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A guide to La Vigie Paramin Lookout - Trinidad's newest tourism spot! Spoiler... Its amazing!


A guide to La Vigie Paramin Lookout - Trinidad's newest tourism spot! Spoiler... Its amazing!

The La Vigie Paramin Lookout launched in the midst of the power outage that affected the nation recently!

An already popular site for locals, what was once known as the Cell Site by the Paramin community has been given a $3 million facelift and has been officially declared a tourism site by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The workmanship is a testament to the artisans, craftsmen and contractors in the Paramin area.


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La Vigie The Lookout, Paramin

Correction: Elevation is 660 meters or 2165 feet.

The newly opened La Vigie Lookout in Paramin, Trinidad & Tobago offers great adventure. Join me as I get lost, caught up in a mist storm and more…
In the end, it was worth it!

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Touring La Vigie The Look Out, Paramin - Trinidad and Tobago

Hey Karibbees welcome back to another video. Today we are visiting the new look out in Paramin, La Vigie . It was officially opened on the 16th February 2022. You can experience some amazing views overlooking the beach. There’s no cost as the site is free. It is family and kid friendly, perfect for bridal photography, weddings, pictures and even music videos. It’s great for hiking but be prepared lol. Don’t the view after will make up for the sweats.

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Tour of La Vigie Paramin Look Out | Trinidad Tourism Destinations | Trinidad Youtuber

The Paramin La Vigie Look out is a spectacular view point over looking the Paramin hills and at some point you can see the maracas beach. Its a steep and mountainous region so proper vehicles , preferably a van would be most appropriate for visiting this location.

To access the site is free of charge. It is also a great location for photoshoots , weddings and parties. There are bathroom and kitchen facilities located on the compound for your convenience.

It is also advised that you visit on days when the weather is good and there's lots of sunlight since the mountain gets really foggy when it rains.

Please feel free to share your experiences with me in the comments and be sure to follow my other social media sites for more content.
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Paramin Lookout (La Vigie) in 4K

La Vigie which directly translates 'The Lookout' is situated further west of North Deck in Fond Pois Doux Road, on the North Coast.
At the highest peak in the area, you can expect beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and may lose yourself in clouds when it rains.

La Vigie was expected to open in late 2021, but due to covid19 implications, was opened on 16th February 2022.

Below are the best times to visit for golden hours;
Sunrise average time: 6:00am
Sunset average time: 5:30pm

Driving conditions:
It is an easier drive from the North Coast Road.
The road is very steep, and several blind corners. Drive with caution when visiting.
Please visit with experienced drivers for your own safety.

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Paramin coldestplace in Trinidad/must visit .

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Mahogany Ridge, Paramin TRINIDAD - Bed and Breakfast . Incredible STAYCATION spot to RELAX !

Mahogany Ridge, Paramin Trinidad is situated high up in a remote region of the Northern Range surrounded by tropical rain forest and panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

This is a unique travel experience for the intrepid soul and the adventurous traveller. Located in picturesque Maracas Bay, North Coast, Mahogany Ridge is one of the Caribbean's premium locations for exotic travel destinations. Rainforest, exotic flaura and fauna, a rich diversity of birds and stratospheric vistas of the Caribbean sea, Northern tip of Venezuela, and neighboring Tobago


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Tour of Paramin Village Trinidad | Trinidad Youtuber

Paramin is a Mountainous village in trinidad that is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the country.
This village is the producers of Herbs like chive, thyme and parsley. They also produce
provisions and many other vegetables.

From this village you can see some of the most amazing views of Trinidad from the hills including the highest point in the country.

This video highlights just a small segment of what there is to see in Paramin, Trinidad.

Have you ever been to Paramin? If yes let me know your experience in the comments .

Thank you for watching.

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Paramin Mountains are HEAVENLY...Leh We Go!

There is something majestic about Paramin mountains. Seeing the seasoning grow along the mountain side whilst taking deep breaths of some clean, cold fresh air, filling your lungs to maximum capacity. It was simply an experience we will encourage everyone to seek and enjoy. Whilst your here check out their cave as we explored it and it was amazing.

Thank you to Robbie & his wife Suzie for taking time out of their busy schedule to take us around the beautiful Paramin.

