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Dominican Republic 4K. Interesting Facts


10 Awesome Things To Do in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic can be a gorgeous getaway for travelers of every stripe. Of course, as with any foreign travel, it’s important to do your homework before you get on the plane. Here’s how to make the most of it.

1. Check Out Historical Santo Domingo
You should think about taking a day to explore Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas. Several day-long tours will take you to all the most exciting sites in this historical city. There’s plenty to experience in Santo Domingo.

2. Don’t Drink the Water
Play it safe. The drinking water in the Dominican Republic is mostly unclean, so you should avoid drinking any water that doesn’t come directly from a sealed bottle. Stay hydrated, but spring for the bottled stuff.

3. Take it Easy on the Coconut
If you want to avoid hugging the toilet for one of your days, you might want to take it easy on the coconut-themed drinks. While delicious, coconuts also act as a laxative. Exercise a little bit of caution.

4. Visit Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park & Reserve
Several hotels in the area offer free access to the reserve, which means you can enjoy some of the most pristine natural offerings the Dominican Republic has to offer.

5. Stroll Through the National Botanical Garden
It’s easy to lose yourself among this gorgeously curated selection of greenery that’s filled with carefully chosen plants and birds. Learn about the botany of the Dominican Republic, even as you enjoy the aesthetic beauty that abounds.

6. Visit the Alcazar de Colon at Night
This imposing Spanish castle was built by the son of Christopher Columbus in 1510. It’s especially breathtaking at night. And thanks to the abundance of se-curity personnel around the palace, you don’t need to be concerned about safety when the sun goes down.

7. Take a Dip at Hoyo Azul
This Punta Cana destination will surprise you at every turn. Hoyo Azul is a la-goon plopped at the bottom of a 65-meter-high cliff. Swimming is open to visi-tors, so be sure to spend a little time dipping your toe in Hoyo Azul’s turquois water.

8. Take a Tour With Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures
Whether you check out a sunset or you merely hit the water for a maritime ex-cursion, this company is renowned for its service from tourists of all shapes and sizes. Whether you take a larger 20-person trip or you opt for something semi-private, you won’t be disappointed.

9. Think Twice About Water Sports
The Dominican Republic doesn’t have the same exacting standards of safety as the United States. So travel insurance is never a wrong decision. You can still find some great options in the DR to get your watersports fix, just make sure to double check before you sign up.

10. Go to the Hard Rock Casino
You can get a respite from the sun at the Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana. The 45,000-square-foot casino is a little slice of Vegas smack dab in the middle of paradise. The staff is friendly, the tables are immaculate, and there’s plenty of fun to be had. There’s no Hard Rock Cafe, though …

10 Things Not to Do in Dominican Republic

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We've already told you about some awesome things to do in the Dominican Republic, but what about the things NOT to do there? To stop you receiving Chiclets from a Colmado, or making off with a Sanky Panky you’ll want to hear our list of 10 things not to do in the Dominican Republic!

1) Don't Forget to Relax
The Dominican Republic has an easy-going rhythm of life accentuated by the sea. This is the perfect place to kick back and relax. So if you have a hectic day-to-day life and you want to hit pause for awhile, you’ve come to the right place. Or you could just soldier on with your daily slog and stay at home. Sure.

2) Don't Trust a Sanky Panky
You'll find them on the beach or at resorts. These hunky, adorable men may look just perfect. But beware! They'll try to conquer your heart, just to get a marriage visa to your native country, marry you, then abandon you. So, be wary of these Sanky Pankys.

3) Don't Expect to Ride Alone
You can always fit one more person into a bus or public taxi. So if you and your 3 friends are happily travelling to your destination in a taxi cab, don’t be surprised if the driver suddenly stops to pick up another person! Sharing a ride is a very normal thing here.

4) Don't Forget About Music
The African and African-Cuban influence is deeply present in the local dance cultrure, with merengue being the dominant beat, typically played by a three-person band. There are festivals throughout the year, and international merengue celebrations that attract music lovers from all over the world.

5) Don't Forget to Bring Change
A colmado is primarily a local convenience store. However, they don't usually have too much change. So if you buy something with a big note, and they don't have enough money to give you your change, they'll try to pay you nine chiclets or anything of a similar price. So unless you want to fill your wallet with chewing gum sweets, bring some loose change!

6) Don't be Precise!
Here, if you say chin once, that means a little bit, but if you say chin-chin then it means a tiny bit. Unless you say un poquito which is kind of a bit. So forget trying to be accurate!

