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7 Days in GUATEMALA... Travel Itinerary


7 Days in GUATEMALA... Travel Itinerary

The most underrated country in the world! Have you ever wanted to travel to Guatemala? Here's a video to give you some ideas on how you can see this beautiful country in 1 week!

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Two weeks in Guatemala | A Backpacking Itinerary | ExpLaura

Everyone I met travelling last year couldn't stop going on about Guatemala and now, neither can I.

From its stunning scenery to its rumbling volcanos, I couldn't think of a better place I'd rather see in the New Year.

Itinerary -

Flew into Guatemala City
Immediately shared a taxi to Antigua
Caught a shuttle to San Pedro De Laguna - Lake Atitlan
Got a water taxi to Panajachel (not mentioned)
Shuttle from Panajachel to Lanquin (Semuc Champey)
Shuttle from Lanquin to Rio Dulce
Water Taxi to Livingston (not mentioned)

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The Guatemala Travel Guide | Antigua, Tikal, & Lake Atitlan

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Guatemala has many incredible places to visit and things to do. After living there for a month, these are my top picks of what to do in Tikal, Antigua, and Lake Atitlan.

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Here are the top 5 places you need to travel to in Guatemala! After traveling Guatemala for 6 weeks, we have some knowledge about this amazing country and wanted to share it all with you. We decided to put this Guatemala travel guide together in order to help you plan your travels throughout the beautiful country of Guatemala. Truthfully, this video only scratches the surface of all the incredible things to do in Guatemala, but we really hope these top 5 places help you plan your travels :)

Places we mentioned:
1. Lake Atitlan (Lago Atitlan)
2. Antigua
3. Flores
4. San Vicente Pacaya
5. Guatemala City




We are Drew and Alex. A couple of backpackers who are currently on a journey of traveling to every country in the world! We will be sharing our favorite travel experiences on YouTube every Friday. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to follow along!​ Your support means a lot to us ✌️

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In this video, we visit the infamous Guatemala City… a city everyone told us NOT to travel to. Everyone we spoke to, locals and travelers, told us that Guatemala City is extremely dangerous and that there is nothing to do. However, people telling us this made us want to visit even more! As full time travelers, we constantly remind ourselves that there are always many perspectives and sides to every story. Instead of listening to others, we decided to explore Guatemala City for ourselves. We hope you ENJOY :) Have you even been to Guatemala City?




We are Drew and Alex. A couple of backpackers who are currently on a journey of traveling to every country in the world! We will be sharing our favorite travel experiences on YouTube every Wednesday and Friday. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to follow along!​

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Travel Guide to Guatemala

Find out a little more about one of Latin America's most fascinating and colourful destination in this short guide to Guatemala.

A country of extreme diversity with breathtaking landscapes of volcanos and lakes, bustling markets, vibrant colonial towns and world-class heritage sites, but above all, its a country of colour.

Find out more:

Backpacking Guatemala - THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Antigua, Semuc Champey, Tikal, Lake Atitlán, and more!

Ever wanted to explore a beautiful but often overlooked country? Come see Guatemala! Discover all the highlights this amazing country has to offer, including Lake Atitlán, Antigua, Lanquín, Semuc Champey, Tikal, Flores, Hobbitenango, the Acatenango hike, Volcán de Fuego, Antigua, and El Paredon. I also talk about the basic essentials you need to know for each place as well as the country in general. Enjoy!

0:01:53 - Travel essentials
0:04:00 - Antigua
0:04:48 - Acatenango hike
0:06:27 - Hobbitenango
0:07:31 - El Paredon
0:10:34 - Lake Atitlán
0:14:24 - Lanquín & Semuc Champey
0:18:35 - Flores & Tikal

I know it's impossible to summarize an entire country in 20 minutes, but this covers the major highlights along the backpacker trail. Please comment if there's something you feel should've been included, I'm always looking to learn more about this awesome country!

None of the businesses or hostels I mention sponsored this or paid me in any way. I just think they're good ones to recommend :).


This was my first time visiting Guatemala! I stayed at Casa Palopo in Lake Atitlan and it was a dream. Definitely on my list to visit again. I even hiked an active volcano which was one of the coolest travel experiences of my life! Antigua was a charming town that I loved exploring, and I loved learning about the Pintando Project in Santa Catarina, Lake Atitlan. Such an amazing way to bring the community together and help with tourism!

Hope you like the VLOG!

