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Driving Around Montego Bay, Jamaica


Driving Around Montego Bay, Jamaica

Driving Around Montego Bay, Jamaica

Driving Thru Montego Bay's Hip Strip (January 2020)

Driving through Montego Bay's Hip Strip, January 2020. Traffic Jam.

See you in Jamaica.

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Driving through downtown Montego Bay


Montego Bay to Negril, Jamaica

Montego Bay to Negril, Jamaica (Caribbean).

Drive Time 1 h 37 min (80.8 km) via A1 / Jamaica North Coast Highway.
Driving Distance: 80.8 km.

⭐ Points of Interest:
00:18 St.Bran's Burg
00:33 Bob Man Hill Road
01:16 Spot Valley River
02:14 Spot Valley
03:21 Little River
03:47 To Rose Hall Great House
04:06 Montego Bay Convention Centre
04:33 Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa All-Inclusive Resort
05:05 Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall - Adults Only - All Inclusive
05:19 The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort
05:43 Half Moon Golf Course
05:45 Half Moon Shopping Village
06:08 Half Moon Hotel
06:28 Springfarm Drive
06:30 Hospiten (Network of private hospitals)
06:49 Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay All-Inclusive
07:32 Coral Gardens Avenue
07:34 Coral Gardens Police Station
08:19 Sugar Mill Road
09:37 Ironshore, Montego Bay
10:00 Morgan Road
11:41 To Whitehouse Village
12:50 Flankers
14:06 Hobbs Avenue
14:10 University of the West Indies (Western Jamaica Campus)
14:41 Queens Drive
14:47 Sangster International Airport (MBJ)
14:53 Sunset Boulevard
15:51 Sunset Arms Apartments
15:53 Delisser Drive
16:10 Hotel Gloriana and Spa
16:33 Kent Avenue
16:39 Jimmy Cliff Boulevard - Hip Strip (formerly Gloucester Avenue)
16:44 Doctors Cave Beach Hotel
17:27 S Hotel Jamaica
17:56 Montego Bay Club Resort Condominiums
18:51 Coral Cliff Gaming Lounge
18:58 Margaritaville Montego Bay
19:20 The Pelican Grill
19:28 Mobay's Old Hospital Park
20:14 Aqua Sol Theme Park
20:23 Fort Street
21:00 Queens Drive
21:05 Howard Cooke Boulevard
21:08 St James Street just ahead
21:13 To Hanover
21:13 To Westmoreland
21:13 To Negril
21:53 Turn onto Howard Cooke Boulevard
22:26 Market Street
22:47 Barnett Street
23:00 Railway Lane
24:02 Lower Bevin Avenue
24:51 West Green Avenue
25:50 Alice Eldemire Drive
25:58 Turn onto Alice Eldemire Drive
28:23 Barnett Street
28:25 Bogue Road
29:00 Bogue Treatment Plant
29:18 Clarence Nelson Drive
29:51 Bogue Heights
30:18 To Ramble Hill
30:18 To Wales Pond
31:24 Bogue Heights Boulevard
32:45 Long Hill
32:47 To Anchovy
32:47 To Montpelier
32:47 To St Elizabeth
34:08 Reading Beach (Public Beach)
35:11 Dr Aston King Highway
36:07 Chateau Margarite Villa
37:24 Hanover
37:48 Great River Bay
38:52 Rest Stop
40:22 Hopewell
41:33 Bethel Methodist Church
41:37 Hopewell Town Centre
42:45 Hopewell Sports and Community Centre
44:37 To Hopewell High School
46:49 Tryall Golf Club
48:08 Sandy Bay
48:39 Sandy Bay Post Office
48:46 Sandy Bay Police Station
48:48 Sandy Bay Court House
49:14 Sandy Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church
49:22 Sandy Bay New Testament Church Of God
50:06 Sandy Bay Cemetery
50:31 Chukka Caribbean Adventures
50:36 Chukka Blue Polo Club
53:28 To Cascade
53:28 To Jerico
55:50 Cold Beer Joint
56:03 Dolphin Cove Montego Bay
57:38 Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa
59:11 Elgin Town
1:00:26 Johnson Town
1:01:35 Lucea
1:01:43 To Dias
1:03:38 Millers Drive
1:03:46 Prosper Road
1:03:56 Lucea Main Street
1:04:51 Church Street
1:04:54 To Lucea Fire Station
1:04:56 Hanover Municipal Corporation
1:05:17 Lucea United Church
1:05:43 Lorenton Avenue
1:05:55 Sandfleben Road
1:06:00 Fort Charlotte Drive
1:06:00 To Fort Charlotte
1:06:04 Hanover Parish Church
1:06:08 Watson Taylor Drive
1:06:18 Sts Philip & James Catholic Church
1:06:22 Watson Taylor Park
1:06:31 East Avenue
1:06:35 Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses
1:06:42 Central Avenue
1:06:53 Lucea Cemetary
1:06:58 West Avenue
1:07:01 Rusea's High School (Main Campus)
1:08:47 Copperwood Drive
1:09:09 Esher Housing Scheme
1:09:40 Providence
1:10:39 Bull's Bay
1:11:48 Lances Bay
1:15:25 Cousins Cove
1:16:57 Industry Cove
1:17:05 Camera over heated | Rest Stop
1:17:14 Driving west in Industry Cove
1:18:55 Green Island
1:19:04 Green Island High School
1:21:59 Green Island Wesleyan Holiness Church
1:22:43 Green Island Police Station
1:26:34 Orange Bay
1:27:06 Wharf Road
1:31:34 Crossing the North Negril River
1:31:42 Norman Manley Boulevard
1:31:45 Negril
1:32:10 Little Bay Country Club
1:32:54 Hotel Riu Negril
1:34:37 Rutland Point Craft Market
1:34:48 Royalton Negril
1:34:51 Hedonism II Resort
1:35:11 Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa
1:35:59 Kool Runnings Water Park
1:37:01 Westmoreland
1:43:58 Crossing the Negril River
1:44:04 To Little London
1:44:04 To Savanna la Mar
1:44:17 To Rick's Cafe
1:44:17 To West End
1:44:17 To Negril Lighthouse
1:44:46 West End Road
1:52:57 Rick's Cafe

