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Best Backpacking Cook Kit! (ALL-in-One On A Budget!)

Choosing a beginner backpacking cook kit on a budget shouldn't be a challenge. And with THIS set up, it doesn't have to be!

I barely knew what I was looking for when I bought my first backpacking cook kit. But boy am I glad I made the right choice when I was a beginner backpacker with this one! I STILL think this is a great cook kit for any beginner to start with and I highly recommend it to all my beginner backpacking friends!

For more information on any of these products, check out the links below!

Get it on Amazon today:
Bisgear 16pc Cook Kit:
MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit:
Human Gear GoBites Duo:
Etekcity Stove:
Wolfyok Kit:

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Cheap Backpacking Cook Kits

Cheap backpacking or prepper cook kits are on tap in this video installment. We will look at a propane/stainless steel kit for about $30 and then a $6 kit that I put together from the Walmart kitchen section.

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Ultralight Hiking Cook Kit & Why I Wont Change It | Toaks Titanium BRS 3000T

I have been using the same hiking cook kit now at this point for close to 3 years. It has survived the entirety of the Appalachian Trail as well as close to ALL of New Hampshire’s 48 40000 footers and 52 with a view peaks. The entire setup weighs in around 5.7oz or 162g. And includes the following

BRS 3000t Stove - .90oz or 25g
BRS sack - .10oz or 2g
Mini Bic - .40oz or 11g
Toaks Long Spoon - .70oz or 20g
Toaks 600ml Pot - 3.05oz or 86g
Toaks 600ml Pot Lid -.60oz or 17g

Total weight for whole kit - 5.70oz or 162g

In this video I will explain why it worked out so well for me and why still to this day I refuse to change it.

Some links to the stuff in the video are down below. Unfortunately the pot I use is no longer made but I linked two that are pretty similar

Toaks 700ml Light Titanium Pot - (has similar handle to the one I have but is a thinner and lighter titanium)
Toaks 750ml Titanium Pot at REI - (similar weight and thickness titanium to my pot but with different handles)
Toaks Long Handle Spoon -
Toaks Long Handle Titanium Spoon at REI -
BRS 3000t Stove -

The links are affiliate links. If you buy through them I make a small percentage from the sale. As much as I like money I recommend asking yourself if you genuinely NEED the item you are purchasing and wait 24 hours. If you still find yourself saying yes, shop around for the best deal for you.

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Coleman Mess Kit vs. Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

We review the Coleman Mess Kit and the Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set to see how they compare: in size, features, specs and how we use them.

Coleman Mess Kit:

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set:

Firebox Stove on Amazon:
Firebox Stove website:

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My Ultralight Backpacking Cook Kits!

Ultralight cooking kits for backpacking come in so many different forms. There are so many ways to put together a kit for your needs. Canister stoves versus alcohol stoves. Titanium pots versus aluminum pots. The list of things that people use to create their kit is huge to choose from.
Here are the two backpacking cooking kits that I've been using as of late.
Links to the products shown here below. (Affiliate Links)

Soto Thermostack:
Soto Amicus Stove:
Soto Windmaster Stove:
Toaks 700ml Pot:
Liteaf Pot Sack:

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- SONY A6500:
- SONY 18-105 F/4 LENS:

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The Ultimate Ultralight Kitchen

A 4.0 oz compact kitchen for all of your lightweight backcountry needs! Find the components here:
-BRS Ultralight Titanium Stove:
-Evernew UL Titanium Mug Pot (500ml):
-Bic Mini Lighter:

My review of the BRS UL Ti Stove:

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Ultralight Backpacking Cook Kit (2019 UPGRADES)

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A backpacking cook kit is one of the most vital parts of your gear setup. When you're out on the trail, you want something reliable, easy to use, and of course, lightweight. Our cook kits have evolved over the years from DIY alcohol setups to ultralight canister stoves. This season, it's time for another improvement.

