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COVID-19: Aviation’s Fight For Survival


COVID-19: Aviation’s Fight For Survival

This video take a closer look at the current state of aviation during COVID-19 crisis. How Aviation is fighting for survival during COVID-19?

Take a guess Just how many flights in the sky on an average day?

The number of flights in the sky have fallen more than half recently and the number continue to drop around the world. The sky is getting empty! Take a look at all the airplane grounding footage from all over the world.

Airports are getting empty, so as airline lounges and the flight itself. In the video, we discuss about the social distancing inside airplane.

While passenger flights and numbers are falling, air cargo operation have play a crucial role in times of crisis, delivering lifesaving medical supplies and materials. Lot of airlines are now using their passenger planes to carry cargo only. We examine the cargo operation closely.

It is not all bad news during COVID-19. Private aviation is booming with high demand of private flight for charter, repatriation and transportation of medical equipment use. Qatar Airways have recently increased 10,000 seat and deploy A380 on route to London, Paris and Frankfurt due to increase demand as other airlines have suspended operations.

We also saw a 51 year old DC-8 of Samaritan’s Purse (US Aid Organization) recently flew to Verona, Italy. This latest mission saw the aircraft perform a flight to Verona in Italy, where it unloaded a 68 bed field hospital.

To end the video, I hope the sky will return to normal. Enjoy the time-lapse footage from London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

The Worst Year In Aviation - Coronavirus Impact

In this video we look at the current states of aviation with focus on airlines, airplane manufacturer and the broader travel community.

Airport, borders and even Country are closed. Thousands of flights are cancelled in light of travel ban to fight the Coronavirus. Demand is drying up in ways that are completely unprecedented.

Airlines are fast running out of cash, as hundreds of thousands of fleets are grounded; as they battle to survive travel restrictions and country lock downs, that have engulfed the aviation and travel industry in crisis. IATA have warned the lost in revenue for airlines due to Covid-19 could be up to 113 Billion Dollars.

The escalating coronavirus crisis could bankrupt most of the world’s airlines by the end of May; unless they get help from governments and the industry, aviation consultancy CAPA has warned.

COVID-19: Repatriation Flights and Cargo Operations

In the last few weeks, due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, unique and unusual repatriation flights have been carried out all over the world.

Aviation is racing with time to bring back stranded citizens and urgent medical supplies to save life. People work in aviation right now is really showing BEST of Humanity.

The video start with footage from EL AL on a repatriation and rescue flight from Peru to Israel. Then I interviewed the Chief Cargo Officer of Qatar Airways and Chairman of National Air Cargo Inc on current status with air cargo industry. They explained why Air Cargo have been so busy and why there are needs to operate more cargo flights even using passenger planes.

The video cover more repatriation and urgent cargo flights bringing medical supplies and equipments by United, Delta, Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish, Lufthansa, Bamboo Airways, Nepal Airlines, Air India, Garuda Indonesia, Ethiopian Airlines and many more airlines not mentioned here.

I am making this vlog to highlight the importance of these missions and pay tribute to the people who work in this critical time to serve and save the world. #Clapsforourcarers #Aviation #Repatriation

Parking Problem Amid COVID-19 Crisis for Airlines

A significant portion of the world’s airline fleet is now grounded due to collapse of air travel demand. But where do you park them all? The airlines have 3 options.

Read more:

COVID-19 - Keeping Cargo Flying

COVID-19: Aviation including Airlines and Airports fight for survival

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Airlines across the world are struggling for survival, even the big heavyweights are facing massive difficulties with their large fleets. Airports across the world are temporarily closing some Terminals, and even their entire airport.

Flying on Qatar Airways B747-8 Cargo Plane

I traveled on Qatar Airways Cargo B747-8F from Hong Kong to Doha. This video shares a rare insight into the airline cargo business. I documented all cargo loading and operation activities in Hong Kong before flying on the Qatar Airways 747-8 cargo plane to Doha.

In the video, all the cargo operation activities were highlighted and you can see how cargo flight differ to the passenger flight. After landing in Doha, I got to visit the Qatar Airways Cargo facilities.

For more information on Qatar Airways Cargo, visit their LinkedIn page:

The Future of Flying - Is Sustainable Air Travel Possible?

This is the first vlog in the series to explore sustainability in aviation. I traveled to Amsterdam to learn how KLM is taking a leading role in creating a more sustainable future for aviation.

In the video, I was shown how an airline can recycle plastic bottle onboard to create useful tools by 3D printing. I learnt about the challenge of developing sustainable aviation fuel. KLM cabin crew showed me how they're recycling and reuse plastic materials in the food tray. A pilot also explained many ways they could reduce fuel burn.

I traveled to Technical University of Delft to see the design of Flying V, a futuristic V shape aircraft. i was shown the mock up model which should have its first flight this year. I was also shown many interesting future cabin design ideas such as flat bed in economy and staggered seating.

Flying during COVID-19 virus outbreak

Your health and safety is our top priority. It is therefore important to share with you all the work carried out in real time on a daily basis as the situation has developed:

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My Flight From USA To UK During The COVID-19 Outbreak | Curly Tales

Curly Tales Contributor @humaiqbal shared her flight experience from Houston to London during the COVID-19 Outbreak. Huma shared her experience of entering a ghosted airport to no security lines, food court staff not wearing gloves along with the sanitation facilities provided inside, and the necessary precautions carried out by the airport staff. It might not be safe to travel during the times of COVID-19 and hence it's best to stay home and stay safe.

