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Budapest Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


Budapest Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Budapest – the political, economic and cultural heart of Hungary, and one of the most beautiful and livable cities on the continent.

When ready, browse vacation packages to Budapest:

For a sweeping view of #Budapest head to the Buda side of the Danube and take in the views from the 19th century ramparts on Gellért Hill. Just upriver is Budapest’s oldest area, The Castle District, home to Buda Castle, Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion.

Cross the Széchenyi Chain Bridge to the Pest side of the city. Visit Hungary’s Parliament Building. Pay your respects at the Shoes on the Danube Memorial, a sobering tribute to the thousands who were executed here during The Second World War.

Admire the magnificent dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica. This world heritage listed boulevard of Andrassy Avenue opens out onto Heroes’ Square and City Park. The park is home to the Széchenyi Thermal Baths, just one of the city’s many lavish bathhouses.

When you’re ready to experience moments of refection, inspiration, and sublime beauty, come to Budapest.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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1:18 - Citadella
1:40 - The Castle District
1:51 - Buda Castle
2:21 - Matthias Church
2:32 - Fisherman’s Bastion
2:55 - The Szechenyi Chain Bridge
3:36 - Hungary’s Parliament Building
5:06 - Jewish Quarter
5:20 - Dohany Street Synagogue
5:29 - The Hungarian National Museum
6:05 - St Stephen’s
6:42 - Andrassy Avenue
6:56 - The Hungarian State Opera House
7:18 - Franz Liszt Square
7:26 - Heroes Square
7:41 - City Park
7:49 - Vajdahunyad Castle
8:18 - The Szechenyi Thermal Baths

TOP 10 Things to do in BUDAPEST | Hungary Travel Guide in 4K

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In this video, we’ll show you the top 10 things to do in Budapest.

0:00 Intro
0:29 10. Hungarian Parliament Building
1:38 9. Thermal baths like Széchenyi Thermal Bath
2:36 8. Széchenyi Chain Bridge
3:20 7. Fisherman's Bastion
4:16 6. Buda Castle
5:07 5. Ruin Pubs like Szimpla Kert
5:49 4. Citadella & Liberty Statue
6:28 3. House of Terror Museum
7:23 2. Central Market Hall
8:16 1. City Park with Heroes’ Square, Vajdahunyad Castle, etc.




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Things to know BEFORE you go to Budapest | Hungary Travel Guide 4K

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In this video, we cover the 11 essential tips to know before you visit Budapest.

0:00 Intro
0:55 11. Budapest Map
4:28 10. Weather & Climate
5:37 9. Best Time to Visit & for How Long
6:51 8. Where to Stay & Prices
8:15 7. Transportation
10:01 6. General Information
11:46 5. For International Travelers
14:35 4. Best Apps
15:45 3. Food, Prices, Tipping
17:34 2. City Pass & Guided Tours
18:23 1. Best Free Views of The City

#budapest #travelguide #traveltips


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25 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary Travel Guide

Join as we travel to Budapest, Hungary on a quest to visit as many attractions and discover as many things to do in Budapest as we possibly can. Our Budapest travel guide offers visitors a glimpse at some of the top baths in the city along with fascinating things to do along the Danube river, architectural gems worth marveling over and museums to check out. We also hit up the local food scene slurping on Goulash and catapulting into legendary Budapest nightlife by visiting ruin bars.

From the iconic Parliament Building to Castles to Baths we've got you covered in a destination where you get two cities for the price of one - Buda and Pest. Divided by the Danube (Duna) you'll want to spend ample time on both sides and if you're like a lot of our friends you'll never actually want to leave Budapest.

Let's explore Budapest and find out what is so alluring about the capital of Hungary.

