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A Story I'll Never Forget


Experiencing incident I'll never forget

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My Filipina Wife An Australian Guy Shares His Story - Filipina Love Story ❤️

My Filipina Wife. An Australian Guy Shares His Story...
Filipina Dating Website: ❤️

This channel has received literally thousands of positive, uplifting, and encouraging, comments, from Western guys, married to a Filipina.

With new comments added every single day.

In this video, only the names have been changed.

What Follows, is a 100% True Story of How a Broken-hearted Aussie Guy, Found True Love, in the Philippines... But First…

Peter is from Melbourne, in Australia. Sally is from Cebu.

Let’s start with Peter…

I told Chris he could go ahead and share my story, after he said it could help anyone who is where I was, Just a few years ago. Please listen to my story. Because it can become yours too. I’m 47 years old, and before meeting Sally, I went through a gut-wrenching divorce. After my ex in Australia, cheated on me, with my best mate.

It left me feeling completely betrayed, twice over. I was convinced I'd never be able to trust anyone again, as long as I lived.

It felt as though, my entire world was suddenly ripped to pieces.

It was made even worse when my ex-wife applied for custody of my kids. She only did this after realizing if she had them, I would have to pay her, Child support.

Prior to that, she didn't even want them on the weekends. My kids had all said they wanted to stay with me. And so, I hired and wasted, a small fortune on a lawyer. My ex told the kids, she would 'end her life' if they came to live with me.

And that it would be their fault! My youngest was only 5 years old at the time. And so, when asked, who they'd prefer to live with, they each said their Mum.

The following weekend, they all cried and told me what had happened. I Was So Low After That, I Became Depressed, and Seriously Contemplated Suicide.

Financially, it was a nightmare, as I would give my ex money for stuff for the kids, like clothes, and school uniforms, but she'd spend it on herself and then,

my kids would visit on the weekends, and complain their clothes didn’t fit, or that their shoes were too tight, and hurting their feet.

And I must say this... I wouldn’t wish the Australian Family Court on my worst enemy. As for the Child Support people, I am convinced they are 100% biased against Fathers.

Every single dealing I've ever had with them, they make you feel like a criminal. Another thing, that totally 'did my head in,' was that my kids desperately needed a Mother.

Their natural Mum had become so caught up in her new flame, that she was seriously neglecting them.

I was at my absolute lowest, when a friend invited me to visit Him and his Wife in The Philippines.

I’ll never forget watching the interaction between him and his Filipina wife.

She was so attentive, kind, and loving, toward him – it really made me wish I could find someone like that.

Over the next few days, I spent a lot of time pouring my heart out to my friend and his wife. Bless them! They stay'ed up into the early hours of the morning listening to me, and doing their level best to encourage me.

Never complained even one time. After one particularly long conversation that lasted until 4am in the morning, my friend's wife asked me; Peter, would it be okay if I introduced you to a friend of mine? I think you'd really like her. [She knew her friend was looking for a foreign boyfriend].

I agreed, And later that day, spoke with her friend, Sally, on Facebook Messenger.

We shared about our respective experiences [She'd been cheated on too]. We also spoke about how neither one of us wanted to get hurt again.

A couple of days later, we met for a coffee.

I was incredibly nervous. I literally hadn’t dated since my 20’s and was 'worried sick' that I’d stuff things up.

Sally was running late, and I was starting to panic. I was looking at my phone about to message her,

to ask if she'd changed her mind, when I became aware of someone standing next to my table.

“Hi, You must be Peter?”

That’s all she said, and I was totally hooked...

I know that sounds ridiculous. But it was like a spiritual experience. I looked at her and for a moment was totally speechless.

She was so incredibly beautiful – 10 times more than in her photos.

Suddenly, I realized I hadn’t said a word. And she was just standing there – must have been at least 30 seconds.

I apologized and invited her to sit down, we ordered a couple of coffees and started talking.

This was at 11 am in the morning.

We literally sat there until 7pm.

I can honestly say, that I fell in love with Sally that day.

Just talking to her was like being embraced in love and hope and healing – all at the same time.

To be honest, I can’t even remember anything about the movie.

What I can remember, is that half-way through, Sally and I ended up holding hands.

And I knew 'then and there' that I was going to spend the rest of my life with her.

