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Equatorial Guinea Vs Gabon - Which Country is Better?


What is Equatorial Guinea? (THEY SPEAK SPANISH)

I have made it to EQUATORIAL GUINEA -- Africa's richest country (per capita) and the only nation on the continent that speaks Spanish.

Equatorial Guinea is truly such a different place in every way possible, and I'm excited to tell you all about. I think you will learn more about Equatorial Guinea in the next 5 minutes than in your entire life!

Please share your thoughts/suggestions/reactions in the comments below about Equatorial Guinea. Honestly speaking, have you ever heard of Equatorial Guinea before and did you know that they speak Spanish?

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Gabon is not what I think! || Indian Says

Gabon is Not What I Think! || Indian Says


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10 amazing facts about Gabon

Gabon, officially the Gabonese republic is a central African country and rich in natural resources. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, it borders Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Republic of Congo.


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MY TRIP TO MALABO// EQUATORIAL GUINEA 2019⎮African Queen in Poland????????????????????

#visiterlafrique #traveltoequatorialguinea #malabo

Going back to my country after 3 years!

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AFRICA is an amazing continent full of natural beauty, smiling faces and surprising wonders.

After visiting 53 of its 54 countries (only missing Ghana!) -- I have put together a list of 5 of my favorites, which I will explain to you in this video.


Do we share any common favorites? If not, then what are your favorite countries in Africa?

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My name is Drew Binsky and I am going to all 197 countries in the world. I make daily travel videos about people, culture and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide, because our planet is beautiful!


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Living in GABON - It’s damn hot (Contract Pilot Life)

Gabon 101
Contract Pilot Life
February 2017

Oh La La by dyalla
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#Gabon #ContractPilotLife #Embraer120

Africa Travel Tip #1: Which countries speak English, French, or Portuguese

When planning a trip to Africa, the languages of the country will be a big part of the decision of which countries to visit. In this video, we talk about which countries in Africa speak English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish as foreign languages.

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Equatorial Guinea Tourism Promotion


Hello You Tube users! Thank you for watching this video!

The video speaks for itself :-)

About Equatorial Guinea:

Like any other country, Equatorial Guinea has a unique sights which makes this country unique travel destination in the world! We sincerely hope this wonderful video will help people to recognize beauty of this country and encourage them to explore as much as possible.
Selecting and watching this video is just beginning of your journey.
For more information on tourism and travel in Equatorial Guinea, you can visit our Equatorial Guinea web page:
We do not own this video, it is posted only for promotion and presentation of the country and all rights belong to their respective owners.

Thank you for reading this.

President Obiang - Estamos contigo! - We are with you!

Equatorial Guinea President, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, is running for re-election. He's our candidate under the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE). The President has transform the country from zero to an emerging economy.

The history of Gabon. Gabon documentary. World Of Knowledge

Gabon , officially the Gabonese Republic , is a country on the west coast of Central Africa.

Located on the equator, Gabon is bordered by Equatorial Guinea to the northwest, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of the Congo on the east and south, and the Gulf of Guinea to the west.

It has an area of nearly 270,000 square kilometres and its population is estimated at 2.1 million people.

Its capital and largest city is Libreville.

The official language is French.

Since its independence from France in 1960, the sovereign state of Gabon has had three presidents.

In the early 1990s, Gabon introduced a multi-party system and a new democratic constitution that allowed for a more transparent electoral process and reformed many governmental institutions.

Abundant petroleum and foreign private investment have helped make Gabon one of the most prosperous countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the fifth highest HDI in the region and the fifth highest GDP per capita in all of Africa .

Its GDP grew by more than 6% per year from 2010 to 2012.

However, because of inequality in income distribution, a significant proportion of the population remains poor.

Gabon's name originates from gabão, Portuguese for cloak, which is roughly the shape of the estuary of the Komo River by Libreville.

The earliest inhabitants of the area were Pygmy peoples.

