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Best of Slovenia (in Italian)


Best of Slovenia (in Italian)

Questo bellisimo video è una parte di serie di video Best Of dal noto italiano guida turistica Dove Vacanze.

10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

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10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia.
Slovenia is a scenic country with a fantastic location in the heart of Europe. The nation is surrounded by the Eastern Alps, the Adriatic Sea, the Balkans, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, making it accessible from a range of European locations. Planning a trip to Slovenia is an opportunity to see a variety of destinations that include vibrant cities, charming villages, snow-capped mountains and scenic beaches. On your next getaway, aim to see as many of the best places to visit in Slovenia as your schedule will allow.
10. Maribor
9. Koper
8. Kranjska Gora
7. Celje
6. Ptuj
5. Piran
4. Postojna
3. Triglav National Park
2. Lake Bled
1. Ljubljana
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Slovenia and Italy Bike Tour

Touring with the family for 10 days from Ljubljana to Piran with stops in Italy on the way.

SLOVENIA | Top 10 Places

This video shows the most beautiful places in Slovenia.


Slovenia Street Food. Cutting Huge Mortadella and Ham

International Street Food Festival - Gusti di Frontiera, Gorizia, Italy

#streetfood #italy

Slovenia & Italy 10-day VLOG

Check out my recent vacation to Slovenia & Italy! (reuploaded because of a copyright issue) A 10-day vlog/montage of our amazing adventures in Piran, Bled, Venice and more. Enjoy:)

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Top 5 Best Beaches In Slovenia 2019

Top 5 Best Beaches In Slovenia, 2019
Die besten Strände in Slowenien
Las mejores playas de Eslovenia
Les meilleures plages en Slovénie
Nejlepší pláže ve Slovinsku
Bästa stränderna i Slovenien
A legjobb strandok Szlovéniában
Melhores praias na Eslovênia
Лучшие пляжи в Словении
Najljepše plaže u Sloveniji

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Top 5 List:
5. Koper beach
4. Moon bay
3. Piran beach
2. Svetilnik beach
1. Portorož beach

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Join me for a trip to Slovenia! The Republic of Slovenia is located in southern Central Europe. The territory is mostly mountainous and has a population of 2.06 million people.

Our first stop was at Lake Bled, a lake in the Julian Alps, in the town of Bled. It’s an area roughly 0.56 sq mi (1.45 km2). The lake surrounds Bled Island on which there are several buildings including a pilgrimage church found on many postcards. We had a wonderful meal in the Bled Castle overlooking the lake.

The following day, we visited the Vintgar Gorge, a national park near the town of Bled. It’s carved by the Radovna River and has many picturesque pools and rapids and has the largest river waterfall in Slovenia.

From there, we drove to Kobarid, a settlement in Slovenia, where the Italian army retreated during the First World War in the Battle of Caporetto. Kobarid and its surrounding area is also known for its numerous outdoor activities and adventure sports.

If you’re in Slovenia, you have to visit Ljubljana. Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It has a central geographic location within Slovenia, an important factor to its leading position. The Old Town section is only open to pedestrians, allowing you to enjoy a quiet stroll along the streets.

The Ljubljana dragon is the symbol of the city and symbolizes power, courage and greatness. You can see it perched on The Dragon Bridge in the northeast of Vodnik Square. Next, take a hike up to The Ljubljana Castle, a key landmark of the town that was constructed in the 11th century. We also visited The Church of St. Nicholas, a baroque style church that was built in the early 1700s.

In our last days in Slovenia, we sure to include a visite of the Škocjan Caves, a cave system that is part of the UNESCO list of natural and cultural world heritage sites and it ranks among the most important caves in the world. It harbours one of the largest known underground canyons in the world.

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Slovenia Travel Guide | Must Do Travels

Featuring contributions from our friend Hamza Mujtaba Films:

Join us on this episode of the Must Do Travels Show where we explore the majestic landscapes and natural wonders of Slovenia. Let us know in the comments below where you would like for us to check out next.

Slovenia is a tiny European country located just North East of the Italian border, along the Juliann Alps. For centuries this region was the meeting place of the Italian and Germanic people, and the country’s architecture, culture, and cuisine shows a blend of both influences on the local Slavic people.

