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7 Facts About Cape Verde ????????️


Why Cape Verde Is The PERFECT Eco Destination! | ????????Cape Verde Travel Guide????????

Welcome to Cape Verde, or Cabo Verd as it is now starting to be called! ????????In this guide you'll find out every you need to know to have a hassle-free adventure on this incredible island.

In this video we'll cover how to get to Cape Verde from the UK, how to get about the island, where to stay and all the amazing things to see and do.

We'll also focus on the important work done by our charity partners - the Travel Foundation, to prevent over-tourism in Cape Verde, and how you can take steps to travel more sustainably.

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Think back 10 years ago. Had you heard of Cape Verde? Not quite African and not quite Portuguese, a vibrant mix of both worlds. The islands of Cape Verde are as beautiful as they are mysterious. It was the transatlantic slave trades that put these islands on the map and ten years ago, TUI put them on the tourist trail and the industry boomed. It's no surprise but the constant beat of traditional music, turquoise seas, sandy beaches, world-class surf and surreal lunar landscapes. I've been given the opportunity to travel 2,700 miles across the Atlantic to visit Sal, an island steeped in history and natural wonders, where suddenly there are more tourists than locals. I want to engage with its people, absorb its unique culture and at this most critical time in our planet's history, dig deeper into the reality of tourism and learn how we as tourists can improve the way we travel to ensure a sustainable future for an industry we all love. We've been guided along the way by two amazing charities; the TUI Care Foundation and the Travel Foundation who work closely with local businesses and hotels. This trip was to become one of the biggest eyeopeners of my travels to date. So let's go back to the beginning. At Holiday Extras we believe in making simple choices to improve the way we travel, to find solutions that benefit the environment and lessen our negative impact on a destination so our journey began in an airport lounge at Gatwick, ideal if you're trying to avoid buying plastic whilst filling up on delicious food before your flight. We chose to fly direct to Sal with TUI Airways, the world's most carbon efficient airline. And upon landing we were met by our prefect transfer driver who took us straight to our greener hotel on the southwest coast of the island. So we're starting our day having breakfast with a view. It kind of reminds me of what the moon would look like. It's very rocky but that view is just gorgeous and we're not wasting any time, we're starting today with an island tour and this is with the company called Explore CV, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what today has an offer. Booking an excursion on a trip can be the highlight of any holiday but we want to emphasize the importance of finding a responsible tour company. Explore Cape Verde were recommended to us by the Travel Foundation for being passionate about the island's wildlife, whilst providing eco-conscious excursions. We booked on an island tour and our tour guide Jordi was a knowledgeable marine biologist. The tour started in the coastal town of Santa Maria at the fishing pier which is the soul of the island. Jordi showed us around and explained that the fisherman returned around 11:00 a.m. every morning to their wives who are waiting at the pier ready to sell the catch. If it's the locals fisherman's it is a sustainable fishing we also sell the rights for the European Union to fish here in Cape Verdean waters. Cape Verde got its independence in 1975. As a former Portuguese colony, they absorbed the Portuguese influence and their blood. Mixed with the Africans who settled here, essentially created their own race Creole. It's like cultural to jump from the pier. If you come here and you didn't jump you cannot say that you've been in Sal. The no stress lifestyle here it seems the whole time. Next up we visited a natural reef, a popular feeding area for lemon sharks and a place for tourists to safely see them in the wild. You can rent water shoes to protect your feet from the rocks and carefully wade in to watch them hunt. Jordi's care and consideration for the sharks was very clear, insisting we keep a fair distance as not to disturb them. Other guides let their groups go as far as they wanted, some even chased the curious parts which reminded me of the importance of booking with a responsible company.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Cape Verde | Cape Verde Tourist Attraction

Top 10 Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Cape Verde. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more amazing travel videos.

Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, is a nation on a volcanic archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. It’s known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture, traditional morna music and numerous beaches. Its largest island, Santiago, is home to the current capital, Praia. Santiago is also home to the old capital, Cidade Velha, with clifftop fortress Forte Real de São Felipe.

Capital: Praia
Recognised national languages: Cape Verdean Creole
Currency: Cape Verdean escudo

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TOP 5 Things you MUST DO in Cape Verde | Sal ???????? Travel Guide 2019

5 Things to do in Sal, Cape Verde. In this travel vlog, La Vida Journey is taking you to Sal, one of the desertlike Cape Verde islands. In this quick, travel guide you will experience with us all the fun things you can do in Sal, from Catamaran trip to Quad off-road driving.

Oh we go engaged in Sal, Watch how it happened here:

We stayed at 2019 Oasis Atlantico Belorizonte
We took our catamaran tour with a tour company called No Limits:


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Black America's Connection to the African Nation of Cape Verde

Little is know about the African nation Cape Verde, locally known as Cabo Verde. Historically, the West African islands were as a stop-over for enslaved people being transported across the Atlantics. Some famous Cape Verdeans include revolutionary Amilcar Cabral, music icons Cesario Evora, Left Eye and Horace Silver. Ethnomusicologist and Artist Marcy DePina gives us a brief history and introduction to the African nation.

