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15 Japanese Snacks & Drinks


Top Six Unique Food & Drink at Universal Orlando You Really Must Try at Least Once

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30 Secrets & Things to do in Osaka, Japan

This is my ultimate Osaka travel guide! Osaka is the kitchen of Japan, this video includes 30 secrets and best places to visit which I carefully selected, things to do in Osaka like Endo Sushi, Mr. Kanso, USJ, Takoyaki Museum, the best Kushikatsu, the best Okonomiyaki experience, Abeno Harukas and where to party in the Osaka Nightlife in Shinsaibashi. Subscribe to my channel ► for new videos!

A good place to start in Osaka is Amerikamura, the funky hipster district commonly compared to Tokyo's Harajuku district with wacky shops like the Panbo Pancake Kebab shop, which makes for a delicious breakfast. Also bring you camera since this area is great for street photography and youth fashion.

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$46 OFF with Airbnb Osaka

NEW: Osaka Nightlife: TOP 20 Bars & Clubs

The most iconic place in Osaka is by far Osaka Castle. I highly recommend you make your way to the top floor in castle for some stunning views of Osaka and getting an idea how the ancient warlords used to live. Osaka Castle played a major role in the unification of japan during the sixteenth century.

If time permits, checkout Japan's biggest aquarium in Osaka called Kaiyukan which includes the great barrier reef collection and is about a 2 kilometer walk through the aquarium. I have never seen such a massive indoor fish tank in my life. Entrance sets you back 2300 yen or 21 US dollars since the aquarium is west of downtown Osaka it is a great idea to combine it with a visit to Endo Sushi, Osaka's best sushi located at the Osaka Fish Market, a sushi experience you will not regret!

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Tickets

Osaka like Tokyo is also known for having outrageous shops like the Longsoftcream, the longest ice cream in Japan for 500 yen or 4.75 US dollars this shop is located in Amerikamura, a place to meet really friendly and cool locals.

OSAKA Discounts!

Mario Kart Osaka 25% OFF

USJ Osaka Express Pass

For dinner I highly recommend you head over to the Shinsekai district, which is even more visually pleasing than the famous Dotonbori tourist district. The number #1 dinner to try in Shinsekai is Kushikatsu which are lightly fried vegetables and meats on a stick, they have only 1 rule, you can only dip your skewer once in their special dip sauce since it is used by every customer. Also, stay connected at all times in Osaka by renting a Ninja Pocket Wifi station which you can easily carry around Japan, click here for a 30% discount on a Ninja Wifi router.

For the most mesmerizing views of Osaka head over to the Harukas 300 observatory deck at the Abeno Harukas building just east of Shinsekai. Entrance is 1500 yen or 14 US dollars, I do recommend you visit in the evening so you can see the sunset and night view of this incredible city with all it's blinking lights on its sky scrapers.

Abeno Harukas Observatory Tickets

Like most tourists, a visit to the Dotonbori district is a must! Dotonbori includes the famous canal cruises, magnificent restaurants with crazy decorations and mouth-watering street foods like the Giant Japanese Scallops, Takoyaki and the massive Dotonbori Sandwich complete with Gyozas, Yakisoba and a ton of sauce.

In conclusion, I am often sad to hear that new visitors to Japan often skip Osaka for Tokyo and Kyoto, but I hope to have convinced you with this new travel guide to give Osaka a change as well. It is for good reason Osaka is called the kitchen of Japan. Above all, make sure you sign up for the 30% discount on the Osaka Mario Kart Experience, get a discount on the Universal Studios Japan Priority Pass, even from Osaka you can make a day trip to Kyoto allowing you more time to spend in Osaka, especially if you like a good party. Speaking of parties, make sure to watch my full Osaka Nightlife experience as well!

Japan Rail Pass (7, 14 or 21 days)

(best investment when travelling around Japan)

30% OFF Ninja Pocket Wifi rental, pickup at Airport
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Milk Tea Ice Cream & Ramen Noodles!! WATCH How It’s Made!! | Full Documentary

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.

