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A Tourist's Guide to Belize City, Belize


A Tourist's Guide to Belize City, Belize

From the Dominican Republic, I fly to Belize City, the often overlooked capital of Belize. I stay at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and then have a wander around the central core of the city, enjoying the laid back Caribbean feel.

The next morning, I take a tour of other parts of the city with a guide, including the cathedrals and Belize Museum.

Belize City Tourist Guide

The real deal on travel

I make a short video in Belize City about why I believe it is worth seeing when one visits Belize. It represents a country in the infancy of independence and all that is good and bad in these early stages.

10 Best Places to Visit in Belize - Belize Travel Guide

Belize Travel Guide and Tips: 10 Best Places to Visit in Belize and Tourist Attractions in Belize.

List of Best Places to Visit in Belize: 1. Belize Barrier Reef, 2. Caye Caulker, 3. Caracol, 4. Placencia, 5. Ambergris Caye, 6. San Ignacio, 7. Tobacco Caye, 8. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, 9. Hopkins, 10. Belize City

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10. Belize City
sara lupini:
9. Hopkins
Sara James:
Sara James:
8. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
7. Tobacco Caye
Mike Stenhouse:
Mike Stenhouse:
6. San Ignacio
5. Ambergris Caye
Rachel Smith:
4. Placencia
Renée Johnson:
Dave ten Broek:
3. Caracol
Evan Parker:
Evan Parker:
2. Caye Caulker
Jürgen Fauth:
1. Belize Barrier Reef
John Brandauer:
John Brandauer:

Backpacking in Belize Tourist Guide | FMNV Travel Vlog

This may be the throwiest throwback ever but here's my travel vlog from my backpacking trip to Belize back in 2015 for Christmas and New Years!

I took a backpacking-style trip with bae to Belize for about 14 days. Being newlyweds, I think this is one of the more challenging things you can do as a young couple (read: pettiness level 10. Am I lying though? lol).

Belize is such a beautiful country, with stunning beaches, warm blue waters, tropical jungles, ancient Mayan ruins and more. There's something for everyone.


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This has got to be the MOST EPIC SPRING BREAK trip of my life.

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Explore Belize, The Top Tourist Attractions in Belize

Picture a country with tropical beaches, coral reefs, cave formations, exotic wildlife and a laid back Caribbean atmosphere. Along its coast lies the second largest barrier reef in the world while ancient temple ruins are scattered around its jungles. If you think such country doesn’t exist you’d be wrong. This is Belize, one of the top destinations in Central America.

The top tourist attractions in Belize:

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Belize: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Belize Travel Video

Top 10 Tourist attractions in Belize - Travel Belize.
Belize Tourist attractions, Belize Attractions,
Belize Tourist Destinations, Belize Destinations,
Belize Travel Video.

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10. Belize Zoo

9. Actun Tunichil Muknal

8. Xunantunich

7. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

6. San Pedro Town

Hevan Chan:
5. Lamanai

4. Placencia

Dave ten Broek:
3. Caracol

2. Caye Caulker

1. Great Blue Hole

We take a deep dive into Belize city to find out is Belize safe for a cruise ship tourist

We take a deep dive into Belize city to find out is Belize safe for a cruise ship tourist. Chalii talks about 1st time cruising and what you need to know to have a great time on the ship.
Matt Joe and our guests. #CruiseweekTV

Belize City -- See Belize City in 6 minutes

Belize City, Belize was first settled by English settlers who called them selves Baymen. They imported slaves from Jamaica and Bermuda, but after Mohogony was discovered in Belize the English pirates traded in Piracy for the logwood business...

BELIZE TRAVEL: An Adventurous Tour of the Belize Islands

Exploring the Belize islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker in the Caribbean Sea.
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Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of Following My Thumb, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.

Thanks a lot for watching, and safe journeys!

BELIZE TRAVEL: An Adventurous Tour of the Belize Islands

Loving Belize Episode 3 - Tourist Advice, Belize City, Hip-Hop artists of Belize

Welcome to episode 3 of 'Loving Belize'.
Featuring BCMG records and Party Belize, Belizean Backyard and the Belizean Movie 'Can't Tak it no more'.
With interviews from amazing musical talents coming out of Belize City like Kevin Raeburn Thõmas, D Whisper, Mr Program and Tanya Carter and the brilliant people in the music industry helping to get this talents over seas, Lauren Young, Dale Davis, Driva 'Don't stop at all', Yankee from Wave radio and Dale Scott Soberanis Party Belize Owner and so much more...
With Music by A-fifteen aka Lex Donez and Rain, Tmike aka Michaël Barthélémy, San Lluis, Kevin RaeBurn, D Whisper, The ENG ALL STARS, Prasies, Dwight Swaggerman Brown and Melo Da Mc.