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Voici notre guide pour visiter le Guatemala! On y a passé presque 3 mois, dont 2 mois au village de San Marcos la Laguna au bord du lac Atitlan. Nous avons eu énormément de temps pour explorer le pays et donc, nous avons l'itinéraire parfait pour votre voyage au Guatemala!

Laissez-nous vos commentaires ci-dessous :)

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How dangerous is Guatemala? | Budget travel guide: what to do for a week and where to go

Is Guatemala safe for tourists and how dangerous is Guatemala city to visit? Is Guatemala cheap for travel? A one week travel guide on a budget for the capital Antigua, volcano Pacaya and Atitlán.

How to backpack Guatemala as a solo traveler, what to see and the best places to visit.

Answers questions like: Is it expensive to travel Guatemala? Where to go? What to do in Guatemala? Where to find volcanoes and how to travel to El Salvador.

Answers questions like: What is the security like? What to do as a tourist? Is it expensive or cheap to travel Guatemala? Can you drink alcohol, is it safe for women, backpacking + solo travel and is there a risk for violence? 1 week itinerary for safe backpacking travel.



回答以下问题:安全性是怎样的?作为游客该做什么?危地马拉旅行昂贵还是便宜?您可以喝酒吗?对妇女而言安全吗?适合背包旅行和单人旅行吗?有遭受暴力的危险吗? 1周行程,确保背包旅行安全。
¿Es Guatemala segura para los turistas y qué tan peligroso es visitar la ciudad de Guatemala? ¿Guatemala es barato para viajar? Una guía de viaje de una semana con un presupuesto ajustado para la capital Antigua, el volcán Pacaya y Atitlán.

Cómo mochilear Guatemala como viajero solo, qué ver y los mejores lugares para visitar.

Responde preguntas como: ¿Es caro viajar a Guatemala? ¿Dónde ir? ¿Qué hacer en Guatemala? Dónde encontrar volcanes y cómo viajar a El Salvador.

Responde preguntas como: ¿Cómo es la seguridad? ¿Qué hacer como turista? ¿Es caro o barato viajar a Guatemala? ¿Se puede beber alcohol, es seguro para las mujeres, viajar de mochilero + viajar solo y existe riesgo de violencia? Itinerario de 1 semana para viajes seguros como mochileros.

TRAVEL VLOG: 7 Days in Belize and Guatemala | Beaches and Ruins!

Before you say anything... this was all done before the world shut down. I just suck at uploading stuff in a timely manner. That said, February is lovely time to go.

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3 Day Family Trip to Guatemala Vlog! Visit Antigua and Lake Atitlan!

In November 2018, we made a very random and impromptu plan to travel to Guatemala. This country had never been on our bucket list. We had never even remotely thought about it as our travel destination. We were just searching for cheap tickets for a quick 3 day trip, and we found great flight deals for Guatemala City from Houston. After consulting a Guatemalan coworker, we were directed to Nahual Tours, a tour company based in Guatemala, that specializes in organizing guided tours of various parts of the country. They have many different packages to choose from. The tour guides are very friendly and helpful! Our guide was Rodrigo Chun, and he was a lot of fun and very considerate.

We landed in Guatemala City, but we did not stay there. We were very short on time, so we could only fit in so much to our trip. After visiting the beautiful country, we have realized there are so many things we still have to do and see there. On our future bucket list in Guatemala is Tikal, the famous Mayan Ruins. Also, very high on our list is the tour of Volcan Pacaya. We would love to revisit Antigua and enjoy the cobblestone streets, the colorful colonial buildings and the lush greenery!

Here are the names and links of the places mentioned in the video, should you want to more info:

Nahual Tours:

Hotel Casa Madeleine (Antigua):

Ta'Cool Tacos:

Hotel Atitlan:

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo:

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Tips to enjoy your stay Guatemala travel vlog.

Hey guys! i hope you enjoy this video and watch in 1080p.

Travel Vlog: Guatemala country in central America 2021 Itinerary PT1.

I visit a couple of places in Guatemala
Guatemala City , Lake Atitlan, Antigua, Santa Catarina , Panajachel.

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Off the beaten path Backpacker travel guide in Guatemala

Off the beaten path backpacker travel guide in Guatemala that includes hitchhiking, Couchsurfing, canoeing, motorcycle riding, and much more travel activities off the beaten patch! See the Guatemala travel guide map bellow :)

Guatemala travel guide map:

You will likely start your backpacking trip by flying to the Guatemala City, or otherwise crossing the land boarder from neighboring El Salvador, Honduras, or Mexico, where I came from. In that case you’ll likely end up in the capital city anyways, because the majority of transportation happens to and from here.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell much good about Guatemala City, it’s large, crowded, and dangerous too, multiple time have I been warned about pickpockets and worse. Luckily, just an hour’s drive from it is the old capital city, Guatemala Antigua.

