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21 Houses You Won't Believe Exist


21 Houses You Won't Believe Exist

Amazing houses from around the world that you wont believe until you see like the most narrow apartment and the house w/ glass walls.

Hidden Homes You Won't Believe Exist!

From crazy concept houses like la casa brutale to cool rooftop houses, if your dream is to own a house hidden from plane sight, you've come to the right place!
Whether it's a hidden cabin in the side of a mountain called Villa Vals or a house situated on the edge of the Brazilian rain forest, there are plenty of hidden houses out there for you to choose from!

Here are 10 Hidden Homes You Won't Believe Exist!

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16 Places You Won't Believe Exist

Here are 16 of the most unbelievable places in the world from salt flats that look like mirror to the glowing beach in the Maldives!

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8.Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
The world’s largest salt flat, covering a whopping 10,582 square kilometres, the flats lie at the base of the Andes in Bolivia and are covered by a gigantic salt crust, protecting a pool of lithium-rich brine, containing 50 to 70% of the world’s lithium reserves. The flats are so reflective on a clear day that it is genuinely used to calibrate satellite’s navigation as they need flat, table and reflective surface with which to calibrate.

7.The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan
A gaping hell-hole from which Lucifer himself looks fit to rise from. Also known as the Door to Hell, and Crater of Fire and other pleasant things the 226 foot across fire-pit, roughly the total area of a football field, has been burning for 45 straight years. Formerly the site of Soviet oil mining where the Ruskies believed they were onto a serious vein of black gold, but instead, they found gas. Fearing the release of deadly gas into nearby towns, they decided to set it ablaze, expecting the gas to burn out quickly. It didn’t.

6.Lady Musgrave Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Like a literal drop in the ocean, Lady Musgrave Island, or Wallaginji, is actually 25 acres of coral clay, part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The island sits at the bottom of a large lagoon which is a haven for wildlife, and the island has become a popular tourist destination. In fact, the tiny island, which has no fresh-water supply of its own, is becoming so inundated with tourists that the capacity is beginning to exceed an ecologically sustainable level.
Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
These unbelievable caves look like nature’s planetarium. Visitors to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves are treated to a slow boat ride underneath a blanket of blue glowing stars. But these ‘stars’ are actually arachnocampa Luminosa, a fungus gnat larvae that are endemic to New Zealand and their Maori name, Titiwai, means ‘projected over water’.

5.Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA
This beautiful, multi-coloured geothermal spring that resembles some kind of giant art project. The hot spring is actually made-made, an accidental result of well-drilling in 1964 when researchers were looking for sources of geothermal energy. The geyser constantly spews water and also deposits material, which accumulates and further expands the mounds base. The lush colors are the result of thermophilic algae. Though it sits on private lands, the area was recently bought by the Burning Man festival.

4.Son Doong Cave, Vietnam
This’ll make you feel small. These caves were only discovered in 1991 by a man Named Ho Khanh, who didn’t have the proper gear to mount an entry. Khanh returned 20 years later with a team of British Researchers and was able to rediscover the massive cave entrance. Son Doong is the largest cave ever discovered on Earth, and its staggering size and beauty is truly humbling. It’s also really neat that there are still wonders of the world that we haven’t yet discovered.

3.Naica Mine, Mexico
This is exactly what you’d expect to see if you followed Superman back home to see where he hangs his cape. The alien-looking, crystalline cavern was discovered in the Mexican state of Chihuahua during mining work. The giant selenite, or gypsum crystals discovered are the largest ever found, and the discovery of them has held up working operation of the mine indefinitely. The atmosphere in the cave is grotesquely uninhabitable with medium temperatures of 136 degrees with 99% humidity. The caves are closed to the public after a worker attempted to steal some crystals and subsequently suffocated to death.

2.Mount Roraima, Venezuela
This stunning mountain that seems to be floating on the very clouds looks like something out of a fantasy film, and eagle-eyed viewers might even remember it as Carl and Ellie’s dream destination from the beloved Pixar film Up. But though it looks as if it must have been dreamt up by artists Mt.Roraima is the highest peak of Canaima National Park’s Guyana’s Highland Range. The staggering cliff wall and tabletop mountain is considered one of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back some 2 billion years.

1.Lake Natron, Tanzania
Located on the Kenyan border of Tanzania this shallow lake is as hot as it looks, at a boiling 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The deep red of the water is the result of a photosynthesizing pigment in the salt-loving microorganisms, as very little other flora or fauna can take the intense heat. The largest flock of Flamingos in East Africa also make the lake-area their home in mating season. The intense salt and soda content causes animals who fall into the water by accident to become entirely calcified as they attempt to dry, and are preserved along the shoreline like ghostly statues, warnings of the dangers of the lake.

17 Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Exist!

