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Best of Morocco Documentary 2018


The Kingdom of Morocco BBC Documentary

Know a little about rich history of Morocco

10 Best Places to Visit in Morocco - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman may have given the world Casablanca, but there is much more to see in Morocco than its largest city. This Atlantic coast country gives travelers the opportunity to experience life in an ancient Arabic culture, sunning on beaches or snow skiing in the mountains. Whether rambling through ancient medinas, sampling cuisine at a local souq or relaxing in the sun at a white-washed seaside town, the past is always present in this diverse and colorful country. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Morocco:

Morocco’s 500 year Festival: The Imilchil Wedding Festival | Festivals | Full Documentary | TRACKS

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Festivals explores different festivities around the world, giving you a deep insight into the traditions and customs of the people celebrating them.

The Berbers are the indigenous people of Morocco that celebrate the ancient Imilchil Wedding Festival, where several couples get married in a big town celebration.

TRACKS publishes unique, unexpected and untold stories from across the world every week.

From Festivals

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BBC Travel Show - The Atlas Mountains in Morocco (week 21)


Local people & culture in Morocco

Local people & culture in Morocco, Moroccan People, Customs and Traditions in Morocco, Morocco travel guide, Morocco tourism & vacations, Morocco travel vlog
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Moroccan People, Culture , Customs and Traditions

Morocco is a land with an expansive history of customs and traditions. The country is worldly renowned for its incredible hospitality and its impressive blend of cultures and religions. It is also a land of extraordinary contrasts and remarkable diversity. What could be more emblematic of Moroccan people, customs and cultural heritage than a traditional Moroccan wedding? Moroccan weddings are an elaborate affair that celebrates unity, love, happiness, and prosperity. It is a vibrant commemoration of sanctity and virtue that engages all five senses, through the colors, the music, the clothing, and the food.

Moroccan cuisine is worldly renowned for its intense and diverse flavors, colorful blends and artistic presentation, so naturally when it comes to weddings, the food is just that much more scrumptious and exceptional. Hosting an unforgettable feast entails opulent displays of splendor and sophisticated taste, and this translates to the clothing. People wear their most luxurious and extravagant frocks, with exquisite beaded caftans and fascinating sequined takshitas in vibrant colors.

Weddings aside, the variety in traditional Moroccan clothing is specific to each occasion, based on how casual or formal it is. Djellabas are the most relaxed form of traditional clothing, you can find people sporting while running for errands or while visiting family and friends. Whereas caftans and jabadors can be worn for religious holidays or engagement parties and takshitas are reserved for more formal settings.

Moroccan Cuisine
With centuries of trade, conquest and immigration, Moroccan food preparation and consumption habits have been frequently shaped and reshaped. The region takes pride in its culinary scene with its exquisite flavors and tantalizing aromas. Geographic diversity and climate greatly allow for the cultivation of an impressive range of foods and ingredients.

Because of its strategic location, Morocco has been part of the spice trade route in the past. This marked a truly defining period in the history of North Africa and Morocco in particular. It also helped broaden the country’s culinary scope to incorporate new ingredients, herbs and spices that have now become a staple in Moroccan cuisine.

The rich history of Morocco, from the indigenous Berbers to the nomadic Arabs, the Phoenicians, and the Romans, is emulated in the gastronomy. Moroccan people may differ in terms of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, or political affiliation, but they do share an avid appreciation for food and cooking.

Understanding the food culture is a great way to see how people of different regions come together, share ideas and contribute to the creation of new dishes, meals, and cooking traditions. Tajine, Couscous, Pastilla, and Harira are testimony of regional influences combined with ancient cooking traditions.

A lot of Morocco’s staple dishes, lamb tajine with dried apricots or couscous with caramelized onions and raisins, for example, consist of blending sweet and savory flavors together, a tradition that goes back to Ancient Roman cuisine. When you try to dissect the history of any traditional Moroccan dish, you will find hints of Sicilian, Maltese, Greek, and Arab influences.

This makes it a bit challenging to pinpoint what belongs to whom. Nonetheless, whether it’s street food, a lavish restaurant or a homemade meal, you can expect unctuous dishes full of flavor and panache that will inevitably make you fall in love with the region and its cuisine.

Moroccan Music Scene
The multi-ethnic background of Moroccan culture cannot be more evident than in the country’s musical landscape and dance forms. Despite the Western music scene’s heavy impact on contemporary Moroccan artists, there has been a recent yearning for more traditional and authentic Moroccan music.

