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DIVING RAJA AMPAT (4K) The Last Aquatic Paradise


This is Raja Ampat (4k) - dive into the dream of biodiversity

Breathtaking dives in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Kri Island, Indonesian coral reefs. As part of Coral Triangle Raja Ampat in West Papua has the highest biodiversity and the most colorful reefs on the planet, around 75% of the world’s coral species live here.

The size, maturity and healthiness of corals in this region is insane! A large part of the marine life in Raja Ampat is protected by 7 Marine Protected Areas (MPA's).

Raja Ampat is an archipelago of over 1500 small islands, including the four main islands of: Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo.

We started our trip in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 2 flight transfers, 2 boat transfers and +30 hours later we arrived at Kri Island at Kri Eco Resort + Papua Diving for 10 days. Together with my daughter, Isabelle, we made 22 dives at the most beautiful dive sites there are.

All the dive sites are 5-25 minutes from Kri Island: Kri Eco Jetty, Chicken Bay, Mikes Point (!!), Blue Magic, Sardines, Sapokren Jetty, Melissa’s Garden (!!), Chicken Reef, Sorido Wall, Friwenbonda, Citrus Reef, Cape Kri and a lot more!

We stayed on Kri Island, at Kri Eco Resort. Kri Eco Resort is located in the center of the Raja Ampat Marine park at Kri Island. Papua Diving provides guided dives for Kri Eco Resort and (sister resort) Sorido Bay Resort. The local Papuan dive guides of Papua Diving are the best experienced dive guides in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat has more than 1000 species of fish, 540 species of coral and 700 species of mollusk. Predatory fish such as Barracudas, Blacktip Reef Sharks and Whitetip Reef Sharks are fully present. Large Oceanic Manta rays are attracted to the rich plankton waters. Schools of fish are everywhere and sometimes a bait ball can be seen. Beside the beauty marinelife the Kri’s forests are rich in birdlife and reptiles.

A special part of the marine park are the Mangroves at Hidden Bay (6:06), they offer critical nursing environments for juveniles of fish species. World's largest amount of mangrove coverage can be found in Indonesia. The Mangroves where one of the highlight’s of this trip!

During our stay we made excursions to Fam Islands, Hidden Bay and The Passage, they are the very definition of paradise.

- (7:00) Fam Islands are a group of islands in the Raja Ampat Archipelago. White limestone cliffs plunge into the sea. Ultramarine blue lagoons are nestled next to monumental pinnacles and untouched beaches.

- (6:06) Hidden Bay has a mangrove system of clear mirror-still blue water, where soft corals grow on the roots of mangrove trees. Rising above the foliage hornbills and parrots swoop between the trees. Hidden Bay is a complex network of interconnected water channels and lakes.

- (7:23) The Passage lies between the island of Gam and Waigeo. It can be described as river flowing between the two islands. The nutrient rich waters that are drawn through by the tides feed a vast wealth of marine biodiversity. Above water the sheer limestone cliffs make this a place excessively beautiful.

Places like this are sensitive to climate change. It's frightening to see how many people close their eyes for climate change. Climate change and a decrease of biodiversity are caused by overpopulation. Overpopulation is the main cause of most urgent problems in the world.

This film is the result of around 20 hours of 4k video footage and a few months editing. Shot in May / June 2019.

Used camera’s:
- Sony FDR-AX700 4K with Gates housing, Gates GP34 Wide Angle Port and Sealife Sea Dragon 2500 lights.
- GoPro Hero 7 Black
- DJI Mavic Pro 2
- iPhone XS Max with DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal

Kri Eco Resort & Papua Diving:
Diving World, diving holidays:
Esko Diveworld, diving gear:
Onderwaterhuis, underwater camera gear:
Gates housings:
Sealife UW camera’s and lights:

Music: Epidemic Sound, :

Bonnie Grace - The Abode of Snow
Johannes Bornlof - Let's Run Away Together
Johannes Bornlof - The First Law Of Motion
Hector Posser - Venus Descending

Raja Ampat - The four Kings 4K UHD

Raja Ampat is without doubt a very trendy travel destination for scuba divers and any other nature lovers.

This is a short documentary style film about the area of Raja Ampat, West Papua in Indonesia. The waters of Raja Ampat are considered the richest in terms of the number of corals and reef fish you can find there. About 75% of all know coral species and more than 1400 species of reef fish can be found there. Truly a unique place on our planet, below as well as above water!

