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Best Place to Travel in 2021 (Costa Rica)


Best Place to Travel in 2021 (Costa Rica)

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New adventures await in 2021 and what better way to start the year than visit the beautiful country of Costa Rica. From the dense jungles to the gigantic volcanoes, Costa Rica is a delight all around. They are also one of the only countries that are currently welcoming visitors from all over. If you are looking for an adventurous destination in 2021, Costa Rica is your destination :)

Thank you to Visit Costa Rica for sponsoring the trip.

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Top 5 Places You Need To Visit In 2021: #1 - Costa Rica

We’ll be the first to admit that 2020 wasn’t the best year for travel, but in 2021 we’re hoping for a bit of light at the end of the tunnel!

As soon as it’s safe to do so we’re sure you’ll be raring to get back out there, so why not get planning now!

Taking the top spot this year we're heading to Costa Rica!

Thanks to everyone who made it happen:
The Great Projects &
Visited by TheMobileLab during his trip in Costa Rica. Check out more on his YouTube channel:

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Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips 2021

Check out MORE things to do in Costa Rica here:

For FrogTV Adam Baker brings you his essential Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips for 2021!
It is the perfect way to plan your Costa Rican Vacation for 2021 to this tropical paradise.

Check it out for the best travel tips - Here is our List:

00:25 1. Visit a Rainforest or Cloud Forest Reserve
01:28 2. Visit the Arenal Volcano
02:18 3. Do an Adventure Tour
02:54 4. Visit a Costa Rica Beach in Guanacaste
03:52 5. Try Local Costa Rica Coffee
04:24 6. Eat Like a Local
05:25 7. Discover the Wildlife

Presented & Directed by Adam Baker
Edited by Pablo Franceschi
Shot by Brayan Mendez

Things You Need To Know Before You Go To Costa Rica 2021 - 2022

Update October 14, 2021: Starting December 1, 2021, the Covid-19 vaccine will be a requirement to partake in some activities and enter many businesses in Costa Rica. See Link:


If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica soon then this video is for you. We provide 9 things you need to know to help make your planning smoother. Information changes rapidly so we’ve also included links below where you can find out more.

This video explains the Entry requirements as well as a few other important tips. Topics include:
• The Costa Rican required Health Pass
• Travel Insurance
• Entry requirements upon arrival
• Mask requirements
• Other restrictions including business hours and capacity
• Departing Costa Rica and getting into your own country
• Car Rentals
• Cell Phone tips
• Money exchange and currency

Important Links for more information:

Official tourism Website that has information + links to appropriate government websites:

Health Pass Link:
Costa Rica insurance companies: These companies are pre-approved by the Costa Rican government:
BlueCross BlueShield:

Tico Times Newspaper has up to date information:
Costa Rica's entry requirements during Covid-19 : (

List of COVID testing facilities: Where to get a coronavirus test in Costa Rica : (

Canadian Citizens Returning to Canada: Entering Canada by land and air during COVID-19 -

US Citizens Returning to the US: COVID-19 Traveler Information (

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Best Places To Go in Costa Rica | SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUTY with Best Places to Visit Costa Rica

Best Places To Go in Costa Rica | SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUTY with Best Places to Visit Costa Rica

From home, you can Get Up Close with Wild Animals in Costa Rica:

Join us on an adventure to surround ourselves with beauty in the best places to go in Costa Rica! We'll show you all of the top things to do in Costa Rica. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, as our #1 best place to go in Costa Rica is otherworldly! Which of these best places to go in Costa Rica do you think is a top thing to do in Costa Rica? Comment below, we'd love to hear which best place to go in Costa Rica you think is a top thing to do for you!

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica - 2021

Looking for the 10 Best places to visit in Costa Rica? Then click here:
FrogTV's FAQs has the answer!

With over 15 years in Costa Rica, Adam offers his insight into his Top 10 Costa Rica Destinations to go to when on vacation here in Costa Rica.
Do you have a question you need answering? Let us know below!

