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48 Hours in Sudan 2018: Pyramids, Dervishes, and UNESCO Sites!


48 Hours in Sudan 2018: Pyramids, Dervishes, and UNESCO Sites!

48 Hours in Sudan

After having explored most of the Middle Eastern countries reachable within a short flight from Dubai, we just had to do one last unexpected trip before saying goodbye to the UAE - so we picked exploring the Sudan with our friends!

A short non-stop Flydubai flight away, Sudan is home to many pyramids (more than Egypt, fact!), welcoming people, unique traditions and unbelievable raw beauty.

A true gem and yet-to-be-discovered off the beaten path destination, Sudan has so much to offer for a quick escape from the UAE, that you’ve probably never even heard about let alone dreamed of visiting.

48 Hours in Sudan | Day 1: Market, Sudan Museum and Dervish Ceremony

After a convenient 4-hour Flydubai flight from Dubai arriving in Khartoum at 10pm (no time to waste!), we received a warm welcome at the Khartoum International Airport by our tour company driver, who brought us to our hotel for the first night, the Acropole.

Useful information:

Currency: Sudanese Pound
Language: Arabic
Time change: UTC/GMT +2 hours
Best time to visit: October-April
Dress Code: Conservative
Alcohol: Sudan is a completely dry country - do not bring any alcohol in!

We started our 48 Hours in Sudan with an early visit to the bustling Friday market at the center of Khartoum. Food, clothes, even kitchen appliances were displayed, and the atmosphere was truly incredible. We felt totally in sync with the ambiance, and not completely as out of place as we could have imagined.

Make sure to not film or take pictures too much though, as locals don’t particularly like it, understandably. Unlike so many markets or souqs around the world that we have visited, there was no being bothered, hassled or barked at, everyone was just living their lives and we were so happy to just observe. Such is the case in a country with such few tourists.

We then visiting Omdurman, the old capital of Sudan, the Mahdi’s tomb and the Khalifa’s house, we headed to the Sudanese National Museum, home of many beautiful objects and two full temples rescued by UNESCO and moved from the Lake Nasser area, when it was flooded by the water.

As we do with most trips, we pulled a classic Jeff and Anne, barely researching anything before going, so it was a great start to our trip getting to know a little bit better the country we were in. Some people prefer to travel after exhaustive research into where they are going, we like to do the complete opposite, just show up and discover what is around us as it happens.

Around 4pm each Friday, a very unique Dervish ceremony takes place, near the tomb of the sufi leader Ahmed al Nil. The Dervishes ceremony gathers women, men and children together every week to pray, dance and sing together in one of the largest cemeteries in Khartoum, outside of a small mosque. We were lucky enough to be warmly welcomed around the prayers.

Not far from here there is an interesting site of petrified wood, an ancient forest with hundreds of huge trunks strewn out completely in the middle of a vast desert with little explanation. Later on we reached the necropolis of Nuri. After a little walk among these ancient ruins, we stumbled upon the pyramid of Pharaoh Taharqa dominating high above the the others. After the visit we reached our beautiful Nubian Rest-House, located just at the foot of the Jebel Barkal, with the small town of Karima situated nearby. We ate some delicious food, took a hot shower to get rid of the dust and passed out.

48 Hours in Sudan | Day 2: Jebel Barkal and Meroe Pyramids
After a delicious breakfast at the Rest-House, we headed over to visit the Jebel Barkal area. A landmark in the Nubian Desert, the Jebel Barkal can be seen from a few dozen kilometres whilst still in the open desert.

A huge rock mountain in the middle of desolate sand a few hundred meters from the banks of the River Nile.

At the foot of this wonderful and isolated red sandstone mountain, considered holy since the ancient times, there is a big temple, dedicated to the Pharaohs of the New Reign and to their patron, Amon. Amon's ancient Pure Mountain, the Olympus of the Nubians, was the religious Nubian heart for more than 1000 years.

The Jebel Barkal archaeological sites are on the World Heritage list and the royal necropolis of the ancient city of Napata, the Nubian capital before the Meroitic period, had a large number of pyramids, located in three different places: few hundred metres north of Jebel Barkal; a dozen kilometres southwards from the holy mountain, in El Kurru; in Nuri...

