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ASHOK VATIKA | Sita Temple | Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka | A chapter from Ramayana in my style

There is a very special place for Indians in Sri Lanka. It's called Ashok Vatika, Sita Temple in Nuwara Eliya. An important chapter from the Ramayana took place here. Ramayana is India's number one story and mythology. According to the legend, Ravana captured Sita from Nasik in India and brought her over here. He kept her here as a prisoner. He gave her one years time to accept him as her new husband. Ravana was in love with Sita. But Sita's heart raced towards Ram. She was devoted to Ram. Ravana assured Sita that he would touch her till she accepted him. He wanted Sita to love him back. Sita told Ravan to follow the path of dharma. Even Ravan's brother Vibhishan advised Ravan to let Sita go but he did not listen. Ravan threatened Sita that he will cut her into pieces and cook her as a meal if she refused to become his wife. Sita told Ravan to keep his lustful eyes off another man's wife because this bring out his destruction. Ram had sent hanuman in search of Sita. Hanuman, the monkey God, travelled all over South India. He crossed the ocean and reached Sri Lanka. Sita looked beautiful but pale. Hanuman approached Sita when all the Guards were sleeping. She suspected that maybe this is one of Ravan's tricks. Until Hanuman gave her Ram's ring. That's when she burst out crying. Hanuman comforted Sita. Sita finally breathed life. Her haert rushed with relief. Hope is a good thing. Mighty warriors of the vanar sena will cross the ocean and defeat Ravan. Before leaving, Hanuman actually set Lanka on fire. The story of Ramayana. Mythology or true. So many temples telling same story for thousands of years. Do you really need proof? The morals of Ramayana are a universal truth. You can even see Hanuman's footstep near the temple. The Sri Lankan version of Ramayan is a little different from Valmiki's version. Ravan abducted Sita because Sita was Ravan's daughter. Why abduct her from her own husband? Ravan was not really a rakshas. He was a gyani and a shiv bhakt. A knowledgeable person. A gyani. His only weakness was lust. The last sin. The last vice.


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A long ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Which almost took the whole day so I headed over to Seetha Eliya towards Seetha Amman Temple or Ashok Vatika. Which is one of the places related to the epic Ramayana. You can see the crowd out on that day to travel from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, the train was packed with so many people. But we made it to Nuwara Eliya and spend some time out there.

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Sita Temple Srilanka | Ashok Vatika Nuwara Eliya | Hanuman Foot Prints | Only Sita Temple in World

#SeethaTemple #SitaEliya #Srilankatourism

Date of Visit - 30/04/2019

The only Sita Temple in the world....

Trails of Ramayana (Sri Lanka) omg! found places from an Indian epic!

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Ramayana Short Summary

Dasharatha is the King of Ayodhya and has three wives and four sons, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughana. Rama is the ideal and perfect son, and grows up with his brothers. When he comes of age, he marries Sita, the princess of a nearby kingdom. However, Bharata's mother is Kaikeyi, who resents Rama being the crown prince. She calls up a debt that Dasharatha owes her and asks for Rama to be exiled for fourteen years and her son Bharata be made crown prince instead.

The devastated Dasharatha has no choice and Rama prepares to leave for exile. Sita and Lakshmana will not leave his side however and follow him into the forest. While in the forest, Surphanaka, a female rakshasi (demoness) becomes enamored of Rama and is wounded by Lakshmana while trying to kill Sita. She flees to her brother Khara and asks him to avenge her. However, Khara and his army are defeated by Rama and Lakshmana, and only one member of their entire army survives. This lone soldier flees to the island kingdom of Lanka and begs Surphanaka's brother, the mighty king Ravana to avenge them. Ravana has heard of Sita's beauty and he decides to abduct her. Using trickery and magic, he manages to lure Rama and Lakshmana away from Sita and kidnaps her, taking her away to Lanka.

Rama and Lakshmana travel far and wide searching for Sita but to no avail. Finally, they come upon a band of vanaras or monkey-men who pledge to help him. One of the might warriors of the vanaras, Hanuman, becomes Rama's staunch devotee. The vanaras seek out traces of Sita and find she has been taken to Lanka. Hanuman flies to Lanka and confirms she is imprisoned there. He contacts Sita and informs her of Rama's whereabouts, promising that they will be back to rescue her. Before returning to the mainland, Hanuman sets fire to the whole city of Lanka.

