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COPACABANA AND LA PAZ (Bolivija) - My Trip 2016 HD


COPACABANA AND LA PAZ (Bolivija) - My Trip 2016 HD

COPACABANA, is the main Bolivian town on the shore of Lake Titicaca, is known for its famous Basilica, home of the Virgin of Copacabana, town has app. 6000 inhabitants. From Copacabana, boats leave for Isla del Sol.
LA PAZ is located in the valley of the Andes, has the highest elevation of any goverment City in the world - between 3200 - 4100 m over sea water level, with a population of 2,3 milion inhabitants.

DIY Destinations (4K) - Bolivia Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

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In this episode of DIY Destinations featuring the best of Bolivia. We'll visit La Paz's breathtaking lookout Mirador Killi Killi, Plaza Murillo, the famous Witches' Market (Mercado de las Brujas), Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna), all done using public transportation and cable cars Mi Teleferico. We'll also visit Bolivia's most known attraction Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats, Laguna Hedionda, Laguna Colorada and San Pedro de Atacama border crossing. We'll also visit the off the beaten path attraction of Cerro Rico silver mines and witness its shocking working conditions. In Cochabamba, we'll visit many of its beautiful squares and hike up to see the Cristo de la Concordia Christ, and Bolivia's most important culture centre, Simon I. Patino Cultural Center. As well as constitutional capital of Bolivia, the city of Sucure and Casa de la Libertad where declaration of independence was signed. We end the episode with a visit to Tiwanaku, UNESCO site, Copacabana's famous Isla del Sol Sun Island and Lake Titicaca and attempt to climb Huayna Potosi and bike the world's most dangerous Dead Road, Yungas Rd. We'll try out many of Bolivia famous food including, Mocochinchi, Fritanga, and Silpancho.

INDIJA 2016 - Varkala - My Trip HD

INDIJA 2016 - My Trip, beautiful country, nice people.

Visiting Isla Del Sol and Copacabana on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

This is a travel guide to visiting Isla del Sol and Copacabana on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. We take you a hiking tour of Isla del Sol and then show you around the city of Copacabana, Bolivia including visiting markets, walking along the boardwalk and eating rainbow trout (Trucha).

Visiting Isla Del Sol and Copacabana on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia Travel Video Transcript:

Good morning! Good morning everyone. It's bright and early today. We're here at Copacabana and this is the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. We are going to an island called Isla del Sol which is the island of the sun. And we almost didn't think we'd be able to go today. We woke up and there is thunder and lightening. There was all kinds of rain. It was pouring. It was pouring outside but it has really cleared up now and we're excited to see if we can take the trip today. So the island is somewhere off in the distance over there.

So we have just arrived in Isla del Sol and the sun came out just in time. Now we're going to go visit some ruins and then we're planning to hike from the north end of the island to the south end.

The first thing that struck us about Isla del Sol were the landscapes. We had to climb some pretty steep inclines to reach the top of the island but once we did we got some incredible views of our surroundings. We also enjoyed making friends with lots of animals along the way including sleepy pigs basking in the sunshine and a mix of horses and donkeys.

While we enjoyed our day trip to Isla del Sol we did feel our visit was a bit rushed. We managed to walk the length of the island but we only made it back on the boat with 10 minutes to spare. Crossing the island takes a lot longer than tour operators let on so if you really want to visit and you don't mind a remote setting you may want to consider spending a night or two on Isla del Sol.

So hello from Copacabana. Hello! We're not in the famed beach from Rio de Janeiro this is actually a small little town on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca and we've been spending the past 5 days here. Yeah. Just relaxing, getting some rest and we actually left the vlogging until the very last day. I know, unfortunately it is a rainy day. Today is very overcast. What can you do. We're going to go out there and you show you the town anyway. Yep.

Right here is the main drag of town. You're going to find your restaurants, bars and live entertainment. And lots of hippies.

If there is one meal that you absolutely must try when you visit Copacabana and that is rainbow trout fished straight out of Lake Titicaca over there.

So you could choose an ordinary restaurant to have trout but where are we instead? Yeah, we're along the boardwalk and there are a gazillion restaurants literally lined along here. There actually not even restaurants. They are more like little stands. Yeah, exactly. Just like what you're seeing here. Tarp walls. And honestly we don't know where to go we just walked by a whole bunch of them and decided okay let's pick the last one why don't we go there. Yeah.