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SOLO WOMAN travels thru SUDAN | Meroe Pyramids and Traditions رحلة سائحة الي السودان؛ الجزء الأول

I traveled through Sudan for one month, by myself.

Everyone wants to know if it is safe, especially as a solo female traveler.

In the video, I will tell you about my Sudan trip and experience.

I will tell you what you can expect, give you an idea of how a woman should dress; i will show you some of the culture, give you my experiences with the locale Sudanese people, and show you some food and how to travel around.

What to expect in this video:

-Pyramids, friends with locals, cultures, and traditions

-What to expect travel for a solo female traveler

-Travel tips and more

I've divided my journey into two parts to make your viewing a little easier! Please enjoy ????

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~ Special thanks to Mohammed (my angel) for all of his help through my journey!

~ Beautiful henna, hair, and spa services for the wedding by:
Butterfly Beauty Center, in Khartoum.


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I WENT TO SUDAN - V1 ! سافرت على السودان - الجزء الأول

The beginning of an amazing trip to Sudan

رحلتي من اسطنبول إلى السودان
السودان غير توقعاتي بالكامل!
الجزء الأول من المغامرة

instagram انستغرام ➭

Pyramids of Sudan

My 5-day trip to Sudan

Traveling in Sudan: Nubian Pyramids (Meroe)

Just a bunch of random clips I put together during my trip to Sudan. Tourism is practically non existant here.

Real Sudan- British director Colin Offland and his son Pelly visit to Sudan

These videos uploaded by Real Sudan, owned and operated by Samir Abbass.
Read our guests reviews at:
Would you like to learn, how to plan your tour in Sudan?
Visit our web site at
Sudan is your gateway to Africa!
Sudan is a country long hidden from the rest of the world. It’s the largest country in Africa. The country has a wealth of attractions, most of which are completely unknown. Sudan is also one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Africa: over 100 languages are spoken within its borders. Most people are not even aware that Sudan is home to more pyramids than Sudan.
There is a magic beauty about these sites that is heightened by the privilege of being able to admire them alone, with the pyramids, the dunes and the sun, says Guillemette Andreu, head of antiquities at Paris' Louvre museum.
Real Sudan provides advice and custom touring services to ensure you get the most out of your holiday in Sudan. Our goal is for our guests to leave with a new understanding of how life is lived in another part of the world, both in the ancient days and nowadays and help build bridges of understanding between people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds while having fun at the same time.
Real Sudan provides the opportunity to see The Real Sudan-a side of this fabulous country you'll never see from a tour bus-in safety and comfort.

Sudan | “MARRIED WOMEN ONLY” rituals (I tried them!) | Port Sudan & TRIBES

The second half of my trip I traveled to Port Sudan, Kassala, and then back to Khartoum to experience some of the ancient beauty traditions and other activities.

In Port Sudan I attempted scuba diving, met the Beja Tribe, and went to a huge fish market.

In Kassala, I made some friends who took me to the dry beach, to meet the Rashaida tribe, and a picnic under the Mango trees. The Rashaida tribe showed me their traditional sword dancing and then invited me for lunch.

Back in Khartoum I saw a Sufi ceremony, went to the camel market, got henna and tried Dukhan.


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Red Sea Diving Center in Port Sudan

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First Impressions of KHARTOUM, SUDAN! Sudan Travel Vlog الخرطوم ، السودان مدونة فيديو

In this vlog I set out to explore Sudan's capital city, Khartoum! I met some incredibly friendly locals, explored markets, tried some Sudanese food, and a lot more!


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48 Hours in Egypt: Pyramids and a Proposal!

48 Hours in Egypt: Pyramids and Proposals

I'll go ahead and say it right now, Egypt is the most fascinating country on Earth. And while 48 hours in Egypt isn't nearly enough, here is how you can get the most of a short weekend stay.

Visiting Egypt is no doubt towards the top of every travelers list, so living close by in Dubai means that we've been eyeing a 48-hours in Egypt trip for quite awhile but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that we finally took the trip, just one week after doing 48 Hours in India. I know, we're insane.

Only a 4-hour flight from Dubai, we left the UAE early on a Friday morning and were crawling through the Great Pyramids before lunchtime! It is amazing just how much you can fit into 48 hours in Egypt if you plan it right, and it comes down to two main things. First, you've got to know exactly where you want to go, and second is having someone to take you there.