If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.

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VIDEO EDITOR » Hà Nhật Linh, Đỗ Lê Anh, Dương Quốc Huy, Tiệp Trần
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Retro Otaku Culture and Tasty Street Food in Nakano Broadway & Sun Mall

Explore west Tokyo for yourself during the Nakano & Koenji Walking Food Tour!

In the midst of Japan’s “tsuyu” rainy season, Shizuka explores the covered “shotengai” (shopping street) and otaku paradise of Nakano Broadway in west Tokyo!

Nakano is known for the iconic 225-meter-long Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street, with over 100 shops touting hot and fresh Japanese street food and inexpensive clothing. The covered shopping street in Tokyo is the perfect place to visit on a rainy day, and it feeds directly into Nakano Broadway, a shopping complex which has entire floors dedicated to Japanese subcultures like anime, manga, train merchandise, and retro memorabilia. Much like Akihabara, Nakano is a hub for Japanese pop culture. However, where Akihabara is modern and fast-paced, Nakano focuses on Japan’s nostalgic past.

Cheap and filling Japanese street foods are abundant in Nakano Sun Mall and Nakano Broadway’s depachika (basement food hall). In this video, Shizuka visits a couple of family-run shops including Oyakidokororefutei Nakano which serves up imagawayaki, and Umeya which has classic Japanese desserts like kuzumochi and anmitsu. And of course, when in Nakano, you have got to try tsukemen, the Japanese style of dipping ramen which was invented in the 1950s in Nakano!

Featured Foods:
1- Imagawayaki (Oyakidokororefutei Nakano)
2- Karepan curry bread (Temma Curry)
3- Kuzumochi (Umeya)
4- Chicken soup tsukemen (Shanghai Menkan Nakano)
5- 8-flavor ice cream tower (Daily Chico)

This video was filmed on July 7, 2020, after Japan’s state of emergency was lifted in May.



ByFood is Japan’s one-stop food platform. With the most extensive variety of Japanese food experiences on the internet, byFood strives to offer rare experiences and make Japanese food accessible to more people, with options like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Halal, and Kosher experiences. In doing so, byFood brings locals and visitors together through food and celebrates Japanese cuisine.

ByFood also gives to children in need through our Food for Happiness Program. And you can help, too! When you book an experience on byFood, a portion of the proceeds goes toward NGOs that support children in developing countries, giving them access to necessities like nutritious meals, schools, and housing.

Book a food experience on

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PRODUCER » Serkan Toso
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H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test! BEST & WORST Korean Grocery Market Foods

Went to H mart Korean supermarket to try out some of the food items they had there. Went for fish cake noodle soup, kimchi, SPICY fried rice and other already made food items along with some frozen korean foods to find out which ones are the best!

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15 Weird BRITISH Culture Facts ???????????? | UK Life, Habits & Stereotypes

Weird things British people do! After a decade of living in England and Scotland, here are some UK habits foreigners don't understand. I absolutely love British culture and all of these are just lighthearted observations! What are YOUR favourite weird British stereotypes and facts? I'd love to hear all about them!

00:00​​​​ Intro
00:17 You alright?
01:22 Bathrooms
02:52 Queuing
03:12 Tutting
04:08 English tea
04:52 Sandwiches
05:46 Social class
07:12 British meals
07:54 Pet names
08:48 British politeness
10:25 British humour
11:00 UK fashion
12:21 Trashy holidays
13:44 British TV
14:54 Xs in messages
15:53 I love British culture




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Biggest, Best and Most Famous Eats in America (NYC, Vegas & LA) | Furious Pete World Tour

biggest, best & most famous eats in america (nyc, vegas, la food tour) worlds biggest pizza challenge, shake shack, 120oz steak challenge, giants donuts and more!
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American Food BANNED In The UK & EU (25+ Banned US Foods) ????

The United Kingdom and the European Union have banned A LOT of American food. So if you're curious about American food that is banned in other countries, this video is for you ????????????