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Eating IBOGA in Gabon (Africa's Craziest Drug)

This is my 2nd YouTube channel, if you don't already subscribe to my main channel, you can check it out here:

2 years ago, I traveled to Gabon in Central Africa and tried a natural drug called Iboga. I didn't eat enough to feel the full effect, but I did get 'initiated' by the master woman at her house in the countryside -- she has been doing this for 43 years and it was a wild experience overall!

Here are some of the raw and unedited shots from that day -- if you want to see the original video I made about Iboga, then click this link:

Have you ever heard of Iboga before?

#DrewBinsky #Gabon #Iboga

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My name is Drew Binsky and I am going to all 197 countries in the world. I make daily travel videos about people, culture and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide, because our planet is beautiful!


Guinea-Bissau? No chance. African Countries (NO BORDERS) on Sporcle

Can I successfully pinpoint every single country in Africa on a satellite image of Africa that has absolutely no borders? My gut told me no, but you'll have to watch to find out if he was right..

Try this map yourself:


The history of Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea documentary. World Of Knowledge

Equatorial Guinea , officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea , is a country located on the west coast of Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometres .

Formerly the colony of Spanish Guinea, its post-independence name evokes its location near both the Equator and the Gulf of Guinea.

As of 2015, the country had a population of 1,225,367

Equatorial Guinea consists of two parts, an insular and a mainland region.

The insular region consists of the islands of Bioko in the Gulf of Guinea and Annobón, a small volcanic island which is the only part of the country south of the equator.

Bioko Island is the northernmost part of Equatorial Guinea and is the site of the country's capital, Malabo.

The Portuguese-speaking island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe is located between Bioko and Annobón.

The mainland region, Río Muni, is bordered by Cameroon on the north and Gabon on the south and east.

It is the location of Bata, Equatorial Guinea's largest city, and Ciudad de la Paz, the country's planned future capital.

Rio Muni also includes several small offshore islands, such as Corisco, Elobey Grande, and Elobey Chico.

The country is a member of the African Union, Francophonie, OPEC and the CPLP.

After becoming independent from Spain in 1968, Equatorial Guinea was ruled by President Francisco Macías Nguema until he was overthrown in a coup in 1979 by his nephew Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo who has served as the country's President since.

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The Beauty of Equatorial Guinea

Come visit Equatorial Guinea. Where fishing, eco-tourism, cultural tourism flourish and communing soon...retirement communities. The country remains stable under the wise stewardship of its government. See for yourself and you'll be amazed.

Which are the most high-risk countries in Africa at the moment?

Kevin Rivaton, Founder and Managing Director
Which are the most high-risk countries in Africa at the moment?

We need to examine the risks in Africa according to different themes. For example, security risk, financial risk and political risk.
Security risk: you could say that countries such as Libya and Sudan are very high-risk countries in terms of security: managing expatriates in these countries becomes very complicated.
A political risk is the constant risk of a coup d'état.
You may have elections being disrupted, or the electoral process may be hijacked.
There are probably fewer countries nowadays in which there is a political risk, but such countries still exist.
The situation in Central Africa has been difficult over the last ten years, although it has improved recently.

Financial risk is much rarer although the situation is still uncertain in some places due, for example, to falling oil revenues in certain parts of the CAEMU, the Central African Economic and Monetary Union.
There’s Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Gabon in the CAEMU: these countries have done little to diversify their economy, which is based on oil revenues, and now find themselves in currency difficulties.
This difficulty in diversifying their economy is causing them huge problems.

Then you have political risk underlying all these problems, and this can become complicated.
What about the future of South Africa?
I’m one of those people who believe that South Africa is going to become a high-risk country in the next 3 to 4 years.
I think it’s fair to ask questions about South Africa’s economic stability in the face of extremely powerful and sometimes violent political movements that could destabilise the whole country.

Most powerful passports in the world 2021

The world's most powerful passports for 2021

The best passports to hold in 2021.

A passport is the key to traveling abroad. However, some passports are considered to be “stronger” than others. The world’s most powerful passports are those that offer the greatest travel freedom.