25 Things to do in Budapest City Tour | Hungary Travel Guide:

Intro - 00:01
1) Budapest Castle Hill Funicular (Budavári Sikló) - 00:30
2) Buda Castle (Budavári Palota - Burgpalast - Budin Kalesi) - 01:02
3) Museums in Budapest (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest History Museum, the House of Houdini) - 01:17
4) Changing of the Guard in front of the Hungarian Presidential Palace - 01:28
5) Lunch at the Castle - 01:41
6) Labyrinth of Buda Castle (Labyrintus - Dracula PANOPTIKUM) - 03:37
7) Matthias Church (Mátyás-templom) - 04:58
8) Fisherman’s Bastion Terrace (Halászbástya) - 05:15
9) Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Széchenyi lánchíd) - 05:22
10) Danube River Cruise in Budapest - 05:27
11) Széchenyi thermal bath (Széchenyi Medicinal Bath - Széchenyi-gyógyfürdő) - 05:34
12) Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyad Vára) - 07:08
13) Heroes’ Square with the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars (Hősök tere) - 07:23
14) Nightlife in Budapest at a Ruin Bar - 07:53
15) New York Café in Budapest - 09:14
16) St. Stephen's Basilica (Szent István-Bazilika) - 11:43
17) Hungarian Parliament Building (Országház) - 13:04
18) Shoes on the Danube - 13:19
19) Eating Goulash (gulyás) and Hungarian food in Budapest - 13:31
20) Street Art in Budapest - 15:20
21) Great Central Market or Great Market Hall in Budapest (Nagyvásárcsarnok) - 15:30
22) Gellért Baths (Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool - Gellért Fürdő) - 15:43
23) Gellért Hill Cave (Gellérthegyi-Barlang) - 16:24
24) Citadella (Citadel on top of Gellért Hill in Budapest, Hungary - 16:40
25) Day trip Szentendre riverside town in Pest county from Budapest - 17:00
*Transportation - bus, trolley-bus, tram, metro & train lines* - 17:16
Outro - 17:35

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Our visit Budapest travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (Goulash), top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, churches and museums and Budapest by night. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won't find in a typical Budapest tourism brochure, Budapest itinerary or Budapest, Hungary city tour.

25 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary travel guide video transcript:

Today we’re taking you around a city we’ve been wanting to visit for a while: Budapest! With beautiful architecture and stunning vistas all around, it’s easy to see why it’s nicknamed the Pearl of the Danube, but Budapest is more than just than just good looks. This is a city with youthful vibes, vibrant street art, alternative nightlife, delicious food and so much more! In this travel guide we’re going to try and highlight just that along with the main attractions, so let’s dive right in, and let us show you a few things to do in Budapest on your next visit!

And that’s a wrap in Budapest! We hope you enjoyed this video guide and that it gave you a few ideas of things to do around the city. If you have any other suggestions of things to do in Budapest feel free to share those in the comments below.

This is part of our Travel in Hungary video series showcasing Hungarian food, Hungarian culture and Hungarian cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of DJ Quads:

Budapest City Video Guide | Expedia

Budapest City Video Guide | Expedia

Top 30 Things to Do in BUDAPEST Hungary 2021 | New Normal Travel Guide

The best things to do in Budapest, Hungary are not always easy to figure out. Especially during the new normal. This travel guide will help you discover the top 30 sights and attractions in Budapest including the iconic Parliament Building, Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, Fishermen's Bastion and the Széchenyi Baths.

Of course, this guide also includes fun activities like Danube river cruise, discovering the City Park and lots of food and drinks options like the glamorous New York Café, the Central Market Hall, Café Gerbeaud and the best places to have Goulash.


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0:00 Intro
0:50 1: Buda Castle |
1:32 2: Chain Bridge |
2:32 3: Gulyás (goulash)
3:15 4: New York Café
4:30 5: Basilica of St Stephen |
5:57 6: Gelato Rosa
6:16 7: E-Scooter
6:45 8: Heroes’ Square |
7:41 9: City Park |
8:37 10: Fishermen’s Bastion |
9:15 11: Matthias Church |
9:49 12: Fish restaurant
10:29 13: Palinka
11:23 14: Walking Tour |
13:19 15: Gerbeaud Café
14:44 16: Parliament |
15:30 17: Langos
16:16 18: River Cruise
17:43 19: Market Hall |
19:48 20: Széchenyi Baths |
21:17 21: Gellért Hill |
21:50 22: Liberty Monument |
22:45 23: Kürtöskalács
23:29 24: Ruin Bar
24:12 25: Memento Park |
25:06 26: Jewish Heritage Walking Tour |
26:59 27: Street Food Market
27:43 28: State Opera |
28:46 29: National Museum |
29:49 30: Havana Bar

What You DIDN'T Know About Budapest | ????????BUDAPEST TRAVEL GUIDE ????????

