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15 Things You Didn't Know About Brazil


10 Things NOT To Do in Brazil

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Brazil is a beautiful country with attractive people, breathtaking sites, vibrant nightlife and of course the 2016 Olympics!

The Zika virus is mainly transferred by mosquitoes and the highest probability of danger is posed to pregnant women, who should consider avoiding the area entirely. For everyone else, practice safe sex, wear lots of mosquito repellent, and wear long sleeves and pants.

Don't Speak Spanish
Many visitors travel to Brazil expecting to hear Spanish, but unlike its South American neighbors, Brazil’s native language is Portuguese! Don’t be that ignorant tourist attempting to converse with the locals in broken Spanish.

Don't Flash the Cash
Although Brazil is a relatively safe country, there are still many poor areas. Don’t wear your most expensive watch or wave around your new camera, because it will be pocketed.

Don't Make the OK Sign!
It is a highly offensive rude gesture in Brazil. However, thumbs up does mean something similar to okay, literally “beleza” or “beauty,” and is frequently used.

Don't drink alone
It is customary practice in Brazil to share your “estupidamente gelada” or 'stupidly cold beer' with others. Most bars only sell beer in 700 ml bottles and sometimes even strangers will show up with their own glasses.

Don't Lose Your Consumption Card
Many bars and nightclubs will operate using a consumption card, for each customer to record food and drink orders. Patrons are expected to settle their bill before leaving, and not doing so results in large fines.

Don't be Impatient
Things move at their own pace in Brazil. Long lines are common for everything from ATMs to grocery stores, so be prepared to wait patiently.

Don't Forget the Amazon
Don’t be afraid to venture out into the more remote areas. Take a trip to the Amazon Rainforest, Iguaçu Falls, smaller towns like Olinda and Ouro Preto or travel to the Fernando de Noronha archipelago to experience some of Brazil’s best kept secrets.

Brazil is still a developing country, and you will come across extreme poverty, favelas, drug-torn cities and rude people. Don’t ever visit the favelas alone as they are run by drug lords and can be extremely dangerous.

Don't Try to Enter Without a Visa!
There are only a few visa exempt countries (mainly South American and Caribbean nations), the U.S. is not one of them. Brazil requires a visa for visitors traveling from Canada, and most European, Asian and African countries too. However, the process is very straightforward.

Do you think Brazil has benefited economically by hosting the Olympics?
Or has the Zika Virus held back too many tourists?

Discuss Below.

Visit Brazil - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Brazil

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10 Things That Will SHOCK Tourists & Travelers When They Visit Brazil. Whether you are heading to the beaches of the Northeast of Brazil or Heading to see Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro or a business trip to Sao Paulo or going to the Amazon rainforest Brazil is an amazing country. Here we go through some cultural differences and traits that may surprise or make you chuckle.
Filmed in Mariana, MG, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

Safety Advice for Brazil

5 Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Do You Tip in Brazil?

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10 Facts About a Country - Brazil

10 Facts About a Country - Brazil

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Brazil: 7 Fun Facts about the Largest Latin American Country

Brazil – the land of sunny weather, incredible soccer players, breathtaking travel destinations and great abundance of wildlife. There are so many things that every person knows about Brazil, it’s culture and customs but we tried to find the lesser-known facts about this South American country and presented them in this short video.

Here you will learn such fun country facts:

- how dolphins help fishermen in Brazil;

- name and location of the world’s best beaches;

- most popular and exciting travel destinations you should visit;

- the origin of country’s name;

- the true meaning behind the national flag.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Brazil

Fun Facts About | RIO DE JANEIRO , Brazil |

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Top 10 Things To Do in Brazil

3 weeks spent travelling around Brazil and this is what you get :)

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35 Facts about Brazilian Culture | Yulah

Milena (Brazilian) and I (German) tell you everything you need to know about the Brazilian culture! We discuss 35 facts and are excited to share them with you!
This is based on our subjective observations, so we would love to know: What is your perspective on the Brazilian culture?

Let’s connect! :)

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What I love about Brazil

What I love about Brazil.

