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Belarus: One Day In Life (2012)


Belarus: One Day In Life (2012)

Country presentation of Belarus. Video shot in time-lapse-in-motion technique shows the beauty of the Belarusian nature, architectural monuments, city life. Featuring Miss Belarus 2012.

BELARUS. One day in life

Ролик сделан для Министерства иностранных дел Республики Беларусь.

МИНСК/Беларусь 2011(Minsk/Belarus)
Цейтраферная съемка в движении / time-lapse photography in motion

музыка: Денис Воронцов

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 60D
tokina 11-16mm/2.8
sigma 14mm/2.8
sigma 24mm/1.8
мир24 35mm/2.0(tilt)
canon 50mm/1.4
canon 70-200mm/4lis
NDx16, NDx1000, NDx2000, c-pl

BELARUS. One Day In Life.


Belarus. One day in life


Walking in Minsk, Belarus Минске, Беларусь

Walk in Minsk, Belarus Минске, Беларусь

Life in a Belarusian Village 1930's

Жизнь и быт в Белорусской деревне
Фотографии Франца Семак

Life in a Belarusian Village
Photographs by Franz Semak

I continue my series of photographs of life in the Soviet Union during the 1930's. Here I present some charming photographs of daily village life in a Belarusian village.

From the 'Simfonietta' by the Belarus composer , N. Aladov

Lida, Belarus

Tour around town from city bus window.

Belarus Country Life

Belarus Country Life

Belarus Minsk City center / Bielorussie Minsk Centre ville

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Belarus: Inside Europe´s last dictatorship

Belarus lies between Europe and Russia and is a dictatorship. How is it to live in Belarus, Europe´s last dictatorship? Belarus is located on the main route between Russia and Europe. The focus has always been on Russia, but that seems to be changing. And: more than the half of Belarus was radioactively contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster. How does Belarus and the people living inside a dictatorship deal with this?

In this eight-part travel series the Dutch journalist and author Jelle Brandt Corstius travels through Russia and visits the neighbor countries Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. What image do the Russians have of their neighbors and vice versa? What are the relations between the powerful Russia and the other former Soviet republics? And how do the countries around Russia treat their Russian inhabitants? A series about propaganda and identity.

Dutch Journalist used to live close to the Belarusian embassy in Moscow. Inside the embassy they used to have small shoe shops. Shoes from Belarus are incredibly popular in Russia. In the Soviet era but still today, they are produced in Belarus. Dutch Journalist Corstius takes a look at the shoe factory and talks to the employees about their country. They are all very positive about their homeland. It is a stable country as they say. That may be true, but it goes hand in hand with a dictatorship, whose beating heart is President Lukashenko´s palace.

After a bomb detonated in the metro in Minsk in 2011, 15 people died. Two people were taken as prisoners and executed two days later. Death penalty still exists in Belarus. A mother of the executed tells us her story and what kind of person her son was, that was made responsible for the attack. Belarus looks like a clean country. This appearance is kept up the hard way. The population has no priority in a regime, where the president is busy with building a new nuclear plant.

Original title: Een heldere dictatuur (5/8)
Director: Alexander Oey and Jelle Brandt Corstius
© VPRO September 2015

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English, French and Spanish subtitles by Ericsson and co-funded by the European Union.

School life in Belarus

QuickyBaby: Guide to Belarus and VLOG!

QuickyBaby's guide to Belarus.


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Hotel Europe Minsk, Belarus

Hotel Europe, first five-star hotel in Minsk, is filled with elegance and charm and is ideally located in the very heart of the city. Small and exclusive the hotel offers together with a great level of comfort, high class hospitality and a relaxing atmosphere.

Красота! Такую Беларусь Вы еще не видели! (Time Lapse HD)

Беларусь: Один День из Жизни / BELARUS: One Day in Life
И снова цейтраферная съемка в движении от непревзойденного мастера из Минска zweizwei Артема Прядко.
На сей раз нам представляется возможность прожить один замечательный день, замечательной страны, за три минуты.

Landscapes of Belarus (HD1080p)


Belarus: Travel Highlights

Just a small video from my vacation in Belarus...

More at

The National Art Gallery in Minsk, Belarus

The National Art Gallery in Minsk, Belarus, offers regular art exhibitions, comprising some world-famous masterpieces. This Belarus national museum video tour is a quick guide along the corridors of this great museum.

Minsk Belarus

Affitto di appartamenti a Minsk, transfer, consegna fiori a domicilio e tanti altri servizi sul territorio bielorusso.
Rent apartments in Minsk, transfer, delivery service of flowers at home and many other services on the territory of Belarus.

Minsk, Belarus - August 2013 - Short tour of the city

This is a video of my trip to Minsk, Belarus. I hope you'll enjoy it. If you have any question feel free to contact me.

Mysterious Belarus

Более 4-х лет съемок, тысячи отсянтых фотографий, сотни часов постобработки включил в себя этот Timelapse(Hyperlapse)-ролик о природе и городах Беларуси.
Сьемка: Юрий Велитченко
Оборудование: Canon 6d, canon 17-40mm, sigma 35mm, Sigma 70-200mm, Samyang 14mm.
За волшебную музыку к видео, спасибо моему другу и коллеге, звукорежиссеру Александру Юрьеву.
Испльзование видео и музыкальной дорожки только с разрешения авторов.

More than 4 years of shooting, thousands of taken pictures and hundreds of hours of post-processing are included in this Time-Lapse Video about nature and cities of Belarus.



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