The strongest passports are those that allow the holder to enter the most countries easily, without extra entry requirements, such as visas.

There are different factors that affect travel freedom and the strength of a passport. The Henley Passport Index (HPI), compiled by Henley & Partners, is regarded as the authority on passport strength. It ranks every passport in the world by the travel freedom it allows.

Find out the world passport ranking for 2021 below.

# strongest passports around the world
# top ten passports in the world
# top ten
# World's most powerful passports

NO 15 TO 110 .

15. Chile,Cyprus, Monaco 174 ( Visa free destinations)
16. United Arab Emirates 173
17. Romania 172
18. Bulgaria Croatia 171
19. Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong (SAR China)170
20. San Marino 168
21. Andorra 167
22. Brunei 166
23. Barbados,Israel 161
24. Mexico 159
25. St. Kitts and Nevis 156
26. Bahamas 155
27. Uruguay ,Vatican City 153
28. Antigua and Barbuda,Seychelles 151
29. Costa Rica,Trinidad and Tobago 150
30. St. Vincent and the Grenadines 148
31. Mauritius,St. Lucia 146
32. Taiwan 145
33. Grenada ,Macao (SAR China)144
34. Dominica 143
35. Panama 142
36. Paraguay 141
37. Peru 135
38. El Salvador,Honduras, Serbia 134
39. Guatemala 133
40. Samoa ,Solomon Islands 131
41. Ukraine ,Vanuatu 130
42. Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela 129
43. Tuvalu 127
44. Tonga 125
45. Montenegro ,North Macedonia124
46. Kiribati ,Marshall Islands123
47. Moldova ,Palau Islands120
48. Micronesia 118
49. Bosnia and Herzegovina 117
50. Russian Federation 116
51. Georgia 115
52. Albania 114
53. Turkey 110
54. Belize,South Africa 101
55. Kuwait 96
56. Qatar 95
57. Timor-Leste 94
58. Ecuador 92
59. Nauru 89
60. Fiji ,Guyana 88
61. Jamaica 86
62. Botswana,Maldives 85
63. Papua New Guinea 84
64. Bahrain 83
65. Oman 80
66. Saudi Arabia,Thailand 79
67. Bolivia ,Suriname 78
68. Namibia 77
69. Lesotho 76
70. Belarus,China,Kazakhstan 75
71. eSwatini 74
72. Malawi 73
73. Kenya 72
74. Indonesia,Tanzania,Tunisia, Zambia 71
75. The Gambia 68
76. Azerbaijan,Uganda 67
77. Cape Verde Islands,Dominican Republic, Philippines 66
78. Ghana,Zimbabwe 65
79. Cuba,Morocco 64
80. Armenia,Kyrgyzstan, Sierra Leone 63
81. Benin,Mongolia,Mozambique 62
82. Sao Tome and Principe 61
83. Rwanda 60
84. Burkina Faso ,Mauritania 59
85. India,Tajikistan 58
86. Cote d'Ivoire,Gabon, Uzbekistan 57
87. Senegal 56
88. Equatorial Guinea,Guinea,Madagascar,Togo 55
89. Cambodia,Mali,Niger,Vietnam 54
90. Bhutan,ChadComoro ,Islands ,Guinea-Bissau,Turkmenistan 53
91. The central African Republic 52
92. Angola,Burundi 51
93. Angola,Burundi,Egypt, Laos 50
94. Cameroon,Haiti, Liberia 49
95. Congo (Republic) 48
96. Djibouti,Myanmar 47
97. Nigeria 46
98. Ethiopia 44
99. South Sudan 43
100. Congo (Democratic Republic),Eritrea, Sri Lanka 42
101. Bangladesh,Iran 41
102. Kosovo, Lebanon, Sudan 40
103. North Korea 39
104. Libya,Nepal 38
105. Palestinian Territory 37
106. Somalia,Yemen 33
107. Pakistan 32
108. Syria 29
109. Iraq 28
110. Afghanistan 26

Henley and Partners Passport Index 2021 released a list of world's most powerful passports on 5 January 2021.