Would you travel to one of these unbelievable hotels? Hotel rooms made of ice, amazing rooms on the edge of a cliff, or giraffe manor

7. Treehotel
Everyone dreams of staying in a tree house when they are young. The awesome thing is that you now can! The Treehotel in Sweden has the most amazing modern tree houses –...

6. 727 Fuselage Hotel
There is almost nothing cooler that staying at an airplane hotel; and the 727 Fuselage Hotel has done created one of the most unique accommodations from a 1965 Boeing 727. Offering two bedrooms, and an amazing balcony that offers spectacular views, the airplane looks like it just landed in the trees of the Costa Rican jungle. The 727 is positioned on the borders of the Manuel Antonio National Park. Because of this, the local monkeys will often come to visit, especially at breakfast time. The 727 forms part of the Costa Verde Resort, which houses its restaurant in a jumbo jet.

5. Skylodge Adventure Suites
If you fancy yourself an adventurer, you are in for a treat at Skylodge Adventure Suites in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco in Peru. Sleep over 1300 feet above the ground on the side of a mountain in a transparent capsule where you have unmatched panoramic views of the valley. Each pod is 24 feet long, 8 feet tall, and 8 feet wide; and has four beds, a dining room, and it even has a bathroom! It is quite risky business to get to these capsules though, because you have to either climb to the top of the cliff, or hike along a daring track using zip lines. Once you get to your capsule, however, you are rewarded with a one-of-a-kind night under the stars with unbelievable views.

4.Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
One of the most amazing natural events in the world is the appearance of the Northern Lights, and how better to view the array of colors and stars than from an igloo! Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland has private igloos that house 2 or 4 people each. The igloos feature a transparent roof that you can gaze up through and take in the amazing shimmering light display. The resort is open all year round, but the best time to visit is from September to April when you can witness the Northern Lights from this unique location.

3. Burj al Arab Hotel
Could it be an enormous sail rising from the ocean? Unfortunately not, but this hotel is even more epic than a sail sticking out of the water. It is the 1053 foot tall Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai, which is one of the extravagant hotels in the world. Transport to this gigantic innovative structure involves a ride in a Rolls Royce taxi or a flight in a private helicopter. All of the rooms have breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean, and are styled to look like a modernized 19th century palace. The craziest part of this hotel is that it has the world’s highest tennis court, which is on the roof of the hotel - 900 feet above the ocean. You can take a submarine ride to the underwater restaurant, and at the end of the evening, you can even order the type of pillow you want to sleep on from a pillow menu!

2. Sala Silvermine Hotel
Imagine a night in the world’s deepest hotel room, located 508 feet below ground in a 17th century Swedish silver mine. When you arrive at the mine, you start with a tour of the caverns. At 130 feet below ground, there are vast halls where the silver was removed from the rocks. A walk down the 70 foot spiral staircase leads you to the Sofia Magdalena Mine, where you can explore and look down the mines original shaft built in 1690. The elevator then takes you down to 508 feet below ground, and you can continue your exploration to find the water filled shafts. After your tour, you will arrive at your room, which looks like something from Lord of the Rings. Your suite cavern has a bedroom, sitting area and dining area, and is perfect for peace and quiet – your phone won’t receive any signal because it is so far belowkk ground!

1. Hotel De Glace Ice Hotel
This truly unique hotel, located in Quebec in Canada has been rebuilt every single year since 2001! Made from snow and ice, this winter wonderland features 44 one-of-a-kind themed rooms that change every year. The amazing ice sculptures can be seen throughout Hotel De Glace –including the ice bar and the prominent super slide. You can even drink from ice glasses. Can you guess what the chandeliers are made from? If you said “ice”, you would be right, of course. You don’t have to worry about freezing in your sleep, because there are real mattresses and thick blankets to keep you warm. This is the most unique hotel in the world, mostly because it is never the same two years in a row. And if you consider the amount of detail that the ice sculptors achieve in just a few weeks of construction, it is even more incredible!

11 Amazing Hotels in Chile You Won't Believe Exist! Top Tourist Place✓

11 Amazing Hotels in Chile You Won't Believe Exist! Top Tourist Place✓

Chile is a country in South America that it is longer than it is wide. It makes up for the lack of breadth with stunning scenery: the Andes Mountains on its east and the Pacific Ocean on its west. Add to this mix llamas, a couple of rainforests and deserts. And the best part is you’ll find some pretty unique hotels in Chile, whether they be in remote areas or big cities, that will enhance your enjoyment of this South American country.

11. Ecocamp Patagonia (Reviews And Prices)
Located in Torres del Paine National Park, Ecocamp Patagonia is a fully sustainable hotel. With a philosophy centered on green technology, Ecocamp is a place to connect with nature, not the Internet.