Welcome to Budapest, Hungary's enchanting capital city! ???????? In this guide, you'll find out everything you need to know to have your own hassle-free Hungarian adventure.

In this video we'll cover how to get to Budapest from the UK, how to get about the city, where to eat, how to make the most of your money, not to mention all the amazing things to see and do on your holiday. ????

Many thanks to our tour guide Nora, who helped us get the most out of our trip. Check out her website here:

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Welcome to one of the world’s grandest cities.

Do you know how Budapest got its name? The city as it exists now is pretty young as cities go - it’ s a spritely 146 years old. Before that, there were three towns here - Buda, Obuda, and Pest, which were unified in 1873. Today, although unified in name, the city is divided into two halves by the Danube river. The western side of the Danube is known as Buda - quiet and residential - where you’ll find historic sites like Buda Castle, and Fisherman’s Bastion.

The Eastern side is known as Pest - it’s lively and modern. It’s the hub of Budapest’s economy and culture - home to the Hungarian parliament, some of Budapest’s most famous thermal baths, Ruin Bars, and everything in between.

I’m here to explore where the boundaries truly lie in this beautiful city. Budapest is unified in name, but divided in nature - the East, the West. The Buda, the Pest. Two distinct identities on opposite banks of the Danube.

Would crossing the river really make the city feel so different?

And which side of the river would get me under the skin of the real, authentic Budapest?

We explore the hills of Buda. The streets of Pest. We meet local people. Visit amazing places, try Hungarian food, and a bit of Hungarian alcohol. We sample the weird and wonderful nightlife. We soak ourselves in the city, and get to the heart of Budapest.

I came here expecting to find a city divided. But what I found was so much greater - and so much grander - than just two parts of a whole.

Our journey begins at Heathrow Airport, and after dropping the car with a handy meet and greet service it was into a lounge for a light lunch before boarding. With unlimited food and free wifi I’d definitely recommend a lounge before a flight, you can book yours with the Holiday Extras app.

Soon enough we were on the plane, and after a two and a half hour flight we touched down in Budapest. To get into town from the airport I would advise pre-booking an airport transfer with Holiday Extras. The door to door service really is the most hassle-free option.

So after a good night’s sleep, we were ready to start exploring the city. Our first stop? The hills of Buda - which meant crossing the river Danube.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge is to Budapest what Tower Bridge is to London, or Brooklyn Bridge is to New York.

It’s still a major crossing for the city. But it’s also an iconic public landmark and a popular item on the tourist checklist.

Designed by Englishman William Tierney Clark, it opened in 1849 and was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in all of Hungary. In World War 2, it was destroyed by retreating German forces during the Siege of Budapest, and only the towers remained. However, it was rebuilt, and it opened again in 1949 - exactly 100 years after its inauguration.

If you’re walking across the bridge from the Pest side towards Buda, like us, you’ll arrive at the base of the Budavari Siklo funicular railway line, which takes tourists up the hill to the castle.

You can purchase tickets at the station, but be warned, in the peak summer season the queue can stretch back quite a way and there’s no shade to speak of. So don’t forget your sunscreen!

Cable cars depart every 10 minutes and take just a few minutes to reach the top.

So, we’ve just taken the funicular up from the Szechenyi Chain Bridge, up to the Castle which is great because it’s boiling hot and it didn’t mean we had to walk it. But it also means we get to enjoy the view from up here as well.

And what an incredible view it is. From this height, the walls of the castle grounds treat you to a spectacular look back across the Eastern side of the city. It’s a fact that’s not lost on Budapest’s tourist population. Every vantage point was packed with people hunting for the perfect photo of the city skyline. Don’t worry though. With a little patience, there’s plenty of opportunity to get yourself a great photo too.