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Location on Google Maps:
2019 Road Trip footage using the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition.

Bomber (Sting) by Riot (Reggae).

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REVEALED - The HIP STRIP in Montego Bay | A drive through Montego Bay's most renowned street

Today I'll take you on a journey with me.... yes, the Hip Strip in Montego Bay.
I wrote an article about it here ( but figured it would not have been complete without a 'scenic experience'.

Among other things, I captured the major hotels, landmark areas, restaurants, etc.

So here is it. Enjoy!

Also, get the FULL Attractions & Places to visit Playlist at:

See also:

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Driving through Montego Bay | Jamaica

Driving through Montego Bay in St James Jamaica

Driving Rural Jamaica in a Rental Car Negril to Mandaville

Driving from Negril to Mandaville with a Cute Jamaican Girl in a rental car. Small towns Bluefields Bay beach park and I splash a poor little girl with water by accident (still feel bad about that). Then Driving back to Montego Bay.

Driving to Negril Jamaica from Montego Bay

Driving to Negril Jamaica from Montego Bay in Rental Car to meet a beautiful Jamaican Girl. Dining at a Beachfront restaurant on Negril Beach. She gives her opinion of Negril and the Beach party that is going on.

Kingston To Ocho Rios via Highway, Jamaica

Kingston to Ocho Rios via Highway, Jamaica (Caribbean).

Drive Time 1 h 10 min (84.0 km) via Hwy 2000 / Toll Road / Jamaica North South Highway.
Driving Distance: 84 km.