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click here:

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Presented by Adam Baker

UPDATE JUNE 2021: Traveling to Costa Rica During Covid

Here is the COVID update as of June 2021. In brief YES come to Costa Rica. There are minor inconveniences due to COVID restrictions but it is a brilliant time to travel. Availability at hotels, vacation rentals, cars available to rent. Less traffic, empty beaches. Below I have put links to all the key resources you need before you travel, and the procedures for testing prior to your return.
1. Beforeyoufly
Please check your embassy’s current advice, see the links below. Most countries allow you to visit Costa RIca, and Costa Rica allows most nationalities in. You need to buy insurance approved by the Costa Rican government, Trawick is constantly recommended but there are others below that work well and are reasonably priced. Guide insurance rates are under $200 for a 90 day stay but depends on your age/ price of airline ticket etc.
You then need to fill in the Costa Rican travel passport, see the link below. No need to print it, but have it saved on your phone.
No COVID test is required when you are flying in to Costa Rica.
2. Flying to Costa Rica - Airports and Immigration
Airports seem to be returning to normality. Most shops and restaurants are now open in the terminals. You need to wear a mask from when you arrive at the airport, through when you leave the Costa Rican airport, so it could be many hours, i found the cheap masks rubbing behind my ears. Often the airlines won't let you check in online and sail through; they want a face to face meet in order to check your insurance and travel passport.
Costa Rican immigration wait time and checks don't seem to have changed. They check you meet the requirements, but there are less travellers, so on balance the time waiting in line hasn't changed much
3. Day to Day living in CR under COVID
COVID rules are countrywide, but restrictions in the capital San Jose seem to be more strict, because they are enforced. At the beaches everything is open as normal and the attitude much more relaxed, but they do have to close at 9pm.. If you want to continue past 9pm there always seem to be pop up parties on the street, in villas or on the beach. There is some nominal effort to social distance but no one seems to care so it doesn't really happen. In general there is slightly less tourism, so beaches are empty, and there is always availability at hotels, car hire places and vacation rentals. The only places that seem to implement mask wearing are the supermarkets and stores.

There are vehicular restrictions, odd and even days depending on the last number on your license plate. This does not apply to hire cars, who can drive every day.
4. Preparing to return home
You need to book the COVID test about a week ahead of your departure date. You need to do a test within 3 days of your departure. US only requires the rapid/antigen/flow test, which returns results in a matter of hours. The UK requires a PCR test and here it gets complicated because it can take up to 48 hours to get the result. Another complication is that the beaches don't have test centers, so they send the samples to San Jose so that can add to the time. Mysteriously my results came back in under 24 hours so not sure what happened there. When you go for the test then take your passport and flight info. You will need to fill in a badly organized questionnaire called mipreubacovid (my Covid test). Double check you fill in what you are supposed to, it is easy to miss a section, click send and then it throws you back to the start, i had to do it 5 or 6 times
5. Costa Rica airports
I wasn't allowed to check in online, because they want to check your COVID test before you get your boarding pass. The planes were about half full and were somewhat back to normal. Both Costa Rica airports are scandalously expensive so eat and drink before you arrive. Eg. $6 for a bottle of water that is $2 in a supermarket
Country of origin advice


Before you travel to Costa Rica:
Health Passport:


COVID Testing before return

Pre testing questionairre:

Tamarindo area clinics
Dr. Mendez, COVID-19 test, Tamarindo. Call +506-8829-8009, +506-2653-4141
Clinica Medica Villarreal, Tamarindo, for Covid1919 test- call +506-2653-3131
Beach side Clinic
Metropolitan Clinic
Diria Hotel Salinas Hostel

General resources


San Jose Costa Rica Travel Guide 2021

This is a travel guide for San Jose, Costa Rica. We arrived in Costa Rica through the capitol. There are two main airports in Costa Rica. San Jose and Liberia. Many of you will arrive in San Jose on your airplane then you will decide if you want to explore the capitol city or if you will want to head out to one of the main attractions in Costa Rica.

#CostaRica #SanJose #TravelGuide

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Best things to do in COSTA RICA TRAVEL GUIDE 2021 | waterfall

I'm so excited to share my experience in Costa Rica!
Recommend renting an SUV for transportation!

- Hotel Riu Palace
- Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica

- Llanos de Cortes ($8)
- Rio Celeste (admission + parking fees = $12)

Let's be friends!
Instagram: Amaya_kaisia
TikTok @Kaisiaa

Bikinis seen in this video are from


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Top 10 Places to Visit in COSTA RICA

Top 10 Places to Visit in COSTA RICA

Costa Rica is a wonderland of natural attractions. It's known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Roughly a quarter of Costa Rica is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys and quetzal birds. Check out our travel guide to the 10 best places to visit in Costa Rica for some inspiration before you plan your visit!

