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Arriving into Placencia (Belize)


Arriving into Placencia (Belize)

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Taking the bus from Hopkins to Placencia and a little exploration. Only in town for a few hours before getting a boat to Honduras

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The song is actually named Suedehead - by Morrissey

Backpacking Belize - Placencia - Village Tour

Hey Stephen Here!

Sabrina and I have arrived in Placencia. We spent two days in Hopkins, a very small village just off the Southern Highway. It rained the entire time we were there. I never made any videos, but we did stay in an amazing hostel - Funky Do Do. If you are heading to Hopkins definitely checkout the Funky Do Do. Placencia is a bigger village just south of Hopkins. In this video we take you a village tour. What an incredible little place.!

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SE4 EP92 Placencia, Belize and our experience checking into the country.

Continuing on...
In this episode; After leaving Cay Caulker and navigating shallow Porto Stuck we've arrived in Southern Belize at Placencia. We love this area but checking into the country can sometimes be challenging. Listen as we recount our experience clearing in.


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This is Placencia, Belize 3 - Gopro Time Warp

Un viaje sin planearlo, salimos a las 4:30 AM desde Flores, Peten, Guatemala para Placencia Belize, llegando a las 11:00 AM y disfrutamos del los hermosos paisajes de este lugar, muy recomendado para ir un fin de semana.

Traveling To And Through Belize | Belize International Airport (BZE) Overview For Visitors

Flying from Houston, TX to Placencia, Belize. Navigating customs, immigration, baggage claim and general travel hurdles. Spending quality time in our second home.

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Houston Hobby Airport (HOU)
Belize International Airport (BZE)
Placencia Airport (PLJ)
Placencia Village, Belize, CA

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Placencia Car Rental

Cart ride thru Placencia, Belize

Jan 2019

A tour in Placencia - Belize C.A.

A photo slideshow for a quick trip along Placencia Village, with its small airport, the sidewalk, its beaches, and its colorful houses…

For more information about Placencia Village you can visit the following website:


Easter in Placencia Belize is defintely beautiful! There are several activites to do along the famous placenica side walk from beach parties to delicious restaurants. You can also take a day and visit some cayes off the coast of the peninsula for a taste of additional pearl white sandy beaches and refreshing salt water.

Travel Belize! Welcome to Placencia Belize!

Come explore beautiful Placencia Belize with me!
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The Enclave at Placencia Caye in Placencia Belize

Located only a hundred yards off the coast of Placencia, Belize, this luxury private island has everything for a vacation home owner:

- Over 10,000 sq. ft. of living space on the island
- 7 private suites with air conditioning and resort style bathrooms
- Open air main building with dining area, bar, and kitchen
- Air conditioned media/game room
- Private ocean pier and boat dock
- Custom freshwater pool
- City power and water with supplemental solar panel system
- Full-time chef and housekeeper on island

Explore the Caribbean waters off the island - like the Belize Barrier Reef or the Great Blue Hole. Enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment in Placencia Village.

TIPSY TUNA Beach Bar in Placencia

The Tipsy Tuna Beach Bar in Placencia is one of those legendary places that everyone says you must visit this cool place. Its true this is one of the coolest places to hang out on the beach. The food will keep you here, while you go through the list of colorful drinks on their menu. They have a great staff and we love going there when we stop for a few minutes from our travels.
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Lost in Belize

I stayed in a village named Placencia. From there I explored and visited many other villages: Dangriga, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Belmopan and more. During my stay I did some tours, relaxed in the sun and swam in the sea! Watch my video to experience my whole trip!

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In winter of 2015, I went away to Belize!
Van - Texas - Belize ....Belize - LAX - Van

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The Beauty of Belize © The Placencia Belize

The Beauty of Belize - Real Estate Marketing for The Placencia Resort, Residence, Golf Course and Marina

Trip to Belize May 2018

I do not own the rights to any of the music used in this video.

This video is about my family trip to Belize in May 2018

Driving through Placencia - Easter Sunday

Driving through Placencia - Easter Sunday 2013, we arrived to a packed town, and trust me these people can party, great food great music and incredibly friendly people. what else could you ask for when you are on vacation .. we will be going back soon .. not soon enough for me

Arriving in Placencia Easter 2010

Me and the fellas hype up reaching in Placencia Easter week end 2010 jamming to some check out the dread Jape.

Placencia Belize - Belize In America on tour

So, I'm in Placencia, Belize capturing the many beautiful faces and places of this precious jewel. While it's quite convenient t move around the southern side of Placencia on bicycle, I'll park my bike and head over to Captain Jak's Rentals to rent a golf cart. Follow me, guys! :)

First Landing at the future Placencia, Belize International Airport

On December 14th. 2014 the first aircraft,
a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter
made the first landing at the future
Placencia, Belize International Airport
(currently called the Riversdale Airport).

CHABIL MAR | #1 Resort in Placencia, Belize

Chabil Mar Resort (Mayan for “Beautiful Sea”) sits on one of the most beautiful beaches in Belize and is the ONLY full service guest exclusive resort on the Placencia Peninsula. Chabil Mar’s luxurious accommodations strike a perfect balance between Belizean architecture and modern amenities. One and two bedroom villas, ranging between 950 – 2000 square-foot living areas, create a tranquil resort experience.

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Placencia sidewalk

A walking tour of the Placencia sidewalk from the North end to the municipal pier.
Jan 2019



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