NOTE: In most cases, the UK and EU have banned specific ingredients in these foods, not the foods themselves. For example, BVO is banned in the UK, so American-style Mountain Dew (which contains BVO) is banned, but there is a special UK-style Mountain Dew sold in the UK that doesn't have BVO. So what is banned is the American version of the food.

This is similar to how UK-produced Cadbury is banned in the USA, but American-produced Cadbury can be found all across America. ????

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???? British Food BANNED In America
???? Our Top 10 Favourite Things About The UK
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Canadian snacks TASTE TEST + History of Pub Food + Molson Canadian Lager review

Have you ever wondered what people ate with their warm beers in the first pubs? And what is the best Canadian beer snack? Join Oli as she does a deep dive into the history of pub food, as well as an in-depth taste test of the most iconic Canadian snacks. Oli tries the Canadian pizza, maple bacon, Lay's ketchup (catsup?) chips, maple beer nuts, and the poutine. Oli also cracks open a Molson Canadian Lager, one of the most iconic Canadian beers, for this taste test. What will come out on top as Oli's choice of the BEST Canadian beer snack?

About Happy Hour with Oli:
My name is Oli, and I love to eat, drink, and travel.

Join me as we explore the world together - a sip and a bite at a time.

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We visited LIMA, PERU for a week & this is what happened...

It's our first time in South America! We traveled from Mexico to Peru, and Lima completely took us by surprise.
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In today’s travel vlog, we fly from Mexico to Lima, Peru. After taking an Uber to our Airbnb in the heart of Miraflores, our travel exhaustion caught up with us. We had to sleep for practically an entire day, which wasn't ideal, but we decided it was better to be refreshed for our week in Lima. After all, we're making our first ever Lima vlog!

A Lima, Peru travel vlog wouldn’t be complete without the neighborhoods of Miraflores and Barranco. So on our first real day in the city, we let a professional cyclist (a Lima local) guide us on a bike tour of the city.

Miraflores is the most popular neighborhood for travelers visiting Lima. It sits right next to the coast with cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Barranco is Miraflores' colorful, bohemian neighbor, filled with murals, art, and historic architecture.

The first restaurant we tried, Buena Vista Cafe, was quite underwhelming (not typical food from Peru, though). We soon realized that authentic Peruvian foods like causa, ceviche, anticuchos, cancha, and picarones, are DELICIOUS. The more Peruvian food we tried, the more our mouths were watering for it!

Before traveling to Lima, we weren’t big fans of ceviche, but after tasting Peruvian ceviche, it’s now one of our favorite foods on the planet! Come along with us as we explore the food scene in Lima and visit some popular attractions throughout the city!


1. Mangos Restaurant (Peruvian Food, Located in Larcomar)
2. La 73 Restaurant (Peruvian Food, Located in Barranco)
3. Makoto (Japanese Food, Located in Miraflores)
4. Muya (Peruvian Food, Located in Barranco)
5. Panchita (Peruvian Food, Located in Miraflores)
6. Peru Gourmet (Peruvian Food, Located in Historic Center)

1. Take a bike tour. We found one on Airbnb and felt like it was the perfect way to get ourselves more comfortable with Lima.
2. Visit Parque del Amor. This park is in the Miraflores neighborhood on the malecon. It's a great place to take some pictures and watch the sunset.
3. Explore the Miraflores and Barranco neighborhoods. There are so many things to see, do, and eat in each of these zones in Lima. They are also considered some of the safest parts of the city.
4. Watch the changing of the guards. Every day at 12pm, you can see this fantastic ceremony at the Presidential Palace (Palacio de Gobierno) in the historic center. We recommend going early (the concert portion starts at 11:30am) to get a front-row seat.
5. Browse Peruvian arts and crafts at Inca Market. There are a few to choose from. They all contain thousands of local handicrafts like blankets, colorful decor, stuffed alpacas, and more.
6. Stroll down the coast. The malecon runs along the coast for miles in Miraflores. There's a walking/bike path through the entire thing and also benches, workout equipment, dog parks, playgrounds, and tons more to see and do.
7. Visit the popular attraction in Peru - Larcomar. This oceanside shopping mall has dozens of shops, restaurants, and cafes.
8. Visit the Pre-Inca Ruins. Enjoy learning about ancient civilizations and their impressive history? This is a must-see.