This longing to revisit one’s history is encapsulated in the revival of Gnaoua, Berber, Rai, and Andalusian music through annual concerts and festivals dedicated to these ethnic genres. A lot of young musicians and artists have also contributed to this revival by performing covers of traditional songs using more modern-fitting rhythms and instruments to appeal to the youth.

Like a lot of customs and traditions, Moroccan music also varies depending on the geographic location of each region. Andalusian music, a mixture of Spanish and Arab influences, dates back to the 9th century. It’s considered to be Morocco’s classical music, and it’s generally played on special occasions and national celebrations like Eid.

Morocco From Above

Morocco, a land of contrasts and wonders !

Morocco is in many ways a country apart. It nestles on the northwestern tip of Africa, separated from the rest of the continent by the towering Atlas Mountains and by the Sahara itself. Its climate, geography, and history are all more closely related to the Mediterranean than to the rest of Africa, and for this reason visitors are often struck by the odd sensation of having not quite reached Africa in Morocco. In the north, its fine beaches, lush highland valleys, and evocative old cities reinforce this impression.

Morocco's varied geography includes no less than four separate mountain ranges, in addition to lush river valleys, beautiful sandy coasts, and wide expanses of desert. The three most prominent mountain ranges, which run parallel to each other from the southwest to the northeast, are the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, and the Anti-Atlas.
The ascent of the country's highest peak, Jebel Toubkal (13,665 ft./4,165 m.), is a spectacular and not particularly difficult High Atlas trek. The Moroccan coastline, which fronts onto both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, offers plenty of great beaches as well as a number of fascinating old coastal cities. In the southeast, Morocco's mountain ranges yield inexorably to the desolate expanse of the Sahara.

Morocco has been staunchly independent throughout its history yet remained open to ideas, creating a heady mix of cultures, religions and languages with ancient roots and a strikingly modern outlook.

The influence of Romans, Arabs and Europeans is spotted in monuments throughout the country.

Though you will hear French spoken in city boulevards -a vestige of the 50-year French Protectorate- a half-dozen Berber languages and Moroccan Arabic are still widely spoken. Morocco is a unique blend of the African Berber, Arab and Mediterranean.

For centuries travelers have crossed shifting sands and braved mountain passes in search of mythic Morocco.
They arrive dazzled by its royal palaces, extraordinary oases and spectacular feats of hospitality.

Visit Morocco: 15 Culture Shocks of Morocco

Heading to Marrakech or Casablanca or the Sahara Desert there are a lot of wonders to see in Morocco. Here we talk about the culture shocks and cultural differences that tourists and travelers should pay attention to, so they can have the best visit possible to Morocco. So if you are heading to Fes or going to the blue city of Morocco Chefchaouen this video is to help you travel better.
Filmed in Marrakech
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020
Tourist and travel information for visiting Morocco.
#visitmorocco #visitmarrakech #morocco

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Travel To Morocco | Full History And Documentary About Morocco In Urdu & Hindi | مراکش کی سیر

Travel To Morocco | Full History And Documentary About Morocco In Urdu & Hindi | مراکش کی سیر

Video URL:

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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Morocco
Asslamo Alaikum Aaj ham aap doston ko sair k lye lay kar jaany waly hen Africa k Aik Muslim Mulk Morocco ki Aor aaj ham Morocco kay Haseen o jamil nazaaron say Lutaf andooz honnay k saath sath Morocco ky un tamam hqaaiq aor Malomaat say parda uthaany ki koshish karen gay jo Morocco k bary men aaj say pahlay Urdu aor Hindi Zuban men YouTube par mojod nahe thay,
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Morocco: The Don'ts of Visiting Morocco

Whether you are heading to Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, the Sahara, or the Blue City, Morocco has a lot of great tourist things to do on a Moroccan vacation. Here are the things tourists should not do when they visit Morocco. We hope this can help you with your travels to Morocco.
Filmed in Casablanca, Morocco
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019

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Ever wondered what Fez, Morocco is like? I take you through a complete tour of one of the most underrated cities in the world. Street food, pickup soccer, and leather tanneries, Fez is a complex city that takes a while to really dig into. I do my best to show you what this amazing city is all about.