10. Hacienda Tres Lagos, Aisen (Reviews And Prices)
The Hacienda Tres Lagos may be situated in a remote location and its accommodations rustic, but the scenery is great. The boutique hotel’s name translates as ‘three lakes,” appropriate since it is located between three lakes (General Carrera, Bertrand and Negro) in the Aisén of Patagonia.

9. Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa (Reviews And Prices)
The Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa blends relaxation and history into its stunning setting at San Pedro de Atacama. The hotel faces Licancabur Volcano, but other views from the hotel are just as stunning.

8. Ritz-Carlton, Santiago (Reviews And Prices)
No surprise here: The Ritz-Carlton in Santiago is one of Chile’s most luxurious hotels. The Ritz-Carlton is located in El Golf, one of the capital’s most prestigious neighborhoods.
7. Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge (Reviews And Prices)
Have you ever wanted to stay in a tree house or maybe a volcano? You can do both at the Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge in the southern Andes.

6. Portillo Hotel (Reviews And Prices)
Portillo is the oldest and most famous ski resort in South America, with the Portillo Hotel one of its most famous lodges. The hotel’s bright yellow building stands out against the backdrop of the rugged snow-covered Andes Mountains. Situated on Inca Lake, the hotel offers both traditional rooms and chalets

5. Alto Atacama Desert Lodge (Reviews And Prices)
Inspiring guests to appreciate nature and native cultures is what makes the Alto Atacama Desert Lodge tick. To this end, it offers 30 outings to geysers, terrain and native villages of the Atacama Desert.

4. Hotel W Santiago (Reviews And Prices)
When fashion, design and a bustling social life matter, Hotel W Santiago is the place to stay. This upscale hotel in Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city, will appeal to the hip, luxury-seeking traveler.

3. San Alfonso del Mar
The San Alfonso del Mar is an innovative seaside resort, with the world’s largest swimming pool. The huge pool is more than 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) long and is filled with 66 million gallons of treated seawater from the Pacific Ocean.

2. Hotel Astronomico Elqui Domos, Coquimbo (Reviews And Prices)
Hotel Astronomico Elqui Domos in Chile’s Coquimbo region is a good place to see the stars come out at night. Accommodations are in tent-grade canvas-covered geodesic domes with retractable roofs so you can lie in bed and observe stars in the Southern Hemisphere skies

1. Explora Patagonia, Salto Chico (Reviews And Prices)
The Explora Patagonia at Salto Chico will appeal to the outdoors adventurer in you. The hotel, located in Torres del Paine National Park, offers more than 50 guided hikes and horseback rides to keep you on the go.

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21 Houses You Won't Believe Exist :

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12 Weird Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Make one of these 12 strange luxury hotels your next travel destination from crazy sky lodges to a manor that houses giraffes!

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7. The Uyuni Vintage Airstreams
The airstreams that travelers will be staying in are located on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. It’s here that you’ll be towed by a 4x4 and spend the night in the center of the desert. The temperatures at the salt flats drop low into the night as with most deserts but not to worry because the airstreams come with heating systems. Not only that, but once inside you’ll find a shower and bath, living area, and a bedroom. You’ll also be provided a fully stocked kitchen and personal cook that will prepare your meal for you. They even ask you to bring a pair of sunglasses as the salt flats are quote “blindingly white.”

6. The Hoshinoya Fuji Resort
Referring to itself as Japan’s first ever glamping resort, glamping being a combination of both the words glamorous and camping, the Hoshinoya Fuji Resort can be found built on the slopes of a hill that overlooks Lake Kawaguchi, and is found close to Mt. Fuji. Described as giving an intimate experience and a camping style that will help you have an appreciation for nature, this resort hides from the world in a forest of red pine trees and the mist provided by the mountains. Staying tourists are treated to tailored experiences to fit their own needs and will be surrounded by a minimalist cabin aesthetic.

5. The Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses
Located in New Zealand, the Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses can be found high up in a canopy of trees 30 feet from the ground that is right above a native Manuka grove. Every single Tree House comes with an astounding view of the wondrous mountains of the Kaikoura region and the Pacific coastline. Created out of native woods and copper shingles, the Tree Houses were designed with the intention to compliment the surrounding environment. Tourists can either choose from a one bedroom Tree House or a family tree house that comes equipped with two floors and two bedrooms. Rates start from $900 to $1,100.

4. The Giraffe Manor
This hotel is located in Nairobi, Kenya where it was constructed in 1932 and is more than 115 acres of land. It wasn’t until 1984 that the manor was officially opened as a hotel. Rothschild giraffes were introduced here when their habitat was destroyed and now they live here peacefully at this giraffe sanctuary. You might also get the chance to hand-feed them through your hotel window as they like to often come and say hi.

