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Barceloneta BEACH BARCELONA SPAIN September 2021 // Relaxing WALK 4K


BARCELONA Barceloneta BEACH SPAIN September 2021 :: The Beach is Open 2021 Travel Vlog 4K

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Barcelona Beach Walk Tour at Barceloneta Beach 2021

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Hope you enjoyed this another relaxing
virtual beach tour.

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Barceloneta beach is the closest beach to Barcelona city centre. If you walk to Colom at the end of the Ramblas you have about a 15 minutes walk to the beach, alternatively see below for metro information. Barceloneta has many fabulous sea food restaurants serving up fresh catches of the day. Barceloneta beach can get busy during the peak season (June to September) in which case you could try visiting Icària Beach the next beach along from Barceloneta.

Barceloneta Beach Relaxing Walk in July 2021, Best Beache in Barcelona, Spain [4K]

• Barceloneta beach is the oldest and most famous of the beaches in the city of Barcelona (Spain). It was remodeled just before the 1992 Olympics.
• It is located in the La Barceloneta neighborhood. Along with the San Sebastián beach and the Victoria beach, it is one of the longest with a length of 1100 meters. Along with that of San Sebastián, it is one of the oldest and most traditional in the city and also one of the preferred by foreign users.
• This video was recorded on July 25, 2021⌚ 10.30
• My videos are made with own shots.
• Equipment used: Osmo Pocket.
• 3:15 Photo Cover.

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BARCELONA BEACH, Walk in September 2021, Spain 4K

• Llevant and Nova Mar bella Beach Walk September.
• Urban beach with showers, a chiringuito and views of the city, where pets can have fun in the water.
• Llevant Beach, refurbished in 2006, is one of the last beaches to be added to the Barcelona coastline.
• This video was recorded on September 16, 2021 ⌚ 10.00
• 3:00 Photo Cover.
Video Time:
0:00 Preview
0:25 Llevant Beach
3:10 Nova Mar Bella Beach

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Barceloneta Beach Walking Tour 4K // Summer 2021

Beach Walk and Beach Front Walk!

This channel is for those who are not able either because of geography, means or disability to walk the beaches and see the sights they should not be missing out on the joy of walking a beach and these videos should be publicly available to those who need them!

Welcome to Sunny Beach Walks 4K, where you can experience walking tours, relaxation (ASMR) sounds of the waves and footsteps as we travel, sight seeing, beautiful women and people in their natural states!

#beachwalk #barceloneta #barcelona #4K

Barcelona beach walk | Barceloneta Beach 4K

Filmed in September 2021

Playa de Barceloneta - City beach for all
The lively city beach of the Barcelonaoneta district is the oldest and most famous beach in Barcelona. Everything that has legs meets here and strolls along the sea at any time of the year and day. In midsummer it is briskly full and if you want to bathe calmly, you should go to the beach early in the morning. The sand is coarse-grained, golden-yellow and clean, although thousands of bathers are basking in the sun every day. Flying merchants sell even mixed mojitos and other cocktails to take away. Nevertheless, the beach never seems to be wasted. This is probably due to the fact that several times a day the city's cleaning service drives here and collects waste and empties the bins (waste separation!).

A beach named after the district of the same name: Barceloneta
A beach named after the area of the same name, the beach section on the headland of Barceloneta is divided into three beaches: The Platja San Sebastián, Platja Barceloneta and Platja Sant Miquel. The word Platja is Catalan for the Spanish word Playa (beach). The locals simply call the beach Playa de Barceloneta, because it is located directly in front of the Barcelona peninsula, which is a kind of indentation of the city centre towards the sea. Originally the fishermen's families lived here, but since the modernisation of Barcelona and the expansion of the beach zone with freshly piled up sand, the quarter has been firmly in the hands of tourists and students who share the narrow and expensive living space here. There is also a large community of immigrant South Americans and Africans living in the Barcelonaeta area.

Platja de Barceloneta is a surfing hotspot for locals
In September the Playa de Barceloneta is a popular surfing beach used by the locals every day. Then the waves rise here and useful wave series emerge, which can be surfed by the professionals. Standing paddlers also surf here, even if their boards are a little bigger and harder to manoeuvre. There are several surf shops along the Passeig Marítim La¥oneta, the beach promenade, where you can rent neoprene suits, boards or SUP equipment. With its length of about 1,100 m, Playa¥oneta offers a lot of space, but it is also used down to the last metre. Throughout the year there is something going on on the beach, where tourists, but also local youth, skaters, rollerbladers, e-roller enthusiasts and many illegal beach vendors meet. If you think you can find peace and privacy at the Playa Barcelonaeta, this is the wrong place. Even in the low season the beach is crowded on sunny days, because people come here to sunbathe in the winter.