This Film was awarded with the ARI prize Island at the Silently 3 - Short Underwater Movie Festival in October 2015!

The footage has been taken while staying on Pulau Pef Island at Raja4Divers Resort (

Aerial footage was taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone.
Here's the link to it:

Underwater and on-land footage was taken with Sony FDR-AX100 4K camera. Heres the link to it:

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Short movie from our holiday in december 2018 :)
We visited Kri island, Gam, Arborek ,Pianemo and beautiful Misool.
Snorkeling and diving on Arborek, Kri, and Gam.

More photos and info on our fb page :


Dji Mavic Pro
Gopro hero5
Osmo pocket
Sony a6500

Raja Ampat: The Last Paradise

Discover the world above and below Raja Ampat’s pristine, turquoise waters with expert divemaster and local guide Dian Gafar. Consisting of four main islands surrounded by 1,500 islands of wild jungle, this Indonesian paradise has been virtually undiscovered by the western world. Fortunately, sustainability and conservation is in the DNA of its people and culture, meaning this emerging destination may just hang on to its picturesque virgin rainforests, biodiverse coral reefs, and rich cultural traditions as tourism surely takes hold. This film was produced by GLP Films in partnership with Indonesia Tourism.

This film was produced by GLP Films in partnership with Indonesia Tourism. Learn more about visit Raja Ampat at

GLP Films
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Produced by GLP Films
Director: Rob Holmes
Camera Operators: Jake Belvin and Matt Andrew
Editor: Matt Weatherly
Marketing Strategy: Laura Knudson

Above and Below Diving Raja Ampat Trailer

+++ Diving Raja Ampat +++
When the king of the kings offers you to play, you better be prepared. I dont know what's in his expresso, but it must be a special thing ... foreseeing magic, just sitting there watching us play like naughty kids. Thank you Gian Paolo Fanchini, this is diving how it should be ... a never-ending party of life. Pump up the volume and press HD please!

Special thanks to Serge Abourjeily who is probably the most professional dive guide we have met on a liveaboard so far ... the whole crew of the Samambaia Liveaboard especially our helping hand Tamrin Mokodompit, Deibby Uada, the chef Akii Ridwan.

Idea, Camera, Edit: Florian Fischer
Team: Hamdan Chowdhury, Dada Li, Mario Medarevic, Peter Löseke, Marcus Maier
Client: Samambaia ( )

Thanks for the support:
Nauticam ( )
Ocean Technology Systems ( )
HECS aquatic ( )
Keldan Lights ( )

Float with us:

Raja Ampat the last paradise 4K

Video from Raja Ampat .
Sharks, rays, dugong and many other great marine life .
Some of the best dives in Indonesia .

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Filmed with Sony A7r3 :
Housing Nauticam:

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Incredible RAJA AMPAT DIVE TRIP | Best Scuba Diving in Indonesia | Raja Ampat Liveaboard

It was a dream come true to go on this amazing Raja Ampat dive trip, in West Papua, Indonesia. The national park of Raja Ampat is incredibly beautiful, with some of the most vivid corals and marine life in the world. West Papua also has some of the most beautiful scenery I have every witnessed.
This place can offer what is most likely the best scuba diving in Indonesia. If you're into diving, and want to experience it at it's best, make sure you plan a Raja Ampat liveaboard trip.

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Instagram: @SPLATOU

Big thanks to Milos Diving Adventure (

Raxen - Dreams

Giraffe Squad - Wait for me

Diving RAJA AMPAT: Underwater Paradise

Diving Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia
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Welcome to Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia. Never heard of it? This remote area in the far east of Indonesia is one of the hottest new places for diving in Indonesia. It's a large area with thousands of islets, most of which are uninhabited. It's like a Robinson Crusoe life in the middle of nowhere - the most beautiful middle of nowhere.

I joined the Mutiara Laut liveaboard for 11 days of SCUBA diving in Raja Ampat's Misool, Penemu, and Kri areas, known for big schools of fish, Manta rays, Wobbegong sharks, reef sharks, and absolutely gorgeous islands.

This video features underwater footage of sea turtles, tons of fish, sea fans, a wide variety of corals, and drone footage of the islands of Raja Ampat.

