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Climbing an ACTIVE Volcano! ???? | Fuego and Acatenango Volcanoes, Guatemala


Climbing an ACTIVE Volcano! ???? | Fuego and Acatenango Volcanoes, Guatemala

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Climbing Volcano Acatenango and Volcano Fuego in Guatemala


Guatemala is a land of volcanoes. With 37 total, 3 of which are active. It's hard to miss them towering along the horizon of almost any southern point in the country. Nowhere is this more apparent than around the city of Antigua which lives in the shadow of these mostly sleeping giants. Volcano Acatenango is the third highest volcano in the country rising to 3,976 meters which is over 13,000 feet. Acatenango is unique in that it is joined to a second volcano creating a volcano complex called La Horqueta. The volcano it is joined to is still active, and known as, volcán de Fuego. Fuego is known for consistently spewing ash and rock about every 15 to 20 minutes. It's last major eruption was as recent as 2018 when an eruption caused a massive landslide burying a village and killing 25 people. The two peaks sit across from one another joined at the hip by a saddle of lava rock and ash.

Come climb these two impressive volcanoes with us in an unforgettable bucket list adventure!

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HARDEST HIKE OF MY LIFE | Acatenango Volcano Antigua, Guatemala

Amid all of this craziness, I wanted to share an amazing experience that both exhilarated and humbled me. I summitted an active, live, erupting, 13,000 foot volcano in Guatemala!
Don't worry everyone, I am home safe in the US right now but I was recently in Antigua and wanted to share my experience!


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Hiking Acatenango and Fuego Volcanoes in Guatemala

A 3 day/2 night hike up Acatenango and Fuego Volcanoes in Guatemala. Trip was booked through Old Town Outfitters in Antigua, Guatemala. Fuego is the active volcano that erupts throughout the video. We camped on the side of Acatenango which overlooks Fuego. Acatenango is the 3rd highest volcano in Guatemala and is dormant.

ACATENANGO VOLCANO HIKE in Antigua Guatemala with OX Expeditions

In 2018, Acatenango Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala killed hundreds of people.

Today, we're doing the Acatenango volcano hike to see it ourselves.

I'm not sure I accurately captured how insanely difficult this hike was. I quit at least 4-5 times on the way up. For the first hour or two, you are on a constant hike up in sand deeper than your ankles carrying a pack that's 30-40 pounds.

When I say (many times) that it was the most physically challenging thing I've ever done, I mean it.

But it's worth it. If you do this hike and decide, like me, that you want to quit, I hope you also do what I did and continue.

As you'll see in this video, you're going to be treated to some of the most incredible sights you'll ever see.

Oh, and forget about sleeping. Volcan Acatenango will keep you awake all night! ????

Want to do the Volcan Acatenango Guatemala hike yourself? You can get it cheaper with other companies, but I highly suggest you do it with OX Expeditions. The equipment they provide is excellent, the guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and the food is great!

This experience is definitely one of the best things to do in Antigua, Guatemala!

#Acatenango #Volcano #Antigua


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Michael and Halef live in Atlanta, GA, but are originally from Canada and Indonesia, respectively. They love to travel and try to do it as much as possible. They are currently planning a long-term round the world trip, starting in Cusco, Peru!


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On November 28, 2019 I ascended the volcanoes Acatenango and the active Fuego in Guatemala. It was a two day hike and we camped at the base camp in Acatenango.

We were a group of 19 people from all over the world and we had two local tour guides with us who helped us to get to the top.

This video shows what the hike looks like from beginning to the end and it gives some useful information about the tour.
Standing there, on that narrow strip just before the volcano as it was erupting constantly, was an incredible and simply unforgettable feeling.

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На 28-ми ноември 2019г. изкачих два вулкана в Гватемала: Акатенанго (третият по височина в Централна Америка) и активният вулкан Фуего. Преходът беше два дни дълъг и пренощувахме в базовият лагер, който се намира на Акатенанго.

Бяхме група от 19 човека с хора буквално от целия свят, както и двама местни водача, които ни съпроводиха до върха.