Great paellas and delicious cocktails in the Chiringuitos
All along the beach promenade there are some very good restaurants. The south-west opening point of the densely built-up residential area with its narrow lanes is full of terrace restaurants. You can sit comfortably under plane trees and enjoy the view of the lively beach life. Of course, you can sit directly on the beach in the Chiringuitos, where freshly squeezed juices, tapas, excellent fish dishes and also coffee, beer and wines are offered. The prices are slightly higher than the prices of the smaller bars and pubs in the streets of Barcelona, but you can enjoy the sun for a long time until late in the evening. The best way to get there is to rent a bike from downtown.. It is full of bike rentals where you can rent bicycles for a few hours or even several days. So you have enough time to cycle off the Passeig Maritim or explore the nearby beaches.

Cleanliness beach: The municipality of Barcelona attaches great importance to clean beaches and has the beach attendants drive up and empty the bins several times a day. The beach is regularly combed and cleaned.

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Barcelona Beach Walking tour September 2021 / MONTGAT NORD BEACH Spain 4K

• Can Tano Beach Walk September.
• Montgat beach is 14 kilometers northeast of Barcelona. It can be easily reached by train 20 minutes from Plaça Catalunya.
• The beach here is 2.5 kilometers long and around 30 meters wide.
• This video was recorded on September 15, 2021 ⌚ 11.00
• 7:16 Photo Cover.

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Barceloneta Beach walk 4k Barcelona Spain

Come on a sunny walk with us in Beautiful Barceloneta Beach Walk in Barcelona Spain

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Barcelona Spain ???????? , Summer 2021- Beach Walk - La Barceloneta Beach ????

Barcelona's beach is one of the most popular and crowded beach in Europe. In the summer thousands of people all over Europe flock to this beach because its atmosphere beach party vibes and freedom. The people are friendly the food in the area is good and the parties are amazing. This was filmed on the 5th August 2021

***This Video Vlog is Made to show the city and the environment, if you are present on this video and you don't want to be please contact me or comment on this video and i will remove you completely & immediately ***

Barcelona, Spain ???????? - September 2021 - 4K-HDR Walking Tour (▶129min)

Barcelona has something for everything and that’s why I love it so much..! The beach, shopping, excellent restaurants and bars (so many to choose from and lots of inexpensive, good quality places), an international and relaxed vibe, lots of great professionals and obviously fantastic weather. I love the city!

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:55 Barcelona City Center
0:15:38 Plaça de Catalunya
0:42:13 Barcelona City Center
1:08:34 La Barceloneta
1:18:21 La Barceloneta Beach
2:01:30 La Barceloneta

Barceloneta Beach Walk & Swim in Late September 2021 - Barcelona Spain

What a lovely day here at Barceloneta Beach! The weather is perfect and the water is still good for swimming in late September 2021. Barcelona has beautiful beaches very accessible from the city center. The can be reached on foot!

BARCELONA BEACH, Playa de Llevant, Walk in September 2021, Spain 4K

• Urban beach with showers, a chiringuito and views of the city, where pets can have fun in the water.
• Llevant Beach, refurbished in 2006, is one of the last beaches to be added to the Barcelona coastline.
• This video was recorded on September 9, 2021 ⌚ 9.30
• Equipment used: Osmo Pocket.
• 6:46 Photo Cover.
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Barcelona Beach Walk September Relaxing Tour at Somorrostro Beach 2021

I hope you're enjoyed this walk Tour video.
Thank you for watching guys ☺️ and keep safe always Everyone..
See you on the next Walk Tour ????!!

God bless us all????..


[4K] BARCELONA Walk - San Sebastian Beach - September 2021 Spain

• Barcelona Beach Walk September.
• It is the westernmost beach in Barcelona and, together with that of Barceloneta, it is one of the oldest and most traditional in the city. The first bathing establishments were installed here, which then, at the beginning of the 20th century, was a recreational activity reserved for the wealthy classes of the city! The recent construction of a hotel has allowed the creation of a very quiet little cove where you will find various restaurants.
• Located next to Sant Sebastiá Beach, in the port area, the San Sebastián Tower is one of the cable car stations that connects the port with Montjuïc Mountain.
• This video was recorded on September 19, 2021⌚ 12:20 pm
• 2:05 Photo Cover.

#barcelona #beach #spain #catalonia #4kwalk #travel #españa #espagne #walktuber #barceloneta #bcn #bikini

???????? Barcelona - Spain · 4K · Barceloneta Beach Relaxing Morning Walk ☀️????️

Morning walk at La Barceloneta beach. Surprisingly the temperature started to catch up despite a little chill sunrise. In the morning the weather was really good and some people moved down the shore as you can see in the video.

Later on the beach was packing. I will show in other videos.

Barcelona city coastline is made up of six beaches in a single stretch of line: San Sebestián, La Barceloneta, Somorrostro, Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella.