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Top 5 Things to do in Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast (Travel Guide)

With this video I introduce you to the top things to do on Costa Ricas Pacific Coast - a great resource for your own trip!
➸ My Costa Rica guide:

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The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers a wide range of Highlights that define the country as a dream destination. From green jungles with waterfalls and raging rivers to numerous beautiful beaches and an enormous variety of wildlife.

During my 4 week lasting trip through Costa Rica I spent the majority of my time in this part of the country. After joining an active tour that focused on rafting, hiking and local living, I got to explore the Pacific Coast from Santa Teresa all the way down to Uvita independently. Besides surfing I used my time to visit a few national parks along the way and enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere in the smaller beach villages a bit off the tourist route.

Things to do in Costa Rica as shown in this episode:
- Santa Teresa
- Montezuma
- Mal Pais
- Manuel Antonio National Park
- Dominical
- Rio Savegre
- Uvita
- Marino Ballena National Park

▸ insurance
▸ packing list
▸ Online Language Course


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Why Costa Rica Should Be on Your Bucket List

Is this amazing country on your must-see destinations list?

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???? COSTA RICA best resorts for 2021 travel: Top 10 hotels in Costa Rica

What are the best Costa Rica hotels in 2021? Travelers review and rate the hotels on various travel websites, and we compiled the data to rank them. Check the most popular and the best rated hotels el Costa Rica!

Hotels in rating:
1. The Springs Resort and Spa
2. Makanda by the Sea
3. Oxygen Jungle Villas
4. Wyndham Tamarindo
5. Baldi Hot Springs Hotel Resort & Spa
6. Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel
7. Capitan Suizo Beachfront Boutique Hotel
8. Gaia Hotel & Reserve
9. Arenal Springs Resort and Spa
10. Los Altos Resort

Hotels and resorts that was close to TOP 10:
Hotel Three Sixty
Hotel Nantipa - A Tico Beach Experience
Monteverde Lodge & Gardens
Amor Arenal
Hotel Banana Azul
Gran Hotel Costa Rica Curio Collection by Hilton
Los Lagos Hotel Spa & Resort
Hotel Presidente
The Gilded Iguana Surf Hotel
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton San Jose Airport
Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel
Arenal Manoa Hotel
Hotel Villa Caletas
El Mangroove, Autograph Collection
Hotel Belmar
Hilton Garden Inn San Jose La Sabana
Park Inn by Radisson San Jose
Hotel Luisiana
Hotel Bosque Del Mar Playa Hermosa
Best Western Plus San Jose
Courtyard by Marriott San Jose Airport Alajuela
Sheraton San Jose Hotel
Taormina Hotel and Casino
Radisson Hotel San Jose Costa Rica
Hotel El Silencio del Campo
The Coast Beachfront Hotel
Monteverde Inn - Valle Escondido Preserve
Ten North Tamarindo Beach Hotel
Hotel Rancho Cerro Azul
Savegre Hotel, Natural Reserve & Spa
Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel
Casa Luna Hotel & Spa
Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge
Hotel and Restaurant Villa del Sueno
Cala Lodge
Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge
Hotel La Rosa de America
Oceano Boutique Hotel & Gallery
La Posada Jungle Family Hotel

Best Costa Rica hotels for 2021 Video :

Things To Know Visiting Costa Rica 2021

In this Costa Rica travel guide we address many subjects including things to see and do in Costa Rica as well as answer whether Costa Rica is Safe. We also discuss food and even talk about the Pacific or Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a diverse country with many animals and biodiversity from north to south. If you plan to go Visit Costa Rica this things to know about Costa Rica travel guide will assist you with your travel plans,

#CostaRica #VisitCostaRica #TravelGuide

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Costa Rica – Travel Video

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America that is ranked as one of the most beautiful visited international destinations. One of Costa Rica’s main sources of income is tourism. Costa Rica features amazing landscapes from beaches to mountains to incredible rain and cloud forests, with a varied climate and more flora and fauna than you’ll know what to do with.

