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Envision Festival 2019 VIP Experience


Envision Festival 2019 VIP Experience

Come explore the depths of your imagination and adventure, surrounded by a a heart-opening community of friends, family, and magical humans beings alike. At Envision Festival, we provide a VIP Experience and space to transform your consciousness, re-connect with mother nature, and let your spirit run free. See you on the playa.

A special thank you to:

Production: Wenox
Music: Axel Thesleff

Official 2018 Aftermovie [Envision Festival]

Real experiences leave real lasting impressions months and years into the future. Now we get to relive those moments.

This years Aftermovie highlights that not only is Envision Festival a world-class celebration but it stands firmly upon a foundation of enacting positive change through alignment with the mission statement and the Pillars of Envision.

So after much anticipation, it is our great pleasure to present to you the Official 2018 Aftermovie. This has been an incredible labor of love and dedication. rom each and every videographer on our badass 2018 Media Team, to our Costa Rican Wenox Family, to the support of our core Envision team and all of you; we are beyond excited to share this gift you all helped create. Relive, rewild, relearn, and reshare!

Envision Festival Official 10-Year Anniversary Video


The Original Jungle Festival was born ten years ago,
and its wild spirit is beyond imagination.
The journey to the Anniversary year, starts now.
Agency: SPEKK
Director & Writer: Alana Hutton-Shaw
DP & Editor: Pictionary Productions
Music: CloZee « Koto »:

Envision Festival 2019 Recap

Check out our highlights of the 2019 Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica! We show our guesthouse up the hill in town, the waterfall, sunset on the beach, and of course tons of amazing art and music from the 4-day festival.

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Envision 2019 Aftermovie (Incredible Footage)

Let me take you on a journey of what it's like to witness Envision Festival in Costa Rica! Full of festie stimuli to bring you deeper into the Envision experience. Dancing in the jungle, healing workshops, yoga & meditation, medicinal plants, perplexing artwork, powerful music, genuine people. It's truly a transformational music festival that all should attend. Be sure to be there in 2020!

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Music Used:

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∆ Relaxing Music - Flute, Gentle Birds and Rainforest Sound ∆

01:05 - 04:25
∆ CharlestheFirst - The Mist (W/ CloZee) ∆

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04:25 - 07:05
∆ Desert Dwellers - Lotus Heart (Kalya Scintilla Remix) ∆

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07:05 - 11:00
∆ Supertask - Get To You (ft. Saint Sinner) ∆


11:00 - 19:28
∆ Grouch In Dub - Frere La (W/ Gaudi) ∆


19:28 - 20:40
∆ Govinda - Elves ∆


20:40 - 25:28
∆ CloZee - Harmony ∆


25:28 - 27:35
∆ Tycho - A Walk ∆


27:35 - 28:40
∆ Relaxing Music - Flute, Gentle Birds and Rainforest Sound ∆


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Memories of Envision Festival

Here's what people from around the world are saying about their Envision Festival experience.

Envision The Jungle Dance Floor: Sol, Luna, Lapa Stage

Envision is curated by music lovers for music lovers to experience something new they have never experienced before. Nothing ordinary. Nothing average. We’re always looking for something that brings an audience together, opens hearts and minds, and deeply inspires individual expression in the community through the unique viewpoints demonstrated on our stages. No matter who you are, you WILL find a new favorite artist and be blown away by a stage design you’ve never experienced before.

We also happen to have one of the most idyllic and paradisal venues in the world. And although we’re known for our surf-able beach-front-meets-jungle venue, we’re more than our surroundings. We’re a yoga and wellness festival that happens to provide a full scale music festival. We’re a music festival that also boasts a full scale yoga and wellness festival. We have a taste for everyone, and because we’re in Central America, our Latin American influence really sets us apart. We’re marrying the North and South Americas in a variety of aspects. Just as Central America is the Isthmus of the Americas, Envision Festival is the Isthmus of musical genres. Fans will be engulfed in a Latin tropical fusion that is felt in every corner of the festival.
This 2017 re-cep video has been created with deep love gratitude for our entire community of vibrant supporters. You're the reason we do what we do, and we'd be nowhere without you all. We hope you enjoy reliving last years event, as you prepare to join us for what will be the most magical Envision yet!

A special thank you to:

Wenox Media (Production)

Sarah Wu Co-producer/founder Envision Festival - Interviewed by Thatja Andrade Part 2

I am honored to interview this extradionary woman, Sarah Wu.
She is a true inspiration to us, her passionate creative side is focus on building this new paradigm.
With her profound understanding about medicinal plants she cultivates and remind us this truth that exits inside all of us!

Sarah Wu is the co-producer of Envision Festival. She is currently Director and Educational Curator, leading trainings and workshops in herbal medicine, permaculture design, tropical deep Ecology, field-to-the-plate holistic nutrition and women’s retreats. She is a clinical herbalist of 15 years, practicing planetary eclectic herbalism with a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wise Woman Reclaiming philosophy, focusing on food-based healing and local ethnobotanical traditions. She is a passionate mentor and educator. Sarah is the co-founder of Medicines from the Edge: a Tropical Herbal Convergence.

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Envision Festival 2019 Music Line Up

Envision Festival empieza a calentar y estoy emocionado para lo que tendremos en el evento del 2019, sin duda una gran variedad de artistas.
En este video se puede conocer su respectivo escenario o Stage donde tocarán.

Video por Ricar Quesada @ricarfx
Envision Map and Tips:


Photo Credits:
Eric Allen
Manuel Pinto

Special thanks: Graham Berry

(English )

This Envision Festival announcement offers a glimpse into an
evolution on the conventional music listening experience at the world’s most eco-friendly festival. It also points to a deep-seeded mission to be a positive impact on the local community, through a shared tradition of upholding the finest sounds in Latin America alongside legendary international tastemakers of bass, house and techno.