Това видео показва какво представлява прехода от началото до края, както и дава полезна информация за самият тур.
Чувството да стоиш на този изключително тесен път точно пред вулканът, който изригва постоянно, беше просто незабравимо.

Използвана песен във видеото: Go by Moby

Volcan Feugo and Acatenango hike - An active volcano in Guatemala!

Come along with my current travel gang as we go to the top of Acatenango and watch Volcán Fuego erupt! Fuego is one of the most actively venting/erupting volcanoes on the planet, and is an absolutely amazing experience to watch. Also a few shots around Antigua, including the markets and the Santa Catalina Arch.

Climbing Acatenango Volcano to see Fuego Volcano - BikeHikeSafari - Ep. 22

Climbing Acatenango Volcano and Volcano Fuego.

Acatenango volcano is near the city of Antigua in Guatemala. Nearby is Fuego volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Watching Fuego volcano explode from Acatenango volcano is a highlight of the trek. The is great camping on Acatenango. Hiking with active volcanoes is a highlight for anyone interested in nature.
For more info:

This is part of my adventure to cycle and hike the most amazing places around the world. The journey involves spending most nights sleeping in a tent and eating budget local meals.

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Volcan Fuego and Volcan Acatenango, Guatemala

A three day hike up two volcanoes linked by a saddle rising above the town of Antigua, Guatemala: active Volcan Fuego, and dormant Volcan Acatenango with its distinctive crater.

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ACATENANGO VOLCANO 2020 | Best adventure experience in Guatemala!

The best adventure experience in Guatemala is the Wicho and Charlie Overnight Hike! Hike to the summit of Acatenango Volcano for awesome views of the volcanic eruption of Fuego Volcano. This is a must do in Guatemala!

In this Guatemala Travel Tips 2020 video the Bucket List Travellers will share their experiences of this epic overnight trek and provide advice on how prepare for this once in a lifetime experience yourself.

Would you brave the perilous hike after watching this? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to click the like button and subscribe if you enjoyed our adventure!

We did the hike with Wicho and Charlies and we can't recommend them enough. You can find them here:

This video has captions in English, Spanish and French.

0:00 Montage of climbing Acatenango Volcano
0:17 Guatemala Travel vlog at Volcan Acatenango
0:44 Guatemala Travel Guide: Must do experience in Antigua Guatemala
0:58 Acatenango Volcano Hike
1:21 Wicho and Charlie Overnight Trek up up Acatenango Volcano
1:31 What is provided for Wicho and Charlie’s Acatenango Tour
1:45 How hard is the Acatenango overnight hike?
2:13 The summit of Acatenango Volcano
2:31 Acatenango Volcano: hike to Fuego Volcano or go to the summit?
2:44 Fuego Volcano hike information
2:51 Fuego Volcano hike cost
3:39 Guatemala Travel Tips for Acatenango Volcano
3:41 How long to acclimatise for Acatenango Hike
3:49 Fitness level required for Hike up Acatenango Volcano
3:59 Getting the best photos of Acatenango Volcano
4:07 Temperature on Acatenango Volcano

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Because you kept on reading, here is a bonus for you! We forgot to mention in the video that there are no toilets up the volcano, meaning that you will need to find a bush and do your business there. So don’t forget your toilet paper! The guides will provide you with a bag to put your toilet paper in, as there are no bins either. You will need to carry the bag down the mountain to, so be prepared for that!


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Volcano ERUPTED on our hike | Guatemala 2020

*Sunrise and late-night eruptions at the end *
I thought eruptions only looked this cool in movies. Volcano Fuego in Guatemala proved me wrong.
2 years ago, I promised I'd return to Guatemala to hike up Volcano Acatenango and see the erupting Volcan de Fuego in action. Last week, I came back to fulfill that promise, and made this travel film to document our two-day exhilarating journey to one of the most incredible things I have been blessed to see in my life.