Rama, Lakshmana and the vanar army build a causeway from the tip of India to Lanka. They travel to Lanka, where an epic battle follows between the armies. Ravana is finally killed by Rama, and Sita is freed. They return to Ayodhya, where Bharata returns the crown to Rama.

► Places which i visited are

► Ella

Welcome to everyone’s favourite hill-country village, and the place to ease off the travel accelerator with a few leisurely days resting in your choice of some of the country’s best guesthouses. The views through Ella Gap are stunning, and on a clear night you can even spy the subtle glow of the Great Basses lighthouse on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Don’t be too laid-back though; definitely make time for easygoing walks through tea plantations to temples, waterfalls and viewpoints. After building up a hiking-inspired appetite, look forward to Sri Lanka’s best home-cooked food and a reviving cuppa.

► Nuwar Eliya

Often referred to as ‘Little England’, this genteel highland community does have a rose-tinted, vaguely British-country-village feel to it, with its colonial-era bungalows, Tudor-style hotels, well-tended hedgerows and pretty gardens. Indeed, Nuwara Eliya was once was the favoured cool-climate escape for the hard-working and hard-drinking English and Scottish pioneers of Sri Lanka’s tea industry.

A recent construction boom has blighted the scene to a degree, and the dusty and bustling centre is a thoroughly Sri Lankan urban tangle, but Nuwara Eliya still makes a fine base for a few days' relaxation. The verdant surrounding countryside of tea plantations, carefully tended vegetable plots and craggy hills is highly scenic. Treat yourself to a night in one of Nuwara Eliya’s colonial hotels, play a round of golf or a few frames of billiards, and soak up the town’s unique bygone heritage.

► Rawana Ella Falls

The 19m-high Rawana Ella Falls are about 6km down Ella Gap towards Wellawaya. During rainy months, the water comes leaping down the mountainside in what is claimed to be the 'wildest-looking' fall in Sri Lanka, but during the dry season it may not flow at all. There are vendors selling food and trinkets. Catch any bus heading towards Wellawaya.

► Seetha Amman Temple
► Hindu Temple in Nuwara Eliya

This colourful Hindu temple, 7km southeast of Nuwara Eliya, is said to mark the spot where Sita was held captive by the demon king Rawana, and where she prayed daily for Rama to come and rescue her. On the rock face across the stream are circular depressions said to be the footprints of Rawana’s elephant.

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അശോകവനം asokavanam Srilanka

The Kidnapping of Sita by Rāvana.

Rāvana was the king of Lanka and another 9 kingdoms. He was known as Dasis (or Dasa Shirsha) meaning 10 heads, because he had ten crowns, one each for his ten kingdoms.

His sister Surpanakha went to Jambudweepa for some business. Surpanakha chanced upon Rama at his hermitage and became enamored with the handsome prince. Rama being faithful to his wife Sita did not respond and asked Surpanakha to approach Lakshmana who was unmarried. Surpanakha who felt humiliated by this, tried to attack Sita in anger saying Sita was the cause of the men’s contempt for her. Lakshmana then intervened and cut off Surpanakha’s nose.

Surpanakha terrified and in pain, flew at once to Lanka to seek the protection of Rāvana. When Rāvana asked his sister for the cause, Surpanakha said that she had seen Sita, a lady of incomparable beauty, and wanted to bring her for Rāvana. Ravana resolved to take revenge for the insult his sister has suffered, as well as to get lovely Sita for himself – he set out to abduct Sita and bring her to Lanka.

Ravana using a golden deer as a decoy visited Sita when she was alone in the guise of an old sage, abducted and brought her to Weragantota in Lanka in his plane, the ‘Pushpaka Vimana’. The Pushpaka Vimana is widely known in Sri Lanka as the “Dandu Monara Yanthranaya”, or Large Peacock Machine in Sinhala. Weragantota means the Place of Aircraft landing in Sinhala. This is the first place Sita Devi was brought to Lankapura (capital city of king Rāvana).