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a movie by Cal McKinley

Finest Morning - Superbus
Don't Leave Me Here Alone - Aryll Fae
Night Owl - Broke For Free

Additional footage by:, Peet J van Eden

DIY Destinations (4K) - Morocco Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

Charles and Sarah is on an epic adventure in Morocco on a tight budget, visiting Marrakesh, Merzouga Sahara Desert, Fes, Chefchaouen, Tangier and Casablanca. Featuring best free and must see attractions: El Badii Palace, Bahia Palace, Jemaa El-Fna, AIt Benhaddou, Fes El Bali, Chouara Tannery, Musee Batha, Borj Nord, Akchour Waterfall, Cape Spartel, Hercules Cave, Hassan II Mosque. We also taking a tour of the making of the argan oil and Berber rugs. Also showcase local cuisine in many of the Barber Market such as such as tagine, pastilla, kebabs brochettes, kefta, snail soup, m'smmen pancake. As well as getting around easily by bus and train and inexpensively.

Chinese Subtitle by: Luzhu Kong / University of Newcastle

Cesc Vilà: Everdream, Sun and Stars
Capo Production: Real, Defiance, Peace, Constance, With Me

Arakmaja - A Moroccan Surf Documentary

Arakmaja is a documentary about Morocco’s surfing culture.

This journey introduces us to people and stories sharing one common thread: the genuine passion for the art of riding waves.

A journey lived through Redouane’s surfing and through the words of pioneer Randolph Benzaquen and shapers Thierry Delbourg and Tarik Zrilida.

Morocco has been, for the last half century, a mystical destination for generation of surfers. While in the last years mass surf tourism has exploded, small family businesses and passionate local surfers like the Regragui’s still embody the genuine essence of a young and vibrant surfing culture.

Presented by The Surf Tribe
Directed by Gianluca Fortunato

Armenian Dream - Intro
Babylone - Zina
Assaf Ayalon - Words
Nass El Ghiwane - Ah Ya Ouine
Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro - Blu Terra
Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points - Mimoum Marhaba
Riccardo Marino - At Sunset

Season 2021

Things to know BEFORE you go to Marrakech | Marrakesh Travel Guide

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In this video, we’ll show you the TOP 10 things to do in Marrakech, Morocco.

0:00 Intro
0:23 15. Marrakech Map
2:46 14. Weather & Climate
3:47 13. Best Time to Visit
4:41 12. Where to Stay & Cost of Accommodations
5:34 11. Transportation
7:14 10. Currency, Exchange Office, ATMs, and Cash
7:59 9. General Information
11:51 8. Interesting Experiences
13:27 7. Safety & Scams
14:22 6. Best Apps
15:16 5. Language
15:43 4. Free City Tours
16:03 3. Food
17:25 2. Best Views of The City
17:49 1. Best Day Trips From Marrakech

#marrakech #travelguide #marrakesh


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Going DEEP For Street Food in Morocco - BREAKFAST Tour of Marrakech!

Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Today, we're GOING DEEP for a FULL-on Street Food BREAKFAST Adventure of Marrakech, Morocco! Moroccan Street Food is some of the BEST in the WORLD, and today, we're going bright and early for a TASTY breakfast tour of Downtown Marrakech, trying a ton of delicious Moroccan street food for breakfast!

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In Marrakech, there is a ton of amazing street food on every street corner. We travelled to Morocco solely to eat, and chose Marrakech because we heard the food is amazing and that the people are friendly. When we arrived, we started to explore the souq alleyways near Jama El Fna square in downtown Marrakech. What you can find in the souqs will blow you away. There is so many different Moroccan street foods to try. We quickly discovered that Morocco has some of the best street food in the world. So tasty!

First up, we found a friendly Bissara soup vendor who let us film this street food vlog and was happy to serve us. The Bissara soup is a fava bean aka broadbean soup served with bread for breakfast. It was scooped out of a big pot and served by bowl to all the hungry locals. This man was definitely a character, and super friendly too. He gave all the local Moroccans a free bowl if they couldn't afford it.

Next, we went for another local street food in Morocco, the Hassowa. It was a super strong, almost spicy soup made from oregano and semolina. The man who served this street food in Marrakech had served this for 16 years in the streets of the old Medina in Marrakech.

After this, we went for more Moroccan breakfast and ordered a Msemen moroccan flatbread. It was served with a ton of butter and honey and was super oily yet crispy at the same time. The lady who cooked it was also very friendly and was making a ton of the msemen for the hungry locals!

For our next breakfast meal, we enjoyed a truly classic Moroccan breakfast street food, the Khlea. The Khlea is a moroccan omelette made with 2 or 3 eggs and a few slices of Khlea preserved beef with smen moroccan preserved butter. It was super heavy and a little salty from the butter and beef.

