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How to Start Traveling Again After COVID-19

As the world begins to open back up, you may want to start planning some trips for your family. But how do you decide where to go or how to get there safely? In this video I'm going to share with you some guidelines to keep in mind as you plan to travel again during this challenging time. New to our channel? We're the Sognonvi family from Top Flight Family, and we're all about luxury family travel, family vacation and kids travel! If you like family travel vlog videos about a traveling family, you'll enjoy what we do here.

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Do you love traveling with kids? Then subscribe to our family vlog! We're the Sognonvi (pronounced SUN-YOH-VEE) family, and we're all about fostering togetherness as a family by experiencing new adventures New York City where we live, and all around the world when we travel.

As you can probably tell, we're a multiracial family (or interracial family or mixed family - whichever term you prefer). Carmen is Chinese and Belgian, and mostly grew up in Hong Kong. Serge's parents are both from Benin in West Africa, and he was born and raised in NYC.

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Exploring Beautiful British Columbia! A Cinematic Travel Vlog!

Our BC series comes to an epic end!
Now that we had seen a bit of the Okanagan Valley, Chilliwack and spent some down time in Vancouver, we were off on our first camping road trip along one of Canada’s most scenic drives: the Sea-to-Sky Highway (Highway 99)!
This route gets EVERYTHING. From the ocean to mountains to lakes to waterfalls, it encapsulates so much of what it means to be in Canada’s wilderness.
After the peaceful drive along the water with the view of Howe Sound and the islands, and the drive through the high peaks in Squamish, we made our first stop at Brandywine Falls. This is by far one of the best waterfalls you’ll see in BC!

We then made our way straight to Whistler. Here we got to first see the Train Wreck site, an outdoor museum and art display of an actual train wreck. It was incredible to see so much beauty and vibrancy be created after a tragic incident.

On this trip, we chose to do a short and easy hike and check out one of BC’s aqua-coloured lakes. Cheakamus Lake was the one for us and it was more blue than we thought it would be!
We couldn’t say we road tripped along Sea-to-Sky without actually checking out the cute and quaint town of Whistler so that’s what we did! The village was so lively and we definitely saw the efforts that were put in for the 2010 Olympics to make this an incredible place.

The day was turning down so we made our way to our campsite at Nairn Falls for the night before heading to our final destination on Highway 99. This spot brought our wonderful trip to an epic end! Despite the fire smoke starting to come through, Seton Lake Lookout, capturing the winding road, lake and mountain all in one, was by far one the most spectacular vistas we’ve been to and it was such a short hike up here!

But wait, it didn’t stop there. On our way back to Vancouver via Highway 1, we had to make for one more adventure at Bridal Veil Falls, bringing our trip full circle and ending with yet another bang.

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Live Cruise Tips Questions & Answers

Hi Cruisers, Join us for a live question and answers session, and be sure to check our our sponsor Try easy to use cruise search here:

Okay, we have SO much to cover today in this general live chat. We reveal our HUGE October surprise, answer subscriber questions, and share the dates for our next livestreams (10/7 and 10/21). When we're done here, we jump over to for a LIVE reveal of our Alaska souvenirs.

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Japanese Drivers License Exam Info & Tips

Talking about the Japanese Drivers Exam and my experience from Start to Finish. I hope it’s helpful - although long.

The Best Guide for learning the ins and outs of the test:

Video Chapter Guide:
(Coming Soon)

Thank you for all the support the last 5 months while I challenged myself getting this license!
Now we can take road trips on the channel which means we are going to see an entirely new side of the country! -John

Will Studd, Master of Cheese: Live Zoom Question Answer 2020

A full hour of questions and answers with Will Studd.

Full episodes and downloads available at
The full range of Will Studd Selected Cheeses are available in the US and Australia

Take Better Photos With Your Poco F1 // 4 Easy Steps For Pocophone F1 Users

#pocof1 #pocophonef1 #pixel3
The pocophone f1 is a great device. The poco f1 has a great camera. In this video we explore how you can take better mobile photos with your poco f1. You can use any of these techniques with any phone such as the samsung galaxy s10, google pixel 3, one plus 6t, one plus 7, or the iphone xs max. .

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Vaccine = Freighter ÷ Pilot Shortage

Starting off with Positive news, SA has opened the borders, and there are no further restrictions on countries that are allowed to visit. Looking forward to seeing the Tourism and hospitality sectors flourish again
South African Airline operators Comair & Lift starting up operations in December
Interesting talk on ticket prices vs flexibility options and the omission of genuine Mango news.
Airlink have a cool new colour scheme and are finally rid of the heavy flag.
The vaccine is nearly ready to roll out, and with that the requirement for freighter aircraft to move it around the world.
Rumours of Pilot shortages in the next year?
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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles Are Amazing

#AT101Live Why You Should LOVE Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

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USA ➡️ Bodrum, Turkey COVID-19 TRAVEL VLOG: 48 hours in Turkey's BEST SEASIDE GEM!