Sita Devi was kept at queen Mandothari’s palace at Lankapura. The place Sita was held captive is called Sita Kotuwa; which means Sita’s Fort in Sinhala. It is believed Rāvana had an aircraft repair centre at Gurulupotha close to Sita Kotuwa. Gurulupotha means Parts of Birds in Sinhala.

Sita taken from Sita Kotuwa to Ashok Vatika

Ravana moved Sita from Sita Kotuwa to Ashok Vatika the salubrious garden in the mountains. The route too was said to be spectacularly beautiful, as Ravana wanted to show Sita the beauty of his kingdom.

The Chariot Path atop the mountain range is still visible. The Sita Tear Pond close to the Chariot Path is believed to have been formed by Sita Devi’s tears. Visitors could also see the famed Sita Flowers which are endemic to this area.

Sita’s captivity at Ashok Vatika (also known as Ashoka/ Asoka Vanam)

Ashok Vatika is a garden where Rāvana held Sita captive. This is in the area of Sita Eliya, close to the city of Nuwara Eliya. The Hakgala Gardens located at the base of the Hakgala Rock forms part of the famed Ashok Vatika. The Sita Pokuna is a barren area atop the Hakgala Rock Jungle where Sita was kept captive. Sita Devi is set to have bathed in a stream at Sita Eliya. The Sita Amman Temple is located at this spot.

Search for Sita

Sugriva, (also spelled Sugreeva) ruler of the Vanara or monkey kingdom, ordered his monkey armies to search for Sita in all four corners of the earth. Hanuman, Angada, Jambavan and other heroes traveled southwards. Hanuman was the only one strong enough to cross the ocean to reach Lanka.

Whilst crossing the ocean, Hanuman was tested by Surasa Devi, the Naga maiden en-route to Lanka. This place is now called Nagadeepa.

Hanuman meets Sita at Ashok Vatika and is captured by Rāvana

Hanuman after meeting Sita at Ashok Vatika, decided to test the strength of king Rāvana and his army of Rakshas. He invited battle by uprooting trees and destroying the garden. Upon being captured by the Rakshasa guards, Hanuman was brought in the presence of Rāvana. As a punishment, Hanuman’s tail was set on fire. Hanuman in turn set fire to the houses in the city. Ussangoda is one such torched area.

Hanuman on the way back to India rested at Mani Kattuthar. Nearby is the village of Kondagala, known as Kondakalai in Tamil, where Sita is said to have deranged her hair whilst passing the place. The village also contains Sita Gooli which are rice balls offered by Ravana to Sita; which she refused and threw away.

Seetha amman temple srilanka

Goddess Seetha Amman temple is located en route yela from Nuwara Eliya. Temple is also known as kovil in Tamil. The temple has been constructed to worship Seetha Devi who was prisoned by king Ravana at the same place 5000 years ago. we can visualize the footprints of Lord Hanuman on the bank of the Seetha river and burnt mud, which gives the proof of lord hanuman had burnt Ravana kingdom. Goddess Seetha Devi used to bath and catered needs on the bank of this river. This is also known as Ashoka Vatika.

Buddhism rules in Sri Lanka | Mulkirigala Rock Temple

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I took out some time to see the Rock Temple or the Mulkirigala Rock Temple. Dangling all of a rocky crag 16km northwest of Tangalla and nestled away among a green forest of coconut trees. Climb up 500 steps and you will see a series of caves. How did Buddhism reach Sri Lanka. The monk boys gifted me a mango. The entry to the temple is 500 Sri Lankan rupees.

Gautama was a prince. His father kept him in great luxury. One day, he saw an old man lying on the street who was sick. He realised this will happen to everybody. “Am I investing my entire life in luxury to end up like this?” He asked himself. In the middle of the night, like a thief, he left his palace for good. Left his beautiful wife and a baby boy. He travelled the country in search of knowledge. He never asked for food. After 12 years, he became just bones and lost all his strength. Then he realised the truth is within him and sat down under the Bodhi tree. “Either I must see the ultimate truth or I will die here. But I will not open my eyes till then.” He decided. Soon he became enlightened by doing nothing. They called him Buddha. His message reached as far as Sri Lanka.