3. The Attrap’ Rêves Hotel
This uniquely designed hotel happens to actually a chain of French hotels that can be found in several different locations including the Alps. The whole design of the hotel is centered on being a place for environmentally friendly travelers who wish to sleep underneath the open sky while feeling comfortably at home. The name of the hotel literally translates to dreamcatcher and these bubble like rooms are built approximately 10 feet high by 14 feet wide that includes a king-sized bed, luxury furniture, and a telescope to view the stars at night. It also comes equipped with a silent air filtering system that constantly recycles the air inside. Unfortunately, the bathrooms and showers are located nearby in a wooden cabin.

2. The Manta Resort
Located on the remote Pemba Island, this resort happens to include Africa’s first ever underwater hotel room. The room is situated a mere 13-feet below the waters of the Indian Ocean just north of Zanzibar. It’s here that staying tourists can admire the ocean’s marine life from the comfort of their bed. The Manta Resort was named the best place to observe marine life by Exsus, a travel agency that is based out of London. The room comes with three different levels that include the landing deck, the roof, and the downstairs area where you can view the ocean with an astounding 360-degree view thanks to the glass windows.

1. The Natura Vive's Skylodge Adventure Suite
The Natura Vive Skylodge is comprised of 3 transparent pods that can be found suspended from the side of a cliff found in Peru's Sacred Valley over what was once the center of the Inca Empire. If you’re an adventurous soul that isn’t afraid of heights, then you would have no problem sleeping here! Though, you might be too tired to care how high up you are considering the fact that you have to climb the face of the cliff to reach your room that’s at a height of 400-feet above the ground. Once there, you’ll spend the night in a pod that consists of four beds, a private restroom, and an eating area. In the morning, a zip wire will take you back down.

Amazing places you won’t believe exist on Earth Last Day Astore

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15 Amazing Isolated Homes

Here are 15 amazing places built in shocking places! Beautiful architecture in the most secluded parts of the world it's insane!!!

7. Jarson Residence
This isolated desert paradise is, funnily enough, located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It was built in 2007 for two real estate agents and their sons. The house was designed to be a “vessel of personal discovery” for the owners. Despite the modern appearance of the house, it is actually made out of weathered steel and copper so the house can blend in with the desert landscape. The house contains a gallery for the owner's art collection as well as a music chamber and potters studio.

6. Soleta ZeroEnergy
This picturesque home is perfect for the eco-minded introvert. Soleta ZeroEnergy One is a home prototype that was built in the company's home country of Romania. It was developed by the Justin Capra Foundation and it is run completely on clean energy. The house even has a feature that allows it to be controlled via smartphone. The home is affordable and versatile because it can be used as a single home, an office, or a vacation home. It is also made entirely from natural, locally sourced materials.

5. Cliff House
This crazy house has the very appropriate name of ‘Cliff House’. It's located in Victoria, Australia and it's got five stories that climb down the side of a cliff. It has three rooms, an elevator, and a spa. The house is suspended over the ocean by steel pins built into the cliff side. The house was designed by Modscape and it is completely one of a kind. Which isn’t really that surprising. A spokesperson from the company said that the design of the house was inspired by the way that barnacles cling to the side of a ship. The house is entered through a garage at the top of the cliff that descends to all of the floors of the house. This house shouldn’t be owned by anyone with a fear of heights but, that view is amazing.

4. Tubular House
This soup can shape house was built by the architect Richard Carbonnier so that he could live in the ice cold tundra of Baffin Island in Canada. The shape of the building was not only designed to withstand the winds but to also hold heat inside. Carbonnier has said that the building was made to do as little damage to the ground as possible because growth in the environment is very slow. He also explained that the building of the house was difficult because he would touch a tool and it would immediately freeze to his hand. Since the house cost just 260,000 to build and it is so ecologically friendly, he hopes that similar houses will be built in the near future.

3. Lake Muskoka Treehouse
Did you love The Swiss Family Robinson? Are you okay with living in a small amount of space? Well, then this treehouse is for you. It hangs in the trees around the bank of Lake Muskoka, Ontario. The house is thoughtfully built so that it doesn’t disrupt the growth of any of the surrounding trees or the trees it is built on. The house was built around the base of four existing trees. The architects of the house worked closely with arborists to preserve the trees supporting the house. In the end, the solution that they found was a single high strength steel cable hung from each tree to support the house. The single cable minimizes the impact on each individual tree and will not stunt the tree's growth.

2. The Crystal Mill
Built in 1892, this power plant sits above the Crystal River in Colorado. The house actually once functioned as a compressor station where a wind turbine was used to fuel an air compressor. The compressed air could have been used to power tools and other machinery. The mill closed down in 1917 along with the local mine but the picturesque quality of the mill has made it one of Colorado's most photographed sites. The mill is on the National Register of Historic Places and it has been there since 1985. You can only photograph it from afar, though. The house is privately owned and the owners don’t allow visitors. That’s probably a good choice because it looks like it would collapse whenever anyone steps foot in it.