And for our final meal, while not quite breakfast, was a Moroccan tajine made with beef and carrots and potato and zuchinni, found right on the street!

The addresses for the street food locations found in this street food vlog are below:

1) Bissara soup vendor: Bab doukkala area of Marrakech. You can find a ton of guys around the wall in the morning selling it.

2) Hassowa soup vendor: Near the Jama El Fna square of old Marrakech. This one was just a lucky find, you gotta go deep into the alleyways to find stuff like this.

3) Msemen Moroccan flatbread. You can find this one again in the back alleyways. Right behind the olive guys at the back of the Jama El Fna square in the morning for breakfast.

4) Khlea egg omelette with preserved beef and smen butter. We found this one at a local cafe called Zeitoun Cafe AKA the olive cafe in the Medina of Marrakech.. I must admit it was a little tourist and maybe less DEEP than other places, but the omelette was nice and tasty.

5) Delicious Moroccan Tajine DEEP in the streets. This one was also near the Bab doukkala area of Marrakech. You can find a street full of restaurants selling everything from these tajines to grilled BBQ fish and more. It was amazing!

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TANGIER - MOROCCO the most beautiful city in the world ????????

Located on the northwestern of Morocco, on the Moroccan coast at the western entrance to the strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is a major city at a major location where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic
Ocean off Cape Spartel, It is the capital of the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, as well as the Tangier- Assilah prefecture of Morocco.
Tangier history is considered one of the richest histories in all of Morocco, the reason of that is many
different cultures and civilizations passed through this area, at first it was a Berber small town then
changed into a Phoenician trading center to the independence era around the 1 950s, and then became a destination for many European and American diplomats, spies, writers and businessmen.

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MOROCCO | A 9 Day Group Tour | Ep2: Sahara to Essaouira

I recently got to travel around Morocco on a 9 day group tour.

This was my first time in the country and is documented in a new 2 part travel documentary series.

In this second episode we gradually make our way out of the Sahara; go looking for Morocco's famous goats in trees; stop at the old fortified market town of Taroudant; then head up the Atlantic coast to Essaouira, where we have 2 nights to explore the town. Finally we complete our trip back in Marrakesh with a beautiful hot air balloon ride.

The difference with this tour is it's the first one I've hosted and organised myself. Working with Intrepid Travel we created a bespoke itinerary and put it on sale to my followers.

To find out about future tours click here:

Thanks to Charlie Keep for the additional footage, check out her channel here:

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Morocco Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

Morocco is fulfulling our dreams about the Tales of One Thousand and One Nights even today. It is an exotic and romantic country with the thousand miracles or the Arab world; old cities, mosques, bazaars, natural beauties from palm tree gardens to sand dunes and from the frosty tops of the Atlas mountains to the beaches of Agadir. There are the oases in the Sahara, the colorful buildings of Marrakesh, the Anti-Atlas’s green valleys and the forts of the Foreign Legion. The royal cities are all wonderful: Casablanca, well known from the famous movie with the same title, the capital, Rabat, the ancient Fes, and the elegant cultural centre, Marrakesh. The Djemaa El Fna square has a unique atmosphere, where magicians, henna painters, acrobats, belly dancers, tale tellers from the Sahara, healers, dancers, Koran discussers, snake charmers and cooks make up the colorful market. Morocco with its thousand faces can be found in the buildings, which are incredibly ornamented, the sound of the snake charmers’ pipes, the silence of the mosques, the native people of the Sahara, the turmoil of the bazaar, the smell of various spices, the pattern of the carpets, the medinas conjuring the past, the taste of the mint tea, and it looks the way we always thought it would

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Best of morocco Documentary❤❤

قناة تهتم بالمجال السياحي

Best of Morocco

Top Places to visit in Morocco
Best of Morocco Documentary 2018
Top Places to visit in Morocco
things not to miss in Morocco
le maroc et les cultures

BOOKER TRAVELS - The Best of Morocco Part One

For the past month, we have taken the most amazing journey in Morocco. Our trip began in the south coast of the country, then Marrakech, a drive through the High Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and finally... Fes.

For every series, we usually post a Best Of episode at the end. But after traveling 3,000 kilometers, this season we divide the Best in 2 parts. Welcome - to the Best of Morocco Part One.

Our trip would not have been the same without the kind support of the Moroccan National Tourist Office -

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