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Drive from Maracas to Paramin, Trinidad (April 2022)

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Paramin Trinidad , A village lost in time ! Bring back the old time ways !!!

To the uninitiated, the road to Paramin resembles a slim river of asphalt racing down an impossibly steep valley. Heading left off the main Maraval crossroads (or from the Morne Coco Road that winds its way from Diego Martin), it climbs precipitously to the village’s main junction, a three-way meeting of narrow roads, where the shops, parlours, church and school all converge.

On weekdays, it is still and quiet save for the buzz of schoolchildren; most of Paramin’s four thousand residents are at work, many in the fields they have etched into the high hillsides of the Maraval Valley.

This is a community where everyone knows who you are: there are only five major families. The elders speak warily of their oral history. A dark tale of lusty slave masters and beautiful black maidens fleeing to an agricultural safe haven. Forget it, they whisper. It can’t be verified. There are no records… Forget it.

Much of Paramin is like this: a people who live virtually cut off from the rest of the world. They speak Patois (or Kwéyòl), a variety of the (Caribbean) French Creole language, quite unlike the Spanish spoken among elders in other parts of Trinidad. The farmers work their land intimately, with a tenderness that would not be out-of-place in a pediatric nurse. Their crops of cabbage, tomato, thyme and sweet peppers provide the basis of a famous brand of seasonings and pepper sauce, prepared by hand and bottled here with the same sense of detail and correctness.


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15 Beautiful Places To Visit In Trinidad And Tobago | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel

15 Beautiful Places To Visit In Trinidad And Tobago | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
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Paramin Jeep Tour


This Road Trip TT activity is a fun, exciting and educational experience perfect for the adventure and history lovers!

Paramin is a small rural community located on one of highest points of the western area of the Northern Range in Trinidad. Hop on a 4x4 Jeep and learn about the history of this quaint and easy-going village known for its agriculture and of course Parang!

Tour historical landmarks of these picturesque hillsides and enjoy the experience of magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea, Port of Spain, Seau Deau and even Tobago, Venezuela, and Grenada on a clear day.

Journey, Explore and Discover the beauty and amazing attractions of Trinidad and Tobago with Road Trip TT!

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PARAMIN Tropical Village PART 1 Mountain Road Trip in TRINIDAD and Tobago Caribbean

PARAMIN is a Tropical Village located in the Mountains in North Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean making up part of Trinidad and Tobago. To get to Paramin you have to drive up steep narrow roads using a vehicle capable of mountain climbing. Paramin has a rich history with Spanish and French settlers, many years ago, establishing a catholic presence and then intermixing with indentured and African slaves. Paramin is largely an agricultural village with a strong sense of community. This video is recorded in 2.7K resolution at 30FPS from stabilized dash cam so you get a clean sharp view.

Here is a simple drive through key:
0:00:00 - Morne Coco Rd.

For those curious as to why some parts may be blurred: Usually if the camera focuses too much on the faces of children or some awkward moment then I blur it to protect the integrity of the people around me. These videos focus on the general surroundings and not specific people unless I am conducting an interview or approached by someone during the course of recording.

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A step by step GUIDE to PARAGANT bay , TRINIDAD ! One of the lesser known beaches in Trinbago!

Are you ready to Experience the beauty of PARAGANT BEACH ?

HI ..

My name is Alan Charles (the Trini Surfer) and I am here to show you the beauty of my home country TRINIDAD and the rest of the WORLD on my TRAVELS!!!
I hope YOU will come along with me ...

In addition to being one of the most scenic hiking trails in Trinidad, it is also very accessible. To do this hike, drive the North Coast Road as if you are heading to Maracas. Turn onto Fond Pois Doux Road, it does have a sign although it looks more like a near vertical driveway on the left hand side at a bend.

ark at the North Deck, an events spot that has ridiculously amazing views (they now open for coffee on some mornings). You will find a small road just to the right. Take this road basically all the way to the beach. It’s pretty steep and the concrete is a bit slippery in spots due to moss but if you go carefully there won’t be any problems. Throughout the walk down, amazing views of the north coast greet you in different spots.

Please what's app Paul at 374-8906 - for permission to access this road !


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