The guest house owner gave me a tour of the backyard farm. There was a large iguana in the backyard. Also there was a cashew tree where you could see cashew nuts growing. This guest was in Marakolia. The fruits that grew in the farm where mango, bananas, oranges, pineapple, jackfruit, black pepper, etc. It was like a fruit salad. The nature is very powerful in Sri Lanka and the locals know how to live together with it. I paid 1500 Sri Lankan rupees per night.

King Ravana Palace at SriLanka

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Real Proof Of King Ravana Palace at SriLanka

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Sita Amman Temple Sri Lanka சீதை அம்மன்

Sita Amman temple at Sita Eliya, Sri Lanka. This is only Sita Amman templa (சீதை அம்மன்) in the world. Ravaneswaran took and kept Sita iin this place. This place call Ashoka vanam. There are lots of Ashoka Trees. Falls call Sita falls, Soil is black due to Hanumanji did Lanka thaganam except Sita Amman area. There are five foot marks of Hanumanji. Diety is suyambu sita,rama,laxmana and Hanumanji, more than 5100 years old. There is drop of the Sanjeevi mountain. That area has lots of herbal trees available until now. Temple lockated Nuwara-Eliya, Sri Lanka. It is a Highest mountain area in Sri Lanka. This is the main place of Ramayanam and the Kingdom of Ravaneswaran. இராமன் , சீதை ,லக்குமணன் வனவாசம் செய்து கொண்டிருந்த போது இலங்கை வேந்தன் இராவணன் சீதையைக் கவர்ந்து கொண்டு வந்து இலங்கையில் சிறையடைத்தார் என்று இராமாயணம் கூறுகின்றது. அவ்வாறு இராவணனால் (இலங்கை வேந்தன்) இலங்கைக்குக் கொண்டு வரப்பட்ட சீதை இராவணனின் (இலங்கை வேந்தன்) அரண்மனையில் தங்குவதற்கு மறுப்புத் தெரிவித்து அசோக வனத்தின் அசோக மரத்துக்கு அடியில் தங்கியதாக இராமயணக்கதைகள் கூறுகின்றன.அவ்வாறு இலங்கையில் சீதை தங்கிய இடமாக சீதா எலிய கருதப்படுகின்றது. சீதை தங்கியதாக கருதப்படுகின்ற இடத்தில் ஐயாயிரம் வருடங்களுக்கு மேல் பழமை வாய்ந்த ஆலயமொன்று அமைந்துள்ளது. This temple open for devotees any time in the days.
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proof to show ramayan is not fake! hanuman ji|Anjineya still alive Ashoka vana Sri Lanka Sita temple

proof to show that ramayan is not fake! hanuman ji is still alive and lives here and Sita Ma in Ashoka vanam Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya. This place is a hill station is cooler than rest of the places in SRILANKA and its always best to visit this place during summers as the temperature will be still cool over here so lets see how to reach the place, you have to take a bus from colombo, the capital of Srilanka from the bus station , we can get both AC and NON-AC buses from the station ,but the best option is to take a AC bus so that you can travel without getting stressed and AC busses reach the destination at time without delays. Generally AC buses run between every hour and you can get one easily.The price for the bus is not too high and the journey takes around 4.5 to 5 hours.

HAKGALA Botanic Gardens + Seetha Amman Temple in Sri Lanka Photoshow with Music

Photoshow with Music of Hakgala Botanic Garden and the Seetha Amman Temple which is near the Garden. I visited these places on 29. November 2015. Some rain in the morning created a special Atmosphere. I like this garden because of its wild beauty of nature.
Here some facts of Hakgala and Seetha Amman Temple:
Hakgala Botanical Garden is situated on the Nuwara Eliya-Badulla main road, 16 km from Nuwara Eliya. The garden has a cool temperate climate because of altitude is 5,400 feet (1646 m) above the sea level. The mean annual temperature ranges between 16 °C to 30 °C during course of a year. From December to February it has a cold climate, while the warm climate persists from April to August.
1. The Hakgala gardens were established for cultivation of the medicinal crop Cinchona.
2. Afterwards it was used for Tea cultivation.
3. In 1884 it was changed into a garden with many subtropical and tropical plants.
4. The legendary Indian folktale ‘Ramayana’ states that Sita, the wife of Rama, was abducted and imprisoned in this area by the Demon King Ravana who ruled Sri Lanka.
5. The Hakgala garden was supposed to have been a pleasure garden gifted to Sita by the Demon King in an attempt to lessen her sorrow.
6. At the time it is supposed to have been called Ashok Vatika.
7. Almost as if to prove the legend a reality, the surrounding area known as Sita Eliya with a Goddess Sita Temple on the site.
8. The Hakgala gardens adjoin the Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve.
9. It has a peak of visitors in the local spring season since most plants are in bloom at the time.
10. The gardens are famed for their roses and orchids.

