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British Airways - Landor 747 Arrival


British Airways - Landor 747 Arrival

Watch our Landor 747 arrive home at Heathrow Airport.

British Airways - BOAC 747 Arrival with ATC

Watch our BOAC 747 arrive home at Heathrow Airport, compete with ATC.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 (Landor Retro!) | Miami to London Heathrow *Full Flight*

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2160p 4K HD!

On my way home from Miami and by complete luck and coincidence I was treated to a ride on one of BA's retrojets! This was the beautiful Landor liveried 747 G-BNLY.

Although the nice paint job on the outside the interior was still the same. She was still a bit of an old girl. I was however fortunate enough to be sat in Club World and had seat 17K which gave me a great view of the roll royce engines!
Departure unfortunately was in the dark, however still some incredible views of the city skyline as we climb out of MIA's RWY08R towards the Atlantic. Not to mention the sound of the RB211's!
Once airborne I opted out of the evening meal and decided to get some sleep. Fully reclined into the flatbed position I got some shut eye. Keeping a watchful eye for sunrise under the window blind. Once the sun was up I had a light breakfast before descent into Heathrow. We entered a hold before approach which allowed from a pretty good air 2 air shot of a TAP A330 which was also doing loops with us. Once out of the hold we took the stunning approach over the city of London towards Heathrows RWY27L. Call me bias but honestly one of my favourite approaches in the world into my home city. Look out for all the landmarks.

Airline: British Airways (Landor Livery Retrojet)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-436
Age: 26 years
Seat: 17K
Departure Runway: 08R
Arrival Runway: 27L
Cruising Alt: 37,000ft (FL370)
Flight Number: BA208
Date: May 21st 2019
Distance: 4,422 miles
Route: MIA-LHR

As always by *Full Flight* I don't mean literally the entire 9 hour flight. It was hard enough saving and putting together this 56 minute long video. I mean the video includes every stage of the flight from boarding until disembarkation.

Check out the spotting video taken in Miami this day!:

Thanks again for watching, hope you enjoyed this video!


The Saturday Show Promo - Including BA 747 'Landor' arrival - London #Heathrow

For this week’s Saturday show we’ll be streaming another special event for our Elite Members with the arrival of British Airways third Retro livery in their Centenary Series.
This will be 747 G-BNLY featuring the ‘Landor’ livery.

The aircraft is due to leave Dublin at 08:55 GMT and we’ll be at Heathrow Airport to cover the entire event for our Members.

Showtime approx 08:55 GMT

Freeview: 20 mins
ELITE: Full show including arrival and taxi


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British Airways - Negus 747 Arrival

Watch our Negus 747 arrive home at Heathrow Airport.

British Airways brings back the LANDOR Livery

This past Saturday March 9th JustPlanes was live at London Heathrow Airport to capture the return of the British Airways Landor livery. The 1980-90 livery was painted on Boeing 747-400 with registration G-BNLY which is seen at the start of this video arriving from Dublin where it was painted.

The rest of the video are memories from 20-25 years ago from Landor livery aircraft around the world...


British Airways Boeing 747-400 (LANDOR LIVERY) ✈ Landing at Heathrow Airport

This video features British Airways Boeing 747-400 (in Landor Retro Livery), G-BNLY, landing at London Heathrow Airport, inbound from Philadelphia as flight BA66.

G-BNLY has been reliveried in its original Landor (City of Swansea) colours, as part of BAs 100th anniversary celebrations.

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Flight: BA66
Date: 18th March 2019
From: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL/KPHL)
To: London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL)
Seat: 64K (Upper Deck, Club World)

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*British Airways Landor Retro Livery G-BNLY B747* Departure at London Heathrow (14/03/19)✈️

✈️✈️Welcome to my channel hope you enjoy the video..
Apology for shaky film which was caused by gusting (Storm Gareth).
BA Landor Retro Livery BA211, LHR-Miami,MIA (14/03/19)

British Airways | BA085 | Boeing 747-400 | London Heathrow ✈ Vancouver, BC | Premium Economy |

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Registration: G-CIVT (delivered March 1998)
Flight Number: BA085
London Heathrow (LHR) - Vancouver, BC (YVR)
Runways: Departure 09R and Arrival 26L
Flight Time: 9 hours and 45 mins
Seat: 14A (World Traveller Plus)
Departure: 18:05 (GMT)
Arrival: 19:20 (PDT)
Date: 09/04/19
Includes: Journey to LHR, Airport, Taxi, Take-off, WTP, Food, Descent, Landing and Journey from YVR.