For 2019, Joey's upgrading his backpacking cook kit with a new pot, stove, and more. Check out this awesome new ultralight, minimalist cook kit setup for the 2019 backpacking season.


▪ GSI Halulite Minimalist II →
▪ BRS Stove →
▪ Sea To Summit X Cup →
▪ Toaks Titanium Spork →
▪ Fuel →


▪ GSI Pinnacle Soloist →
▪ MSR Stove →
▪ Toaks Titanium Spork →
▪ Fuel →

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My ultralight backpacking cook kit

I haven't shown my ultralight backpacking cook kit before! Here it comes in at a whopping 5.7 ounces according to my scale. One of the only modifications I've made is changing the lid for one from Four dog stoves. Most of my backpacking trail meals are rehydrating food which speaks to the simplicity of my overall kit. I show two variations in this video. My alcohol stove for normal altitudes and my MSR pocket rocket 2 for higher elevations.

My cook kit:
Snow peak trek 700:
MSR pocket rocket 2:
Human gear duo:

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Budget Cooking Kit for Bug Out Bag

Ultimate Ultralight Cook Kit

This is a bare bones ultralight cook system that works. Low mess, low fuss. If you're looking for a great ultralight pot and stove to make your solo meals, check out this video. I also provide a few tips and tricks on how to re-hydrate and cook using this system.

Toaks 750 mL pot:
BRS3000 stove:

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Cheap BackCountry Meals

In this video I talk about Efficient & Cheap Alternatives for Meals on the Trail.

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Cheap Backpacking Gear Long Term 1 (EVERYTHING for $200?)

Backpacking is generally an accessible activity, but there's one complication: if you want to go backpacking, you'll need some gear. For some, this can be the biggest barrier to getting into the sport, because gear costs money - sometimes a lot.

So what if you're not looking to drop hundreds of dollars just to get into the sport? Or what if you just don't have the means to do so? We've set out to answer this question. With a total budget of $200, we researched, selected, and bought what we think are some of the most promising, ultra-low cost options out there.

Here, we'll talk about the criteria we set, what we chose and why, and we'll show you the gear with our first impressions.

What do you think? And if you end up trying any of the gear for yourself, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Photos and more details →

Beginner backpacking gear basics →


▪ Pack →
▪ Sleeping Bag →
▪ Cook Kit →
▪ Stove →
▪ Water Filter →
▪ Headlamp →
▪ Knife →
▪ Pillow →
▪ Sleeping Pad →


▪ Tent →
▪ First Aid Kit →
▪ Compass →

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BEST BUDGET Backpacking Gear REVIEW! Complete Set Up - $279!

Hi Guys,
Want to $ave some money and get into Backpacking? I do a review/ checklist of base gear for backpacking and I do it on a Budget! I show you how to save money with quality gear that is inexpensive. I review a 1 person tent (Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1) a durable backpack (Teton Scout 3400) a sleep pad (Thermarest Z Lite) a light weight style 20 degree sleeping bag (Teton Trailhead 20) a great little campstove (Etekcity stove) and a backpackers cook set (GSI Glacier cook set)

I give you the prices for all this gear and find comparable gear that is more expensive to show the price difference! You can save over $500 dollars by shopping smart!

Keep Saving!
Base Camp Chris

Affordable Ultralight Backpacking Cook Kit -| Toaks Titanium 900ml BRS 3000-T Sea-to-Summit X Mug

This is a cook kit hand picked by our friends at Outdoor Gear Geeks for the Summer of 2019. The goal with these items is to create a functional and affordable backpacking cook kit that could be used by both weekend warriors and more advanced backpackers.

The following links are affiliate links to Amazon. By shopping through those links you help support the channel at no additional cost to you.