Seetha Amman Temple is located approximately 1 kilometre from Hakgala Botanical Garden and 5 kilometres from Nuwara Eliya. The temple is located in the village of Seetha Eliya (also known as Sita Eliya). This place is believed to be the site where Sita was held captive demon king , and where she prayed daily for Rama to come and rescue her in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. On the rock face across the stream are circular depressions said to beRavana the footprints of Rawana’s elephant.

Sri Hanuman Mandir,Srilanka


Seetha Amman Temple , Seetha Eliya ,SriLanka


SRI LANKA trip in April 2016. Visit from Colombo, Kalpitiya, Anuradhapura, Mihintale, Ritigala Strict natural Reserve, Trincomalee, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Places to visit: Kalpitiya Beach, Anuradhapura Sacred City, Mihintale Ancient Hosiptal and maha stupa, Ritigala Strict Natural Reserve, Trincomalee Shiva Temple and white sand beaches, Sigiriya Lion Rock and Pidurangula Rock, Dambulla Cave Temple and Golden Temple, Kandy The Temple of the Tooth, Nuwara Eliya Sita Temple, Ashok Vatika, Hanuman Footmarks, Moon Plains - Small World's End Point, Dronagiri, Lake Gregory

Sri Lanka, Seetha Eliya: hindoe tempel

In Sri Lanka bezochten we in februari 2013 de hindoetempel van Seetha Eliya.

10 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka - Travel Video

Sri Lanka may be a small island in the Indian Ocean but that’s the only thing small about it. The country, formerly known as Ceylon, boasts an ancient civilization, golden sandy beaches with their swaying coconut palms, mountains, and tea plantations. While visiting the island, you’ll see colonial architecture from the days when the Portuguese, Dutch and English ruled. You’ll also see lots of elephants, some of which participate in local festivals and, if you’re lucky, perhaps a leopard or two at a wildlife sanctuary. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Sri Lanka:

013 Sri Lanka - Sita Temple

TheONLY Sita Temple in the world where Sita is worshiped, and there is a small fall which continues all through out the year, and besides it are the footsteps of Hanumanji. The prayer and aarti can be performed by the Priest anytime you visit. There is a scenic view of the hills surrounding the temple.

Must visit place for all Hindus and religious people if you visit Sri Lankawhen you visit the highest point of Novalla illiea in Sri Lanka. The tour operators omit this place many a times, as they think the tea gardens are more scenic.

'Seetha Eliya' Kovil, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

A temple dedicated to Seetha the heroine of the Ramayana on the Nuwara Eliya Welimada road, Sri Lanka.

Yatra - Deepti Bhatnagar visits Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka

Deepti Bhatnagar visits hills of Nuwara Eliya area in Sri Lanka where lord Ram and Seetajis temple is worshiped by locals. it is believed that Seetaji was held captive by Ravana after her abduction as she refused to stay in Ravanas palace and prefer to stay here under the Ashoka tree..foot prints of hanuman are also seen here.later Deepti visits famous Munishwar shiv temple where lord Ram worshiped Lord shiva after killing Ravana.

Ramayan real|LONDON Museum statue from SRILANKA,How to travel in SRILANKA|Places to visit

This is an important place to visit in srilanka i.e. Divurumwela Nuwara eliya, Srilanka. Important Ramayana Place where Sita Ma under went Agni Prawesha or Agni Pariksh to prove that she was pure and didn't do any wrong when she was captured by Ravana and kept in Lanka now sri lanka.



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