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What Happened Inside the Airplane Graveyard?

I visited Mojave, Ca which is a famous airplane graveyard in the Californian desert. More than 100 planes were stored there. It is end of the line for most planes in the graveyard. I went inside an ex Thai Airways B747-400 to take a look at the interior. Much to my surprise, the interior was kept intact. Then I step inside an ex-Qantas B747 and found my way to walk on the 747 wing! I could almost touch the winglet!

Then we drove to Victorville and met up with airplane scraper Huy, Huy gave us a tour and explain how they torn down airplanes using excavator. The useful parts such as engines, avionics and interior are usually stripped out for sale . We went inside an ex United B747-400 and ex Singapore/VIM B777-200 to take a look.

Talaat Captan, owner of Air Hollywood and Anthony Toth, co-owner of Pan Am Experience appeared in this video as tour guide of the airplane graveyard storage.

Why Expert Aircraft Management Matters in a Crisis – AIN

Visit for all the latest on the aviation industry.

Many business aircraft are either grounded or flying far less due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But these valuable assets still need to be carefully managed. AIN asked Luxaviation’s Chief Aviation Operations Officer Robert Fisch how his team is working to protect the interests of the aircraft owners they serve. He also gave us some perspective on the current crisis and his viewpoint on what it will take to get the industry back to cruise altitude.

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COVID-19: Airlines are Struggling to Survive

In this video, we dive into the current state of aviation during COVID-19. How are airlines struggling to survive during COVID-19?

James Asquith is the official Guinness record holder for being the youngest person to visit every sovereign country in the world! He is an aviation expert, author and the CEO of an awesome travel start-up called HolidaySwap. James is also a former investment banker and he offers a very pragmatic and blunt view on current events.

James and I talk about the future of travel, the global impact of the current pandemic, how airlines are impacted, the current state of aviation during COVID-19 crisis and how Aviation is fighting for survival during COVID-19.

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COVID-19 update

COVID-19 & Aviation- Limited Services Provided by 50 Airlines on March

Because of nations closing borders and not allowing tourists to visit, aviation was greatly affected. Most airlines only provide limited services and have cancelled most of the flights. In this video, let’s review the limited services provided by 50 different airlines and see which airlines are the most affected.

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Stay Strong: #WeAreAviation

In aviation, we truly love what we do.

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Standing united, we will get through the COVID-19 crisis and bring the world together again!

Starting aviation after COVID19 interview John Strickland, Aviation Consultant - Business Traveller

Starting aviation after COVID19. Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller interview with John Strickland, Aviation Consultant about starting aviation after COVID19.
Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller interview with John Strickland, Aviation Consultant about starting aviation after COVID19
- Hello and welcome to the latest of our videos on Business Traveller's YouTube channel. My name's Tom Otley. Today we're speaking about aviation. At a time when fleets across Europe are pretty much grounded, I wanted to know what it will take to get the airlines back up in the air. And to discuss this I spoke with John Strickland, aviation consultant. So then, John, when the pandemic is over, there are practical considerations for these airlines in starting back up again, aren't there?

- There are so many considerations, at the moment it is completely anybody's guess. I mean, first of all, of course, we've gotta have borders open, and that already is an unknown quantity. We hear ministers in Australia telling Australians they shouldn't expect to travel before the end of the year. I've been talking with French clients of mine, saying there may be even limitations in traveling between regions within France, nevermind between France and other countries. Spain is talking about limiting the number of people on beaches or space between people. So, there's so many factors in terms of borders opening. And then the question of social distancing too. That itself is a massive challenge for airlines, because if airlines are obliged to leave the middle seat free, it can just destroy their business models, particularly in short-haul for low cost carriers which are based on flying very full planes at very low prices and selling all these extras, ancillary revenues, being a coffee or speedy boarding or an extra bag, and so on, and as Michael O'Leary I think has rightly pointed out, even if the middle seat is not sold it doesn't solve a problem because it doesn't give that level of space anyway. But, certainly, it's a way to destroy revenue potential for airlines. But aside from those issues of borders and social distancing, we just don't know about passenger psychology. On the one hand, you have the view that people will be just pent up with the desire to travel again as soon as they can with this lockdown experience we're all going through, but, then again, there are others who could be fearful of travelling. Families with children would be worried, elderly people would be worried, we don't know which way it's going to cut. And then if you weave in the aspect of an upcoming recession when people have actually lost their jobs and don't have the means to travel, or not to travel as often, that will dampen demand, and, of course, on the side of business travel, some businesses are not going to come back from this. They're going to be gone and so too will the jobs in their organizations and therefore the need to travel, there'll be tighter travel policies remaining in place, at least for a time. But, of course, as we're all getting used to now, with the joys of these different video conferencing techniques, I'm sure that's going to have an effect. I remember thinking the same thing 20 years back when 9/11 happened that I thought business travel would be over. Well, of course, it came back, but I think technology has moved on, of course, so much in the ease of using these tools. So I think this year, as one airline executive said to me this week, is a lost year, I think it is a lost year. I also buy into what a number of airlines such as Lufthansa is saying, this is going to be a multi-year recovery and it's going to be a long, slow process with, at the moment, far more questions than answers to any of the dynamics that will allow airlines to come back and ply their trade and actually make money on a sustainable basis.
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The path to restarting the airline industry after COVID-19 won't be easy

Globally coordinated efforts from governments and cooperation with industry are needed, with health as priority.


Pilot ATC Reacting on empty airspace due COVID-19 pandemic

Radar Credit -

Value of Aviation



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