⭐ Point of interest:
00:07 Slipe Road
00:11 Carib 5 Cinema
00:13 Cross Roads
00:38 Cross Roads Bus Station
01:03 Old Hope Road
01:07 Cross Roads Market
01:09 Half Tree Road
01:21 Union Square
01:23 Retirement Road
01:50 Eureka Road
01:56 Retirement Crescent
02:01 Ivy Green Crescent
02:22 Collins Green Avenue
02:43 Beechwood Avenue
03:00 Osbourne Road
03:31 Flow Jamaica Telephone Company
03:35 Oxford Road
03:39 To New Kingston
03:42 To Emancipation Park06:58 Ministry of Transport and Mining
04:22 Carlton Crescent
04:31 Richmond Avenue
04:33 Carlton Crescent
04:37 Chelsea Avenue
04:49 Grove Road
05:12 Balmoral Avenue
05:27 Skibo Avenue
05:38 Heart Institute of the Caribbean
05:42 Bradley Avenue
05:49 Ballater Avenue
06:08 Maxfield Avenue
06:18 Queens Avenue
06:44 Maxfield Avenue
06:53 Cargill Avenue
07:02 National Works Agency
07:09 Half Way Tree Police Station
07:13 Half Way Tree Courthouse
07:19 Half Way Tree Fire Station
07:22 Hagley Park Road
07:25 Eastwood Park Road
07:33 Molynes Road
07:42 South Odeon Avenue
07:47 Half Way Tree Transport Centre
07:55 North Odeon Avenue
08:08 Courtney Walsh Drive
08:16 Hillview Avenue
08:21 Eastwood Avenue
08:29 Westminister Road
08:55 Burlington Avenue
08:55 South Avenue
09:05 Dumbarton Avenue
09:08 Brandon Road
09:25 Red Hills Road
09:28 To Half Way Tree
09:55 Ministry of Justice
09:57 West Kings House Road
10:02 To Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records
10:05 Sandy Gully
10:13 Constant Spring Road
10:18 CVM Television Ltd
10:26 Gore Terrace
10:40 Dunrobin Avenue
10:56 Lindsay Crescent
11:27 Washington Boulevard
11:37 Aldene Drive
11:57 Hugh Miller Avenue
12:20 Hugh Miller Road
13:35 Molynes Road
13:40 To Half Way Tree
13:42 To Zadie Gardens
15:02 Headley Avenue
15:02 Denver Crescent
15:25 Darby Terrace
15:50 Ken Hill Drive
16:28 Patrick Drive
17:29 Weymouth Drive
18:04 Coleyville Avenue
18:29 Duhaney Drive
18:32 Cooreville Community
20:11 To Downtown Kingston
20:26 Six Miles Overpass
20:38 Mandela Highway
22:02 Tom Cringle Drive
22:46 Highway 2000 Ferry Overpass - On and Off Ramp
23:12 Ferry Police Station
23:35 St Andrew / St Catherine Parish Border
24:33 Highway 2000 East/West - Toll Road
24:54 Highway 2000 Overpass - Clarendon To Kingston
25:11 To Portmore | Caymanas
26:22 Highway 2000 North South
26:32 To Caymans Estate
26:43 Caymanas Estate Road / Overpass
27:02 Caymanas Park Toll Plaza
28:19 Caymans Estate
29:13 Caymanas Golf Club Road / Overpass
32:16 Angels | Spanish Town - Exit
40:59 Mid Island Farm
42:28 Linstead Bypass Road Overpass
42:39 Linstead Exit - Linstead Toll Plaza
44:01 Bauxite Plant (Formally ALCAN)
46:05 Mount Rosser
47:22 St Ann / St Catherine Parish Border
49:56 Faiths Pen Overpass
51:10 Moneague exit | Unity Valley Rest Stop
51:35 Moneague, St Ann
54:40 Overpass near Phoenix Park
56:33 Golden Grove Toll Plaza
56:33 Golden Grove | Claremont Exit
1:03:56 Steer Town, St Ann
1:05:51 Roundabout near Drax Hall
1:06:03 To Runaway Bay | Montego Bay | Negril
1:06:13 To Ocho Rios | St Mary
1:07:41 Entering Ocho Rios
1:08:35 One Love Trail
1:08:38 Dunn's River Falls & Park
1:09:02 Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios
1:09:44 Mystic Mountain
1:11:58 Reynold's Pier
1:13:26 Ocho Rios Bypass Road
1:13:28 Main Street Ocho Rios
1:13:35 To Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal
1:15:43 Milford Road
1:16:08 Graham Street
1:17:02 Ocho Rios Craft Market
1:17:07 Newlin Street
1:17:28 Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort
1:17:50 Little Pub Plaza
1:18:00 Evelyn Street
1:18:30 James Avenue
1:18:32 Ocho Rios Town Centre
1:18:51 Market Street

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Location on Google Maps:
2019 Road Trip footage using the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition.

Bomber (Sting) by Riot (Reggae).

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Arriving Montego Bay Jamaica

Once you depart from your Air plane you have a long walk to customs office area , there you have your passport stamped then then if you have a bag go pick up your luggage and head out. There will be a lot of people offering to help you outside , but nicely tell them you are just going to couples and they will either direct you or walk away , Once everyone has arrived to the couples lounge they will show you out to a van or small bus. In our case Anthony the gust house owner was waiting for us No problem at all . Once you are outside the taxi drive will ask if you want a ride that depends on you . Personally we would rather just call SISU Lovely home gust house.. hope this helps.