And before you think I'm crazy... That was 12 years ago. Continued in video…

I'll never forget this day || Cherrapunji‎, Meghalaya || Episode 3

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The Unseen Side of THE MALDIVES (Local Culture)

It's my 27th birthday, and I'm thrilled to be spending it in this lovely country called the Maldives! Let me tell you, the Maldives is a beautiful place!

Many people don't look beyond the luxury resorts & private beaches in the Maldives, but I've come to realize that A THRIVING LOCAL LIFE does exists here, on about 200 islands (15% of the Maldives' total islands).

Earlier this morning, we arrived on a gorgeous local Maldivian island called Maafushi, and despite the heavy winds & pouring rain (it's the start of rainy season...) -- I managed to get a nice glimpse of how the people of the Maldives live their day-to-day lives.

I met up with two awesome Instagrammers from the Maldives, Ishan and Sotti, who took me around to experience the hidden gems of Maafushi.

We ate coconuts, went to cafes, roamed the quiet streets, visited Mosques and even had a home-cooked meal in one of their friend's houses.

It's a humbling time of the year to visit the Maldives, because it is Ramadan -- the holiest month of the Muslim religion, where people fast everyday from sunrise to sunset. It was beautiful to witness Iftar or breaking the fast at exactly 6:13PM outside of the main Mosque. The people were so friendly, taking me by the hand and giving me free food. I loved it.

Today was a very special birthday, and a day that I'll never forget. Thank you to all the new friends I made here, and I can't wait to go island hopping with you all tomorrow!

Have you ever been to the Maldives? Comment below!

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Palau Paradise (Oceania) Vacation Travel Wild Video Guide

The Republic of Palau consists of a string of islands along an oceanic ridge in the Western most part of the North Pacific, 800 Km East of the Philippines, 660 Km North of Irianjaya and 2000 Km North of Australia. Palau is part of a scattering of islands that became known collectively as the Caroline Islands. These islands lie within the larger region of Micronesia and it’s not hard to see the attraction of this place. Palau’s such an untouched paradise above and below the waterline.

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The Week We'll Never Forget.

This has been a week I'll definitely never forget. Shaffer and I were supposed to be in Europe for the next few months, working with Fox to make videos for the mountain biking DH World Cup. As you're well aware, this was the week when everything changed.

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The Week We'll Never Forget | Jake Frew
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a day i’ll never forget.... | february 24, 2020

As they traveled along the road, they came to some water and the eunuch said, Look, here is water. What can stand in the way of my being baptized? Acts 8:36

I cannot express the gratitude, love, worthiness, and value I am feeling at this very moment. February 24, 2020: the day I gave my life to Christ and was saved. I absolutely will never forget this special day. This spontaneous decision to get baptized after, on what I thought was a normal Monday night at Delight, will forever be the greatest decision of my life and through eternity. A bathtub, shorts and T-shirt, astonishing people, God, prayers, worship songs and more is all you need. There is no quote on quote “perfect” way to be baptized. It is all that is laying on your heart and the people you’re surrounded by and of course the Lord. I don’t even know how to put into words how grateful I am to have all these amazing people in my life who I get to call my new family, but what is funny is I feel like I have known them my entire life. I would have not have been able to do this or had the opportunity if it weren’t for these beautiful girls especially @brooke_starkey for doing the honor to do this for me and get everyone together last minute. I couldn’t be more thankful. I had written down in my journal, just the other day, a set of goals for myself to better myself and build a strong relationship with the Lord and on top of that list t was to get baptized. I didn’t have a plan when I would do this, how it would happen, when or where it would be, but God did. This night was perfect and I wouldn’t want to have done it any other way. I knew since I came to Kent I wanted to find a home away from home and it did take some time but I’m so glad I found my place. I never would have thought that Delight would be it but once I did I immediately felt called to worship and devote myself to the Lord and just to build a strong connection with him and all of these girls. I feel so full of love and SAFE with them and just being surrounded by a group of girls who want the same things is so inspiring and gave me so much hope that I could pursue this calling. I am so full of emotions and still processing everything but I couldn’t be more excited or happier to have a fresh start and see where this new journey brings me. Happy birthday to me! I have been praying so much and this was definitely an answered prayer so thank you God and again all these wonderful girls who got to be beside me during this life-changing moment. And thank you to @katiemae16 for ending such a perfect night with beautiful worship and voice. Not only thank you for these girls but thank you to everyone in my life that has had such an impact on me. I could talk about this forever and still not convey my app thoughts about this and how I’m feeling. Thank you everyone a million times! God is good.