Prior to coming to Bodrum, I had actually never heard of this amazing city. But I did know that Turkey has so many beautiful terrains and landscapes to explore besides just the city of Istanbul. So even though I only had 48 hours in Bodrum, I made the most of it. With this being the last stop of my COVID Europe trip, I wanted to fully relax and take advantage of the beautiful waters Bodrum has. My boyfriend and I took a full-day boat tour, swam our hearts out, ate lots of fresh seafood, explored the Bodrum castle, and agreed by the end of this trip that we couldn't wait to come back to Turkey to explore more again :)


???? Where we stayed:
Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach -

???? Transportation:
From and to the airport, we took the Havas bus (airport bus). The arrival and departure times are based on flight times, so you never really have to worry about following a timetable. During our time in Bodrum, we took the local minibuses around. They were super affordable. We had to ask a couple of Turkish people for help at times and they were more than willing to help. Since Bodrum is fairly small, the minibuses will take you to the main areas first, then you can walk or taxi to your specific destination.

☀️ Weather: Beautiful and sunny the ENTIRE time!

????Tour we took:
I can't find the tour anymore, but it was a boat tour through Get Your Guide. It took us to 4-5 swimming spots and lunch was included.

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- Humsafar Ashutosh
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????‍???? ABOUT ME:
My name is Julie and I currently live in San Diego, CA. I just quit my full-time banking job during the pandemic and am spending a couple months off before working again. Stay tuned for my life here in beautiful, sunny Cali and plenty of travel vlogs!

ENG | UNBOXING 아이폰11 언박싱????나혼자 너무 뒷북?! Let’s Unboxing IPhone11 with me ????

안녕하세요 도토입니다~
이번영상은 정말 깨알 아이폰 언박싱 영상입니다!!
다들 아이폰11 한참전에 사셨을텐데 너무 저혼자 뒷북 아닌가 걱정이지만... 전 행복하니까 괜찮아요...????
비록 아이폰12 기다리기는 실패했지만
새로운핸드폰으로 좀 더 예쁜 사진과 영상을 담는다는 명목하에 예쁘게 써보겠습니당~~
이번영상도 봐주셔서 감사드리고
저는 곧 포르투갈에 가서 영상이 잠시 뜸해질 것 같은데 후다닥 다녀와서 혹은 가서 틈틈히 편집해서 올리겠습니당
그렇다면 다들 돝데이????????

Hello, this is Doto ~
This video is really a real iPhone unboxing video!
Everyone was buying iPhone 11 long ago,
but I'm worried that I'm too late...
but It’s ok...I like this one
Although I couldn't wait for the iPhone 12,
I'm going to use it pretty.
Thank you for watching this viedo I will edit and upload ASAP ????????




Traveling During Lockdown || Virtual Travel || Photoshop Prank || Instagram Giveaway ||

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We posted a giveaway on Instagram where we selected 10 people,and virtually transported them to them to their fav destinations.
Here's how it went.
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The Apple of Your EFI: An Updated Study of EFI Security

Duo Labs conducted an extensive data analysis on the state of Apple's EFI security from two main perspectives. The first was analysing all EFI updates released by Apple since OS X 10.10.0 through macOS 10.12.6 to fully characterise the security support provided across different Mac models and OS versions. In addition to the data analysis discussed above, our research also aims to shine a light on the mechanisms used to update Apple's EFI itself - discussing how Apple's EFI updater tools operate and the controls they have in place.

By Rich Smith & Pepijn Bruienne

Full Abstract & Presentation Materials:

Will AppleCare Fix or Replace a Cracked iPhone?

Last year on Thanksgiving morning, my iPhone 11Pro fell out fo my pocket onto the deck as i was checking the ham I was smoking. It was super cold out and the back of the phone shattered. I am finally trying to get it fixed since I have AppleCare. What looked like a simple task at Best Buy turns into a debacle. Follow along as we try to get it replaced.

#travelswithdelaney #vlog

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Unboxing iphone 12 pro max silver

Sorry that was really quick video without any proper setup cause i couldn’t wait to see it in real. Lol
Thanks for watching ✌️

Holiday Gift Guide | Rifle Paper Co. Haul

I did some gift shopping in Rifle Paper Co's Black Friday sale and found some lovely stationery things!



SNAPCHAT: emmapixiedust

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A quick disclaimer...this is not a sponsored video. I just love Rifle Paper Co. and wanted to share what I got!

Reverse Graffiti: Public Service or Public Nuisance?