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Montego Bay To Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay to Runaway Bay, Jamaica just short of Ocho Rios (Caribbean).

Driving from Montego Bay, St James to Runaway Bay, St Ann via Jamaica North Coast Highway passing through Trelawny Parish.

Drive Time: 1 h 15 min
Distance: 75.5 km

⭐ Points of Interest:
00:12 Driving east in Montego Bay city towards Ocho Rios
00:25 Sangster International Airport (MBJ) Montego Bay Airport
00:31 Queens Drive
00:51 The University of the West Indies (Western Jamaica Campus)
02:43 To Flankers
03:24 Ironshore, Montego Bay
04:06 Whitehouse Village
05:52 To Hotel Riu Montego Bay
05:55 Morgan Road
06:54 Zoetry Montego Bay
07:28 Sugar Mill Road
07:57 Coral Gardens Avenue
08:16 Craft Village
08:51 Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay (All-Inclusive Hotel)
09:21 Hospiten (Private Hospital)
10:45 Half Moon Golf Course
10:48 Half Moon Shopping Village
11:12 Rose Hall
11:28 The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort
11:38 Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall (Adults Only - All Inclusive)
11:57 Palmyra Luxury Beach Condos
12:06 Rose Hall Main Road
12:55 Rose Hall Great House
13:37 Little River
13:50 Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa
14:50 Success Craft Market
14:55 John Rollins Success Primary
15:35 Lilliput/Long Bay
16:44 Northern Estates, St.Bran's Burg
17:13 Iberostar Grand Rose Hall
17:59 Barrett Hall
19:16 Chill Out Hut
19:29 Greenwood
20:18 Greenwood Avenue
20:54 St James Parish ends
20:56 Trelawny Parish begins
23:02 Entering Salt Marsh
26:12 To Falmouth | Rodney Street
28:06 To Falmouth
28:20 Market Street, Falmouth below (Overpass)
28:23 Martha Brae
28:48 Entering Hague
28:53 Hague Infant School
28:56 Hague Primary School
29:39 Hague Housing Development
30:34 Entering Florence Hall Village
30:47 Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium (also Greenfield Stadium)
30:52 To Clarks Town
31:12 Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina
32:07 Coopers Penn
32:44 Corral Spring
32:46 To Outameni Experience
32:51 To Royalton White Sands Resort, Trelawny
33:17 To Captain's Cove Beach Resort
33:24 To Burwood Beach (public)
35:05 Duncans
36:51 JPS Sub Station
37:51 Duncans Town
37:53 To Trelawny Parish Court
37:53 To Duncans All Age and Infant
39:37 To Duncans Town
41:49 Braco
43:36 Rio Bueno
44:00 Bamboo Beach Club Falmouth
44:07 Trelawny Aggregates Limited
44:30 Melia Braco Village
46:03 Bengal
46:24 Bueno
46:32 Trelawny Parish ends
46:34 St Ann Parish begins
50:32 Discovery Bay
51:14 Noranda Bauxite Ltd (Search for Video on YouTube)
51:18 Discovery Bay Bauxite Pier
51:42 To Old Folly Playfield
52:31 Discovery Bay Town
52:36 Puerto Seco Beach Park
53:39 Red Stripe Distribution Center
53:47 Immanuel Worship Centre
54:39 Coconut Tree Restaurant & Bar
54:51 Herbalife (Distribution service)
55:11 St George's Lake just beyond
55:45 Ultimate Jerk Centre
56:48 Green Grotto Caves
58:19 Pear Tree River
58:54 Runaway Bay, Jamaica
59:01 Salt Coppers
59:29 Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica (4-star hotel)
1:00:07 Club Ambiance Resort
1:01:07 Runaway Bay Town
1:01:09 To Browns Town
1:01:09 To Belleair
1:01:14 Runaway Bay Police Station
1:01:49 Franklyn D Resort & Spa
1:02:12 Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort (All-Inclusive Resort)
1:03:04 Flavours Beach Bar and Restaurant
1:03:45 Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort & Spa (All-Inclusive Adult Resort)
1:03:54 Salem
1:05:54 Sharkies Seafood Restaurant
1:05:58 Salem Beach
1:06:23 To Ocho Rios
1:06:23 To Priory
1:06:23 To Drax Hall
1:09:05 Laughland Great River
1:10:51 Cave River
1:11:35 Chukka Cove & Cliffs at Llandovery (Chukka Caribbean Adventures)
1:11:42 Plantation Village
1:12:08 Richmond Estate

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Location on Google Maps:
2019 Road Trip footage using the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition.