There is a good assortment of restaurants and beach bars along the main beaches. During the summer hundreds of people gather in the sand to start a party.
This is a newly created channel and I'm publishing at least two videos a week. Please consider subscribe if you want to see more content and hit the 'Like' button if you enjoy my videos.

This channel features relaxing strolls on the beach with the sound of breaker waves washing the shore and exiting walks on the animated buzzing of beach bars and hectic characters.

Beaches have a world on their own, from urban beaches to remote coves. The lively atmosphere of Ipanema, La Barceloneta or Maspalomas, to the inner peace of Famara or Cofete.

If you are planning a trip to any of the places I depict in my videos, I hope you find them useful, as this is my main intention.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback and suggestions.

You can also visit my other channel, which shows sightseeing walks in cities and music summaries of places I visited:

Barcelona Beach Walk Tour at Somorrostro Beach 2021 (4K)

Hi Everyone Welcome Back to my Channel
Hope you enjoyed this relaxing virtual beach tour.

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Somorrostro Beach:

The beach stands between the gasometer and the Olympic Marina. Until the mid-20th century, there was a shanty settlement here that was home to 15,000 people. Carmen Amaya, the most famous flamenco dancer of all time, was born here. Although originally part of Barceloneta beach, the city council renamed it Somorrostro in memory of the humble settlement that once stood on this part of the Barcelona coast.

Lifeguard and safety, Local Police, beach information point, adapted showers, adapted public toilets, children games area, beach library, sun loungers, changing rooms, beach umbrellas, drinks and ice cream kiosks, bicycle parking areas, restaurants and Wi-fi.

Smoke-Free beach
Throughout the upcoming bathing season, which runs from 29 May to 12 September, smoking will be banned.

Sports, sailing and other activities
Area with exercise equipment, beach volleyball.

Centre de la Platja: Centre de la Platja provides information about the beaches, assistance to visitors and organises educational activities about sport, culture and sustainability on the seafront. It also hosts thematic exhibitions about the Barcelona's coastline
Complex Esportiu Municipal Marítim: Sports centre and the first thalassotherapy centre in Catalonia, where visitors can enjoy seawater swimming pools with recreational and therapeutic aquatic effects. Direct access to the beach area. Other services: cubicles, showers, changing rooms, lockers, cloakroom, sun loungers, towel hire, etc.

BARCELONA Walk Tour at Barceloneta / 2 September 2021 Spain 4K

• Barceloneta Walk September.
• The Paseo de Joan de Borbón is located in the Barceloneta neighborhood.
• Old sailor quarter built in 1753.
• It starts at the Ronda del Litoral and ends at Barceloneta Beach, there are many restaurants on the promenade, well known for their seafood dishes
• This video was recorded on September 2, 2021.⌚ 16:30 pm
• Equipment used: Osmo Pocket.
• 3:37 Photo Cover.

#barcelona #beach #spain #catalonia #4kwalk #travel #españa #espagne #walktuber #barceloneta #sebastian #bikini

Barcelona Beach Walking Tour 2021 at Sant Miquel Beach 4K

Hi Everyone Welcome Back to my Channel,
We recorded this video in June 2021
Hope you enjoyed this Another Beach
Virtual Tour=)

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Sant Miquel beach
Located between the Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta beaches, in front of the Plaça del Mar, this is one of the busiest beaches on the Barcelona coast. It is also one of the city's oldest beaches and takes its name from the church of Sant Miquel del Port, which was built in 1755 and dedicated to the patron saint of Barceloneta.

Accessible beach
Sant Miquel beach features parking areas from which it is easy to reach the dry beach, visual and tactile signage and information, adapted toilets, wooden footbridges that reach the water as close as possible and adapted showers with chairs.

Lifeguard and safety, beach information point, sun loungers, beach umbrellas, drinks and ice cream kiosks, sports facilities, bicycle parking areas, restaurants and Wi-fi.

Beach Information Point
From June 12 to September 12: daily, from 10:30am to 2:30pm and from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Badalona BEACH BARCELONA SPAIN September 2021 // Relaxing WALK 4K

Badalona is a small city with 3 long beaches, that despite being frequented by locals, are less touristy than in Barcelona.

BARCELONA BEACH Walking Relaxing September 2021 / Gava Beach Spain 4K

• Gava Mar is located 20 kilometers south of the city of Barcelona. It has an enviable 4 kilometer long promenade, with an extensive pine forest and a system of preserved dunes. Its promenade, designed and executed by Jansana Studio, De La Villa, De Paauw Architects, has received the FAD award for exterior architecture.
• This video was recorded on September 7, 2021 ⌚ 9.30
• Equipment used: Osmo Pocket
• 13:25 Photo Cover.

#gava #barcelona #beach #spain #catalonia #4kwalk #travel #españa #espagne #walktuber #gavamar #travelchannel #bcn #bikini



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