7) Don't Forget to Haggle!
In Dominican Republic, they love bargaining. They expect you to negotiate down to the last cent. But be wise, don't wear expensive jewelry if you want to get a cheap offer, and if you see something you like don’t rush in and try to purchase it straight away. Look round and compare.

8) Don't Forget the Golden Rule!
We don’t get tired of repeating that when travelling, you don’t always know where your food has come from. So always remember these three rules: Cook it, Peel it, or Forget it! And you'll enjoy a trip with no unfortunate mishaps...

9) Don't Forget to Try Alcanfor
While the rest of us might use camphor to keep our clothes moth free, Dominicans go one step further. Alcanfor is a plant that they use for medicinal purposes to treat arthritis, asthma, back-ache, bronchitis, flatulence, headache and many other conditions. Some even pop some in the pot when cooking sweet dishes.

10) Don't Stop Being Cautious
Due to political unrest, unstable economy and high unemployment, there is an important level of crime lurking in the Dominican society. You should take great care with your valuables at all times. Tourists are often conned into various compromising situations.

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???????? Amazing Dominican Republic 4k from drone Mavic 2 Zoom

Best dominican places in one 4k video!
Nice solution for background.
From drone DJI Mavic 2 Zoom with relax music.

In this video:
- Beaches Punta Cana and Bavaro;
- Seashore of Samana;
- Cayo Levantado (Bacardi) Island, Samana;
- Redonda Mountain;
- Saona (Baunty) Island.

All Dominican Republic special for you! ;-)

Did you visit this paradise? ;-)
Share your experience in comments! =)

Jan, 2019.
Exported in MP4 95Mpbs 4k.

Singapore 4K. Interesting Facts About Singapore

Singapore is one of the best countries in the world/ Lets take a look at it in 4K and learn some interesting facts!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Short and sweet Vlog of our day in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ..we headed to Boca Chica and ate at Boca Marina Restaurant and got gorgeous DRONE footage! If you visit DR you must have lunch here or it's as if you didn't go! :)

Camera: Canon T6i


Punta Cana - Dominican Republic. Best Things To See/Do On Holiday In Punta Cana:
Punta Cana Beach 02:30
Helicopter Flight 15:22
Buggy Ride 18:12
Macao Beach 19:35
Cenotes 21:47
Saona Trip 22:40
Natural Swimming Pool 23:00
Redonda Mountain 25:45
Cayo Levantado 30:00
Los Haitises National Park 33:50
Caves 35:30
Mangroves 40:30
Bavaro Beach 42:25
Resorts 52:00

Things to do from PUNTA CANA - Dominican Republic (4K)

Things to do or tourist attractions in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Music: #puntacana #puntacanathingstodo #puntacanaattractions

Dominican Republic - 10 Best Places

Expensive hotels, busy beaches and dull holiday resorts? ---- NO, thanks! The Dominican Repbublic has SO MUCH MORE to offer.

1. Easier to Fade (feat. Madi Larson) - A Himitsu (No Copyright Music) -
2. Reflection — Broken Elegance [Vlog No Copyright Music] -

Punta Cana in 4K

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Punta Cana describes several different touristic spots in the Dominican Republic, the towns of Cap Cana, Cabeza de Toro, Bavaro, El Cortecito, Arena Gorda, Macao, and Uvero Alto.

One of the best travel destinations in the Caribbeans, among the best golf destinations in the world, Punta Cana offers 10 different paradise perfect beaches, some being ranked the world's best by UNESCO. The destination, as we know it today is only about 45 years old, but just enough to recreate a superb paradise!

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CUBA. an amazing country. 4k.古巴國家之旅 - Facts About CUBA - Travel World

Introduction of the Cuban country, showing best top Cuban scenery. Cuba is an incredible African country. Starting from the capital Tunisia, we admire its stunning natural landscape and extraordinary city from north to south, everyone will be shocked! This is the best place for Tunisia travel guide and free travel, you can easily understand Tunisia and broaden your horizons.