1.Chess Pavilion
Welcome to the most dangerous game of Chess you will ever play. Mount Huashan is one of the five great mountains of China and it is also regarded to be the most dangerous hike ever. Much of the hike is done on a small ledge that can hang hundreds of feet in the air. Reinforcements have only been added recently because of the popularity it gained with tourists. The mountain has been considered holy since the second century BC and originally the ledge was just a series of wooden boards stuck along the side of the mountain with exposed nails. Because of all this, the mountain has gained a reputation for being deadly. If you reach the peak, though, you will be treated to this out of place Chess Pavilion with stunning views of the mountains that almost just killed you. Now you have to climb back down. Enjoy.

The Most Luxurious Farm Resort in Abuja Nigeria

You won't believe a place like this exists in the city of Abuja in Kuje to be precise. The share size and serenity of the place is mind-blowing. I hope I was able to convey this in the video.

20 Craziest Buildings You Won’t Believe Exist

20 Craziest Buildings You Won’t Believe Exist

Architecture has the ability to change our perception of the buildings themselves and the world around us. While most buildings we see on any given day would likely be considered pretty boring, some buildings can only be described as awe inspiring. Have you ever seen a theater shaped like a giant egg? Or perhaps a house of worship shaped like a lotus flower? Or maybe a museum that looks like a house fell on it. Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so join us as we count down the top 20 craziest looking buildings that you simply won’t believe exist.

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The Complex Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

10 Unique Places Where Gravity Is Zero

Planet Earth lives by the laws of gravity discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. Gravity is constant. It's something entirely unshakeable that we can always rely on in this ever-changing world, right? Umm, not really. In fact, it’s not as honest and clear as you think.

There are gravitational anomalies in some places where gravity behaves like it’s gone crazy. In such places this law can’t be applied: there, a car can go uphill with its engine off, a waterfall doesn’t fall, and a very heavy boulder can sit on top of a rock at a very strange angle without tumbling down.

Where cars crawl upwards 0:40
Where trees twist to the north at the roots 1:41
Where a waterfall moves upwards 2:30
Where water flows up instead of spilling down 3:14
Where different objects roll uphill 3:59
Where a boulder sits upon the edge of a cliff 4:43
One more boulder defying gravity 5:41
Devils Tower 6:54
Where you can’t stand straight 7:58
The Hudson Bay anomaly 8:54

#gravity #anomaly #brightside

- There’s a stretch of road in India that’s been attracting tourists from all over the world. If you stop your car on the Magnetic Hill going up the slope and put it on neutral, it’ll start crawling upwards, eventually reaching the speed of up to 12 mph.
- Near the village of Nowe Czarnowo, there’s a forest, in the depth of which you can find a strangely looking pine grove. Planted in 1930s, there are 400 trees that sharply twist to the north almost at the roots and then grow upwards in a semicircle.
- Ever seen an upward moving waterfall? You can have a look at one on the Faroe Islands halfway from Iceland to Scotland.
- If you ever get up to the top of the dam, which is about 726 ft high, you can try a little trick: take a bottle of water and pour it over the edge. You’ll see the water flow up instead of spilling down.
- Another gravitational anomaly located on a road. Locals once found out that, if you put an empty can or a bottle on the ground, it will immediately start rolling uphill.
- If you happen to be in Burma, make sure to visit this well-known site. A gold-leaf covered boulder sits upon the edge of a cliff, and a small pagoda is built on top of it. The impressive thing about the rock is that it only lightly touches the cliff for support.
- If there ever was a thing that said “I defy gravity” out loud, it’s the Stone of Davasco. The huge 300-ton boulder stands precariously on the edge of a cliff and rocks a little bit from side to side in the wind.
- The true mind-blowing feature of Devils Tower is that scientists can’t explain how it came to existence in the first place. You see, it’s an 867-foot rock formation with walls so steep they’re basically vertical. This piece of stone just rose amid rolling plains of Wyoming with nothing like it for miles and miles around.-
- The House of Mystery in Gold Hill, Oregon, amazes its visitors with gravity-defying effects: you can’t stand straight there, always leaning to the side and having to hold on to something for balance.
- Hudson Bay, Canada, is probably the only place in the world where gravity is indeed lower than anywhere else on the planet! Even skeptics can’t smirk at it because the difference has been measured with precision equipment.

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Abandoned Places You’d Be Too Scared to Visit

Around the world lies an abundance of abandoned buildings and mysterious places that give you the chills! Luckily for you, you don’t need to visit any of them, as today we're going to tell you everything you need to know about some of these unusual places! Here's a selection of some of the most scary abandoned places in the world you won't believe actually exist.

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Abandoned Places You’d Be Too Scared to Visit

50 Most Beautiful Places In The World Beyond Imagination

Watch 50 Most beautiful places in the world you won't believe are real. watch and enjoy!