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Special shout-outs to:
- my porter, the REAL MVP who helped carry most of my stuff 80% of the way up
- Santeri from Finland for helping me with my backpack when I was burned out at one point
- Norwegian woman for teaching me how to walk on volcanic mud without slipping
- unidentified woman with German accent whose motivating words in the dark stopped me from quitting at the start of the last hike before sunrise
- J for involuntarily being the protagonist of this film

Camera: Canon 80D (sorry about the low resolution, accidentally recorded most of this trip in 720 p instead of 1080)
Lens: Sigma 17-50mm f 2.5
Mic: Rode Video Micro

Volcano Acatenango (1 hour from Antigua, Guatemala)

Start of hike 00:00
ground zero 00:45
Oak forest 00:58
Cloud forest 1:20
Pine forest 1:46
Acatenango base-camp & first Fuego sightings 2:30
NIGHT ERUPTIONS from Campfire 3:35
Sunrise hike to Acatenango summit 4:20

Tour operator:
Tropicana Hostel, Antigua

Tips for future travelers/ my reflections:
- I strongly recommend booking the tour through an operator that provides cabins at the base-camp. The cold wind was the worst part about the hike and I can't imagine setting up a tent up there while it's below freezing, which is what a lot of the slightly cheaper tours make you do
- I would also recommend bringing snacks. They do sell Snickers bars on the way for double the price you would pay at a store, but I still ended up buying 3. Funny enough, the prices go up as you go higher up on the hike
- Bring flashlights. We didn't bring any due to some misunderstanding and they definitely would have helped in the pre-sunrise hike
- Bring lots of warm clothes. I slept in 4 layers (t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, hoodie, jacket) and 3 pairs of socks. Still had cold feet and lips and had to sleep with my hand (gloves) covering my mouth.
- I was one of 2 or 3 out of the group of 10 who were able to sleep. The altitude makes it really difficult for most people to sleep, but my cold medication probably helped me get some shut-eye.
- Get a porter if you must. This hike is only for those in decent shape. You don't have to be in Mt Everest shape, but you ideally need to be someone who doesn't get out of breath easily. One of the guys in my trip was really having a hard time, and ended up not going to the summit at sunrise.
- Be ready to hike up 1500 m in 5 hours, and have sore knees on the way down
- No matter how cold, exhausting or slippery it gets, try to push through. The pain is temporary (okay may be it will last 4 days) but the view from the summit will stay with you forever

Hiking Acatenango and Fuego Volcano in Guatemala

Hiking Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala was such an amazing experience for me. A geographer at heart, I have always been in awe of the power of volcanoes. Climbing Acatenango was hugely inspiring. So much so that I decided to also climb Fuego Volcano at the same time!

Find out more about my experience of hiking Acatenango Volcano and Fuego Volcano, including the challenges, the practicalities and the wonders, at Bean Exploring.

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INCREDIBLE Active Volcano Hike | ACATENANGO | It was SO hard! | Guatemala TRAVEL VLOG

Acatenango is a beast of a hike. 5/6 hours of incline up an active volcano in Guatemala. We were NOT prepared. It was SO hard. In this video we show you our experience of hiking up an incredible active volcano, Acatenango; to see its twin, Fuego from a viewpoint above the clouds.

With only trainers and no real equipment to even think about a hike, we were super lucky to have BALAM Tours in Antigua be our company of choice. It was still a reasonable price, despite it being a bit more than other companies, the value paid off. We got given extra fleeces and jackets, poles and blankets, and boy did we need them, it was SO hard, and SO cold. I have never been colder in my life!

We start with our awesome group of backpackers, gearing up for the way up. With regular breaks up Acatenango, we take in stunning views and see the active volcano scenery change as we climb.

Our viewpoint is incredible, so hard but so worth it. We show you the accommodation for the evening and a spectacular eruption from Fuego (but it really has to been seen with your own eyes).

Join as we learn how to navigate this world, with a backpack on and camera set to record. Our day to day experiences, the highs and the lows. REAL backpacking, hostels, transport.

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All footage shot on Canon G7xii, iPhone 8+, Go-Pro Hero 5. Edited on Adobe Premiere/Audition by Adam from Travel Bubble.