This episode ends with an introduction to episode 4, which will be looking into the Guatemalan claim to Belize, I follow the Mayor of Belize City Darrel Bradley, on a delegation, as he hopes to guide the two countries in the direction of peace by creating a sister-ship between Belize city and San Benito in Guatemala, a historical step forward for the two countries. I also interview COLA's Giovanni Bracket Journalist and activist, about what COLA's doing in reaction to the Guatemalan claim to Belize.

If you haven't already... Check out episode 2 and pass it on to your friends! The more views and 'Likes' the series gets the higher up on the list of videos it will be on Youtube, and the more of difference it will make to showing the world the positive side of Belize!! Thank you!

🇧🇿 Travel Tips: Belize, Caye Caulker | DIY Travel | #seeittobelizeit 🇧🇿

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Travel to Caye Caulker in Belize and discover a little caribbean paradise that will make you feel IRIE!

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Things mentioned in the video
Belize Tourism Information
Watertaxi to Caye Caulker
Snorkeling & sailing tour Belize
Bella's Backpackers Hostel

What To Pack for Belize

What To Pack for Belize

Hi DIY travellers
If you want to detox from social media and relax in an irie atmosphere there’s one place in Central America you have to visit. See it to Belize it is the hashtag everybody uses on Instagram and Discover how to BE seems to be their latest campaign

Belize is located next to Mexico and Guatemala and most travelers that visit, come from these neighboring countries just like I did. I stayed two nights in Belize city before travelling to Caye Caulker. Most people say Belize city is dangerous but I didn't experience it that way. But everything goes 'dead' once the shops close and it becomes dark. And because so little people are on the streets it can give you an uncomfortable feeling but nothing happened to me. The only reason I wouldn't recommend Belize city it's because I find it boring, there's nothing to see or do there.

But Caye Caulker is definitely a must and left me wanting more. I was told that Belize is like a mini Brazil as it offers the same highlights such as a rich nature, beaches, scuba diving and more more. But since Belize is small it's easier to explore all these highlights and in a much cheaper way.

Happy travels and see you in my next video!

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In this video explored the village of Placencia in the southern region of Belize. Another really nice relaxing place to visit with a lot of beaches. I also quickly comment about the safety for tourists in Belize. Hope you enjoy :D



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Top 10 MISTAKES People Make When They Travel to Belize

Hi, this is William Narod from and I'm the Paradise Guy. Today I am sharing the Top 10 Mistakes that People Make When They Travel to Belize. If you want to short cut your learning curve and make your visit to this country more enjoyable, check out this video and share it with anyone else you know considering vacation, retirement, or investment in Belize. I hope you find this information helpful and I look forward to meeting you when you come to Ambergris Caye.

Thank you so much for watching! If you’d like to see more about Belize, head over to for more free content.

Introduction to Belize

A revamp of Belize Tourism Board's(BTB) Be One With Belize video.

Special Thanks to Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. for allowing us to borrow some clips in an effort to market Belize and all its natural, wonder to the world.

Introducing Belize

Start exploring Belize with Lonely Planet’s video guide to getting around, when to go and the top things to do while you're there. For more travel tips, head to

Things To Do In Belize City

Things to do in Belize City covers the main attractions while your cruise ship stops in Belize. Belize City, Belize is a port of call on most Western Caribbean cruises and offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, plus several fascinating Mayan ruins.

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Belize Travel Video Guide | Ambergris Caye

I spent the last 5 days in Belize learning about the culture, eating
great food, and experiencing world class fishing. This should be a
bucket list item for everyone. If you have any questions regarding Belize travel then feel free to message me. Belize is such an incredible place that I feel gets overlooked. From the great food, phenomenal reef diving, and world class fishing, Belize is my new favorite vacation spot.

Why I Chose Belize to Live, Invest and Develop on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Hi, This is William Narod from and I'm the Paradise Guy.

Belize is ripe with opportunities for investment, development and entrepreneurial endeavors. In this video, I share my main reasons for choosing Ambergris Caye and why you might consider Belize as well.

Thank you so much for watching! If you’d like to see more about Belize, head over to for more free content. I look forward to meeting you in Belize. Cheers!

Belize Tourist Attractions: 11 Best Places To Visit

Planning to visit Belize? Check out our Belize Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in the Belize.

Best Places to visit in Belize:
Great Blue Hole, Belize Barrier Reef, Caye Caulker, Caracol, Placencia, Lamanai, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Town, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Tobacco Caye, Xunantunich

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