Music Credit:
Happy Bee Surf by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Our List Includes:

1: Fly Geyser in Nevada USA
2: Pamukkale, Turkey
3: Tianzi mountains, China
4: Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia
5: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
6: Zhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, China
7: Glowworms Cave, New Zealand
8: Dragon blood trees, Socotra, Yemen
9: Painted Dunes, Lassen Volcanic National Park, USA
10: Giants Causeway In Northern Ireland
11: Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA
12: Abraham Lake, Canada
13: Antelope Canyon, USA
14: Naica Mine, Mexico
15: Emerald Ice On Baikal Lake, Russia
16: Red Beach, Panjin, China
17: Monte Roraima, Venezuela
18: Ice Cave, Iceland
19: Glowing Beach In Maldives
20: Lake Retba, Senegal
21: Cave in Algarve, Portugal
22: Lake Natron, Tanzania
23: Ice Cave Near Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia
24: Gates To Hell, Derweze, Turkmenistan
25: Spotted Lake, Canada
26: Ice Cave Oregon, USA
27: Lake Hillier, Australia
28: The Wave, Arizona, USA
29: Cariboo Region, British Columbia, Canada
30: Champane Pool, Waiotapo, New Zealand
31: Ice Cave, Wisconsive, USA
32: Death Valley, USA
33: Milfontes, Portugal
34: kerio Grimsnes, Iceland
35: Jokulsarlon, Iceland
36: Kerlingarfjoll, Iceland
37: Roraima, Venezuela
38: Cano Cristales, Colombia
39: Red Lake Uyuni, Bolivia
40: Sud Lipez, Bolivia
41: Seven Color Rocks, Mauritius
42: The Blue Lake, Romania
43: Aniao Islets, Baler, Philipines
44: Green Field On Kalsoy, Faroe Islands
45: Devil's Town, Serbia
46: Meteora, Greece
47: Les Calanques, Marseille
48: Laguna Miscanti, San Pedro De Atacama, Chille
49: Salvador Dali Dessert, Uyuni, Bolivia
50: Volcano Fields, Lanzarote

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The New 7 Wonders of the World

What's your favorite wonder? Comment it below :)

The New Seven Wonders of the World:
-Great Wall of China - China - 0:01
-Petra - Jordan - 1:05
-The Colosseum - Italy - 2:42
-Chichén Itzá - Mexico - 4:40
-Machu Picchu - Peru - 5:45
-Taj Mahal - India - 7:04
-Christ the Redeemer - Brazil - 8:29

30 Unique Things That Only Happen in Saudi Arabia

Did you ever think you could serve jail time for a selfie? Well, there’s no country quite like Saudi Arabia, and while it definitely has a colorful culture, some of its traditions and rules are fascinating…. And some are just plain weird!

For example, birth control is often accessible only for married women. Some pharmacies can ask for a marriage certificate before selling contraceptives! If you're a Saudi man, giving flowers to your sweetheart is also not a good idea. Here, women can only receive flowers from other women. And there are no cinemas in Saudi Arabia. The government believes that movies may give men and women inappropriate ideas. Can you imagine that?

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14 Strange Ways of Life the Ancient Egyptians Practiced
15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea

Deserts are everywhere 0:20
Really young population 0:58
Saudi Royal family 1:10
It's forbidden to take pictures of people here 1:29
Always use your right hand 1:47
Never show the soles of shoes 2:12
The camel industry 2:32
What women can't do 2:45
Saudi education is free 3:27
Bad news for Pokémon lovers 4:39
... and for Harry Potter books fans 4:49
Men and women can’t interact with one another freely 5:33
Sidewalk skiing 6:18

#saudiarabia #traditions #strangerules

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(The left photo) attractive woman sitting in driver seat in the car: By Dean Bertoncelj/,
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- Saudi Arabia is located on the Arabian Peninsula. Just so you know, this is the world’s largest peninsula. And even though Saudi Arabia is the 13th largest country in the world, it still has no river! Considering the fact that it’s mostly deserts, this is a real bummer for everybody.
- Despite its desert climate, snow, rain, and hail are never out of the picture. Especially, if you live in areas like Tabuk.
- Also, don’t be surprised if you see a Saudi family enjoying their meals on the floor.
- Saudi people take naming their child pretty seriously. They usually choose names that somehow reflect their kid’s heritage, the clan they’re from, or their extended family.
- Not that long ago, the women of Saudi Arabia weren’t allowed to drive cars or even ride bicycles. However, they could easily fly planes if they wanted to. Seems logical! Thankfully, in 2018, this ban was lifted.
- Universities are also packed with women. According to statistics, about 52 percent of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree are, in fact, women.
- Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia also comes with a set of rules. Flower shops can’t sell red roses, gift shops avoid selling heart-shaped products, and girls are prohibited from wearing red to school. And if you're a Saudi man, giving flowers to your sweetheart is also not a good idea. Here, women can only receive flowers from other women.
- Saudi wedding ceremonies are also not as fun as you might think. Believe it or not, they’re often held separately for the bride and the groom! The newlyweds get together only near the end of it.
- Music classes are also kinda banned in public schools. Sure, the Saudi music industry is pretty dynamic, but all Saudi musicians either taught themselves how to play instruments or had to hire a tutor.
- If you live in Saudi Arabia, you should also forget about crazy birthday parties. Public gatherings of any kind are completely prohibited, so your best option is having a piece of cake at home in your favorite pajamas.
- When the rest of the world obsesses over oil, Saudi people know what’s good. Here, fresh water is way more expensive and valuable. However, that’s probably because all the oil in Saudi Arabia can easily fill more than 4.7 million Olympic-size swimming pools!

