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Cappuccino or Latte: What is the Difference?


Here are all the big differences between some of the most popular coffee drinks

Flat white? Cappuccino? Mocha? Latte? We wanted to know the big differences between some of the most popular espresso drinks, so we spoke to Joseph Monett, an expert barista at Cafe Grumpy in New York City.


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Malaysian barista shows us how to make 3D Latte Art! In this video, he demonstrates how a panda, cat, sleeping bear, and lion is made using espresso, milk, and chocolate.

Inner Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Which non-dairy milk alternative tastes best in a latte?

Oat milk? Soy milk? Something else? USA TODAY's Carly Mallenbaum taste tests milk alternatives that you should try in your favorite coffee.

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Preparing cappuccino at Starbucks training center in Starbucks Kuwait

Preparing cappuccino at Starbucks training center in Starbucks Kuwait. More information about this video here

Glitter Cappuccino Is The Most Extra Drink

Coffee by Di Bella in India serves the most sparkly drink.

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What Coffee Looks Like Around The World

Experience a variety of coffee cultures and see how it is made and served differently around the world. In Turkey, coffee is brewed in hot sand. In Sweden and Finland, cheese curds are added into cups of coffee.

Inside The World's Biggest Starbucks In Japan

Why This Coffee Costs $75 A Cup

Inside Italy’s Only Starbucks


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What Coffee Looks Like Around The World

Making the Perfect Caffe Latte

A caffe latte is a coffee drink consisting of one-third espresso, two-thirds heated milk and about 1cm of foam.
Barister Jane takes us through the process.

scuola di: il caffè latte e latte macchiato bar gelateria hey remember ventimiglia

puntualizzazione sulla realizzazione del caffè latte e latte macchiato

How to make Nescafe Latte | Instant drink from nescafe | nescafe latte coffee

#nescafe #nescafeindia #nescafelatte #latte #coffee

empty one entire sanchet in a cup
add hot water and stir

Cara membuat Coffee Latte Berlayer

How to make layered Coffee Latte.

BEST 3D COFFEE ART: Giraffe Octopus Doraemon Shark Seal

Latte art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the latte. It can also be created or embellished by simply drawing in the top layer of foam. Latte art is particularly difficult to create consistently, due to the demanding conditions required of both the espresso shot and milk. This, in turn, is limited by the experience of the barista and quality of the espresso machine. The pour itself, then, becomes the last challenge for the latte artist.

Music: Cute -

Lessons in latte art

Professional barista Luke Shaffer serves up a latte with artistic designs in the milk foam at 21st Street Coffee and Tea in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

Cappuccino Art Flower | Latte Art Heart | Perfect Coffee | Cappuccino Latte'Art

More pictures:

We parked our car in the Chinatown, London. Then went in for a coffee after shopping. The waiters are all smiling which is great customer service. There was an smart atmosphere and nicely decorated and gives us a nice feeling. Really enjoyable!

Tea Time ♥ Lovely place to relax and enjoy a Perfect Coffee Cappuccinos at Muriel's Kitchen in Leicester Square London.

7-9 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA, England
020 7494 3919

Could This Be The Prettiest Latte? | Glitter Latte at Werewolf Coffee

Try This Obscenely Beautiful Latte at Werewolf Coffee. Their lattes shine….literally. They use special ingredients—including edible glitter—to create one of the most beautiful lattes in Chicago.

New Zealand's Coffee - Flat white VS Cappuccino

Scoperta la differenza tra flat white e cappuccino, scoprite tutti gli altri segreti dei caffè neozelandesi:


Where to drink a real Italian cappuccino in Cork City

If you are Italian doing an internship in Cork or working as an aupair and you miss the typical italian cappuccino, watch this video and enjoy it in Italee, in Cork City centre.

The Art of Cappuccino: Er Baretto in Rome

Er Baretto is my neighborhood bar in Rome, where they take the art of making cappuccino very seriously. Every cup come to the table or counter as a mini work of art.
For more information on this bar visit my blog:

And for more information on dining in Italy, download my apps EAT ROME, EAT FLORENCE and EAT VENICE available on iTunes and for Android.

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JAVA Cappuccino

How your JAVA Barista creates a delicious Cappuccino, classic cut.

What a Good Cappuccino Looks Like - Foodie Sisters in Italy

If you want to drink a cappuccino like an Italian, you first need to know what a good one looks like. That's exactly what Foodie Sisters, Benedetta and Valeria, are going to explain in the video. Because to deserve to start your day with an excellent cup of cappuccino.

Learn more about Cappuccino here:

In the video, we had Cappuccino at Faro Caffè Specialty in Rome:

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Foodie Sisters in Italy are Co-founders of Local Aromas | Rome, Italy

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Perbedaan Latte, Long Black, Cold Brew dan Sejenisnya. Feat. Australian Barista - [COFFEE UPDATE]

Hey, what's going on Coffee Drinkers? Welcome back to Coffee Update! ☕✅

Pada Episode kali ini kami mendapat kesempatan untuk berkolaborasi dengan salah satu barista dari Australia, Kak Cindy, untuk melakukan sharing terkait perbedaan yang mendasar dari menu-menu kopi yang biasa terdapat di café shop.

Topic ini diangkat karena mengingat cukup banyak nya persamaan bentuk dan rasa dari menu-menu kopi seperti cappuccino, latte, piccolo, americano dan sebagainya. Untuk lebih jelas, mari dengarkan penjelasan langsung dari Kak Cindy selaku Australian & Ex Indonesian Barista tentang perbedaannya.

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