We've been loving TripVerse on our last few trips, which is a great app that allows us to research ahead of time, make an itinerary, add notes, routes and most importantly, download off-line maps versions of our entire trip. We also make sure to add in all the details of all of our 48-hour trips to our profile, so you can follow along if you'd like!

Check out our complete 48 hours in Egypt TripVerse itinerary for all the details from this amazing weekend!

Second, is finding the perfect guide to take you around to help navigate for you, speak the local language a bit and know the inside scoop on what to see at what time, where to go and other tips you'll just never know unless you are a local. Mahmoud not only quickly became the best local guide we have ever had while traveling, but an amazing friend who helped me plan the perfect proposal and we pulled it off without a hitch! But more on that later...

If you'd like Mahmoud to help with your 48 hours in Egypt trip, or longer, he's honestly the best guide we've ever recommended and can be reached at or direct at 002-01001-555-212. Tell him Jeff and Anne sent you :)

Landing in Cairo early on Friday morning, we went directly with Mahmoud to the Pyramids in order to catch the beautiful morning light and miss the crowds. While Egypt has more tourists than it did a few years ago when I visited, it is still hurting badly for tourism and remains fairly empty. Aside from a few tour buses, the Great Pyramid Complex was pretty empty.

Make sure you have enough time here to fully explore the entire area and take the time to just stand and stare at these amazing structures, some of the oldest on planet Earth - they really are spectacular.

Make sure to also buy a ticket to go inside the largest pyramid and be ready for an adventure! While the innermost chamber is nothing but a large empty room, the hike up the ancient stone corridor, into the center of the pyramid is a must, and well worth the exhaustion!

After exploring the pyramids, there are endless photo opportunities close by, so always be looking around you when in the area for that perfect instagram spot.

Continuing on close by the pyramids is the statue of the sphinx, which is nearly as iconic as the pyramids and well worth the visit.

After a full day of exploring and as the sun was beginning to set, I had Mahmoud take Anne and I out into the desert behind the pyramids by horseback, and it was stunning - the perfect place for a proposal - and thank goodness she said yes! We have done many adventurous things over the years, but getting engaged in the desert while looking at the pyramids is not one we will ever forget.

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Drew Binsky traveling in Sudan الرحالة الامريكي درو بينسكي في السودان

Drew Binsky traveling in Sudan الرحالة الامريكي درو بينسكي في السودان

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فيديوهات درو بينسكي في السودان
Drew binsky’s videos in sudan

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Sudan - Hick Hiker - Travel Vlog 002

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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Video Sudan
To all the respected friends who watch Shani TV, my friends, we are going to the head today.
  Of Sudan. Sudan is the third largest country in Africa. Sudan is a country in which homosexual law is criminalized.Sudan is a country in which alcohol is forbidden. When Shariat law was enacted for the first time in 1983, liquor stores were dumped across the Nile.
Sudan is a country where people are punished for flogging various crimes. In 2001, 53 Christians were whipped in Sudan.
Sudan is a country in which 46% of people live below the poverty line.Sudan is a country in which a boy must be 18 years or 18 years of age, while a girl must be 16 or 16 years old, and most weddings in Sudan are done by family members.
Sudan is a country in which businesses such as human trafficking still exist. So far, children are sold from Sudan, yet there is human trafficking, a number of which are sold to young girls in other countries.
Sudan is a country that is considered among the poorest countries, so living in Sudan lags far behind other countries in the world, with half of Sudan's population still living in tents and huts.
In addition to this, many interesting things will be shared with you in today's video. To know more about Sudan, you must watch this video by the end and request from new viewers as well. If you haven't yet subscribed to our YouTube channel Shani TV, subscribe to our channel and press the bell button so that no video full of information and entertainment will be missed by your friends. ۔

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The Travel Show - Sudan (2017 Week 8)

Sudan Karthoum Dervish Dance March 2020


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Sudan in my heart

Great ocean Road trip with Mali.Part 1.

Heading from Melbourne to Robe Via the 12 Apostles.

شوفو لوداد ديال سودان اش ديرا هنا | من يفوز يأخذ 7 ملايين | VLOG SUDAN ????????

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Tourism in The Sudan



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