So this is the first bite. So what is this called locally? Trucha. Trucha. Trucha. We'll see.

So we just finished our meal. Now it is time to go paddle boat riding because we're all about cheesy adventure activities. Maybe we can get one that looks like a swan or a duck. It'll be fun. Yeah, let's do it.

So like we mentioned at the start of our vlog we haven't really been doing a whole lot in Copacabana. We've just been resting and relaxing and the highlight has actually been our accommodations. We're staying at a pretty cool place called Las Olas where they have like these weird cottages some of them look like tree houses, some of them are like little spirals and they have domes and I don't know. It just looks like this fantasy land so we're going to take you up and show you our cottage.

So here we are just swaying on the hammocks. Yep. What are your final impressions of Copacabana since we're leaving tomorrow? Well, Copacabana was everything we wanted it to be basically. We had been hiking in Machu Picchu, you know hiking the Inca Trail and then we really had a busy hiking tour while we were visiting Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian side. So we just wanted to come to a place that was really chill, that had a kind of a relaxed vibe and that was affordable. And Copacabana checked off all three of those boxes.

This is part of our Travel in Bolivia series. We're making a series of videos showcasing Bolivian culture, Bolivian arts, Bolivian foods, Bolivian religion, Bolivian cuisine and Bolivian people.

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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network

DEATH ROAD ( Bolivija ) 2016 - My trip

The Worlds Most Dangerous Road, from La Cumbre ( 4670 m ) to Yolosa ( 1200 m ), a 3470 m height difference, mountain bike ride 64 km downhill.

BUENOS AIRES and CHILE - My Trip 2016 HD

BUENOS AIRES, is the Capital and largest City of the Argentina Republic.
Amazing City, the birthplace of the Tango, fascinating is its dual heritage - part Europian, part Latin America.
There are a many places to visit, as: Placa de Mayo, Defense street, Placa San Marten, San Telmo, La Boca, Caminito, Porto Madero, Recoleta, teatro Colon...
The most exciting for me - watch a football match at the Boca Stadium and see Tango show.
And for some reason, touriste just fall in love with this City...

NEPAL 2019 - Pokhara, Nagarkot - My Trip HD

NEPAL 2019, Pokhara, Nagarkot, visits to cities and surroundings, country walks, paraglinding and flight to mountain Mt. Everest, wonderful journey

Bolivia 2016, el viaje. Parte 8

Bolivia 2016, el viaje. Parte 8: todo llega a su fin. Últimas horas en La Paz, vuelo a Tarija (0:50 min son mejores que 17 hs. jaja) y regreso a casa. #BOLIVIATEESPERA
#rutaporbolivia #quehacer

Tiquina - IvanXAventuras

Pasando el estrecho de Tiquina con casi 1km de ancho entre Juan Pablo de Tiquina y San Pedro de Tiquina.
Twiter :

Getting a Taste of Bolivia - One Day in La Paz, Highest Capital in the World

What a wonderful day in the administrative capital of La Paz!

We strolled through the markets and the plazas, talked to locals, admired Moon Valley and took the cable cars across the city.

The perfect day to start our journey on our South America adventure in Bolivia!


IGUAZU FALLS - My Trip 2016 HD

IGUAZU FALLS, in Iguazu River, are one of the world`s largest waterfalls. They extend over 2700 m, of the 275 falls that collectively make up Iguazu Falls. Devil`s Throat` is the tallest at 82 m in height. Iguazu Falls are on the border between the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana.
To see the Iguazu Waterfalls, unforgettable and magical.

Exploring Lake Titicaca with Bolivia Hop | Copacabana, Bolivia

Today started off with a long journey from La Paz to Copacabana. This town is on the shores of Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian side. We jumped on a small ferry and travelled to Isla Del Sol, which the ancient Incans used to worship the sun gods. It was a quiet, small little island. After this we were so excited because we left Bolivia and officially entered Peru!

Vlog 12 | Copacabana, Bolivia

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Bolivia 2 of 9 La Paz to Copacabana Crossing Strait of Tiquina

Tuesday May 7th, 2013. Taking the bus from La Paz to Copacabana. When you look at the first part you see the bus itself being brought across as well

SRI LANKA - My Trip 2016 HD

SRI LANKA 2016 - My Trip, beautiful country and beautiful journey.