00:00 古巴 Cuba
List of top attractions:

00:13 哈瓦那 Havana

00:26 圣萨尔瓦多·德拉蓬塔城堡 Castillo San Salvador de la Punta

00:30 马雷贡大道 Malecon

00:36 哈瓦那旧城 Old Havana

00:44 哈瓦那国会大厦 National Capital Building

01:05 中央公园 Central Park

01:11 哈瓦那大剧院 Great Theatre of Havana

01:18 普拉多大道 Paseo del Prado, Havana

01:42 哈瓦那主教座堂 Havana Cathedral

01:56 主教座堂广场 Plaza de la Catedral

02:05 武器广场 Plaza de Armas

02:10 原哈瓦那总督府 Palacio del Segundo Cabo

02:24 圣弗朗西斯科广场 Plaza de San Francisco de Asis

02:46 老城广场 Old Square

04:23 哈瓦那大学 University of Havana

04:41 海明威故居 Hemingway House

04:54 哥伦布公墓 Colon Cemetery, Havana

05:04 何塞·马蒂纪念碑 Jose Marti Memorial

05:09 莫罗城堡 Morro Castle

05:20 比尼亚莱斯山谷 Vinales

06:06 印第安岩洞 Indian Cave

06:21 巴库纳亚瓜桥 Bacunayagua Bridge

06:31 猪猡湾 Bay of Pigs

07:02 西恩富戈斯古城 Historic Centre of Cienfuegos

07:21 特立尼达 Trinidad

08:28 圣克拉拉 Santa Clara

09:01 圣地亚哥-德古巴 Santiago de Cuba

09:01 古巴圣地亚哥圣心大教堂 Basilica del Cobre

09:20 古巴圣地亚哥大教堂 Catedral de Santiago de Cuba

10:27 古巴国家公园 Cuba National Park

10:54 巴拉科阿 Baracoa
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Happy to share with you a project I directed with my best friend Robin Vaneberg.

Our goal was to create visual content during 10 days across the Dominican Republic to make a promotional movie with a Spanish company specialized in travel. We had the chance to live unique activities and meet very nice people !

A big thanks to Marta and Gabi for what they organized. Everything was perfect !

Thank you Robin for your amazing job !

Filmed by:

Robin Vaneberg

Antoine Janssens

4K - The Best Places of Dominican Republic - Punta Cana 4K

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Things not to miss in the Dominican Republic

Waterfalls, beaches and wildlife: the Dominican Republic is an island paradise with plenty of places for exploration. Here are 14 things you shouldn't miss on a trip in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo
República Dominicana-Quisqueya
All Request to
Music : Quisquella - Fernando Villalona


We spent the day in Jarabacoa which is a beautiful town in Dominican Republic in a mountainous area. There's so much to do! We had lunch at Corazon de Jesus thanks to our great friends who took us around, we got ice cream and went horseback riding.

We flew our drone in Jarabacoa and captured the palm trees and forest that spans for what seems like an eternity, so stunning & relaxing to be around!

I hope you guys enjoy this vlog, the next one will be CAYO ARENA, I'm so excited to share it with you!

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Camera: Canon T6i

4 Things you may LOVE and not like about the Dominican Republic

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The good & the bad about my trip to the Dominican Republic

3 good, and 3 not so good things about my trip to Sosúa.

Top 10 Best Place To Visit in Dominican Republic

The top 10 adventures to take while in Dominican Republic.
If you’re in the mood for a Caribbean holiday, the Dominican Republic is the place to go. It shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti in the Greater Antilles. The island is where Christopher Columbus made his first stop in the New World in 1492 and which later became the first capital of the Spanish empire in the Americas. You’ll find plenty of evidence of the country’s Spanish heritage. Today, however, people visit the Dominican Republic for its beautiful sandy beaches, clear waters and water sports activities. Off-shore activities include deep sea fishing and whale watching. There’s really not any good reason for you to stay home after you’ve seen these best places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

There's really not any good reason for you to stay home after you've seen these best places to visit in the Dominican Republic. Las Terrenas. Jarabacoa. Playa Rincon. El Limon Waterfall. Santo Domingo. Cabarete. Samana. Bayahibe.

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Lo MEJOR de República Dominicana ???????? (PRUEBAS REALES) Dos Locos De Viaje

Después de darle una vuelta a toda #republicadominicana comprobamos que #Samaná es la provincia mas espectular que tiene este país.

Hay tanta diversidad de paisajes y tantas cosas que hacer que 1 mes no sería suficiente para conocer todas las bellezas que tiene este lugar.

Quédate viendo y descubre junto a nosotros la magia que esconde la provincia de Samaná en república dominicana.

Siguenos en

Vídeo editado por jose Bolivar @jbolivar23

The Facts about the Dominican Republic no one talks about

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