Complete video at:

Paul Curtis (aka Moose) discusses his work in the medium of reverse graffiti, which is a method of clean tagging or creating temporary messages and images on surfaces by removing dirt and grime.


Paul Curtis (aka Moose) is a pioneering UK street artist and the creator of reverse graffiti. It's form of clean tagging where, instead of marking walls with paint, he uses cleaning products to remove grime from urban spaces, leaving pictures or messages.

In this fascinating talk from the agIdeas Conference in Melbourne, Moose shares his street art ethos. Explaining how he works in re-facing, not defacing, and every mark he makes shows people how polluted the world is.

Curtis occasionally accepts advertising jobs, believing that at least his form of advertising doesn't generate any additional waste. He was even hired by the UK police to make street ads for an anti-gun campaign. This didn't stop the police from trying to arrest him for criminal damages two weeks later. To which he responded that he wasn't making a mark, he was removing one and if they wanted to arrest someone they should arrest the polluters. Luckily he got off, so he could keep collaborating with the street cleaners with his unique style of graffiti. - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Moose is the pseudonym of Paul Curtis, a British graffiti artist. Instead of the typical methods of graffiti, Moose works by cleaning dirt and grime off surfaces to create his art.

A Chat With Guests Natasha and Luca, That Vegan Couple - TMWE S01 E14

For this episode we chat with Natasha and Luca, also known as That Vegan Couple. What a treat it was to chat with them and learn from their wisdom.

Check out Luca and Natasha's channel here:

Luca and Natasha now offer online coaching to people who need help going vegan, living minimalism, or dealing with whatever life changes they're going through.

We apologize for the poor quality of this video. Our Skype recording program was on the fritz and screwed up the whole thing. The good news is that the audio was pretty clear, and the wisdom of Natasha and Luca still came through loud and clear.

Stay tuned for more episodes with guest miminalists. If you're a minimalist, or you have a favorite minimalist you'd like us to interview, let us know! We'd also love to hear if you have any questions you'd like us to ask future interviewees.

Follow along as we make the move to living in an RV Full-Time and we explore this great country.

the more we explore, themoreweexplore, minimalism, tiny house

WORTH PARTNERSHIP PROJECT, materiali intelligenti e ad alte prestazioni

Discover more about Worth on

With the advent of industry 4.0, the smart wearables’ revolution and the Internet of Things, the interest and concrete value-adding potential for such materials and products has grown tremendously. Applications where large surface areas or flexible covers are required or where lightweight, comfort and soft touch are desirable are among the broad range of solutions. In addition to electronic or digital capabilities, engineered textiles can also smartly respond to temperature, moisture, photochromic, (bio)chemical or physical stimuli offering interesting innovation potential such as functional interiors, sports, medical solutions or clothing among others resulting in rethinking social inclusion.

At the same time of FuoriSalone TV live video (12:00 PM), every day the protagonists of the projects will be available on Zoom to answer questions, curiosities and exchange experiences and visions.  
Join us:
Con l'avvento dell'industria 4.0, la rivoluzione dei dispositivi wearable intelligenti e l'Internet delle cose, l'interesse per i materiali ad alte prestazioni e il loro potenziale di valore aggiunto sono cresciuti enormemente. Le applicazioni in cui sono richieste superfici ampie o cover flessibili o leggerezza, comfort e morbidezza sono tra le più numerose. Oltre alle funzionalità elettroniche o digitali, i tessuti ingegnerizzati possono anche rispondere in modo intelligente a stimoli di temperatura, umidità, fotocromatici, (bio) chimici o fisici offrendo interessanti potenzialità di innovazione in ambito interior, sport, salute o abbigliamento, tra cui il ripensamento dell'inclusione sociale.

Contemporaneamente al live video su FuoriSalone TV (12:00 PM), tutti i giorni, dal 15 al 21 giugno alle 12.00, i protagonisti dei progetti saranno disponibili su Zoom per rispondere a domande, curiosità e scambiare esperienze e vision.
Join us:

So You Wanna Start a YouTube Channel - The Reality of Creating RV Videos

In today's video (recorded on a Panasonic Lumix GX85), we discuss what it's really like to create and maintain a YouTube channel.

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14+ Travel Hacks: Learn How To Earn Free Flights and Frequent Flier Miles In Your Sleep

I get this question within inbox constantly about frequent flier miles and how I earn them. This video is how I earn miles in my sleep!

This video is NOT Sponsored!

1. Register in programs
7. Have you tried Airbnb? Sign up with my link and you will get up to $55 off your first trip.
8. Check Individual Airline Websites
12. (Check car rental provider websites as well
13. Hotel Partners Check Individual Airline Websites
14. Check Individual Airline Websites

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