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Belarus: One Day In Life (2012)


Belarus: One Day In Life (2012)

Country presentation of Belarus. Video shot in time-lapse-in-motion technique shows the beauty of the Belarusian nature, architectural monuments, city life. Featuring Miss Belarus 2012.

BELARUS. One day in life

Видео презентация Один день из жизни Беларуси.
Ролик снят по заказу Министерства Иностранных дел Республики Беларусь

BELARUS. One Day In Life.


Belarus. One day in life


Timelapse Grodno (Belarus) / Таймлапс Гродно (Беларусь) 2012

Timelapse. Grodno/Belarus. 2012
© John Doroshenko

Camera: Canon 500D
Lens: Kit 18-55mm,
Helios 55mm,
Jupiter 135mm

Music: New Century Classics - Children Of An Uncertain Future

Таймлапс.Цейтраферная съёмка в движении. Гродно/Беларусь. 2012 © Дорошенко Иван
Камера: Canon 500D
Оптика: Kit 18-55mm,
Helios 55mm,
Jupiter 135mm

Музыка: New Century Classics - Children Of An Uncertain Future

Minsk, Belarus, 2012

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These pictures are mainly snapshots that I took driving through Minsk.


Minsk is the capital of Belarus. I spent 4 days here in June 2012.

Mysterious Belarus

Более 4-х лет съемок, тысячи отсянтых фотографий, сотни часов постобработки включил в себя этот Timelapse(Hyperlapse)-ролик о природе и городах Беларуси.
Сьемка: Юрий Велитченко
Оборудование: Canon 6d, canon 17-40mm, sigma 35mm, Sigma 70-200mm, Samyang 14mm.
За волшебную музыку к видео, спасибо моему другу и коллеге, звукорежиссеру Александру Юрьеву.
Испльзование видео и музыкальной дорожки только с разрешения авторов.

More than 4 years of shooting, thousands of taken pictures and hundreds of hours of post-processing are included in this Time-Lapse Video about nature and cities of Belarus.

Minsk in One day - Trip Belarus | Wanderer's Bag

When nearly all Belarusians fly from Vilnius or Riga, the two of us landed a great ticket for Sri Lanka..from MINSK! We hopped on an early morning train from Vilnius, equipped with transit visas for Belarus and in just 2,5h we were ready to explore Minsk. Politics aside, it is a super cozy and one of the cleanest cities I have been to and makes for a wonderful weekend city break. While if you ever FLY from or to Belarus, the airport is about an 1h ride - there are minibuses departing central bus station for a few bucks per person.

TIP: On our way back from Sri Lanka, at the Minsk airport they stamped my passport as visa upon arrival, with which I can only leave the country through Minsk's airport. I had a double entry transit visa, and the officer for some reason ignored it, but luckily noticed her mistake and stamped the visa, else I would have been turned around at the border - we were taking a bus back home to Vilnius.

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Welcome to Belarus, 3 (part 3/4)

Главная задача проекта -- посмотреть на Беларусь глазами иностранных гостей, и в очередной раз убедиться в её удивительной многогранности.

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Belaya Vezha, Belarus, 2012

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Belaya Vezha (White Tower in Russian and Belarusian) is the main landmark of the town of Kamenets in Belarus. Erected in 1271-1289, it is the only such tower remaining to this day in the area (

10 Hours of Walking in Grodno Belarus

This is my 10 hours walk in Grodno through different districts of the city. Grodno is a western Belarusian city that is located close to the country’s borders of Lithuania and Poland.

Street Musicians Day in Minsk, Belorussia 2011

First Street Musicians Day in MInsk, Belorussia, 2011. Video blog, filmed by Andrius Mamontovas (using iPhone4).

Belarus. Minsk 2

Красота! Такую Беларусь Вы еще не видели! (Time Lapse HD)

Беларусь: Один День из Жизни / BELARUS: One Day in Life
И снова цейтраферная съемка в движении от непревзойденного мастера из Минска zweizwei Артема Прядко.
На сей раз нам представляется возможность прожить один замечательный день, замечательной страны, за три минуты.


Time lapse BELARUS NATURE HD (Сураж)

30 Minute Walk in City of Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is the largest city and capital of Belarus.

Best Sightseeing of Minsk, Belarus. Full City Tour

These are the places you will see:

00:40 The Palace of Culture
01:00 The Palace of Culture
01:45 Nezavisimosti Avenue - Independence Avenue
01:48 Oktyabrskaya Square
01:51 The Palace of Culture
01:56 The Palace of the Republic
02:06 Nezavisimosti Avenue - Independence Avenue
02:20 Lenina Street
02:34 Belarusian State Academy of Music
03:00 Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary
03:28 Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary
04:10 City Hall
04:17 Lenina Street
04:40 The Holy Spirit Cathedral
04:45 Nemiga Street
05:30 Galleria Minsk Mall
05:43 Sport Palace
06:18 Svislach River
06:23 Island of Tears
06:43 The Holy Spirit Cathedral
06:55 Troitsky Suburb - Historical Old Town
07:05 Island of Tears
07:25 Zybitskaya Street
07:45 The Holy Spirit Cathedral
08:00 The Holy Spirit Cathedral
08:50 The Holy Spirit Cathedral
08:58 Liberty Square
09:21 City Hall
09:30 Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary
10:55 Internatsionalnaya Street
11:10 Police Museum
11:25 Nezavisimosti Avenue - Independence Avenue
11:46 Central Post Office
11:52 Minsk Hotel
11,58 Independence Square
12,25 Roman Catholic Church of Saints Simon and Helen (Red Church)
13:10 Roman Catholic Church of Saints Simon and Helen (Red Church)
14:07 Independence Square
14:23 Belarusian State University
14:33 Belarusian Pedagogical University
14:38 Fountain of Independence
14:55 Stolitsa Underground Shopping Center
15:19 Central Railway Station
15:30 Minsk Gates
15:47 Minsk Gates
16:22 Lenina Underground Station
16:42 National Flag Square
17:10 Palace of Independence
17:31 Prime Hall Concert Hall
17:40 Zamok Shopping Center
18:00 Zamok Shopping Center
18:17 Belarusian State Circus
18:35 Victory Square
19:30 War Victory Memorial
19:50 Frunze Street
20:08 Gorky Central Children's Park
21:55 Gorky Central Children's Park
22:37 Svislach River
22:57 Nezavisimosti Avenue - Independence Avenue
23:15 Yakuba Kolas Square
23:50 Komarovsky Food Market
24:10 Komarovsky Food Market

Belarus Views from High in the Sky

If I were a bird, I would be happy to see how the planet looks like from high in the sky - possibly thought the author of the video! What can be more fascinating than getting an impression about Belarus in such a way?! Enjoy the views of Belarus in just 33 seconds!

Minsk Vlog | Bölüm 2 | Belarus (2018)

İlk Minsk Vlogumun devamı olan bu ikinci Minsk Videomuda beğeneceğinizi umuyorum. Hakan ve Hasan ile harika Minsk seyahatimize devam ediyoruz. Minsk'te gezilecek yerleri tek tek keşfediyoruz. Minsk'in görülmesi gereken yerlerini sizler için geziyoruz.

Minsk ile ilgili merak ettiğiniz her şeyi, bu videoya yorum bırakarak bizlere ulaştırabilirsiniz. Ve tabi ki bizim de atlamış olduğumuz, kaçırdığımız yerler varsa , lütfen bunları da bizlere bildirin.