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Our VALENTINE'S DAY Date + Where we got MARRIED! ???? | Couples Q & A + Forest Dancing in Canada ????????

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Join us for a fun (socially distanced!) Valentine's Day date as we grab coffees, go on a hike, have an impromptu forest dance party, grab a to-go lunch, and re-visit the place where we got married...all while we do the couples tag Q&A!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

???? Couples Tag Q&A ????

02:47 - How and where did we meet?
05:10 - How long have we been together?
7:33 - What are our favourite bands?
11:33 - What could we spend hours doing (hobbies, personal interests)?
12:51 - What are our favourite foods?
15:02 - What are weird habits we have?
17:04 - What key elements make marriage or a relationship work?
24:14 - What are our favourite sports teams?
27:03 - When did we meet the parents?

For our socially distanced Valentine's Day date in 2021 we decided to first drive over to Tim Horton's to sample their Valentine's Day menu. Well, we were in for a surprise as it won't be likely for another week before they have those items. However, we did manage to warm up with two sugary and frothy French Vanilla cafes along with a salted caramel and festive sprinkle donuts. From there we drove to Claireville Conservation Area to enjoy a snowy forest walk and dance party! We were the only people in the section we visited.

After moving around for a while we worked up a bit of an appetite, so we grabbed some tasty noodle dishes from a Vietnamese restaurants and ate them at a park where we got married. Overall, it was a really fun Valentine's Day date even though we couldn't do the things we normally like to do.

For future question and answer sessions please let us know what you'd like us to answer! Thanks again for watching and hope you have a happy Valentine's Day wherever you are!

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Our VALENTINE'S DAY Date + Where we got MARRIED! ???? | Couples Q&A + Forest Dance Party in Brampton, Ontario, Canada ????????

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What Did I Find Exploring KOCHI, KERALA? ????????

This is the first video I made in Kochi, a major city in Kerala, India.

Previously I was in Munnar. I made no more videos from there after I caught the worst flu I can ever remember, leaving me bedridden. I then got food poisoning from the hotel room service while trying to recover from the flu. Not the best travel experience I've ever had.

Kochi is where I was resting up, in a decent Airbnb apartment in a quiet residential area far from the touristy Kochi Fort area.

Still with a bit of a fever but mostly recovered, I decided it was time to get out and explore, so I booked an Ola to the Church of Saint Francis, which seemed like the best place to start exploring, from the small amount of research that I did.

I wasn't too impressed with the St Francis Church from the point of view of it being a tourist attraction. There really isn't anything to see and the church doesn't even have frescoes or stained glass windows.

Still, I only got dropped off at the church because it seemed to be in the center of the area that I wanted to explore. So that's exactly what I did, start exploring and made my way to the beach, that was very underwhelming.

The beach in the Kochi fort area looks like it should be a nice place for people to relax but it's covered in litter, so not many people are using it. It seems that people like to hang out around the promenade area instead that is much cleaner, has vendors selling snacks and has trees lining it, proving some shade from the strong sunlight.

After picking up a 50 rupee mango ice cream cone to cool me down, I went to check out the Chinese fishing nets that are a famous symbol of Kochi. Only one of them was in use and it turned out that they weren't actually fishing but just doing a demonstration for the tourists. There was no entry fee but in that situation it's implied that you leave a donation if you visit.

One of the fishermen talked to me for 5 minutes and I got to try my hands at pulling the net up and down. I left him a 110 rupee donation but he wasn't happy. This small money!. I'd say that 110 rupees was more than reasonable for a 5 minute tour.