In this video we have composed the Top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Costa Rica:

10: Tortuguero National Park
09: Tamarindo
08: Irazu Volcano National Park
07: Corcovado
06: Jaco Beach
05: Playa Negra
04: Arenal Volcano
03: Cloud Forests
02: Manuel Antonio National Park
01: Dominical

#travel #tourism #CostaRica


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica | MojoTravels

Best Place to Travel in 2021 (Costa Rica)



12 SHOCKINGLY AFFORDABLE Destinations for Budget Travel in 2021

The 12 countries I’m covering in this video are a right of passage for any avid traveler in 2021 and they may be touristy, but you’ll come to find that they are touristy for very good reasons.

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No matter what continent, there are always places you can visit on a budget- the best thing you can do when learning how to travel is realizing that No destination is really ever “too expensive”. You just have to get creative with it. The things you look for when you’re just getting started seeing the world is
1. Budget Friendly prices
2. Safe and easy to navigate
3. Filled once in a lifetime experiences

I’ve lived on anywhere between $15-$60 USD per day while traveling and depending on where in the world I was, I was able to fully experience each destination.

Speaking from my experiences, I would say that roughly 75% of places around the world can be done on a budget but it takes time to develop money saving hacks and habits so if you are just starting out it’s good to get a few, budget friendly and easy countries under your belt.

To see my adventures in real time, follow me on Instagram:


Hey friends,
I went to Costa Rica this summer by myself and had the time of my life! Come along on my adventure with me and see all the places I visited and the fun activities I did. I can definitely say I do not regret going solo and I felt safe the entire time. =)

Featured Places & Businesses:
Zen Garden Tamarindo -
Marlin del Rey Sunset Cruise -
Guachipelin Adventure Combo -
Experience Beach Yoga & Meditation -
Ocho Artisan Bungalows -
Morpho Vans -
Montezuma Waterfall -
Los Altos de Eros Luxury Spa Day -

Feel free to check out my Instagram: @tashwtt

Huge thank you to everyone that watches, likes and/or subscribes!!!

Costa Rica Travel Tips 2021

Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Here are some tips from my recent trip in 2021 to help you have a better experience. Here are the time stamps for each tip in the video:

0:57 - Summer weather and crowds
1:55 - Travel During the Pandemic
2:20 - COVID Safety 2021
2:52 - Know Before You Go: Cell phone service & What's App, Car Insurance
4:00 - Car rentals
4:56 - Should You Rent a Car?
7:08 - Use Waze, Not Google Maps
7:50 - Seeing Wildlife
9:00 - Where to Stay
10:44 - Booking Tours
12:04 - Costs/Prices
13:00 - Cleanliness
13:36 - Food
15:12 - Take Insect Repellent
15:43 - Types of Activities

Also, being healthy and in shape will allow you to experience the country SO much better! From hiking to ziplining to time at the beach. Want to get ready for your trip? Learn more about my fitness and nutrition coaching at or email me at

Music credit:

best place to travel in 2021 (costa rica)

New adventures await in 2021 and what better way to start the year than visit the beautiful country of Costa Rica. From the dense jungles to the gigantic volcanoes, Costa Rica is a delight all around. They are also one of the only countries that are currently welcoming visitors from all over. If you are looking for an adventurous destination in 2021, Costa Rica is your destination :)
thank you to #teva hotel for sponsoring this trip.
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Amazing Places to visit in Costa Rica - Travel Video

Costa Rica is one of the top tourist destinations for travelers. Nature, adventure, and recreation are the main protagonists when you walk through this gorgeous country. It is full of plentiful natural parks where you can discover more about the incredible Costa Rican biodiversity.

Thanks to the convenient operation of the national government, countless tourists improve the country's economic development. In a few words, Costa Rica has become an escape from the busy life of today. You just need to get in touch with the unique local environment!


00:00 Why visiting Costa Rica
00:38 Cocos Island National Park
01:43 Costa Rica's National Museum
02:32 Malpaís Beach
03:25 Drake Bay
04:09 Puerto Viejo
04:50 La Fortuna City
05:31 Manuel Antonio National Park
06:18 La Sabana Park
06:46 Irazu Volcano
07:50 Santa Rosa National Park
08:42 Reason for visiting Costa Rica

#CostaRica #Places #Travel



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