Volcán Acatenango in Guatemala - Volcano Hike, March 2018

A two day hike on and around Volcan Acatenago (13044ft / 3976m) and Volcán Fuego, near Antigua, Guatemala. Acatenago is the second largest Volcano in Guatemala, and has excellent views of the active Volcano, Fuego. The basic trip was 8 miles/5000’ of elevation gain, but we opted for an additional excursion which brought us to the ridge of Fuego to get close to the lava. We spent the night on Acatenango and then hiked to the peak before dawn to watch the sun rise from the top.

Seeing the active volcano Fuego erupting at night was one of the coolest and most surreal experiences of my life, and the sunrise atop Acatenango was stunning.

I edited all of this on my phone, using iMovie, while on airplanes. Pretty amazing what we can do with our phones these days.

Music provided by The Disco Biscuits, this is “Lunar Pursuit - Story of the World” from Camp Bisco X in Mariaville, NY on July 8th, 2011.

Volcano Acatenango Vlog! You NEED to add this to your Guatemala trip!

Earlier this year when I was traveling solo around Guatemala, I met some friends and decided to climb volcano Acatenango with them. Here is the story of how it went down…
If your looking for information there is a section at the end (8:01) where I answer a few questions that I thought would be helpful.
If you have any other questions feel free to comment below and I will get back to you!

Hi! My name is Emily & I am a videographer for weddings in the summer and a world traveller in the winter. Creating video’s has been a passion of mine for the past few years. On this channel I share travel stories as well as helpful guides. I am always looking for new collaberations with other travelers :) so if that’s you, message me on Instagram @escapewithemily.


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Sleeping on Top of a Volcano! (Acatenango Volcano, Guatemala)

An exhausting 6 hours climb, but what a view! Heavy fogs draped the summit that night. Volcano Fuego erupted and rumbled in front of us.
Spending the night on top of a volcano is an exciting experience.


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After an intense week of Spanish course it was time to 'relax' and do something we enjoyed.

Climbing a volcano is not considered relaxing but still this is what I love to do. And of we went. 5-6 hours climbing ahead of us with no idea what an active volcano would look, feel and sound like.

An amazing experience to see and sleep next to the active volcano Fuego while being surrounded by others as volcano Agua, acatenango, pacaya and many more!

I would definately do it again. but first need to give my legs some rest





Fuego volcano erupts during hike! Climbing Acatenango in Guatemala

A short video of our amazing hike up Volcan Acatenango in Guatemala.

We were fortunate enough to hike next to a very active Volcan Fuego which erupted constantly during the entire hike! The views from the top and at night were absolutely spectacular!

Has anyone else been as lucky hiking a volcano?

Hardest thing I have ever done so far. Climbing volcano Acatenango, Guatemala

Me climbing volcano acatenango and seeing eruption of Fuego. beautiful and really hard hike


GoPro Hero 5 Black
Canon G7X mark II

Hiking and Camping on Acatenango Volcano-Guatemala

Hiking Acatenango is an epic 24 hour adventure. It's a beautiful hike through cloud forests, 360 degree views of every volcano in the area, a 'melt your face off' sunset, bright full moon and oh yeah, Volcan Fuego put on quite the firework show when we reached the summit.

I love Guatemala!

Shot with the Sony NX30U

GUATEMALA | Volcano de Fuego eruption, Acatenango Hike, Antigua, travel video

Have any of you seen the volcano eruption live?

Earlier on this year, we went to Guatemala to hike volcano de Acatenango (3.976meters)
We had a whole-night show of pyroclastic and lava-blowing eruptions of Volcano De Fuego – one of the most active volcanoes in the world
- recorded sound does not do the justice as in reality the BANG is literally blowing you out of the shoes!

Hike was pretty exhausting and took us around 8 hours to reach our base camp. We booked it with Balam Tours and we highly recommend them.

Additionally, you can see an Incredible city of Antigua and a bean-to-bar chocolate-making process.

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