This laid-back country is completely unassuming, and really should be appreciated for not trying too hard to be anything at all. Slovenia is simply Slovenia, and that’s just it. It represents a slower and more relaxed way of life, which is something to really cherish on a vacation in this day and age. The whole country is dotted with tiny European farm towns, with their fresh markets, churches, and plenty of stunning views of the great outdoors.

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to experiencing the grandeur and peacefulness of the Alps without having to break the bank on a long stay in Switzerland, Slovenia is your natural choice. The cost for lodging and meals will be somewhat comparable to the average cost of staying in any small American town, to give you a point of reference. The country actually doesn’t experience a significant amount of tourism, as most Europeans and other foreigners tend to gravitate more towards the sandy beaches of neighboring Croatia instead. This makes Slovenia a less crowded destination without a lot of the daily pressures that come from being in booming tourist towns. Most tourists actually just come from neighboring countries, who are more familiar with what Slovenia has to offer.

Most popular activities in Slovenia involve being active outdoors, such as hiking, rowing, biking, and other sports.

Slovenia’s capital city Lubljana (Lube Lee Anna) is its largest by far, but is still only home to about 275,000 people. The city demonstrates an architectural style that is a blend of Venetian and Austrian, and reflects the neo-classical architectural style that was very popular in Europe during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The city’s style and it’s canals were even somewhat reminiscent to us of central Paris too.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Slovenia is Lake Bled, which is a large calm lake in the northwest of the country, and easily recognizable for its tiny island featuring the Church of the Assumption. This lake is a favorite place for Slavs to come to and relax, and a place they are often proud to bring guests and family members visiting the country.

Nearby you will find Slovenia’s tallest peak, Mount Triglav, hiking which is said to make you a true Slovenian..though we’re not sure that holds true for tourists. The perpetual snow melt of the Juliann Alps around Mount Triglav feeds into the Soca (socha) River, which is another iconic feature of the Slovenian landscape. The river cuts through a mostly limestone path, and is prized for its naturally beautiful turquoise waters.

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Italy and Slovenia roadtrip

Roadtrip from Venice tot Slovenia

Slovenian Food Review - Trying traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Come join us for a Slovenian Food Review as eat a delicious meal in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Allegria restaurant trying several different traditional Slovenian dishes including wine, mains and dessert. As like the Bosnian cuisine we tried at Sarajevo 84 this was our very first time to try Slovenian cuisine and we were excited and eager to dig right in. The following list is the food items we tried at the restaurant including the local names from the menu:

1) Slovenian carniolan sausage (kranjska klobasa) with sauerkraut cabbage mashed rooty potatoes
2) Slovenian stuffed pasta (Idrijski žlikrofi) with a lamb ragout (similar to goulash)
3) Slovenian dessert (prekmurska gibanica) a puffed pastry from Prekmurje made with eight different layers including raisins, apples, walnuts, seeds, poppy seeds and cottage cheese
4) Slovenian red wine (Refošk red dry - Vina Koper)

Restaurant in Ljubljana, Slovenia location, contact details & hours:

Restavracija Allegria (Slovenian Cuisine)  
Address: Nazorjeva ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM–11PM, Sat 12–10PM & Sunday 12–5PM
Phone: +386 1 426 74 02

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Slovenian Food Review - Trying traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana, Slovenia Travel Video Transcript:

Well hello hello and welcome to another food video. Today we're having lunch here in Ljubljana so we figured we need to show you what Slovenian food is all about. Now I've never had Slovenian food before ever because I don't think it is really popular outside of Europe but um Sam brought us to Allegria. He spotted this place yesterday so we are here. We've ordered our wine. We've got our basket of bread so let's get to it.

Sam and I both got the same red wine. And what is the biggest surprise with this? Yes, the local red. Biggest surprise is now that we've had two restaurant meals here in Ljubljana is that they typically serve the red wine chilled.

The food arrived pretty quickly so let me show you my dish first. I ordered the grilled Slovenian sausage (kranjska klobasa) with sauerkraut or cabbage and this kind of like purple-y potato so let's just dig right in. Look it is like a double sausage actually. It looks big. Let's divide it. Big and juicy.

It is a really nice way to be starting our Slovenian cuisine experience. Yeah, and now we're moving on to what Sam ordered.

Sam is going in for the Idrijski žlikrofi I believe it is called.

Yes. We could totally be butchering it. And inside is basically pork, herbs and onions.

And it comes with a lamb ragout. It looks so good. I'm making sure to get a bit of lamb.