Pot: Toaks Titanium
Sea to Summit X Mug:
Big Mini Lighter (5 pack):
Micro Fiber Cloth:


Don't take me 100% seriously, actually listening to me is probably a bad idea ahahah. But here is how to eat for cheap while backpacking, food is so yum isn't it! ahah comment below :)


Trekology Gear Review Budget Backpacking Table, Chair, and Sleeping Pad

When did backpacking become so expensive? Gear isn't cheap anymore. I found this company called Trekology that offers affordable backpacking gear that is sure to last. This is a video review of Trekologys six most popular products.

From my experience this gear is reliable and super affordable. Couldn't Recommend this company more.

Products Featured:

Trekology Portable Camping Table:

Trekology YIZI Go Portable Camping Chair:

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows:

Trekology Pad Sleeping Pad - UL50:

Trekology Inflatable Sleeping Pad:

Trekology Self Inflating Sleeping Pad:

Camp Cookware/Backpacking 101/Which one?

When I started out camping in the great outdoors finding the right cook kit for me as well as the others in my group was challenging to say the least. In this video we are going to look at the size of the cooking pots as well as the material and weight of cook kits.

Snow Peak 1400 Titanium Cookset.
Snow Peak 900 Titanium Cookset.
Snow Peak 900 Aluminum Cookset.
Snow Peak 700 titanium Cookset.
Snow Peak 600 Titanium Cup.
Snow Peak 450 Ttitanium Cup.
Toaks Titanium 900 ml pot.
Toaks Titanium 1100 ml Cookset.
Toaks Titanium 750 ml pot.
Toaks Titanium 650 ml pot.
Toaks Titanium 550 ml pot.
Toaks Titanium 450 ml pot.
Valcan titanium 650 ml mug.
Sob Stainless Steel 900 ml Pot.
Imusa Aluminum Mug 12 cm.
Imusa Aluminum Mug 10 cm.
Snow Peak Hotlips Mug.
Silicone Lip Guard for pot.
Optimus Titanium Long Spoon.
Toaks Titanium Long Spoon.
Vargo Titanium Spork.
Jet Flame Torch Lighter.
Mors Camp Pot and lids for pots.
Angry Troll Cups and lids.

Ultra-Light Backpacking Cook Kit

Using a TOAKS 650Mml titanium pot as the center piece I developed a new cook kit that I will be using on the trail in 2015. The all in kit is 8.8oz. After we boil up some water for cocoa I share my thanks and some news for the channel as we lounge in the hammock on a gorgeous winter day.

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Included in the cook it:
Toaks 650ML - 79g or 2.8oz
Cozy - 30g or 1.06oz
DIY stove - 18g or .6oz
DIY pot stand - 15g or .5oz
Titanium Wind Screen - 23g or .8oz
MiniBull Design Foster Pot - 64g or 2.2oz
MiniBic - 11g or .4oz
Green Scrubber/Blue Shamwow/Bandana - 16g or .5oz

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My Top 3 Backpacking Stoves

What are your favorite backpacking stoves? Are you a canister stove lover? Do you fancy alcohol stoves? Or are you a high altitude beast and love liquid fuel stoves?
Backpacking stoves are one of those things that become a personal love. Although they are much the same, they are also very different and so many stoves provide different uses depending on style of cooking, season and more.
Here are my 3 favorite stoves as of late. They could change, but they are my go to for now with my backpacking systems.

Here are some links to the stoves mentioned in this video:
- Soto Windmaster:

- MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe:

- Soto Amicus:

- MSR Whisperlite:

- Olicamp Ion Micro:

- BRS 3000T:

- Top Quilt:
- Sleeping Bag:
- Sleeping Pad:
- Stove:
- Shelter:
- Water Filter:
- Water Storage:
- Cook Pot:
- Pillow:
- Backpack:
- Kuiu Gear:

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Camp Cooking Kit

A do a deeper look at my all purpose minimal cook kit. It goes with me on day hikes and can be added to when I do an overnight. Doesn't matter if you are bushcrafting, hiking or out hunting. Having food and a way to prepare it is a must.

And my new website:

Please watch: Bushcraft Winter Camping Loadout