48 Hours in Budapest | Everything To Do This Winter

Hey everybody and welcome to our final winter episode in Europe as we spend 48 hours in the beautiful Hungary capital of Budapest.

Where we booked our Széchenyi Spa:
Where we booked our Danube River Cruise:

We had a super relaxing 2 days in Budapest, taking Stephens parents around to some of our favourite spots. We started at Fishermans Bastion to see the incredible views of the city before making our way into St Stephen's Basilica.

From there, Stephen went with his parents to the famous Budapest spa, Széchenyi Spa for some much needed relaxation.

After meeting back up with Jess, she took them to the Christmas markets for some street food to try Langos and golash and of course a chimney cake.

To end our final night on the Christmas winter holiday we had a Danube river cruise with some drinks :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this series!

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Budapest Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Budapest in Hungary.
Budapest, capital of Hungary, is the pearl of the Danube and a constantly changing metropolis. Hungary was once a kingdom but then came the Turks, who were followed by the Habsburgs and Maria Theresia who became 'Queen of Hungary'.

The historic centre of Budapest is dominated by its noble castle that towers above the banks of the Danube. A 100 metre long cable railway that dates back to 1870 is both a practical and fascinating way to ascend the hill to the castle. Each day, the area around the castle, the Fischerbastel, that has never played a military role, attracts large numbers of tourists.

Margareten Island is set amid the Danube and is Budapest's vast entertainment area. It was at its most colorful during the Romantic period of the 18th and 19th centuries when it was a meeting place for poets, philosophers and artists. A small hotel was built for its creative community and it became an island of artists and dreamers.

In the area of the city called Pest, there is a splendid building with a mighty cupola, The Parliament, the city's main landmark and an important part of Hungary's historic past. In 1867, Buda and Pest were acknowledged by the Emperor as the seat of the Hungarian government with its own parliament. The building resembles London's Houses of Parliament.

Hungary is a fusion of two different cultural regions as indicated by its architecture and lifestyle and it is very much where the order of the Occident unites with the calmness of the Orient.

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Budapest Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

The monumental Heroes’ Square, the Castle district, which is part of the world heritage, the green of the Városliget, the famous spas, the Statue of Freedom on the top of Gellért hill, the Parliament reflecting on the surface of the Danube, the graceful bridges, the shady trees of the Margitsziget, the turmoil of the inner city together make up Budapest. Because of its 2 thousand years old history and its location Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals. It is a colourful, modern metropolis, where the streets and squares protect the past, from memories of the roman age to the palaces built during the time of the millenium.

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Budapest City, Hungary | Vacation | Travel Guide | Things To See | 4K

In this video the travel turtles take a Budapest city break, one of the most beautiful cities in the world (In 4K). We take you on a tour around this Hungarian treasure visiting each of the 3 main sections of the city. We visit both of the historical sides of the city including Buda and Pest, and capture some of the most iconic buildings and architecture.

One of the main attractions in Budapest is the Danube River Cruise, especially during the night. You will also see the Citadel, Liberty Statue, St. Stephens Basilica, Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Hero's Square, Margaret Island, The Budapest Eye, Elizabeth Square, Matthias Church, Fisherman's Bastion, Parliament Building, Buda Castle and much more.

The travel turtles really enjoyed making this video, as we fell in love with the city the moment we arrived. We spend four days here exploring as much as humanly possible and capturing everything we could. Please support us by sharing this with your friends and hitting the like button. Thanks!

This YouTube channel is a family project designed to help tourists like ourselves to get a glance at their next holiday. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it, as this helps us to grow.