After reading about other traveler's experiences at the Chinese fishing nets it seems that no matter how much I left for a tip they were going to ask for more. That's just the way they operate. The nets were something cool to check out but they are best avoided unless you feel comfortable dealing with the situation of having someone trying to gouge money out of you. For myself, I'm becoming quite experienced in dealing with this type of thing in India.

From there, more exploring without a plan and I quickly noticed that everywhere I went there was graffiti, and most of it actually quite good. I wondered if the local government give people permission to do this as most of it was like murals rather than gang tags or whatever.

Being unimpressed with the two top tourist attractions that I'd visited in Kochi, I went off the beaten path and found something that I declared the new number 1 tourist attraction in Kochi. I had to do a bit of climbing to get there but I didn't break any door, gates or locks and I couldn't read the sign at the front so technically I wasn't trespassing.

I ended my exploration of the Kochi Fort area at a nice juice bar that serves fresh fruit juice in cups made from the actual fruit. For example, my guava juice was served in a hollowed out guava. It's a no waste, very eco friendly concept. There's a lot of that attitude around in Kochi, with garbage bins strategically placed where they're needed and separate bins for organic material. It seems that people take a lot of pride in not contributing to waste and to keeping their city clean. It's just a shame that nobody rakes up all the garbage that's on the beach.


00:00 Apartment Tour
3:42 St. Francis Church
11:00 Kochi Beach
13:10 Chinese Fishing Nets
22:35 Graffiti
24:20 Number 1 Tourist Attraction
30:40 Kochi Beach 2
34:42 Fruit Juice Vendor
39:47 Dutch Cememtery

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091 Disney Cruise First Timer's Guide

Wondering what a Disney cruise is really like and how it compares to other cruise lines? This week Kim and Lesli from 365 Atlanta Family share their thoughts and impressions about their first Disney cruise.

ON THE PODCAST 00:30 - Talking with Tamara about Martinique

01:26 - Apps used

02:30 - Overview of trip

14:26 - Talking with Lesli

15:30 - Lesli’s first impression of the Disney cruise

16:15 - Disney Cruise Kids' club

18:50 - Kim’s Disney Dream impression

21:58 - Features of the Disney Dream ship

25:21 - Land and sea

27:13 - Castaway Cay

30:42 - Nassau stop

31:30 - Aquaduck slide

34:11 - Other kids' clubs

37:23 - Dining on the ship

43:02 - Adults only

44:55 - Disney portal

45:55 - Handling sea sickness

47:56 - Navigator App

49:13 - Wave phone

50:28 - Is it worth it?

52:37 - Movies on the water

52:58 - Other food options

54:55 - Specialty cruises

55:44 - Fish extenders

58:37 - Tell a friend about us!!!

ABOUT LESLI PETERSON Lesli Peterson is Owner, Editor-in-Chief & CEO of 365 Atlanta Family. She made her way to Atlanta over 20 years ago, after living in Germany, Japan and six U.S. states. She relishes the discovery of obscure, offbeat and unwonted places, and she will chat up any willing stranger to uncover a new secret locale. After 18 years in software development, Lesli bailed on the corporate scene. She now serves as the Family Travel Ambassador for Georgia, and freelances for several publications in addition to writing at 365 Atlanta Family. When she’s not traveling, she’s hiking in the mountains or checking out Atlanta’s culinary scene, whiskey in hand.

Lesli has two kiddos (Cooper and Elliot) and two bonus teens, and she’s happily married to her soul mate. Follow Lesli on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

DISNEY CRUISE TIPS The Disney Dream cruise had a scavenger hunt for kids to explore the ship. Throughout the ship there are different digital paintings that you have to find. At the beginning of the hunt you will receive a card that has a QR code on it. When you find the painting you are hunting for you have to stand on a certain spot and hold up your card. The painting will then interact and move! Unlike other cruise ships where the ship is made more for adults and the kids have the kids club area, Disney cruise ships are centered around the kids, leaving a couple of places for adults. Keep in mind that though the kids' club was pretty accommodating to allow a 13-year old, that is only a few months away from turning 14 into the 14+ kids club, they may not allow it the other way around when the kid is a month or so older the the age group. On a Disney cruise your dinners are set to either the early (5:45pm) or late (8pm) times. They do this because they have two shows each night and by staggering the dinners you have the ability to see a show then go to dinner or vice versa. If you tend to get motion sick. Be sure to pack supplies for that before your trip. The pricing is a lot more if you need to buy it on the boat. MENTIONED ON THE PODCAST Fodors App