Trip to Panama and Bolivia, Part II. Full HD, Salar de Uyuni Salt Fields, La Paz, Lake Titicaca

Salar de Uyuni Salt Fields, La Paz, Lake Titicaca . ALBERTPORTAL Albert Portal travel video

Bolivija, La Paz

Zašto prodaju fetuse ljama, kako je moguće da je javni prijevoz najbolja stvar u gradu, što se još ne propušta i još neki detalji o gradu La Pazu u Boliviji...

Copacabana a La Paz - Roadtrip

Viaje en coche desde Copacabana a la Ciudad de La Paz.

El viaje en carretera desde Copacabana a la Ciudad de La Paz, dura entre 3 a 4 horas, donde se puede observar parte del altiplano del Departamento de La Paz, así como la cordillera de los Andes en el fondo del paisaje.

Así también para poder salir de la península de Copacabana se debe pasar un pequeño estrecho de aproximadamente 800 metros de largo que separa las dos partes del lago titicaca (la parte grande y la pequeña), el estrecho es conocido con el nombre de Tiquina, para cruzar este estrecho se utilizan balsas de madera en las cuales los vehículos de todo tipo deben ser transportados de orilla a orilla.

Copacabana, Bolivia (episode 5 of 6)

A comprehensive documentary video of our travels in Bolivia. Destinations include La Paz, Tiwanaku, Quime, Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre, and Copacabana/Lake Titicaca.

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SALAR DE UYUNI ( Bolivija ) 2016 - My trip

SALAR DE UYUNI - in Bolivija is the worlds largest salt flats. 3-days Jeeps Tour, passed 600 km, visited the beautiful Lagunas, as: Laguna Verde, Laguna Honda, Laguna Polques, Laguna Canapa, Laguna Hedionda, Laguna Colorada, beautiful places, as: Isla Incahuasi, Mirador Volcan Ollague, Arbol de Piedra, unforgettabla.

Bolivia & Chile Trip 2019– Bolivia Independence Day 玻利維亞獨立日 @ La Paz (拉巴斯) (Clip 2)

Bolivia & Chile Trip 2019 – 破6,000m圓夢後La Paz (拉巴斯)的真歡渝 玻利維亞獨立日 (Bolivia Independence Day)與日落吊車 (Mi Teleferico)上篇

小Blog一口氣分享了玻利維亞天空之鏡之旅引子篇,智利阿塔卡馬(Atacama)及Easter Island (復活節島)的引子,當然上述每個地方還有極多值得分享,但不如先停一停重返很有“南美味”的La Paz (拉巴斯)。 提起Bolivia La Paz,相信大家真的認識不深;就算有聽聞過,大抵都是負面新聞居多,是南美其中一個罪惡之城! 然而,我在2019年8月遠遊之後,發現她的治安已有大幅改善,也在前Blog為她平反。 Bolivia近期也經歷了大規模的示威抗爭,沒能料到,當地警察的文明與政府之問責程度竟然遠超我城,讓我驚嘆之如也感到失落 – 回歸已超過20年,連南美的落後國度也在不斷開明、進步,但我們這個所謂的Asia’s world city卻在一直無限倒退! 可悲!

我在La Paz渡過8月6日的玻利維亞獨立日 (Bolivia Independence Day)更有緣有幸在Presidential Palace前的Plaza Murillo (慕約里廣場) 欣賞簡單而隆重的閱兵儀式。 In All Those Travelling Years裡,印像中很少能在外地渡過重要的節日;今番遇上了Bolivia Independence Day其實也是個偶然,更在無刻意的安排下竟然發現這天 假期是緊接我破6,000m完夢之旅 – 勇闖冰山美人Huayna Potosi (瓦伊納波托西山; 6,088m)之後! 我真正放輕鬆地享受3,700m+的La Paz及Bolivia Independence Day,好應該分享這beautiful day! 此外,想借少少篇幅,請大家為我祈禱: 今個跑季真的是In All Those Running Years裡最差、最失望的一個! Oxfam Trailwalker 2019 的取消,又意外地半月板輕微磨損下TNF 100 2019都要忍痛DNS!我只能盡量樂觀面對1月份的比賽,希望重拾正軌! 我又想起了Turkey Trip 2016 - Reborn;歷經種種之後,更使我更加珍惜每次與天空結緣的機會! 這次意外受傷,使我重新檢視每年越野跑之旅的可貴 – 我喜歡Backpacking,也原來,“我都好鐘意跑步”! 天主及聖母,請助佑我! 諸君,請祝福我!

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