Location: Budapest, Hungary, Europe

Equipment Used:
Sony FDR-AX53 Camcorder

Tags: #budapest #danube #city

[00:19] - Danube River Cruise (A boat cruise down the River Danube, in the centre of Budapest)
[02:39] - Buda Side (Liberty Statue, Citadel, Gellért Hill, Buda Castle, Castle Hill, Matthias Church, Fisherman's Bastion,andLabyrinth)
[11:05] - Margaret Island (Island on the Danube river between Buda and Pest)
[14:05] - Pest Side (St. Stephens Basilica, Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Hero's Square, Budapest Eye, Elizabeth Square, Parliament Building, Budapest Zoo and Kalvin Ter)

Our Instagram: @TravelTurtlesiG (Maria, Hannah, Chris & Ryan)

BUDAPEST, Hungary Vacation Travel Guide: Amazing Things to do in Budapest

I am absolutely in LOVE with Budapest! I hope you enjoyed my highlights on how to spend 8 hours in Budapest, Hungary!
If you only have a day in Budapest you can still see and do a lot!

As you can tell, there are so many reasons this city is called one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has been voted one of the top 25 cities in the world! Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary and is one of the largest cities in Central Europe. It’s extensive World Heritage Site includes the banks of the Danube (Europe’s 2nd longest river) the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second-oldest metro line in the world. As you saw in my video I highly recommend using the metro to get around. It is so easy and saves time!

Budapest also has around 80 geothermal springs, the world’s largest thermal water cave system, second largest synagogue, and third largest Parliament building. And the bridges … basically it is a photographer’s paradise! I do hope next time you are planning a trip you will put Budapest at the top of your list!

Don't be afraid to use the subway to get around, but as always it is best to explore the city on foot whenever possible. Be adventurous!

You also might enjoy '5 Fun Things to do in London!'

Where should I go next? Keep up with my daily adventures here:

Special thanks to Jingle Punks for the background tunes!

Budapest Hungary Travel Guide - Bucket List Ideas

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, and is famous for a lot of things. The iconic Hungarian Parliament Building, the many thermal bath houses and Buda Castle. But how do you navigate this fine European city? Ninh explains how …!

Ninh Ly presents ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ – a brand new YouTube channel to explore cool things to do before you die. From swimming with dolphins, to jumping off cranes, to gambling in Vegas. Follow me on my journey to tick off things on my bucket list and give you travel tips and advice so that you can start your own. Come on guys, live a little!

Life is too short. Do you feel that your life is slipping away?
Have you fulfilled your life’s wishes? Or travelled the world?
This channel is to provide you with ideas to tick off your bucket list.

Also discuss on Reddit!

Video: I own all footage – Copyright Ninh Ly 2018/2019
Images: Ninh Ly
Music: ‘Hungarian Dance’ by Johannes Brahms
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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HOW TO TRAVEL BUDAPEST in 2021 | Budapest Travel Guide: Top Things You MUST Do!

In this video, we spent 48 hours in Budapest. If you’re looking to plan your trip, this travel guide will show you the 20 best things to do. We visited the main tourist attractions, Hungarian ruin bars and museums, whilst trying authentic Hungarian cuisine at the best Hungarian restaurants! As it was winter in Budapest, it was absolutely freezing and felt like being in a hurricane, so apologies for the poor audio.

This video would not have been possible without the Mystery Hotel Budapest, so massive thank you to them.
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Day 1:
1. Hungarian Parliament
2. House Of Terror Museum
3. Lunch at New York Cafe
4. Heroes Square
5. City Park
6. Vajdahunyad Castle
7. Szechenyi Thermal Baths
8. Dinner at KonyvBar & Restaurant

Day 2:
9. Fishermans Bastion & Matthias Church
10. Budapest Castle Hill Funicular
11. Eat a Chimney Cake
12. Walk across the Szechenyi Chain Bridge
13. Shoes on the Danube
14. Gresham Palace
15. Cafe Gerbeaud
16. St Stephen's Basilica
17. Great Market Hall
18. Eat Langos
19. VakVarjú Restaurant
20. Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

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Budapest Travel Guide (The Layover)

Budapest is one of the cities I'd constantly heard praise over every time I talked about Europe. So I'm in Hungary's hyped capital but only for a brief layover to see what the buzz is about. Here are the highlights to my quick stop in Budapest:

+ Neighborhood Breakdown - 1:29
+ The Districts - 1:54
+ Gozsdu Udvar - 2:41
+ Vaci Street - 3:00
+ Szechenyi Chain Bridge - 4:05
+ Buda Castle - 4:26
+ Heroes Square - 5:40
+ Szimpla Kert - 7:06

These are the essentials to Budapest shot completely on my iPhone X with Filmic Pro.