10 Reasons To Visit Mauritius in 2021

10 Reasons To Visit Mauritius in 2021.
One of the most beautiful island getaways anywhere in the WORLD is located right here in AFRICA!

This tiny island paradise just east of Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa, is one of the most beautiful places on EARTH!

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is home to only around 1 million people, despite being TWICE the size of Hong Kong. However this island paradise features beautiful weather year round, and plenty for everyone.

Mauritius more than doubles it’s population with tourists who visit each year, as in 2018 when it hosted over 1.4 million visitors, including yours truly.

Most tourists arrive by airplane, however some do arrive by boat. Mauritius is a very popular destination for many from other African countries looking for a getaway without going too far from home.

Hey, 1.4 million people a year cannot be wrong!

So let’s jump into our list of the ten reasons we think you should visit Mauritius!

10. Food

If you love food, you will love your time in Mauritius, trust me!

Mauritian cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world, with influences from French, Indian, African and Asian kitchens coming together to create its unique flavours. Be sure to scan restaurant menus for daube, fish vindaye, chicken or fish kalia (mixed with vegetables), mutton halim (a soup), a classic tomato-based chicken stew and a local take on Indian vindaloo.

You can also try Mauritian snacks such as dhal puri, a traditional flatbread filled with spicy ground split peas and served with chutney. Or try the island’s famous babonne, a fleshy white fish similar to red snapper.

9. Festivals

If you want to experience what’s said to be the largest Hindu pilgrimage outside India, plan a visit during Maha Shivaratri.

Each February, around 500,000 people make the pilgrimage on foot to Grand Bassin, a lake near which stands a giant statue of Lord Shiva.

You can also visit during Diwali, the festival of light, held every Spring, and feast on gâteau patate – sweet potato and coconut cakes made and offered as gifts between families and neighbours.

Other festivals such as Thaipusam, Ganesh Chathurthi, Ugadi and Chinese New Year are also widely celebrated and each of them gives a glimpse into the many cultures that come together to create the island of Mauritius.

8. Markets

Featuring fruit and vegetable vendors, artisans selling handicrafts, spice vendors and street-food hawkers, the markets all over the island offer a cheerful slice of Mauritian life.
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Kenya Yellow Fever Vaccination!?! Do I need it? Is it really necessary? Yes or NO! (Find it out)

Kenya Yellow Fever Vaccination!?! Do I need it? Is it really necessary? Yes or NO! (Find it out) // Get a free travel Checklist for your safari in Kenya here:

Kenya Yellow Fever Vaccination - You are not a fan of vaccinations?
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Learn about:
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- When should you get a yellow fever vaccination
- and much more...


COUNTRIES who NEED a yellow fever vaccination are:
Angola, Argentina, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Congo, Cote d’Voire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, French Guyana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Guyana, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Venezuela (kindly confirm with the Ministry of Health in Kenya if this list is still valid)

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GIVE AFRICA A CHANCE (why it's underrated)

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I have now been to 53 of the 54 countries in Africa, and all I can say is that this continent is HUGELY MISUNDERSTOOD AND MISREPRESENTED.

Africa is not all poverty. It's not all dirty or dangerous. In many places, it's quite the opposite -- offering beauty like you would never imagine.

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My name is Drew Binsky and I am going to all 197 countries in the world. I make daily travel videos about people, culture and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide, because our planet is beautiful!


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Ethiopia in a nutshell | ኢትዮጲያ በጥቂቱ

Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. It shares borders with Eritrea and Djibouti to the north, Somaliland to the northeast, Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south, South Sudan to the west, and Sudan to the northwest. Ethiopia has a total area of 1,100,000 square kilometers (420,000 sq mi) and over 117 million inhabitants and is the 12th-most populous country in the world and the 2nd-most populous in Africa. The national capital and largest city, Addis Ababa, lies several kilometers west of the East African Rift that splits the country into the African and Somali tectonic plates.

#ethiopia #YouTube #abay #itsmydam

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