This is just so good. Such hearty food. Yeah? Again not spicy at all though. It is just like kind of that comfort savory food. And I really like the pasta. It is actually quite densely stuffed.

Well dessert has arrived. It sure has. Here before us we have a traditional Slovenian dessert (prekmurska gibanica) whose name I cannot pronounce. But I can tell you the ingredients. It is basically kind of like a puffed pastry like with lots of little crispy layers and inside it has apples, cottage cheese, walnuts and sometimes it can have raisins. It also has poppyseed and it has all been dusted with a little bit of icing sugar.

Another very filling meal here in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have to say.. And in terms of price point that came to 28 Euros so that included two glasses of red wine, two mains and a dessert to share. It is packed outside and it is packed inside so it is a great restaurant. I'd highly recommend coming here in Ljubljana.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.

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SLOVENIA, EXPLORING the pretty medieval town of KOPER (or, CAPODISTRIA in Italian)

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go visit the historic city of Koper (Italian: Capodistria) which is a port city in Slovenia, on the country's Adriatic coastline. Its medieval old town centers around Titov Trg, a square with such Venetian-influenced landmarks as the Praetorian Palace and a Gothic-style loggia. Nearby Da Ponte Fountain is a replica of Venice's famed Rialto Bridge. Rebuilt many times, the circa-12th-century Cathedral of the Assumption features a tall campanile with sweeping bay views.

Vic Stefanu,

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Slovenia & Italy

2017 trip to Slovenia/Italy by car.
Music kahvi173b_nedavine-the_hussle_feat_bogsnarth

When to go to Italy. Best time to travel (Reisezeit Italien). Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Milan.

When is the best time to go to Italy? Check weather, prices & trends! Forget about #lastminute offers. It's usually cheating.
Best place to start journey! Last Minute or Early booking, what is better for you?

Italy is, for the most part, a peninsula situated on the Mediterranean Sea, bordering France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia in the north. Italy, which is boot-shaped, is surrounded by the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Seas to the west, the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas to the South, and the Adriatic Sea to the East.
Italian is the official language spoken by the majority of the population, but as you travel throughout the country you will find that there are several distinct Italian dialects depending on the region you're in. Italy has a very diverse landscape, but can be primarily described as mountainous, including the Alps and the Apennines mountain ranges that run through the vast majority of it. Two major islands are part of this country: Sardinia, which is an island off the west coast of Italy, and Sicily, at the southern tip (the toe) of the boot.

Europe Roadtrip 2016 | (Swiss, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany)

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Roadtrip through europe with one of my best friends. We've visited Swiss, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany


North East Italy and Slovenia | Travel Places [GoPro]


Micro SD:

A video of some places of Nort East Italy and Slovenia
0:00 Udine
0:31 Lake of Barcis
1:10 Diga del Vajont
1:26 Trieste
1:46 Lake of Bled
2:05 Zoo of Lubiana
3:10 Strunjan Cross
3:35 Pirano
3:54 Castello di Miramare

Lake Bled: Most BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN SLOVENIA?! + Best Dessert We’ve EVER TASTED! (Bled Cream Cake)

Lake Bled has been at the top of our bucket list for so long... and we're finally here! This lake in Slovenia is set against the Julian Alps as well as Bled castle, but what makes it so epic is Bled island in the middle. And, lucky for us, Bled is also known for a DELICIOUS dessert known as the Bled Cream Cake 😍It honestly might be the best dessert we've ever tasted!

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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 1. Hotel Cubo ****
2. Hotel Nox ****
3. G Design Hotel ****
4. Grand Hotel Union ****
5. InterContinental - Ljubljana *****
6. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana ****
7. Urban Hotel ****
8. City Hotel Ljubljana ***
9. Best Western Premier Hotel Slon ****
10. Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana ****