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#budapest #hungary

Hungary (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Hungary.
The land of the Magyars is considered to be one of the oldest cultural regions in Europe and whose history dates back to primeval times. Hungary is a gateway between East and West, with a remarkable past and is a diverse country of nature and culture. In 1991 the Fertö Hansag National Park was founded on the Hungarian side of Lake Neusiedl, a protected natural area in which grey Hungarian cattle populate the soda veldts of small salt ponds and where water buffalo enjoy to wallow, while a variety of water fowl stop on their annual migration. Köszeg is one of Europe’s most beautiful castle cities, with typical courtyards and the little main square has a Marian column and Captain's Gate Tower. The square is dominated by the tall facade of the Saint Emmerich Church that was built above an ossuary by the Hungarian Calvinists in around 1615. A beautiful Baroque building contains yet another treasure, the Jesuit Apoteka, in which remedies were prepared according to ancient formulae. Budapest is the capital of Hungary, pearl of the Danube and ever-changing cosmopolitan city. In the south of Pest, historic buildings are located within the Gozsdu Courtyard and close by, in the Jewish quarter, the Great Synagogue, the second largest Jewish sacred building in the world. One of the main landmarks of Hungary’s capital city is the Parlament, an imposing Neo-Gothic building located alongside the Danube on the banks of Pest. At the confluence of the Tisza and Bodrog, within the northern tongue of Puszta, is the world famous wine growing region of Tokaj where the tradition of wine growing goes back several centuries and brought the area much prosperity. The southern Hungarian town of Kalocsa is located near the Danube and is a centre of paprika growing and folk culture that is well worth a visit. Hungary is a land of many faces, a glorious gem set in the heart of Europe.

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Budapest Tourist Guide - Hungary Travel Guide - Travel & Discover

Budapest is cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, ranked as the world's second best city by Condé Nast Traveler, and Europe's 7th most idyllic place to live by Forbes.

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Budapest in 5 minutes | Travel guide | Must-sees for your city tour

A travel guide with Insider tips of the best attractions in the capital of Hungary | Sightseeing tour in Budapest city | Delicious food (!) | Documentary in English
Recommended stay: 4 days
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All music in this video are free for download with permission for commercial use.

Budapest Travel Guide - Top 10 Budapest | Hungary Travel | Travel at home

Follow us to the most beautiful places in Budapest! ????????
Have an amazing trip at home. ????
????In this video, we’ll cover more than Top 10 best places in Budapest you need to check out before your trip:

1. Buda Castle
2. Heroes' Square
3. Budapest City Park
4. Szechenyi Bath
5. Citadella
6. Elisabeth Bridge
7. Fisherman's Bastion
8. Matthias Church
9. St. Stephen's Basilica
10. Budapest Eye
11. Chain Bridge
12. Danube River
13. Hungary Parliament Building

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Budapest - Travel Guide

Budapest Travel Guide
Our Budapest Travel Guide, based on our one week adventure to the capital of Hungary!

Budapest Travel Guide:

In this video You will see:
- Budapest City Center
- City Park and Vajdahunyad Castle
- Heroes' Square
- St. Stephen's Basilica
- Budapest Eye
- Hungarian Parliament Building
- Margaret Island
- Fisherman's Bastion
- Buda Castle
- Gellért Hill
- Széchenyi Chain Bridge
and many more !

I hope you enjoyed the video !

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0:00 Intro
0:36 1. Where to Stay ?
0:59 2. Logistics
3:08 3. Must See and Must Visit
3:40 Day 1 - Getting Lost in Budapest
4:08 Day 2 - Budapest ZOO
6:11 Day 3 - City Park
8:00 Day 4 - City Center
10:40 Day 5 - Margaret Island
11:37 Day 6 - Buda Side of Budapest
12:46 Day 7 - Gellert Hill
13:45 4. Food and Must Try
16:35 Outro



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