La Suite Villa

Club Med Buccaneer's Creek

Must Know for Martinique

Navigator App

First Timer Cruise Tips

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Teppan Edo in Disney World’s Epcot 2021 | Disney Hibachi & Walt Disney World Dining 2021

A Feast for the Senses

Celebrate authentic Japanese cuisine during an exciting dining experience that’s part meal, part show. In the communal ritual of Teppan-yaki-style cooking, skillful chefs chop and stir-fry dishes on grills at your table.

Select from steak, chicken, seafood and vegetable entrées, which are served with Udon noodles and steamed rice. You can also enjoy such favorites as edamame and assorted sushi rolls.
#waltdisneyworld #epcot #artfulepcot

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Top 5 Favourite Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Treats | KrispySmore | July 2018

New Disney video out today as we talk about our favourite snacks from Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

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To all who come to this happy place..... Welcome - Walt Disney

Hey there! We are Stephie & Dave from the UK and we love the sunshine state that is Florida. We loved it so much that from 2008 till 2009 we worked at The Happiest Place on Earth that is Walt Disney World ( That is how we met....aww LOL )

Since working for WDW we've had many trips to Florida, connected to so many people from around the world and what better way to create our channel for you to follow and share our Disney/non-Disney adventures together!

Our Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Try On Haul/Look book | Krispy Smore | July 2018

Our Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disney Sea Haul/lookbook is here.

We show you all our Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disney sea merch we got from our May 2018 trip!

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To all who come to this happy place..... Welcome - Walt Disney

Hey there! We are Stephie & Dave from the UK and we love the sunshine state that is Florida. We loved it so much that from 2008 till 2009 we worked at The Happiest Place on Earth that is Walt Disney World ( That is how we met....aww LOL )

Since working for WDW we've had many trips to Florida, connected to so many people from around the world and what better way to create our channel for you to follow and share our Disney/non-Disney adventures together!

Las Vegas Vietnamese Food - Pho Kim Long in Chinatown #pho #vietnamesefood #chinatown #asianfood

Tosh and Diego try a Vietnamese Restaurant in Las Vegas Chinatown district. Diego has Pho and Tosh tries a Vegetarian Dish. Restaurant name is Pho Kim Long.

Contact - Diego and Tosh at:

Las Vegas Travel | Las Vegas Vlog
#lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #fremont #downtownlasvegas #destinationvegas #fremontexperience #vegasslots #slots #vegasblog #vegasvlog #pho #phokimlong

Through the Lens of Investors - WiT at Phocuswright Europe 2019

*Correction on Lower Third in video: Lin Xu's name and title was mistakenly displayed as Louise Daley - Lin Xu is Asia Partner, Cambon Partners.

What's happening with the flow of capital to startups in Asia? Is it drying up? Is there a flight to quality? If so, what's quality and what's hot? We examine investment trends from three perspectives: a China-focused and mobile-focused accelerator, a corporate investor that's making interesting investments and acquisitions, and a European-based fund that's keeping a close watch on Asia.

William Bao Bean, Managing Director, Chinaccelerator and General Partner, SOSV

Andrea Traversone, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners
Lin Xu, Partner China, Cambon Partners

Siew Hoon Yeoh, Founder, WiT and Editorial Director, Northstar Travel Group Asia

032 National Parks Travel Tips (and a book giveaway!)

This week we are getting the scoop on the National Parks from someone who has been to quite a few of them! Ford Cochran from National Geographic Expeditions shares his top five parks and National Park travel tips -- plus we have a fun book giveaway!