Bomber (Sting) by Riot (Reggae).

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Driving in Jamaica ( Falmouth Trelawny toward to Montego Bay )

Kingston To Ocho Rios via Non-Highway, Jamaica

Kingston to Ocho Rios via Non-Highway, Jamaica (Caribbean).

Drive Time 1 h 55 min (93.0 km) via Non-Highway route avoiding Toll Roads/Highway 2000.
Driving Distance: 84 km.

⭐ Points of Interest:
00:00 Victoria Pier
00:14 Waterfront
00:19 Ocean Boulevard
00:24 Orange Street
00:35 Princess Street
01:20 Kingston Craft Market
01:33 Port Royal Street
01:35 Pechon Street
02:02 Downtown Bus Station - Urban Transport Center
02:25 Newport East
02:37 Marcus Garvey Drive
03:21 Industrial Terrace
06:32 New Port West
07:16 To Portmore via Toll Road
07:20 Port Kingston Causeway
08:18 Three Mile Overhead Bridge
08:25 Turn onto the New Chesterfield Drive
09:50 Seaview Gardens
09:55 Chesterfield Drive
10:38 Kiss Baking Jamaica
10:46 Caribbean Products Company Limited (Seprod)
11:09 Turn onto Spanish Town Road
11:25 J Wray and Nephew
12:12 Sandy Gully
12:28 Weymouth Drive
12:32 Riverton City
13:57 Six Miles
14:20 Turn onto Mandela Highway
15:53 Ferry
16:06 Ferry Police Station
16:26 St Andrew and St Catherine Parish border
17:06 To Clarendon and Manchester
17:27 Caymanas
17:48 To Portmore
18:41 To Ocho Rios via Highway 2000 Toll Road
20:00 Central Village
21:43 Jose Marti Technical High School
21:50 To Spanish Town, Town Center
21:57 Spanish Town Bypass Road
23:43 Rio Cobre River
27:25 Railway Crossing - Level Crossing
28:10 Old Harbour Roundabout
28:14 To Highway 2000 East West - 1st Exit
28:22 To Old Harbour - 2nd Exit
28:28 To Spanish Town, Town Center
28:33 3rd exit to Ocho Rios
29:09 St John's Road - To Kitson Town
30:17 Job Lane
31:06 Railway Crossing - Level Crossing
31:13 Brunswick Avenue
32:30 Wynter Pen Road
32:30 To GC Foster College
32:52 Crescent Primary School
33:40 Angels
33:47 To Angels Grove
34:09 Angels Plaza
34:13 Angels Estate
36:10 Bog Walk Gorge
38:41 Rio Cobre River
39:36 Flat Bridge
41:54 Pum Pum Rock
43:59 Kent Village
47:23 Bog Walk Roundabout
47:29 1st exit to Bog Walk and Linstead Town
47:38 2nd exit to Ocho Rios
47:52 Linstead Bypass Road
49:42 To Linstead Town
52:00 Commodore District
52:06 Commodore Cemetery
52:44 1st exit to Linstead Town
52:50 2nd exit to Ocho Rios
53:05 Rio Magno River
53:31 To Vanity Fair
54:10 Keep left - Slip left to Ewarton
54:42 Highway 2000 Linstead exit and entrance
55:15 Railway Crossing - Level Crossing
57:02 To Charlemont High School
57:45 Ewarton
59:37 Windalco Mining company
1:01:52 Ewarton Town
1:01:56 Ewarton Methodist Church
1:02:02 Ewarton Recreation Center
1:02:24 Ewarton Police Station
1:02:27 Ewarton Post Office
1:02:56 St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church
1:03:23 Ewarton Seventh-Day Adventist Church
1:03:51 Ewarton Medical Center
1:03:55 Mount Rosser
1:07:03 Mount Rosser Methodist Church
1:08:24 To Mount Rosser Primary and Infant School
1:10:48 St Catherine and St Ann Parish border
1:12:02 Faiths Pen
1:13:17 Faith's Pen Seafood & Jerk Centre
1:15:41 Unity Valley
1:18:00 Highway 2000 North South Unity Valley entrance / exit
1:18:47 Moneague
1:19:30 To Moneague Town Center
1:20:07 Keep right - Slip right to Ocho Rios
1:20:11 Moneague College
1:20:13 To Phoenix Park, Golden Grove, Claremont
1:20:29 Western Zone - Forestry Department
1:20:40 Jamaica Defence Force Moneague Military Base
1:23:28 To Haddon Dump (also Moneague Dump)
1:23:52 Mustard Seed
1:26:15 Walkerswood District
1:26:45 Walkerswood Methodist Church
1:26:52 Walkerswood All Age
1:27:14 Lyming Jerk Food
1:27:17 Walkerswood Community Center
1:27:28 Walkerswood Baptist Church
1:27:40 Walkerswood Caribbean Foods
1:29:12 To Orange Park
1:30:50 Entering Colgate
1:32:41 Colegate Basic School
1:32:55 Colegate Baptist Church
1:33:21 Breadnut Hill
1:33:28 Fern Gully
1:37:02 Craft Vendors
1:39:27 Fern Gully Craft Vendors
1:40:16 Fern Gully ends
1:40:18 Breadnut Hill
1:40:35 To Great Pond
1:40:49 Milford Road
1:40:52 Ocho Rios
1:41:47 Ocho Rios Branch Library
1:41:51 Stormont Road - TO Ocho Rios Fire Station
1:42:00 Ocho Rios Baptist Church
1:42:02 Ocho Rios High School
1:42:29 Ocho Rios Bypass Road
1:42:53 Ocho Rios Jerk Center
1:42:57 Turtle River Park
1:43:21 Turtle River Falls & Gardens (formerly Enchanted Gardens)
1:43:40 To Montego Bay
1:43:50 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal
1:44:09 Taj Mahal Plaza - Shopping Center
1:44:57 To Ocho Rios Bay Beach
1:45:13 Milford Road
1:45:25 Graham Street
1:45:37 Ocho Rios Craft Market
1:45:40 Newlin Street
1:45:56 Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort
1:46:12 Little Pub Plaza
1:46:22 Ocho Rios Town Center
1:46:25 Evelyn Street
1:46:38 Ocho Rios Clock
1:46:41 James Avenue
1:46:50 To Ocho Rios Market and Bus Station
1:46:55 Taxi Operators