And to anyone reading this just know you are so loved, worthy, and have a purpose! I love you all so dearly! Thank you, God. ????

Paul Westerberg - Love you in the fall

Rip never forget

I reinstalled Windows a while ago, saved everything except the Sony Vegas files for this video that I wanted to make(Gridrion one), so this vid is RIP!(Already for a while tho, I just made it public now because why not, its at least 1:41 long!)

So many things didn't work anyways, you cant make decent Slow-Motion In Tera because it looks garbage(u will see how garbage lel) because of the awesome fps u have in Tera. RIP!

Song is Beyond Awakening - Darkness Below

One Direction London Session | Why I Get Up In The A.M.

My name is Allison Johnstone, I'm from New York, and this is my entry for the One Direction London Session. One Direction has done so much for me in the five years I have been a fan, and all I could ever ask for is the opportunity to thank them in person. Winning this contest would mean the absolute world to me - it's an experience I'll never forget.

Thank you One Direction for introducing me to the best friends I could ever ask for, for giving me the best experiences that I'll remember forever, for bringing me to places I never thought I would go, and for giving me confidence and love to help me get through every single day.

Amazing Southeast Asia | Cinematic Drone

- A DJI Mavic Air Story -
I spent 18 amazing months in Southeast Asia doing the one thing that I love...Wandering. Turquoise beaches in Thailand, roaring volcanoes in Indonesia, bustling city life in Singapore, unique traditions in Malaysia, Cambodia & Vietnam... I have seen it all. But, every good thing has an end and it's time for me to say goodbye.

I'll never forget you... AMAZING SOUTHEAST ASIA!

All footage recorded with DJI Mavic Air by my self and KingAlawaka :)
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Jon Batiste - What A Wonderful World
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#nomadiclucky #kingalawaka #southeastasia #wonderfulworld #dji #mavicair

Expat Stories - The Night My Stepfather Tried to Drown Me

Expat Stories - The Night My Stepfather Tried to Drown Me. Part 1 My Nightmare Childhood.

Please Subscribe. And Click the Bell Icon. So You Stop Missing Out On Tips, Courses, News and Ideas for Expats. Welcome to True Expat Stories. In this video, I'll share a bit more about myself. I was only 14 years old. I was sat across the desk speaking to the ‘Career Guidance Officer’ at my high school.

The conversation went like this... “So tell me Chris, what kind of job do you want to do when you leave school?”

“Actually Sir, I don’t want a job. I’ve decided I'm gonna work for myself.”

The Bemused Look On The Poor Blokes Face Was UTTERLY Priceless.

“This is a serious interview, son. It's no joking matter. Now tell me, seriously, what job do you want to have? And don’t worry – there's several you can choose from. You could be a welder, plumber, carpenter or perhaps even a cook…”

“Please Sir... I'm unemployable.”

“Why on earth would you say that? Are you an imbecile? Lazy? Stupid? This ISN'T a Joke Boy!”

“No sir. it was just that I read a book where the writer owned a business and he explained... that in general,
Poor People Work for Wages. But Business Owners Work for Profits.

And he also said that he knew, deep down in his heart, when he was a kid like me, That He Was TOTALLY Unemployable. Well Sir, now I know that's the

truth about me as well...” SIDEBAR: The poor guy tried his very best to persuade me of all the risks involved in starting a business – how most of them go broke and very few survive.

I pointed out that, if that were the case, then it obviously made even less sense for me to rely on someone else as an employee.

His Closing Words to Me Were:

“Kid, Unless You Wake Up and Smell the Roses, You'll Never Get Anywhere in Life. That and... Don’t Be An Idiot! – Get a Job!”

Fast Forward to December 24th [a Tuesday night.] I was stood feeling terrified as my Stepfather started laying into my Mum.

He was a violent alcoholic. And this was a regular occurance. But this night was far worse than usual. I seriously believed he was going to kill her. It got to the point where he was dragging across the floor by her hair. and when he started stomping on her stomach, something 'snapped' inside me.