ON THE PODCAST :34 Kim tells us about Epcot's Food & Wine Festival

4:10 Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party

7:49 Kim's adventures in South Carolina's Low Country

13:05 About Ford Cochran from National Geographic Expeditions

15:06 National Geographic's books for kids

17:58 Ford's top five National Parks for families

29:21 Visiting more than one park on a trip

33:29 How to plan your time in the parks

38:00 National Park travel tips

39:32 Ford's favorite travel gear

42:49 Book giveaway

45:02 App of the week

45:41 Next week: Grand Canyon!

ABOUT FORD COCHRAN Geologist, journalist and educator Ford Cochran is director of programming for National Geographic Expeditions. Cochran is responsible for selecting the expert scholars, writers, photographers, explorers, and staff the Society sends along on its educational expeditions around the world. Over his more than 20-year career with the Society, Cochran has written for National Geographic magazine; served as principal contributing writer for the Historical Atlas of the United States; helped launch the National Geographic website as well as directing content development and programming for it; and documented numerous Society-funded research expeditions in the field.

Cochran blogs and lectures regularly for National Geographic and has traveled as a Society expert on numerous National Geographic Expeditions, including National Parks of the American West. His work online has earned multiple Webby, CODiE and People’s Voice awards, along with the American Association of Museums’ MUSE Gold Award.

Cochran is passionately devoted to the creation and protection of national parks, and he knows that visitors often become powerful, lifelong champions for the parks they visit. He's joined National Geographic field teams working in a number of national parks and marine sanctuaries, and has participated in Society projects that have supported the creation of terrestrial and marine parks in and outside the United States. In 2015, Cochran scripted and recorded a 36-lecture college-level lifelong-learning course titled Wonders of the National Parks: A Geology of North America for The Great Courses and National Geographic.

After graduating from the College of William & Mary with a degree in English literature, Cochran did graduate work in geology at Yale and was an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky. He conducted field research in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and at Mt. St. Helens National Monument with a focus on biogeochemistry and climate change before joining the National Geographic staff.

You can follow Ford on Instagram.

NATIONAL PARK TRAVEL TIPS Favorite National Parks for families: Yellowstone has hot springs, geysers, wildlife (called America's Serengeti), and history. You can spend weeks in Yellowstone and not see it all. It should be on every family's bucket list. Grand Canyon -- photos and videos can't capture the enormity and beauty of the Grand Canyon. Great Smoky Mountains -- most visited National Park, easy to get to for those on the East Coast. The biggest portion of preserved Appalachian Mountain range. Glacier Bay -- a disappearing landscape that we should see before they are gone. You can see marine life and glaciers calving into the Bay. On land, you can hike and see brown bears and grizzly bears. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky -- you can take a historic cave tour or do some spelunking. Zion National Park -- on the Narrows trail you can walk in the river through a narrow slot canyon. Angel's Landing is for the brave, but has amazing views in every direction. National Parks to pair together: Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks Death Valley, Sequoia, and Yosemite Olympic National Park and Mt. Ranier Planning your National Park trip Utilize the National Geographic guide books National Geographic National Parks App -- people can vote on their favorite activities TripAdvisor -- see what others recommend Talk to the Park Rangers when you arrive Consider taking a National Geographic Expedition trip or use their itineraries as a reference point in planning your own trip Looking on photo sites (Instagram hashtags) to figure out what you want to see Make sure you bring the right gear for shoes, jackets, maps, Camelbak hydration packs FAVORITE TRAVEL GEAR Ford likes quick drying hiking shorts or convertible pants from Patagonia. He like smaller, lighter hiking shoes called Approach Shoes. Now he is wearing a pair of Scarpa Zodiac shoes that he got in Iceland. For water shoes, he likes Keens or Tevas. He recommends using a...

108 What to Tip When You Travel

That awkward moment when the valet drops off your can and you only have a $20. Or when the bellman tries to take your bags and you wrestle it away because it has wheels and you are perfectly capable of dragging it to your room. Or at the end of the tour when you try to suavely slip the tour guide a $10 bill.  