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Top 10 Strange Buildings in the World

Top 10 Strange Buildings in the World:

10. Nord LB building (Hannover, Germany)
9. Pickle Barrel House (Grand Marais, Michigan, United States)
8. Erwin Wurm: House Attack (Viena, Austria)
7. The National Library (Minsk, Belarus)
6. Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal)
5. Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy House (Vietnam)
4. Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)
3. The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)
2. The Basket Building (Ohio, United States)
1. Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, United States)

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The 10 Happiest Countries To Live In The World - Seen as the World’s Safest Countries

The 2019 World Happiness Report, according to the happiness levels of their immigrants.
Happiness – and the pursuit of it – can mean very different things to different people. This, inevitably, makes it tough to quantify and rank with any real authority.
While happiness is said to come from within, residents in several nations are perceived to experience it more widely than in other countries.
The happiness of citizens does not increase when their country’s overall wealth increases.
This year’s ranking criteria has also seen some changes. It focuses on happiness and the community.
European countries dominate a ranking of nations seen as the happiest in the 2019 Best Countries report.
Here are the 10 happiest countries to live in the world for 2019, according to the United Nations. Many of these countries are seen as the world’s safest countries:

10. Austria. (safest country)
9. Canada.
8. New Zealand. (safest country)
7. Sweden.
6. Switzerland. (safest country)
5. The Netherlands.
4. Iceland. (rank 1 safest country)
3. Norway. (safest country)
2. Denmark. (safest country)
1. Finland. (safest country)
Happiness is everywhere in our homeland. We hope you find it.

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23 Amazing South African Facts

Vacation to amazing South Africa to see beautiful animals like white lions and bungee jump off of the Bloukrans bridge w/ friends!

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10. African Penguin

In addition to the white lion, South Africa is home to a breed of penguin that is expected to be extinct in 15 years unfortunately. Due to South Africa’s relatively close distance to Antarctica, these birds have migrated and enjoyed the adaptation to beach life conditions like we see in this photo. These birds go fishing for anchovies and known to eat squid and small crustaceans as well. This penguins are often targets of vicious predators of the diverse South African Oceans. They’re often eaten by orcas, sharks and large seals. They then have to deal with land-based predation as well like mongooses, genets and caracals. Some scientists believe that since their main food source of anchovies has been extensively fished, they’ve had trouble finding nutritious food sources. Hopefully we’ll find away to keep these unique creatures alive.

9. The Palace of The Lost City

If you thought resorts in Las Vegas were good, try checking out the Palace of the Lost City. It’s a rather remarkable feat of architecture and features custom built botanical jungles. With lavish pools, lakes and hotel rooms, it would make for an excellent place to stay on vacation, located northwest of Pretoria. Safaris are rightfully on the list for most people who stay here.

8. South African Bungee Jumping

With South Africa’s unique landscapes, it makes for a bungee jumping mecca for those who dare to take the plunge. It’s home to the highest bungi jump in the world at 710 feet. The Bloukrans Bridge is located near Port Elizabeth and is probably somewhere you don’t want to go if you’re afraid of heights. In this photo you can truly see how high the bridge is and this experience most likely won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

7. Shipwrecks

There have been over 2000 shipwrecks on the coast of South Africa within the past 500 years. The Cape of Good Hope gets its name for the dangerous waters that sailors and explorers would try to get around. People would hope that people got past this stretch of water without any issues. As we can see in this photo, it's a beautiful piece of land but a risky one to get around.

6. Rovos Rail

Considered to be the most luxurious trains to explore in Africa. Travellers can take a step back in time and travel like a royal safari enthusiast. They love landscapes that come with the experience as well as a luxury, a butler, all gourmet meals prepared on the train, and only the best wines grown in South Africa.

5. Meteor Strike

South Africa possesses the oldest known crater and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The Vredefort Dome is believed to 4 billion years old and is about 15-20 kilometers or 9-12 miles in diameter. Here in the photo you can see the vastness from this scar of the past.