It’s the prior capital that was destroyed by a series of earthquakes in 1773, and thus the capital city was changed again. Today you can find colorful, traditional Guatemalan architecture, friendly locals and local food choices like Pepián, Jocon, Quichom. Though I found many foods similar to Mexican just less spicy, and chillies were generally served in a separate dish. A city tour and food tour should be in a to do list here. I stayed in Antigua a few days with a counchsurfer host, it was already my second one in Guatemala, I’d say couchsurfing is common here and hosts are relatively easy to find.

Lake Atitlan (or Lago de Atitlán) is another frequent stop on many visitors itinerary and it was mine too. It’s a volcano-rimmed lake with plenty of backpacker hostels and Mayan villages that dot the shores. I stayed in San Pedro, small truly unique town, and again couchsurfing. I can’t think of a better way to experience what the country and culture is about than through locals.

Generally, food prices for a meal are around 3 Dollars at a cheap restaurant, 2 in the street, or for 1 dollar you can get a bunch of fruits at the local market, which is on a list of recommendations anyway. Yet the most fascinating attraction is the lake itself surrounded by vast mountain ranges and few volcanoes, hiking to one of them should be a must.

Now, let’s talk chicken buses! They are the single most adventurous part about Guatemala I enjoyed the most! The chicken buses are reincarnated North American school buses driven by maniac drivers who thought Formula 1 was too easy. All of that makes for the most quintessential Guatemalan experience there is.

I made my way the Rio Dulce, or sweet river by direct translation, where I lived in Catamaran with bearded men for a week through Workaway. The town itself wasn’t that spectacular, but I heard that many species of Birds & Animals make Rio Dulce region a great spot for birdwatching, animal spotting and fishing.

Next up, close to Rio Dulse, was Flores. I quite liked it here, and you might to, particularly if you want to experience bigger and somewhat less touristy Guatemalan city.

From Flores you can take a bus ride to one of best preserved Mayan ruins in the world, Tikal. That’s what I did, just instead of taking a bus I rented a motorbike from an owner of one tourist agency for 20 dollars, it was his personal motorbike, I can’t recall seeing any typical rentals. Anyways, I did so for the sake of adventure of course, price, since taking a bus to Tikal and back wasn’t that much cheaper, and I also wanted to see Uaxactun, an ancient sacred place, commonly assumed to have served as astronomical observatory. It was one of the longest-occupied Maya settlements. Without your own transport you’d have to hire a private driver from Tikal.
Howler monkeys and dense jungle make walking around the ruins an adventure in itself. To put it shortly, Tikal is a must.

And if that wasn’t enough and you’re still feeling adventurous, you could hitchhike your way back to Guatemala. It took me two days and about 8 vehicles, but it was hella-of-a-good trip. It’s a good way to practice your Spanish too.

Okay, there was one questionable guy with a white truck and thick gold chain around his neck that when I opened the front door forgot his desert eagle on the passenger seat, but he said he was a farmer and the gun was just for protection so was all cool.

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Getting LOST in Antigua, Guatemala | Day 1 First Impressions

It's day 1 of my Guatemala adventure, and I'm dropping my bags at the hostel and getting LOST! I just arrived in Antigua with no plan, no direction, and no idea what's in store! It's time to go out and explore all the beauty, food and culture that this slice of Latin America has to offer. On today's mission I explore a gigantic market, get a great view of the Agua Volcano, chow down on some amazing Guatemalan food like Caldo Tialpeno, and show you what the streets of Antigua are like in 2021. Stay tuned for daily videos of my adventures here on all of my social media platforms.

Have you been to Guatemala? Where should I go next?

Where do you want to see me travel to next? What should I eat? Share all your recommendations and suggestions below!

I LOVE to meet my fans, so let me know if you want to hop aboard the rocket ship!

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Traveling During Covid 19 Vlog | Flying to Guatemala in Central America During Covid 19 (2021)

In today's vlog I will be traveling during covid 19 and flying to Guatemala in Central America in 2021. I know traveling during covid 19 can be very complicated, so in this video I take you with me as I embark on my next journey to Guatemala! In this flying during pandemic vlog, I will show you my entire travel experience flying to Guatemala in 2021, from getting through the airports to explaining everything you need to know to ensure that you follow all of the proper entry requirements to avoid quarantine upon arrival, or worse, get denied entry. I will also explain how I conduct my research to make sure that I have all of the necessary information before traveling abroad. I hope you enjoy this covid travel vlog and find it useful for your future trip.