Cape Verde - 2016

A journey to 4 Islands of Cape Verde with touroperator Sawadee in 2016: Santiago, Fogo, Santo Antao and Sao Vicente.


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8 Reasons to Love Cape Verde - Sailing Destinations // Sailors & Seadogs

In this video of our series Best Sailing Destinations we give our personal 8 reasons to love Cape Verde, especially Sao Vicente and Mindelo. It is not a traveling guide, rather a personal declaration of love to this small African country that - we hope - will inspire you to travel there one day.

Perhaps you have made the experience that the rougher the land the friendlier its inhabitants.

Cape Verde is such a place. The land, basically the tops of oceanic volcanoes, is hostile and for a good reason was uninhabited until the Portuguese settled on it in the 16th century: Cape Verde has almost no natural water resources.

But the rough living conditions have made the Cape Verdeans very friendly and hospitable.

The mix of African and European cultures made them tolerant and is enriching for Cape Verdean music and art.

All this makes this tiny archipelago on the Western tip of Africa, that many people haven’t even heard of, a worthwhile travel destination.

This video is not a travel guide. We give eight reasons why we love Cape Verde. We hope we can inspire you to put Cape Verde on your travel wish list.


For deeper insight, please read our online blog!
Michelle’s Logbook - “How to Get Your Sea Legs”

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Best Places To Visit - CAPE VERDE | Travel & Tourism

Here are the Top 10 places you must visit in Cape Verde.

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Sal - Cape Verde

Sal is one of the islands of Cape Verde, belonging to the Barlavento group, the Windward Islands. It has an area of 216 km² and has 25,779 inhabitants. The island is one of the 22 municipalities of Cape Verde. The main town is the town of Espargos, which is located in the middle of the island.

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Cape Verde Island

Is Cape Verde a Country?
Find out facts!

1. The name ‘Cape Verde’ is named after a Cap Vert, which means Green Cape
2. According to geography, Cape Verde is a string of 10 Islands located 500 km from the west coast of Africa (Senegal)
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Cape Verde Unplugged - Santiago: This is Africa

Welcome to Cape Verde as you've never seen it before! Beyond the resorts of Sal and Boavista lies the rest of the country of Cape Verde. This is a vibrant country - a raw landscape in which the passionate and warm Cape Verdean locals live.

This is why we travel to Cape Verde, to get under the skin of the archipelago and to experience a country where African and European influences meet, creating a unique, mid-Atlantic sun-kissed blend.

Here our island guide Tutu explains why he loves his home island of Santiago. If there's one island which encapsulates the country as a whole it's Santiago, from the city of Praia in the south, through the central mountains to the northern idyllic coast of Tarrafal.

Explore Cape Verde with us. Call us on 017687 75672 - we've a suggestion for a one-week trip to Santiago which you'll find at Or if you're available for a longer trip then our popular Best of Cape Verde could be for you - have a look at

At Archipelago Choice we've been creating unique experiences with our tailor made holidays for over 20 years. Travel the Archipelago way, in the company of our friends on the islands.

Find us at:
Or give us a call: 017687 75672

SAL CAPE VERDE | OUR TRAVEL GUIDE | Swimming with sharks and more things do in Sal

Sal is the most populair island of Cape Verde and it is the perfect destination for a sunny holiday. But besides chilling at the beach you can also swim with sharks. What! Yes you can ;) And a lot of other activities as well. Watch our Travel Guide Video if you want to know more about all the things Sal has to offer you. Don't forget to switch on the English Subtitles!

Travel show from Dutch Travel couple Léon and Kirsten. We make all sorts of travel videos and documentaries about beautiful destinations and extraordinary cultures.




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More Cape Verde Sites

More beautiful places to visit in Cape Verde including the old capital, Cidade Velha, the Lighthouse in Praia, Santiago and so much more.

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Discover Cape Verde | TUI

Savvy travellers have been booking holidays to Cape Verde for a while now. And when you see its beaches and lunar-like landscapes, you’ll understand why.

Find out more about holidays to Cape Verde at

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TOP ATTRACTIONS in Santa Maria - Sal Island - Cape Verde (4K)

Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Santa Maria, Sal Island, Cape Verde, Music: #santamaria #santamariacapeverde #thingstodoinsantamaria

Maio - The island of peace and tranquility

This movie gives you a snapshot of the lovely island of Maio in Cape Verde. Maio is a peaceful, quiet island, ideal for a 'get away from it all' holiday.

Cabo Verde - 11 days - 5 islands visited !

11 days in Cabo Verde, 5 islands visited:

- Fogo
- Sao Vicente (Mindelo)
- Santo Antão
- Santiago
- Boavista

Date of the trip: May 2018

Interesting Info about Cape Verde's Islands

Interesting Info about Cape Verdes Islands.



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