1. Slovenska Cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $119 - $284
Hotel Cubo is located in the center of Ljubljana. It offers modern, air-conditioned rooms with free access to Wi-Fi and a flat-screen cable TV and a fine restaurant.
2. Celovška cesta 469, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $96 - $191
Located in the Šentvid area of Ljubljana, Hotel Nox offers air-conditioned rooms with large windows and city views. Free Wi-Fi and free private parking are provided.
3. Tržaška cesta 330, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $103 - $240
Featuring a business center with meeting facilities and a restaurant serving traditional and international specialties, the stylish G Design Hotel offers elegant rooms with free Wi-Fi in the quiet outskirts of Ljubljana. Free parking is provided on site.
4. Miklosiceva 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $106 - $299
Located just steps away from the central Prešern Square and Tromostovje in Ljubljana, Grand Hotel Union offers accommodations in a historical Art Nouveau building. Free WiFi access is provided in all areas.
5. Slovenska cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $143 - $302
Opened in September 2017, the InterContintenal Ljubljana is a 5-star property located in the center of Ljubljana. This hotel features a panoramic wellness and spa center with an indoor pool, as well as a rooftop restaurant serving international and local fare. Free WiFi access is provided in all areas.
6. Bratislavska cesta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $98 - $209
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana is a 4-star superior hotel located in Ljubljana and offers an à-la-carte restaurant, conference rooms and a gym. It features modern-style accommodations with free WiFi. Guests are offered a 30% discount for access to the swimming pool at the Atlantis Water Park, set 200 m from the hotel.
7. 4 Štefanova ulica, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $88 - $286
Urban Hotel is set in Ljubljana, 500 m from the Tromostovje Bridge and Ljubljana Old Town. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. There is a 24-hour front desk at the property and free WiFi available.
8. Dalmatinova Street 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $76 - $188
Located in the heart of Ljubljana, just 300 m from the central Prešeren Square, City Hotel Ljubljana offers an à la carte restaurant and a lobby bar. Free bikes are provided for exploring the city, while free high-speed WiFi access is available in all areas.
9. Slovenska Cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $93 - $250
Set in the heart of Ljubljana, the Best Western Premier Hotel Slon offers bright and colorful rooms, a spa area, an elegant restaurant and a well-known pastry shop. An extensive buffet breakfast with Italian Espresso Coffee is served in the stylish breakfast room.
10. Dunajska 154, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Price range: $88 - $173
Featuring a spa and wellness center and on-site restaurants, Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana offers elegantly furnished spacious rooms in Ljubljana, just 500 m from the Ljubljana-Bežigrad highway exit and 1.6 mi from Ljubljana Fair. Free and fast WiFi access is provided in all areas.

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One day in Trieste, Italy (what to visit)

One day in Trieste, Italy (what to visit)
The Province of Trieste is situated towards the end of a narrow strip of land in southeast Friuli Venezia Giulia, between the Adriatic Sea and Italy's border with Slovenia. This is an extraordinary destination for its historic treasures, artworks and its middle-European character. Off Trieste's coast is its broad Gulf, with numerous tiny bays, small harbors and breathtaking reefs; and of course Miramare Castle is accompanied by the splendid blue of the sea.The area of Trieste is characterized by the steep karstic landscape continually revealing different, amazing and charming features. Close to the coast is a rocky moor with Mediterranean vegetation, where the Bora wind blows, while inland are hills with hollows and scrubs. Protected areas include the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve; the Marine Reserve of Miramare, within a coastal sea landscape of sharp rocks and a wide variety of underwater flora and fauna; and the Falesie di Duino Nature Reserve, with white cliffs overhanging the sea. The charm of the area resides not only in its natural traits, but also in the elegant city of Trieste, where the Habsburg influence is noticeable; the inland small towns with their longstanding traditions; and other quaint touristic draws on the coast - countless gems set within this tiny strip of land.
10. Top Tourist Attractions in #Trieste:
1. Harbor, 2. Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, 3. Canale Grande, 4. Teatro Romano (Roman Theater), 5. Colle San Giusto (San Giusto hill), 6. Castello di San Giusto, 7. Cattedrale di San Giusto, 8. Molo Audace, 9. Piazza della Borsa and the Jewish ghetto, 10. City Aquarium.
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One day in Trieste, Italy (what to visit)

Top 8 Best Ski Resorts In Slovenia, 2019

Top 8 Best Ski Resorts In Slovenia 2019
Beste Skigebiete in Slowenien
Las mejores estaciones de esquí en Eslovenia
Meilleures stations de ski en Slovénie
Nejlepší lyžařské střediska ve Slovinsku
Bästa skidorter i Slovenien
Szlovéniában a legjobb síközpontok
Melhores Estações de Esqui na Eslovênia
Лучшие горнолыжные курорты в Словении
Najboljša smučišča v Sloveniji
Najbolja skijališta u Sloveniji


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Top 8 List:

8. Mariborsko Pohorje
7. Rogla
6. Bled
5. Cerkno
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1. Krvavec

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