Based on my experience in April of 2021, in order to enter Guatemala from the United States, you will need to complete 2 primary tasks. First, you will need to get a negative covid-19 test within 72 prior to your departure. This test must be either a PCR or Antigen test. Based on my research, if you have been fully vaccinated for more than 2 weeks prior to your departure, you may not need a negative covid test, but I chose to get a negative covid test anyways to be extra safe and to ensure I would not have any issues getting into Guatemala. In addition, you will need to complete the Guatemala Health Screening Form within 24 hours prior to your departure. As always, I would encourage you to conduct your own research as well to ensure you are following all of the necessary requirements, especially since they could change by the time you travel.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Getting to the airport
1:48 My quick travel thoughts
2:18 Flying to Guatemala
2:48 Arrival process in Guatemala
3:23 Research tips for international travel
3:45 How I research entry requirements
4:24 Guatemala entry requirements

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If you are new to my channel, Welcome! My name is Matt and I recently QUIT my job and traveled around the beautiful islands of Maui and Oahu, Hawaii. Now that I am fully vaccinated, I am taking my first trip abroad to Guatemala!

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Top 5 things to do in Guatemala! | GUATEMALA 2020

Visiting Guatemala is a must for any Central America Trip. In this video we share our Top 5 things to do in Guatemala. Guatemala has so much natural beauty, from the dramatic Acatenango Volcano to the jungle paradise of Semuc Champey and breathtaking views of Lake Atitlan. This Guatemala travel vlog also explores the rich history of the country with the beautiful city of Antigua Guatemala and the ancient Tikal Mayan Ruins.

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Above are affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission on any purchases at no additional cost to you. Your support helps us continue our travels and make more videos, thank you!

This video has captions in multiple languages.

0:00 Introduction to travel vlog Guatemala
0:38 Acatenango Volcano Hike
1:28 Lake Atitlan
3:32 Semuc Champey
4:25 Antigua Guatemala
5:29 Tikal Mayan Ruins

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The second part of our trip to Belize! We took a day trip to Tikal National Park in Guatemala and hung around our hotel.

We stayed at Maya Mountain Lodge in San Ignacio, Belize and would recommend if you are looking for a jungle experience.

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Hey lovers! In our first vlog EVER, we take you with us to one of the most underrated countries in Central America: Guatemala. Full of rich indigenous Mayan culture and colonial charm, #Guatemala is the perfect destination for all types of travelers. We will explore the beautiful UNESCO city of #Antigua where we will wander cathedrals ruined by numerous earthquakes and hike an ACTIVE volcano and roast marshmallows using the heat from it's lava vents. After that, we make our way to the absolutely breathtaking #Lake Atitlán, where we stay at the dreamiest hotel with stunning views of the lake. We were weary about visiting Guatemala due to the rumor of danger, but the scariest thing we encountered was completely unrelated to crime. If you were on the fence about visiting #Guatemala, we hope this vlog pushes you over the edge!

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LAKE ATITLAN PT 1 | Traveling To Guatemala 2021 | Where to STAY in Lake Atitlan + How To GET THERE

Want to escape and travel to Guatemala one of the most beautiful destinations in Central America? This video is your guide on Lake Atitlan from where to stay and how to get there. It will show you how to get to Guatemala in 2021, but also where to stay to get to have the best views of the magnificent Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I found a hotel that allows you to see all three volcanoes unobstructed with the best view as well as the most luxurious eco friendly stay. This travel guide to Guatemala and vlog will hopefully help plan your journey to Lake Atitlan.

Traveling to Guatemala by train, plane, shuttle bus, and then finally arriving by boat or lancha as they call it in Guatemala I get to my dream hotel in Lake Atitlan the Laguna Lodge Eco Resort and Nature Reserve just outside of Santa Cruz La Laguna.

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#lakeatitlan #lagoatitlan #guatemala
#guatemalatravelguide #lakeatitlanguide #ecolodge

Where I stayed in Lake Atitlan? Laguna Lodge:

Where I stayed in Panajachel, Guatemala?
Hotel Utz Jay :

How to get to Lake Atitlan?
Check out the transport services on Viator or use

If you are looking for the most recent information on travel to Guatemala check out these resources:

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