Today we deal with all of those scenarios and more. We are chatting with three experts about tipping at hotels, the airport, internationally, tour guides, and more. We get specific and tell you how much, who, and when to tip.

ON THE PODCAST 00:30 - Talking with Kim about her trip to San Diego

08:48 - Talking with Jodi Grundig

10:15 - Tipping at hotels

19:48 - Tipping a doorman

21:06 - Valet parking

23:59 - Tipping outdoor staff

27:48 - Spa tipping

28:40 - Tipping when traveling in airport or Amtrak

34:32 - Jodi’s favorite travel gear

37:04 - Upcoming trips for Jodi

37:50 - Talking with Susan Pazera

40:20 - Where to research tipping customs

43:23 - Hotel tipping in Europe

46:03 - Getting currency to travel

48:40 - Tour tipping

53:17 - Final tips for tipping in Europe

55:50 - Susan’s favorite travel gear

57:37 - Talking with Lynea Adams

58:30 - Types of tours and places

59:22 - Who tips guides

1:00:37 - How much to tip

1:07:53 - What to know about how tours run

1:09:45 - Lynea’s favorite travel gear

1:10:30 - Upcoming adventures in Alaska

ABOUT OUR GUESTS Jodi Grundig founded Family Travel Magazinein 2011 to help make travel accessible to families. She resides in Massachusetts with her husband, twelve-year old son, fourteen-year old daughter, and Havanese dog, and has traveled extensively to Europe, the Caribbean, and the US with and without her children. When she isn't writing blog posts, Jodi can be found on the softball/baseball field or the theater cheering on her children. Jodi has a BA in Economics and Psychology and an MBA in finance.

Follow Jodi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitterand Pinterest.

Susan Pazera is a Travel & Lifestyle Writer and Photographer and Mom to four children ranging in age from 11 to 23. She’s been traveling with her kids since they were little and has become proficient at planning trips for families with kids of any age and any stage. She’s learned the ins and outs, the good and bad, and every late night snack stop there is in between! She enjoys traveling with her family but also loves to travel solo too, especially when it involves exploring & being active. You can find her skiing, hiking, swimming, relaxing on the beach, or just roaming the globe! She’s always on the look-out for her next adventure and loves to share each of her journeys along the way!

Check out where she has been on bothMom on the Mapand Shes on theGo. Follow Susan on Pinterest, Twitterand Instagram.

Lynea Adams is an independent tour director and celebrant specializing in Alaska and creating magical travel experiences. See where she is going and follow Lynea on Instagram.

WHEN AND WHAT TO TIP WHEN TRAVELING If you are going to tip your housekeeping daily, be sure to leave them a note letting them know that the money is for them. Hotels conveniently have little pad of paper, usually by the phone, which comes in handy for this. Typically we would tip $2-5 per person, per day for housekeeping. Tipping can be hard to judge, but sometimes it is best to assess what the person is doing for you rather that just tip a flat amount wherever you go. For instance, if you valeted your car and the attendant has to run to go get your car from a garage a few blocks away, you would tip more than if the attendant just has to walk ten feet away to get your car that you may even be able to see. We usually tip a valet $2-5 when they bring the car. Keep in mind that in some cultures tipping is actually considered an insult rather that a way of say they provided great service. Especially when traveling to foreign countries you should try to research guidelines for tipping. When you are traveling to a different country and are looking to get some cash you can always head to an ATM and withdraw money when you get there, but you can also get money before your trip by ordering it through your bank. Be sure to check with your bank first, because it could take two weeks or more to get your currency. If you are ever unsure of what to tip you can always ask! Remember that many tour guides rely on tips as a large portion of their compensation. Guides should usually be tipped $5-10 per person depending on the length of the tour and the service delivered. FAVORITE TRAVEL GEAR Jodi loves to wearing her Rothy’s and her Betabrand pants whether it is while traveling or just around the house.

Susan loves to wear her Prana capris and makes sure to always have her Merrell hiking shoes.

Lynea loves to wear t-shirt dresses and her Skechers sneakers.




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