned!
Later we witnessed couple trucks with diesel coming to refueling this mega yacht!
And now she’s in the Caribbean! ????

VENUS - The Vision of Steve Jobs

An interesting and rare look at the unique luxury motor yacht designed and built for Apple Founder, the late Steve Jobs. I am in no way affiliated with the Yacht, her owners, or Crew. Like my Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram for the latest updates of my travels. Enjoy!

***PLEASE do not use my media without my consent.***

Steve Jobs Yacht Venus going through Simpson Bay bridge

Steve Jobs Megayacht VENUS, Spotted in Barcelona

Designed by Philippe Starck and built for Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs died before the Yacht was finished at which point it was held up in legal dispute over who owed who what. Spotted in dock in Barcelona this summer. it is truely a stunning boat.

Steve Jobs Yacht Venus in Venice

(France) Cruise ships

프랑스 - 파리유람선
Франция (Круизные суда)

Mega Yachts in St Maarten

Lots of big Yachts in beautiful St. Maarten.

VENUS 78m Yacht by Feadship owner the Jobs family

Victorias Secrets Mega Yacht Limitless going through bridge at St. Martin

Victorias Secrets Mega Yacht Limitless going through bridge at St. Martin

Mega Yacht Limitless, owned by the owner of Victoria Secret, heading through the Dutch bridge. It is reported that they paid for the bridge to be widen so they could bring their yacht into the harbor.

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Supet tight FIT as the BIGGEST ship EVER!! to cross the simpsonbay bridge St Maarten

The Marietje Andrea 416 ft BROKE the record for the largest ship to enter into the simpsonbay lagoon taking the title for Victoria Secret Yacht Limitless bring with it parts for the causeway that is being constructed in the simpsonbay Lagoon St. Maarten.

Hundreds showed up to see the ship do tedious manoeuvring which took
20 to 25 minutes to safely cross the bridge.

Late Steve Jobs luxury yacht hull transport Aalsmeer (pics version)

Update: October 29, 2012.
I added Apple, Steve Jobs, and some other words to the tags and title of this small collection of pictures. Lets see what happens with the viewcount, it is currently on 1717 after 18 months. 
Yesterday there was finally the launch of this yacht, which was finished by shipyard De Vries. Looking at the media attention now, it is not 'a ship' anymore (...) 

The hull of the ship already floated in the water on May 21st 2011 in front of shipyard De Vries, just after it was transported from shipyard Gouwerok to De Vries. 
The transport of such a hull is always a special event, particularly due to its size and the logistic implications. Interestingly there were no media reporting about this ship back then, despite its famous owner. (And I was definitely not the only one who knew about this). Is that a sign that its going in the right direction with the media attention concerning Apple? :-) 

De woorden Apple, Steve Jobs, etc toegevoegd bij de titel en tags bij deze kleine reeks afbeeldingen. Eens kijken wat dit doet met het bezoekaantal. Die staat op dit moment nog op 1717.

Gisteren is dit schip, dat is afgemaakt door Scheepswerf De Vries, eindelijk en definitief te water gelaten. Gezien de media aandacht nu, is het niet zomaar 'een schip' (...)

Het casco van dit schip lag al een keer eerder in het water op 21 mei 2011, voor de deur bij scheepswerf De Vries. Dat was net nadat het was getransporteerd van scheepswerf Gouwerok, naar De Vries. Het transport van zo'n casco is altijd een speciale gebeurtenis, vooral door de omvang en de logistieke implicaties. Interessant genoeg was er geen aandacht in de media voor die gebeurtenis ondanks de speciale eigenaar. (En ik was vast niet de enige die ervan wist). Is het een teken dat het de goede kant op gaat met de media aandacht voor Apple? :-)

May 23 2012:
This is a slideshow of 20 pictures I made at the start of the transport of a ship (...) between shipyard Gouwerok and shipyard De Vries. The hull of this luxury yacht is 78 meters long. Bringing the yacht onto a transport ship, and the maneuvering it into the canal took more than 10 hours. The yacht approached the houses on the other side of the canal as close as 3 meters. A lamppost and a tree had to be removed, to make the turn.
Dit is een reeks foto's die ik maakte bij aanvang van het transport van een schip tussen scheepswerf Gouwerok en scheepswerf De Vries. De romp van het jacht is 78 meter lang. Het op een ponton rijden, en de manoeuvre in de ringvaart duurde meer dan 10 uur. Het jacht naderde de huizen aan de andere kant van de vaart tot op 3 meter. Een lantaarnpaal en een boom zijn verwijderd om de draai te kunnen maken.

I also made a time-lapse video of this transport:

Working Life on a Luxury Yacht

What is it like to live and work full time on a multimillion dollar luxury yacht? WSJ producer Andy Levine found out when he hitched a ride on through the Caribbean on My Colors and saw life crew life firsthand.

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Steve Jobs Yacht in Ensenada

While on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, I noticed The Late Steve Jobs unique yacht docked in Ensenada.

Mega Yacht MadSummer HD

Romazzina Beach Sardinia 2010

Camara Casio EX F1
Javier Rullan

More info:

Mega yacht Ecstasea destroyed bridge control house????

St.Maarten the Dutch Caribbean

Someone is gonna lose their job

The Yacht Ecstasea was built at Feadship for Roman Abramovich. In 2009 Abramovich sold the yacht Ecstasea to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi: HH Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He is the son of Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi. The yacht is now owned by Pakistani billionaire Alshair Fiyaz. Ecstasea is one of the fastest large yachts around, as she is powered by 4 MTU engines and a General Electric LM 2500 gas turbine, which brings her total power to 43,000 hp. Her maximum speed is 35 knots.

In anteprima a Genova lo yacht Venus, costruito per Steve Jobs

Liguria Nautica ha paparazzato il mega yacht di Steve Jobs Venus a pochi minuti dal suo arrivo nel Porto di Genova