Further distinguished from its contemporaries as a leader among environmentally focused events, Envision is half yoga
retreat, half permaculture conference, wrapped in a world class music festival. Set in a living, breathing jungle wonderland with three eco-kindly designed, dance music stages: Sol, Luna
and Lapa. As internationally celebrated emblems of Envision’s spirit, each stage features a highly curated lineup and dazzling aesthetic personality complete with flame throwing towers,
projection mapped facades and top-shelf audio technology from Audiowaska.

Envision Festival Costa Rica (Uvita) Real life

Envision is a 4-Day festival perfectly nestled where the Pacific Ocean meets the wild jungle of Costa Rica. As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision Festival provides a platform for different cultures to collide harmoniously in regenerative community. Our aim is to inspire one another through the collective participation in art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, regenerative strategies and our fundamental connection with nature. We’d love to share this experience with you.

Envision Festival 2019 Acroyoga

Come explore the depths of your imagination and adventure, surrounded by a a heart-opening community of friends, family, and magical humans beings alike. At Envision Festival, we provide the space to transform your consciousness, re-connect with mother nature, and let your spirit run free. See you on the playa.

A special thank you to:


How to feed 2000 People in the Jungle at Envision Festival

How do you feed 🌮 2000 staff members in the jungle? You work with over 25 local farms 👨‍🌾 all year and plan everything just right.

What food are you most excited to eat at Envision 2019?

#MangosForDays #Pipaya #Coconut #CantStopWontStop

Envision Festival 2019 | Journey to Costa Rica

Some of the videos got a little messed up while exporting, sorry for any glitches. Life really does that to you sometimes huh.

Feel free to skip to 7:28 if you only want to see footage from the festival itself!

Costa Rica Vlog: Envision Festival & Manuel Antonio

In our latest vlog, we sit down to chat about our 2-week trip to Costa Rica. In part one, hear us talk about our first trip to the Envision Festival as we share some sights and sounds of this awesome festival. From there, we headed to Manuel Antonio for a few days of R&R followed by some epic adventures (sunset catamaran booze cruise!), wildlife spotting (sloths!), and much more.

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Envision 2016 Aftermovie - Vive La Experiencia

Join us Feb 23rd - 26th 2017 for the 7th annual Envision music, art, community, yoga, surfing and Sacred Movement Festival in the stunning scenery of southern Costa Rica!

Fresh off our second sold-out year in a row, we’re already envisioning 2017! We couldn’t contain our excitement any longer and wanted to make sure you have as much time as possible to plan your trip to beautiful Uvita, Costa Rica for the upcoming Envision!

As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to coexist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.

First tier tickets for Envision 2017 are on sale now at

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¡Acompañanos del 23 al 26 de febrero para el 7o Envision el festival anual de música, yoga, surf y movimientos sagrados en el maravilloso escenario al sur de Costa Rica!

¡Volvamos a tener las entradas agotadas por segundo año consecutivo, ya estamos visualizando el 2017! ¡No podemos contener por más tiempo nuestra emoción y queremos asegurarnos de darte el mayor tiempo posible para planear tu viaje a Uvita, Costa Rica, para el próximo año!

Como una celebración dedicada al despertar del potencial humano, Envision proveé una plataforma para que diferentes culturas coexistan en una comunidad sustentable que inspire a otros a través del arte, espiritualidad, yoga, música, danza, espectáculos, educación, sustentabilidad y nuestra conección fundamental con la naturaleza.

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Getting sick at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and turning the vomiting into a form of therapy to help me heal emotional wounds and grow stronger.

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Thank you for all your support and love ♡ xoxo

Envision Festival Street Team Experience Days: Sacks + Socks

Dec 10th 2015 the Envision Festival Street Team joined forces with amazing companies GoPro, Stance Socks, Dr. Bronner’s and Guayaki Yerba Mate to execute a grassroots give-back event, 'Sacks + Socks'. The experience day was successful in its goal to help homeless people, right in time for the holidays, and brought together a team of like-minded companies to provide a sack lunch, beverage, biodegradable soap and a fresh pair of socks to that those that needed a little bit of holiday cheer. The resulting awesomeness was captured in this video shot entirely with GoPros. We'd like to ask.. what can you do to make an impact in your community?


How to Prepare For Costa Rica's Envision Music & Yoga Festival - 2017

Hello lovelies!!

If you're unsure of what to expect from Costa Rica's Envision Music & Yoga Festival, you've come to the right place.

If you're not confident in going alone, let me reassure you that you will make tons of friends & have a blast at the festival!

Cities to consider checking out in Costa Rica:
Uvita, Monteverde, La Fortuna, Jaco, Tamarindo, & Montezuma.

For a Comprehensive Packing list, what to not pack, food, & favorite memories, please visit my website at


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iPura Vida!

Envision Festival 2015 | Daily Recap | Are You Ready

Envision Festival 2015 is going to be the biggest and best yet! We are excited to open the gates today and experience the weekend with all of you wonderful people. Are you Ready to #VivaLaExperiencia
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Envision Festival 2016 WakenMake Recap + Narrative

Music: When I Grow Up by The Human Experience official Recap of a 4 day yoga, art, and music festival in Costa Rica. For more info about the festival check out the Beginner's Guide:

Also the Envision Festival Bucket & F*ckit Lists

Envision Festival Pre & Post Adventure Tour Recap and Review

Stay Tuned for the WakenMake official recap video and check out for more travel and festival content and guides.

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