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Location on Google Maps:
2020 Jamaica Road Trip using the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition.

Bomber (Sting) by Riot (Reggae).

#InJamaica #Jamaica #Kingston #OchoRios #Highway2000 #Hwy200 #Ochi #StAnnJamaica #StAnn

Downtown | Montego Bay | St James

Driving through Downtown Montego Bay in St James Jamaica

Iron Shore | Montego Bay | Jamaica

Driving through Iron Shore in Montego Bay Jamaica

Kingston - Jamaica | Driving Tour

Kingston is the capital of the island of Jamaica, lying on its southeast coast. In the city center, the Bob Marley Museum is housed in the reggae singer’s former home. Nearby, Devon House is a colonial-era mansion with period furnishings. Hope Botanical Gardens & Zoo showcases native flora and fauna. Northeast of the city, the Blue Mountains are a renowned coffee-growing region with trails and waterfalls. Hope you enjoyed this Kingston driving tour .

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Driving into Montego Bay | Jamaica

Driving into the city on Montego Bay in St James Jamaica

Queens Drive, Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica

Queens Drive is located in Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica (Caribbean).

⭐ Points of interest:
01:36 Roof Top Bar & Grill
02:08 Big Apple
02:50 El Greco Resort
02:55 Island Routes Caribbean Adventures
04:11 Mt Alvernia Prep School

⭐ Adjoining roads and turns:
00:01 North Coast Highway
00:05 Sunset Boulevard
00:25 Federal Avenue
00:53 Delisser Drive
01:57 Leader Avenue
03:33 Park Avenue
04:25 Howard Cooke Boulevard
04:34 St James Street

Montego Bay is the capital of St James Parish and is also referred to as The Second City or more widely known as MoBay.

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Location on Google Maps:
2019 Road Trip footage using the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition.

Bomber (Sting) by Riot (Reggae).

#InJamaica #Jamaica #MontegoBay #MontegoBayJamaica #StJames #StJamesJamaica #MoBay

Montego Bay | Jamaica

Driving through Montego Bay in Jamaica



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