I grabbed a vase off the bookcase and smashed it as hard as I could on his shoulder.

Then Stuff Really Hit the Fan... He was absolutely furious with rage – He knocked me senseless. And Started Yelling: “I’m Going to Drown You!” He dragged me into the car and drove to the local river.

I Was Feeling Totally Numb. Both from the punch in the head that he had given me, and from the 'Abject Terror' that came with the realization that I was about to die by drowning.

Anyway, he dragged me out of the car and out into the river. until the water was about 3 feet deep.

And then he shoved me under the water.

I Was Completely Terrified! A Thousand Times Worse Than Any Horror Movie Ever Made. But Then Something Else Happened... If I live to be 100, I'll never forget the SURGE of Absolute Determination to Live, that flooded my heart, mind and body at that very moment.

I struggled as hard as I could but it was useless.

He was so much stronger than me.

And then it happened…

My feet struck up against a rock in the water. And I immediately pushed against it with all my might.

He had to let go.

And then I had another problem.

It was like jumpig out of the frying pan into the fire. Because you see... I couldn’t swim… [Continued in Part 2]

NEVER FORGET SAI (SEE ALWAYS INSIDE) .????Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba sings Never forget God

NEVER FORGET SAI (SEE ALWAYS INSIDE) ????????️☯️✡️✝️☸️????☪️
????Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba sings Never forget God

Maria Berdy
Sathya Sai Universe
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Sai Love in Action
, , , and Radio Sai Global Harmony for the videos and photos.

Maritoni Fernandez Barley testimony in Dubai

for interested distributors of Barley, contact Precious Grace Capili

My SF story

2,5 months, of my life, which I'll never forget


We had the amazing experience of visiting a very remote village in the Tawang region, that had never seen tourists before. The smiles, laughter and energy of everyone is something I'll never forget along with the sky on fire for the most incredible sunset.

Check out my other India Episodes in Chronological order:
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Welcome to an all new 12 episode video series on India, in the most remote and least visited part in the northeast called, Arunachal Pradesh. Join me as I travel for 23 days through this amazing and remote region to show you exactly what there is, what it's about and share a fun and exciting adventure with you through my eyes.

I'm delighted to announce the creation of this series along with the important announcement of a new format for my YouTube channel with Daily Vlogs that will be coming out starting this week. You'll be able to join me in my continued crazy global travels and adventures around the world and other themed videos that will entertain, inspire and educate you on a variety of subjects. I hope you will enjoy.

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New Year's EVE 2011 @ La Dolce Vita - Sharm El Shaikh (DJ ALEX & David Vandita)

I'll never forget that night though i cant remember most of it xD

I'll always remember Val di Sole, Italy

Those summer days with your parents when you were a kid. Remember how vivid the memories are? I can recall and relive them in all their colors. Even after all these years. Travel shaped me from the moment I was able to walk and taught me how full of beautiful places this world is.

Joshua, Jennifer and Mahal were guests in Val di Sole, playing around beneath the majestic Italian Dolomites. It really is one of the best places to create memories you'll never forget.

Learn more at

Film and Edit: Joshua Morin
Film: Caspar Daniël Diederik
Music: Chad Lawson
Graphics: Eustachio Palumbo

Thanks to:
Paola Graifenberg

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DUTCH CLOUDS timelapse (The Netherlands) 4K

A timelapse movie of clouds rolling over the Dutch landscapes. I started shooting my very first timelapses for this movie. I’ll never forget a friend showed me a timelapse of rolling stormclouds, I was sold instantly. This movie wasn’t yet about creating a story line, in a way it’s collection of clips that I shot throughout the first years of me shooting timelapses, mainly of clouds. To see them move and transform in such speed is mesmerizing to me.

The locations I shot are mostly at and around the area where I used to live, in the middle of the Netherlands. It includes a couple of shots taken at Kinderdijk, the little town famous for their many windmills. Some scenes that show minor hills are taken in the south, the only area of the country that isn’t flat.

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Music: ‘Without a Trace’ by Simon Wilkinson,



BELIZE 2017 - Lei Ramirez

At the start of summer 2017, we visited a small country that gave us a lot of memories. Here's to the adventure I'll never forget, ENJOY!

Music: Stay a Little Longer by Lostboycrow



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