Interesting Facts About Brazil That Will Leave You Amazed

When we think of Brazil, we first think of soccer. And why not, considering that the national soccer team of Brazil has won the coveted FIFA World Cup, 5 times. Here, in this video we provide you with many such facts about this amazing country that will totally surprise you. In the video, you can find all the general information about Brazil, its geographical area, facts about the way it is governed, some facts about the Amazon rainforest and the famous places there. For more information on Brazil you can visit

Things To Know Before You Go To Brazil | ABCs of Travel

Do you need a visa to travel to Brazil? What about vaccines? Want to know how to get around? Well here ya go! ^_^

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Brazilian Embassy Consulates







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Brazilian Culture explained by Americans

Brazilian Culture explained by Americans.
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Brazil Strange Facts You Didn't Know

Brazil Strange Facts You Didn't Know By WorldPedia

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Daily Travel Budget $$$ in BRAZIL - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW [ VLOG 8]

Brazil is an expensive country, so I show you how much I am spending on traveling here daily. I also give you the options you have in choices, the range of money you will spend when you travel to Brazil with food, hostels, housing, entertainment, beer, night life, healthy food, fast food and more. I hope this video will give you a general overview on the costs associated with traveling Brazil to help plan and organize your very own adventure here. Don't miss it!

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Top 10 Things To Do In Brazil

If you are thinking of going to Brazil, here are some tips on what you can do and where you can go! These are some of the things that we did there:

Hang gliding
Beach work out stations
Street Capoera
Jesus statue
Sugarloaf Mountain
Favellas tour and party
Buzios and surfing
Boat tour
Get a Speedo or Thong

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Top Amazing Facts About Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

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Visit Rio - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Read the Blog About The Culture Shocks of Visiting Rio:
Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & Not Sure What To Expect? Here are a few fun things that might SHOCK your average tourist or traveler to Rio.

filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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Visit Rio - What To Know Before You Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visiting Rio de Janeiro and not sure what to expect? In this video we go through the basics of what tourists and travelers should know before they visit Rio. From the money they use, what to see and do, security and safety issues, what money they use in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro and so much more. From seeing the Big Jesus (Cristo redentor) to going up Sugarloaf and the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro is MARAVILHOSA! Whether you are visiting for the Rio 2016 Olympic games or for carnival the city is well worth a visit.
Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

Is Rio Safe? Safety Advice for Visiting Rio

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Brazil

Brazilian Hand Gestures You Should Know

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Rio de Janeiro

5 Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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15 Things People Didn’t Know About TORONTO

15 Things People Have To Know About Toronto. There are a couple things about Toronto that only people who live there would know about. For first-time visitors, such things are useful to know before heading out to the 6. Here's some helpful insider information on the characteristic rhythm of Toronto life, from a Torontonian's perspective.


what is the rio carnival
A short introduction about the carnival in Rio.

about the Carnival of rio

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is definitly one of the most well known festival in the world,

The celebration is held for 5 days, 40 days before Easter.

what your watching is the samba parade at the Sambódromo in rio de janeiro

what is the samba parade?

the famous samba parade is where samba schools in neiboughing areas collaborate and create there own float.

5 divisions compete (to the death!) no, the top 5 schools perform their own dance and parade down the strip

at the end, the floats and performers are judged on overall impressions, costumes, float and props.

Do I need tickets for Rio Carnival?

Only for the official Samba competition.

This takes place at the Sambódromo and requires a booking

other than that, everything else is free!

tickets range from $60-$1,000 for the first day and get more expensive toward the finals

there a lot more events happening all around the area

theres smaller carnivals and street parties around rio as the festival takes place.

The street parties are known as blocos. there not as elegant but your into the party scene or love to watch the local people celebratin doing their thing then hit the streets

These are groups of people in special costumes or matching shirts walking around and following big floats called trio elétrico. If you like the rhythm or the people seem nice, just join them.

every year there is a theme in the street parties and this was David Bowie

Is Rio Carnival safe?


don’t expect prim and proper manners among big crowds.

People will step on your toes, you will be doused in unexpected beer showers and there are plenty of weird chat-up lines from over-excited samba addicts flying around. But lighten up! It’s Rio Carnival!

Over 500,000 foreign visitors attend the Carnival every year with over 2 million people on the streets, apparently in 2011 there was 4.9 million people involve with the rio carnival.

The first festival was in 1723, thats 6 years shy of 300 years today.

Originally, Carnival was a food festival, because it was the last time to eat abundantly before the 40 days of Lent, a period of frugality starting on Ash Wednesday.

but the carnival and samba parade you see today reallyy started with the “lets talk parade” that started in 1929, its been getting bigger, with bigger stadiums and more people every year.

Rio carnival is the best time to experience the brazilian culture.

footage is from



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