The video begins in Sorong, which is the starting point for divers boarding a liveaboard in Raja Ampat. From there we head to Misool and onwards up north to Penemu. Most of the islands and beaches featured here have no other people -just birds!

Check out these white sand beaches, incredible sunsets, and the amazing crew and ship, the Mutiara Laut. For an amazing diving experience in Raja Ampat, look no further.


Diving Raja Ampat 2020 | Epicenter of Marine Biodiversity [4K]

Diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, with the new White Manta liveaboard (Dec 2019/Jan 2020).

Raja Ampat represents one of the most pristine coral reefs left on earth with more than 1700 species of fish and 600 species of hard coral, 75% of the world's coral species.

Dive sites include Melissa's garden (the most beautiful hard coral garden I have ever seen with 100% coral cover), Magic Mountain (giant oceanic manta rays), Cape Kri (huge school of sweetlips), Blue Magic (walls of schooling fish), and Boo Windows (stunning soft corals).

Camera: Sony a6300
Housing: Fantasea FA6500 V2
Lens: Sony 35mm f/1.8

How to get great color with a Sony a6300/a6500 without video lights or a color filter:

I set the white balance to 9900K and increased the amber and magenta (A-B: A4, G-M: M4). This was a good starting point for color grading.

I used Davinci Resolve for color grading. Under the Color tab, click on Color Wheels and under Scopes click on Waveform. For each clip, I first reduced Lift to around 0 and then increased Gain to around 896. I then made small adjustments with Gamma. This usually gave me a great result.

Sometimes I increased contrast to 1.1 or 1.2 and I sometimes set Temperature between 500-1500 and tint to 100. On the manta clip I used the Pick Black Point.

Raja Ampat - Jaya Liveaboard & Diving

Our one week dive liveaboard trip in Raja Ampat Indonesia with the vessel Jaya. It was the first trip of the Season 2018 of Jaya in November . We went to Kri, Gam, Arborek, Penemu Islands, Mioskon island and enjoyed 18 dives at several different spots besides the awesome land excursions. Great group, amazing crew, Paradies found!
Artist: Max Noremo
Title: Summer Wiz Time
- Sony a6500
- Sony a6300 (additional by Jason Woon:
- Yi4k plus
- SELP1650
- SEL-35F1.8
- SEL-1018 (additional by Jason)
- DJI Mavic Pro
- Filter: PolarPro Filter Professional 6-Pack

Raja Ampat , Indonesia diving Pearl of Papua - 2018

Incredible beauty of untouched underwater world , healthy reefs and millions fish around remote islands of West Papua.
Is it extremely hard to compress 20 hours I spent underwater
into 20 minutes of video, here you can see the highlights of my trip.

PIAYNEMO Island Hopping | RAJA AMPAT | travel Indonesia vlog

In this Indonesia travel vlog we visit Pianemo Raja Ampat. This beautiful part of Eastern Indonesia is very close to Papua, and famous the large schools of fish seen diving and snorkeling. Besides this, huge karst islands rise out of the turquoise ocean like teeth and form incredible lagoons. This makes the island hopping experience here in Raja Ampat some of the best in the world as well.

In this vlog we hike up to the top of the Piaynemo view point, race back down to get a shot in the lagoon, have lunch with sharks, and then end up at a Rainy Batu Pencil to end the day.

Big love to Wonderful Indonesia for hosting this trip!
This was part of the #TripOfWonders, and annual influencer trip where creators get together and explore Wonderful Indonesia

#FearlessandFar #Tripofwonders #RajaAmpat

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Scuba Diving Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea in Indonesia

Raja Ampat has been the holy grail of my diving bucket list for as long as I can remember. So, when I was given the opportunity to sail on my first ever diving liveaboard in my dream destination, you can imagine my excitement!

Our liveaboard sailed from Raja Ampat through the Banda Sea and I averaged 3 dives a day. This region is definitely one of the most beautiful places to dive in the world.

We discovered pristine reefs, giant schools of fish, sea turtles, manta rays, honeycomb eels and even poisonous sea snakes! We also saw lots of amazing and weird creatures on our muck and night dives!