© All rights reserved. This content may not be uploaded elsewhere.

BA's first 747-400's - their final months in service - PLUS last flight of G-BNLK - January 2019

British Airways first took delivery of the Boeing 747-400 aircraft back in August 1989 - see the film on my Channel First 747-400 delivered to British Airways.
Up until 3rd December 2018, 4 of these original aircraft were still in service with BA. This film follows 2 of the oldest aircraft before they were retired in December 2018 and January 2019 - G-BNLP and G-BNLK.

British Airways BOAC livery Boeing 747 - First Arrival at London Heathrow Airport - 18/02/19

Video: The first arrival of British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BYGC freshly painted in the retro BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) livery to mark 100 years of the airline's history dating back to 1919. It was flying under the special callsign of BA100 coming from Dublin where it had undergone maintenance and was repainted.
This certainly was a pleasure to see on the 747 despite the awful weather conditions, I look forward to seeing more of the BOAC 747 in better weather as well as more of the rumoured retro liveries.
Also worth mentioning there was a mild scare at the start with the Flightradar24 747 avatar which made it look like it was going for 27L instead of 27R, so I almost missed this...

Thank You For Watching!


Hope you enjoy.

Heathrow (EGLL/LHR) Playlist:

Camera: Panasonic HC-V130 (HD)

British Airways Boeing 747 landor livery + BOAC 747 retro livery

2 retro liveries, one video. Firstly the Landor 747, G-BNLY which was arriving from Miami. Unfortunately a bus got in the way :( . Hopefully will get a better shot soon!
The second aircraft in this video is the BOAC 747, G-BYGC arriving from New York JFK.
I love both these liveries but the BOAC livery is by far the better one in my opinion.
Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe!
Happy flying!

#BritishAirways 'Retro' liveried jumbo jet - #Negus arrival at London #Heathrow - LIVE! #BA100


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British Airways B747 in *Landor Retro Livery* at LHR

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Airline: British Airways (Landor Retro Livery)
Airport: London Heathrow (Hangar)
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©️All videos are mine and recorded myself.©️
To Re-post with permission and credit.

British Airways *NEGUS RETRO LIVERY* B747 G—CIVB/ Sunset Arrival at London Heathrow 28/03/19

✈️🛩Welcome tot my channel, hope you enjoy the video. Includes
BA238 ( Negus Retro Livery-1974-1984 / Boeing 747 G-CIVB 25.2years) arriving from Bosn on 28/03/19)

Thanks for watching

British Airways Boeing 747-400 Landor Livery Landing into LHR!

The BA100 Landor Livery Boeing 747. Last seen Flying in 1997.

*BOAC BA B747 Retro Livery Departure* London Heathrow Airport(27/02/19) ✈️✈️

✈️✈️Welcome to my channel, hope you enjoy the video.
British Airways (BOAC Retro Livery, BA217, 12:07/ Boeing 747-436( G-BYGC, 20.1years) departing to Washington, IAD

🔴 London Heathrow Airport Negus and Landor Livery arrival

Live from London Heathrow Airport Negus LIVERY
Help with recovering savings spent.
(currently my last Heathrow, St Martin and Tokyo was paid from my savings) Next Hong Kong will be also but I really want to keep this as my main job.

The Queen 747 British Airways Arrives in Retro Livery

Arrival and Walk Around of the Boeing 747 which British Airways operates. Also newly painted Retro Livery at London Heathrow Airport. Aircraft Registration is G-CIVB

British Airways *BOAC Retro Livery B747 G-BYGC* at London Heathrow Airport (maintenance area)

✈️✈️Welcome to my channel, hope you enjoy the video.
I saw BOAC 747 at the British Airways maintenance area. It’s great to see her up close.