4. South African

Although South Africa is a beautiful country ,a recent trend of attacking farm workers have plagued the country unfortunately. An astonishing total of 361,015 murders took place between 1994 and 2012. The farm owners seem to think it is racially motivated although government believe the main motive is robbery. Many farmers have armed themselves heavily in order to protect themselves from becoming a statistic. Some have gathered in the streets, hoping to bring more awareness to the issue.

3. Nobel Peace Prize Winners

South Africa is home to many progressive and influential figures. But this unique country had two nobel peace prize winners on the same street! Can you guess who they are? Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both had properties on Vilakazi street in Soweto. Here we see a photo of Nelson Mandela’s house which is now a museum.

2. Festivals

South Africa is home to some of the wildest and colorful festivals. For example the South African Afrika “burn” Festival took place in Karoo in the middle of the desert like we see in this photo. It strikes an eery resemblance to the burning man festival in northern Nevada but with an African Twist. 7 days of this event might be too much if you can survive, this you can do just about anything.

1.Tape Mountain

Tape mountain is believed to be the oldest remaining mountain in the world and has a richer biodiversity that some countries! With the 2285 species of plants on this mountain, it has more than the entire country of the United Kingdom

17 Most Unreal Rock Formations

Tourist from all over the world travel to these amazing destinations to see the strange but beautiful rock formations nature has made.

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#10 Salt Piles at Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, is one of the most distinct natural landmarks in the world. The immense plains of salt are viewable from space and are a huge attraction for tourists and photographers. After rainfall, the plains turn into an enormous reflective mirror that creates a surreal landscape. The piles of salt ready for harvest only add to the uncanny imagery.

# 9 Giant’s Causeway
The Giant’s Causeway is a huge oceanside area in Northern Ireland comprised of giant interlocking columns of basalt rock. Most of the columns are hexagonal in shape and perfectly fit together creating a surreal almost game-like environment. Scientifically speaking the columns were created by an ancient volcanic explosion, but it gains its name from the popular legend that the cliffs were built as a causeway by a giant in ancient times.

# 8 Balance Rock
In the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs there are a plethora of beautiful red rock formations, but possibly the most iconic of these rocks is Balance Rock - a huge boulder that seems like it could fall over at any moment. It is destined to fall over eventually when erosion or another damage dislodges it from its gripping points. Go and see Balance Rock before it falls over and becomes just a normal rock.

# 7 Balancing Rock, Canada
There is another precarious rock, but this seems to be even more impossible. The Balancing Rock in Nova Scotia is believed to be standing for thousands of years. It’s about 30 feet tall and seems to be just standing straight up out of pure will.

# 6 Fly Geyser
This erupting rock is Fly Geyser, an accidental man-made geothermal geyser in Washoe County. The fountain was created in 1964 when people were exploring sources of geothermal energy and accidentally drilled into a well. The well was never capped properly and has now become a geyser that shoots water into the air, creating the ever growing rock formation around it. It looks like a weird alien structure because of thermophilic algae that thrive in the high temperatures Fly Geyser generates.

# 5 Split Apple Rock
Tokangawhā, aka Split Apple Rock, is a geological rock formation off the coast of South Island of New Zealand. It is a structure made of granite and looks almost like it was deliberately cut in half. This cleft was natural, though, with no help from any humans. What exactly could have cut this boulder in half is a mystery although theories include water creeping into the rock, freezing, and expanding to break the rock. It’s a popular spot for tourists to take the exact same photo every year.

# 4 Moeraki Boulders
The Moeraki Boulders are unusually large and spherical boulders that are spread along Koekohe Beach on the Otago coast of New Zealand. Local Maori legends explain the boulders as the remains of eel baskets from the large sailing canoe that brought Maori people to the island hundreds of years ago. These stones are usually hollow but sometimes they are filled with calcite and quartz, which makes it look very interesting when they are broken open or exposed.

# 3 Folding Rocks at Agia Pavlos
These interesting looking rocks are known commonly as the Folding Rocks. They are sedimentary limestone layers were once layered horizontally at the bottom of the sea, but tectonic plates pushed them together and forced them upwards.

# 2 Torghatten
Torghatten is a granite mountain on Torget island in Norway. As far as mountains go it looks pretty uncharacteristic and lumpy except for the giant gaping hole right in the middle of it. According to legend, the mountain hole was made by a troll who was chasing a beautiful girl. Knowing he could never catch the girl he shot an arrow at her, but the Troll King threw his hat to save her and that hat turned into the mountain. Sounds pretty legit to me.

# 1 Abandoned Russian Salt Mine
This abandoned Russian Salt Mine looks more like a scene from a trippy art house movie. The naturally occurring minerals in the abandoned mine create psychedelic patterns and structures which create unique swirls. While the naturally occurring art in these walls are beautiful, exploring the mines are not without danger. There are hazards of falling, landslides, and low visibility, but it might be worth facing to see this one of a kind place.



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