Learn More About Getting PADI Scuba Diver Certified:

Learn More About My Diving Liveaboard Cruise:

Shot with RECSEA CWC-G7XII for Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii + GoPro HERO 6 Black

Aerial Footage Shot with DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Dive Computer: ScubaPro M2 (Mantis 2)





Diving in Raja Ampat - The Best Diving In The World

In this week's episode we're in Raja Ampat, Indonesia on an incredible dive Trip of Wonders with Wonderful Indonesia and The Ministry Of Tourism Indonesia and I'm blown away by the quality of the dives.

We spot the very rare Wobbegong Shark (Don't miss it) and some of the healthiest corals in the world. We also head to Piaynemo, a group of islands that will probably go down as one of the most stunning places I've ever seen in travel.

The diving is astonishing and I managed to get some epic clips, so check it out and let me know what you think!

Special thanks to a few people for providing me with some of the clips:
Pinneng & Gamala:

Justin Carmack:


Learn more about long-term and indefinite travel on our blog:

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Follow our journey!

This Video Was Shot Using:

Canon G7x Mark II

DJI Spark Drone

GoPro Hero 4

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Diving Raja Ampat HD

Unglaubliches Tauchen in Raja Ampat, Westpapua, Indonesien an den Arten reichsten Riffen der Welt, besonders gut fanden wir die Tauchplätze in Misool, Citrus Ridge und Dampier Strait
Incredible Diving in Raja Ampat, Papua West, Indonesia on the hot spots of biodiversity, we liked most Misool, Citrus Ridge and Dampier Strait.

Stunning DIVING in RAJA AMPAT – the last PARADISE | EP98

WOW. Even a budget stay in Raja Ampat is breathtaking. Known as the last paradise, it did not disappoint. We stayed at the stunning Corepen Homestay, which was recommended for its diving.

We scuba dived or snorkelled every single day, this is truly one of our favourite places in the world. We’re going to head back, but this time with a working camera!

This episode features the following music from Epidemic Sound (
Summer vibe
Summer crush
Midnight express

Vlogging setup:
Fuji X-T20 – UK: US:
Fuji 16-50mm lens – UK: US:
Feiyutech A1000 gimbal – UK: US:
Microphone – UK: US:

Photography setup:
Fuji Xpro 2 – UK: US:
Fuji 16mm F1.4 – UK: US:
Fuji 23mm F2 – UK: US:
Fuji 50mm F2 – UK: US:
Fuji 18-55mm – UK: US:
Fuji 55-200mm – UK: US:
Camera bag – UK: US:
Alex’s laptop – UK: US:

Other photography gear:
DJI Mavic Pro - UK: US:
GoPro - UK: US:
Gem’s laptop - UK: US:
Sony RX100 3 - UK: US:
Hard drives- UK: US:

Our travel gear:
Icebreaker clothing - UK: US:
Alex’s Waterproof jacket - UK: US:
Gem’s waterproof jacket - UK:
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Raja Ampat - The Kings of the Ocean

Take a glimpse of Raja Ampat: the emperor that ruled the sea of the eastern part of Indonesia.

Locations : Raja Ampat

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5 Spectacular Sights in Raja Ampat That You Will Remember for Life

Raja Ampat, Pristine Place in the World

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The worlds most diverse dive site? Discover Cape Kri. Scuba Diving Raja Ampat.

Diving Paradise. Discover Cape Kri. Cape Kri in central Raja Ampat is probably the most diverse dive site in the area, if not the world, with more than 280 species of fish counted on a single dive. This dive site, although amazing, can hold some hidden dangers. So if you are planning to dive this site, pay close attention to your dive guide and their briefing. This video was entirely recorded on a GoPro Hero 7 Black. Please excuse the background noise while I'm talking ... the boat generator :(

Here is a link to my Discover Raja Ampat playlist -

Music: The Interpretation of Dreams by Savfk -

#scubadiving #worlsdbestdiving #lastparadise

Raja Ampat - Diving the Islands of Misool Ep. 5

A Diver's Life takes you on a whirlwind tour of the marine life in Southern Raja Ampat around the islands of Misool. We take you on key parts of the dive and what you will see including a Reef Manta, schooling barracuda, map and spotted puffers, pipefish, and a rich diversity of more fish and corals. We will also visit the Basetfin Ranger Patrol Station and see the black tip reef shark nursery. We will also cover key points on how to dive in an opposing current not covered in the last episode.

Raja Ampat Misool Diving Indonesia Islands 4k

This video is about the Misool Diving experience in Raja Ampat